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15 Best & Most Trusted Self Storage Companies in USA (2023)

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Are you looking for storage facilities? Do you know your community trusted Self Storage company? Then there is a solution for your problem here. Self-storage systems are very important in our lives. You also need them. And you need to be careful to prepare for these facilities then Self Storage companies in the USA providing this facility.

When looking for a reliable self-storage solution, you usually first need to look at the largest self-storage company. These companies have many positive reviews that help them grow over time, strengthen their businesses and win the competition. Thanks to their excellent service, reasonable prices, and reliable storage options.

There are many self-storage companies out there that can make it difficult to choose the right one. To help with that, we’ve put together a list of the largest self-storage companies in USA. Know where to look first when looking for trusted storage space.

About Self Storage Companies?

The Self-Storage Facility first appeared in Texas in the mid-1960s to provide homeowners with additional storage space. Since then, they have become a popular option for renters and commercial establishments. The Self-Storage Facility offers multiple unit sizes and equipment, including Interior and exterior options, air conditioning, drive-up unit, vehicle storage. These are available in almost every city in the United States.

It’s commonplace to rent a storage unit among those who are trying to sell their homes and look good. Renting storage space is a quick way to keep your home clean and create a more attractive look. The first impression is that you sell your home, so packing unwanted “things” into a storage unit will greatly help facilitate the sale of your home.

Whether you’re moving, remodeling your home, or just needing extra space, here’s the best self-storage facility to consider. If you are looking for a storage company, you can do your search here. Take a look at the list of the best self-storage companies in the country and choose based on your needs.

Here is the list of the 15 Best self storage companies in USA.

Ko Storage

KO storage - Self Storage Companies in USA

Retaining space for things may change a life, especially while moving, remodeling, or securing space for your home office, as this can be stressful. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything yourself, they are there to help you out. KO Storage streamlines the self-storage experience by offering customers useful options.

They have coordinated services at every stage, from 24-hour access in most locations to a call center with staff who can provide support at any time. They serve primarily in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but also have numerous offices in Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Texas, and California.

By using the latest technology, excellent customer service and state-of-the-art process, KO Storage stands on top of the rest. They provide different benefits from industry trends that help you as they are committed to working at the level that their business and society share.

Reasons to choose the company Ko storage:

The worst nightmare is to store something in a storage unit and return it after a few months to make sure everything is fine but it is damaged by the pests. In many cases, the items we store are irretrievable and pests can cause irreparable damage, so it is dangerous to book a storage facility that is not regularly checked for pests. Kostorage performs rodent and pest control checks very often. This also protects the item from other insects.



The beginning of UHaul is a very unique story that warms everyone’s hearts. First introduced by L.S. in 1945. The mansion and his wife Anna manor, UHaul, was a moving service for those who do it themselves after World War II.

Today, U Haul has grown into a multi-million dollar company. The company includes not only storage but also various facilities related to relocation. When it comes to self-storage, they offer both indoor and outdoor storage depending on your needs.

Reason for choosing the company Uhaul: 

Have you ever heard of insurance for items that you keep in your memory? Well, why shouldn’t it be, after all some items are so expensive but the best safety features and climate control mechanisms can’t prevent events beyond your control?

UHaul is the place to come to your rescue with its Safestor, insurance for your goods once they are housed in memory. In case these items are stolen or damaged, UHaul will take care of them for you, but only if you purchased Safestor.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage


First launched in 1977, Extra Space has evolved over the years into a storage facility that offers not only the best security features but also the best customer service. To see their work, Extra Space currently has approximately 15 million square meters of storage space and can rent  1.3 million units. Today, it’s essentially an 1800 Self-Storage Facility, spread across the country to accommodate businesses and individuals.

Reason for choosing the company Extra Space Storage: 

When looking for a self-storage solution, most of us also look for security. Many of us store items that we don’t want to be stolen, so we believe that the better the warehouse security solution, the better security provided.

This is where extra space has your back, as their security features are worth the money. From electronic gates to fire protection systems and video surveillance, ExtraSpace has everything. So if your commodities contain expensive items, don’t worry.


Cubesmart - Self Storage Companies in USA

CubeSmart is known in the storage industry for its affordability and wide range of storage options. With years of industry experience, CubeSmart is the fourth largest self-storage company in the country with over 39 million square feet of rental storage space. You will also be pleased to know that their customer service and security solutions are top-notch.

Reasons to choose the company Cubesmart: 

Don’t you like discounts? Finally, you can spend the money you save on something else. But what if you sacrifice quality service in the name of saving money, discounts may seem difficult.

If you are worried that with CubeSmart, they’ll be able to give up amazing discounts without compromising the quality of the service they offer. Find something to save money, from active discounts to online bookings and recommendations.

Life Storage

Life storage - Self Storage Companies in USA

With roughly 925 self-storage installations that spawn 67 million square feet of rental storage space, Life Storage retains some of the adequate self-storage facilities to deliver in the country.

Its initial unit was inaugurated in 1985 when they were called Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, a name that was altered in 2017 to keep in line with the company’s action and prospering name. Today, not only does Life Storage deliver self-storage services, but it also has retail and wine storage facilities.

Reasons To Choose the company Life Storage:

One of the decent parts about selecting to book a self-storage unit at Life Storage is that you’ll discover a unit whose volume fits your every requirement. But that’s not all; these departments have a variation of climate-controlled choices accessible depending on what you want to store.

For example, if you’re just stocking clothes and other commodities like art, a humidity-controlled unit can recoup from setting it in. On the other hand, if you are residing in a cold region, with heated storage units, your electronics and wooden articles can be conserved against the outside cold.


SimpleSelfStorage - Self Storage Companies in USA

SimpleSelfStorage is headquartered in a location called Orlando, Florida. The company’s Self-Storage Facility spans 16 states. Looking at it, the company has a total of  116 deposits. Recently, they purchased about 20 other properties to further expand their self-storage business. Here you can find storage units of various sizes. All information about the auction can be found on the website.

Why choose the company Simple Self Storage?

An element that you might not have calculated while glancing for a storage unit is packing and then unpacking goods. If your commodities are too heavy or too many to transmit and put in the storage unit that you’ve prearranged, how do you get it there?

With Life Storage’s Drive-Up feature of storage, you can bring your truck right to the door of the storage unit. Not only does this make your business easier, but through this manner, you won’t require many people to do the loading and unloading!

Public Storage

Public Storage - Self Storage Companies in USA

Don’t worry too much when it comes to storing things. But at some point in your life, you’ve probably heard about public storage. Yes, we are talking about a storage company founded in 1972. Then it’s no wonder it’s one of the best products in the business with decades of know-how.

Public Storage offers not only self-storage solutions, but also storage solutions for enterprises, boats, RVs and vehicles. Public Storage is a leading provider of storage units for personal, business, and vehicle needs in thousands of locations across the country. They offer usage units and various sizes without obligation and long-term commitment. Call 8006888057 today for a free booking and get just $ 1 rent for your first month.

Reasons to choose the company Public Storage: 

If you want to store your items in a warehouse yourself, you need availability above all else. What is the use of finding a self-storage company that requires you to drive for hours? Public Storage is one such self-storage facility that exists in all 50 states of the United States. Not only that, there are thousands of widely available sites. So no matter where you live, you can find Public Storage nearby.


Neighbor - Self Storage Companies in USA is the cheapest self-storage option but unlike the other companies on this list. Extra space and traditional storage companies like  CubeSmart own the facility and rent out storage units to them, but neighbors are ordinary people in their own homes for customers to rent and store things in their space under their surveillance.

Why choose the company Neighbors? 

Neighbors cost an average of $ 140.44 per month. This includes a 15% monthly service charge and each rental neighbourhood charge. Not only is the mid-price in the neighbourhood $ 43 cheaper than the industry average of $ 183, but it’s also about $ 20 cheaper than the median price of CubeSmart and UHaul, the next cheapest option on this list.

Derrel’s Mini Storage Inc.

Derrel's Mini Storage Inc. - Self Storage Companies in USA

Derrel’s Mini Storage is located in a location called Fresno, California. The camp is located in about 53 locations, especially between  Sacramento and  Bakersfield. This self-storage company was founded in  1963.

Currently, there are no facilities for this self-storage company outside of  California. But like any other company, this has plans for further expansion. All auctions of this corporation are managed and arranged by Whitmore Auction Service. You can find more information about the auction on their website.

Reason to choose the company Derrel’s Mini Storage Inc.

An advantage of this particular place is a significant reduction in rent. As you may not know, public storage is one of the lowest costs in the storage industry, so it’s no surprise that it has one of the highest customer bases.

For example,  you might have to pay a monthly rent of $ 21 to $ 36 for a 5ft x 5ft unit. On the other hand, in the case of 10 feet x 30 feet. In unity, you may have to pay a monthly rent of $ 189- $ 281. However, keep this in mind when looking for prices, as prices vary from place to place.

Storage Mart

Storage Mart

Storage Mart is located in what is called Colombia, Maryland. The Storage Mart Company has a total of 132 Self-Storage Facilities. All of these self-storage facilities are primarily distributed in 15 states. Without exception, they are increasingly committed to the expansion and growth of the company. These storage mart facilities were founded in 1974.

Especially in the local community, we have been actively participating. They continue to be involved in various philanthropic activities. Apart from that, they also do a great job for students by offering them various scholarship programs. If you want to keep his auctions up to date, you need to check the local media regularly. The auction will only be held on request.

Why choose the company, Storage Mart?

Storage Mart has so many safety features, but its price doesn’t puncture your pocket. With a  variety of sizes and storage options, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that their size isn’t the smallest, but it’s also an affordable aspect due to the high-quality service they offer. For example, monthly rents for 5ft x 5ft storage units range from $ 35 to $ 41, and monthly rents for 10ft x 30ft storage units range from $ 220 to $ 265.

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Platinum Storage Group

Platinum Storage Group

Platinum Storage Group is located in Laguna Hills,  California. The storage company owns a total of 106 storage facilities in approximately 15 states. The self-storage company was originally founded under the name  Storage Direct. This storage company was founded in  2000. If you see them, you will find them over the internet and offer both air-conditioned and normal storage options.

Both types are always available to both individuals and businesses. The storage company can also find services to provide both covered and uncovered vehicle storage.

They take pride in providing excellent customer service to our lessors. At each location, you can see how hard each team is working to provide professional and friendly service. They are always helpful and ready to assist you in your storage journey.



Since 1998, industry pioneer and market leader, PODS has provided contactless delivery and storage services for residential and commercial transportation and storage services through its vast service network spanning North America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

This Canada-owned company is ideal as a  local or long-distance travel and storage partner with unmatched flexibility, convenience and control. A portable PODS  container can load it on your schedule, be delivered to you, keep it on your driveway, and be stored in one of their safe indoor facilities, or can be shipped to a new home 24/7. Click the link on the website to travel with the promo code WALDO and get 10% off storage containers.

What do the company PODS offer?

  • Services / Products provided by Storage Services
  • Onsite storage
  • Store in facility
  • Local move
  • Travel long distances
  • Commercial transportation and storage
  • Move PODS container
  • Content protection
  • Moving material
  • Packing and load aid adjustments

Sovran Self Storage Inc.

Sometimes called Sovran Self Storage Inc. this is well known by the name of Uncle Bob’s company. This self-storage company was founded in  1984. This company is primarily located in Buffalo,  New York.

This storage company owns 451 facilities. It is present in all 26 states. This self-storage company offers both private and commercial storage options for you. Besides storage, it is also open for various other services such as truck rental and vehicle storage.

Strategic Capital Holdings Inc.

Strategic Capital Holdings LLC. gives storage facility and is well known by the name Smart Stop Storage Services. This self-storage company has a total of 120 storage rooms. All of the company’s Self-Storage Facilities are spread across a total of 17 states. This storage company was founded in  2004.

The storage company’s offices are now steadily expanding in both the United States and Canada. The company is continually acquiring new land to grow and expand its business. Strategic Capital Holdings believes that storage is more than just an affordable storage unit.

They have practical features and conveniences that make your move as easy as possible. Visit their official website to see if you want to set them away from other storage companies.

Reason to choose the company Sovran Self Storage Inc.

How can a warehouse help if you don’t have different sizes? You can store just one item or have different items, but if the right storage unit isn’t available, you’ll pay more than you negotiated. These ranges range from 5 feet x 5 feet to  10 feet. × 25 feet.


Find a high-quality storage facility in New York, NY. They enjoy serving the New York area and surrounding areas such as the Upper West Side, Manhattan, Lincoln Square, Washington Heights, Fort George and Morris Heights. They are in the middle of the Upper West Side, Tribeca and Washington Heights.

The Sophia Storage Buildings are solid. They were built in the 1920s and 30s by craftsmen using the finest natural and artificial materials as custom neighbourhood storage centres. They are still strong today. Why store valuables in metal facilities that are vulnerable to floods, fires, mould and theft?

They always treat your family as if they belong to them. In addition to customer service, they maintain the secured property with 24-hour digital video surveillance. Their security system allows us to track all activities of the facility to ensure the best protection and property of our tenants. Your belongings are in safe hands when it’s with them!


We list the top companies nationwide based on the market for their coverage of customer ratings, certifications, prices, and available equipment and features, including drive-up access, climate control units. We have investigated and selected the top 15 self-storage facilities, and security systems.

For example, Life Storage, because it has an A + rating, offers great deals and equipment-certified businesses and has multiple storage unit sizes for residential and commercial use across 35 states.  Storage is their top priority for the best overall rating. We chose public storage because it has the best inventory for indoor and outdoor units and facilities for over 2,000 people in 40 states. I think the above information is helpful.

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