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10 Best Self Storage units in Sacramento, California (2023)

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The extreme heat of Sacramento and the humidity of the sea make climate control features an important consideration when choosing a self storage Sacramento unit. The hot California sun can damage storage items stored outdoors or in un-air-conditioned units. Indoor storage eliminates the worry of sun and heat damage to temperature-sensitive items such as antiques, electronics and plastics.

Where you store your items depends on how often you display them. If you live downtown but move your stuff to a unit outside the town to save money, you need to plan to visit impulsively. If you want to store your luggage on a different floor than the first floor, think about how to put it in and out.

Also consider equipment such as unlimited access, onsite management, and whether items require additional temperature protection. If you know you have long-term storage, ask how low your long-term contract is compared to your monthly fee.

Here is the list of the 10 Best storage in Sacramento, California.


KO storage - self storage Sacramento

Maintaining space for things can be stressful and can be life-changing, especially when moving, remodelling, or securing space in your home office. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything yourself, they are there to help you. KO Storage streamlines the self-storage experience by providing customers with convenient options. They coordinate services at every stage, from 24-hour access in most locations to call centres with staff who are always available to assist you. 

Serves primarily in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but also has numerous offices in Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Texas, and California. With the latest technology, excellent customer service and state-of-the-art processes, KO Storage is at the forefront of other products. They are committed to working at a level shared by their company and society, so they offer a variety of benefits from industry trends to help you.


U-haul - self storage Sacramento

The beginning of UHaul is a very unique story that warms everyone’s hearts. First introduced by L.S. in 1945. Manor and his wife Anna Manor started U Haul, which was a moving service to those who did it themselves after World War II. Today, U-Haul has grown into a multi-million dollar company. The company includes not only warehouses but also various facilities related to relocation. When it comes to self-storage, they offer both indoor and outdoor storage depending on your needs.

Reasons to choose U Haul Company? 

Have you heard about insurance for items you remember? Some items are very expensive, but why doesn’t it happen when the best security features and climate control mechanisms can’t prevent out-of-control events? UHaul is the place to come to the rescue. Get insurance as soon as the product is remembered. If these items are stolen or damaged, U Haul will only handle them if you have purchased the scheme.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage - self storage Sacramento

Extra Space Storage has been providing clean, updated, and secure storage since 1977. With offices in 40 states and more than 1800 stores, the company can serve its customers wherever they are.  BBB Authorized Stores are a safe and reliable place to store your belongings. Use the size chart to find the right memory for your needs.

Services / Products offered by Sacramento 

  •  Air conditioning unit
  •  Vehicle storage
  •  RV storage
  •  Boat storage
  •  Business memory

Over the years, they have gained the experience and knowledge to provide safe and convenient services to customers in many states. They understand that every customer has different needs, so they ensure that they offer different storage solutions and services.

With many options and many places, everyone can find the unit that suits them best. After all, customer satisfaction is paramount. In this way, they set themselves apart from their competitors and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that demonstrates their commitment to their customers.


Cubesmart - self storage Sacramento

CubeSmart Sacramento has everything to meet your needs and finish your search for more space. Kamra G, A customer of CubeSmart, said: CubeSmart Philadelphia Center offers large and small local storage solutions for all situations and budgets. They have air-conditioned rental storage rooms of various sizes to meet all your needs.

CubeSmart California Sacramento Storage Facility Features : 

  •  Furniture Storage Room
  •  Air-conditioned storage
  •  Dry covered boat storage
  •  Heated  storage unit
  •  Drive directly to the storage unit
  •  Refrigerated storage unit
  •  Between lockers for large units and vehicle storage for cars, RVs, motorcycles, etc.
  •  Mobile and Storage Supplies

Looking for more space than traditional self-storage products?

Their flexible commercial unit offers a great opportunity to grow your business. Find out more about retail, office, warehouse and Flex-Warehouse solutions. CubeSmart locales deliver a variation of storage capacities such as personal storage, mini storage, and commercial storage. Please reserve a booking today.

Life Storage

Life storage

Life Storage offers a wide range of storage units with a choice of traditional and premium storage environments. From booking your air-conditioned accommodation online to driving your first piece of furniture, everything should go smoothly.

It was a very clean facility and the office staff was very friendly and helped customers sign all the forms needed. You can also get a discount on packing materials. You will certainly be very delighted to find this self storage Sacramento in California!

Features and amenities? 

  • Invoice
  • Email billing available
  • Rent must be paid on the same day of each month for each rental start date
  •  Automatic payment available
  •  Deposit required
  •  Cash reception
  •  Checks accepted


  • Electronic gate access
  • Lifts available
  • 24-hour kiosk service
  • 24-hour access


  • Management fee: $ 29.00
  •  Facility onsite office

To move

  • Truck rental available
  •  Mobile Material

Security Features for Sale

  • A video camera on the premises
  •  Fenced and illuminated
  •  Property coverage


  • Insurance available
  • Homeowner / Rental Insurance Approved


  • Select a storage unit
  • Book for free cancel or change your booking at any time without risk
  • Visit the facility
  • Enter and store


SimpleSelfStorage - self storage Sacramento

SimpleSelfStorage is headquartered in  Orlando, Florida. The company’s Self-Storage Facility spans 16 states. Looking at it, the company has a total of 116 deposits. They recently purchased about 20 more properties to further expand their self-storage business. Here you can find storage units of various sizes. All information about the auction can be found on the website.

Why choose a simple self-storage company? 

One of the factors that you may not have calculated when searching for storage units is the packing and unpacking of goods. If your items are too heavy or too heavy to be shipped into a storage unit you have agreed to, how do you bring them there? Life Storage’s drive up storage feature allows you to bring your truck directly to the storage unit door. Not only does this make your business easier, but it also means you don’t need a lot of people to load and unload!

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Public Storage

Public Storage - self storage Sacramento

Public Storage is the premier provider of storage units for personal, business, and vehicle needs in thousands of locations across the country. They offer a wide range of units and sizes available without obligation and long-term commitment. Call  8006888057 now to book for free and get your first month’s rent for just $ 1.

Public Storage first opened in 1979 and has grown steadily ever since. The company was originally founded in Southern California and then expanded to the United States and even to Canada. The company currently has more than 2000 different locations across the country and units of different sizes.

Size is the number one factor in self-storage prices in Sacramento, California. There are several monthly rates you can expect in self storage Sacramento, California, based on the size of the various storage units. The storage facility is equipped with features such as 24-hour access and contactless movement and strives to provide the best possible customer service.

Services / Products Provided by Sacramento 

  • Unlimited access from 5 am to 10 pm in most locations (24/7 access in all locations)
  • High security (24-hour monitoring, alarms, personalized code for electronic gate access, sprinklers)
  • If desired, you can use your lock-in several places
  • Air-conditioned unit.

Mother Lode Van & Storage

Mother Lode Van & Storage - self storage Sacramento

Mother Lode Van & Storage is a local Sacramento moving company that offers competitive pricing and award-winning customer service. They are fully licensed and insured and we guarantee professional service at no hidden charges. Mother Lode Van & Storage are proud to serve thousands of customers in the self storage Sacramento region. They strive to provide their customers with professional and reliable moving services.

Why hire them? 

  • Full-service relocation

Fast, polite and professional crew.

  • Stress-free package

There is no big job for them, such as scaling, building a new home,  relocating an office.

  • Professionally Trained

Each of them is professionally trained to pack you carefully, make sure it is not damaged or damaged, and install it in a new location.

  • Storage

Short-term or long-term storage in a centrally located, safe and monitored warehouse. They can store your boxes, furniture, pianos, and whatever you might need during your transition.



PODS is a company that rents containers to anyone interested in moving things being partial do-it-yourselfers. This is available in most states. They offer services in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. The PODS offers customizable shipping and storage options, and its containers are available in three different sizes.

You can choose to store the PODS container in your facility, in your local PODS storage centre, or ship the container to a local or long-distance destination. PODS recommends that you get a quote and planning service at least 7 days in advance. You can cancel at least 24 hours before the container is delivered and get a full refund.

Do PODS cost?  

The cost of travelling with a PODS container depends on the number of rental containers, container size, distance travelled, rental period, and timing. With PODS, you can expect local travel costs up to $ 550. Most long-haul travel costs between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000. Monthly storage costs start at $ 149 month.



The clutter storage solution stores your belongings every month. Clutter services include packing materials, packing assistance, collection and delivery. What sets Clutter apart from other storage companies is its comprehensive photo inventory process. This system provides Clutter and its customers with both a visual inventory and a detailed list of inventories.

Clutter’s storage facility is safe and not open to the public, so you will not be able to view the items in storage. However, you can have it returned at any time. Clutter conducts extensive background checks and screenings for all employees. This means that moving and storage specialists are well trained and thoroughly screened.

The cluttered storage room is not open to the public and is monitored by motion sensor cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clutter Storage Company makes limited security guarantees available to all customers and allows you to purchase additional protection for items for a fee.

Available clutter services include packing assistance, collection, storage and delivery. Clutter’s customers can organize in-stock items, book pickup and retrievals,  schedule or reschedule orders through the Clutter website.

Sacramento’s Self-Storage Cost

The average 10×10 inch storage space for Sacramento is about $ 135 per month,  35 cents higher than the national average per square inch of space. However, the same one-bedroom unit can cost as much as $ 40 per month due to price, features, insurance, and location attractions.

Storage costs are above the national average, but you can save money with other special things such as discounts, first-month rent reductions and long-term loyalty incentives. Equipment such as air conditioners will be added to the monthly fee as well as management and insurance requirements.

All of these are popular in the area. The administration fee is usually a one-time administration fee of about $ 25. Insurance costs about $ 20 a month and can help you recover financially in the event of an unexpected loss.


People in Sacramento use self-storage in a variety of ways. Families always need extra space. Local experts are pleased to keep the documents safe. Students need a place to put things during the summer vacation. If you are considering self storage Sacramento, be sure to read the guide above

Read the guide above to find the best storage deals and find nearby facilities that offer special promotions such as many storage facilities that are open seven days a week, extending access times to give you the flexibility to manage your belongings at the desired time. Ready to book? Book your self-storage unit now without a  credit card!.

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