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10 Most-Rated Self Storage Units in Albuquerque (2023)

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Frequently, storing objects for future use is necessary when relocating homes or businesses. Making the wrong decision while choosing a self-storage facility is a significant responsibility. People put things in storage because they are unquestionably significant to them. However, it’s crucial to confirm that the storage area meets the desired criteria. The best storage units Albuquerque are those that in addition to providing you with ample room and attractive designs, but also address several basic requirements.

Avoid relying a judgement on a storage facility’s appearance. While they may occasionally receive new furnishings or decorations, it does not automatically elevate them to the top of the heap. It makes no sense to have several superfluous components inside the storage rooms because they offer no advantages.

Always seek for locations with taller fences and 24/7 comprehensive CCTV monitoring that you can operate from the workplace. As a result, there are many less odds that you may lose your possessions due to careless storage. If you are looking for self-storage units Albuquerque, you have landed at the right place.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Albuquerque



Since its founding in 1945, U-Haul has provided Americans with access to self-storage units. The headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona. In order to keep your belongings safe from the elements and humidity, U-Haul offers climate-controlled storage facilities. All year round, facilities are kept at a temperature between 65 and 85. 

For both big and little enterprises, U-Haul provides commercial storage options. Keep additional supplies, data from work, materials, and more in storage. Customers with regular demands should choose outdoor drive-up storage since they are convenient and quick to get to.

Load and unload your items whenever it’s convenient during access hours in your vehicle, truck, or cargo van. Keep your vehicle in storage, whether it’s a car, boat, camper or RV. If you are looking for sound self-storage units Albuquerque, then this may be the one for you.

Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space - storage units Albuquerque

In the United States, Extra Space Storage is the second-largest owner of self-storage facilities. Since its establishment in 1977, they have dominated the storage sector. Their national portfolio has grown by 4.6 billion dollars in new purchases over the previous five years. Successful collaborations with its partners, customers, investors, and stakeholders are the foundation of Extra Space Storage. 

An enthusiastic, committed team that lives on innovation is responsible for advancing their aims. To every building they acquire, construct, or maintain, they provide safety, lovely landscaping, and expert property management. As much as their on-site managers, staff, and clients are a part of your community, an Extra Space Storage facility also is.

They are aware that their clients rely on Extra Space Storage for a safe, well-kept facility and straightforward, friendly service. Consequently, they put their daily efforts towards exceeding that goal. At every level of their clients’ experience, their team is essential to upholding this dedication to excellence.

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You may discover a CubeSmart site near you thanks to the company’s countrywide network of storage facilities. They provide storage, services, and solutions that will far exceed your needs. The ownership, management, purchase, and growth of self-storage facilities in the United States are the main priorities of CubeSmart, a self-administered and self-managed real estate corporation. 

Their self-storage units Albuquerque are made to provide residential and commercial customers with accessible, inexpensive storage space. They consistently improve their business as a national owner and operator by bringing their managerial experience and best practices to every site.

Albuquerque Self Storage

Albuquerque Self Storage - storage units Albuquerque

You might be wondering if it’s feasible to park a car for a lengthy period of time in a storage facility, whether you’re looking to store a car you don’t use much or unintentionally acquired a new automobile. They can readily handle large moving trucks because they are Albuquerque’s largest self-storage facility.

A self-storage facility might be thrilling to get since you can keep anything in it. During business hours, they provide regulated access to their gated, safe, and well-lit facilities. On request, they also offer complimentary security locks for each apartment and insurance suggestions.

Jen’s Self Storage

Jen’s Self Storage - storage units Albuquerque

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jen’s Self Storage provides temperature-controlled, safe storage facilities. Your move-in is also made simple by their roomy elevator and free hand carts and dollies. In order to rent your storage space and pick up your supplies in one convenient location, Jen’s Self Storage also offers a practical range of moving and packing goods. 

Their handy position in Albuquerque’s North Valley makes them simple to get from the city’s center as well as the nearby villages of Rio Rancho, South Valley, and other locales. Their self-storage units Albuquerque offers simple access from anywhere in the world, economical storage units with temperature control, and first-rate security.

Hideway Self Storage

Hideway Self Storage - storage units Albuquerque

You put your faith in them by keeping your belongings at Hideaway Self Storage units Albuquerque. To make sure that their facility is as safe as possible, they have gone above and beyond. They have a gated entrance for an added measure of security, in addition to a full perimeter fence around their property. 

They have, at last, equipped their grounds with the most recent security equipment. With your convenience in mind, the staff at Hideaway Self Storage has constructed their facilities. You won’t need to use the stairs or elevators to move heavy or large objects because of their ground-floor storage facilities. If you ever have a question or need help, someone should probably be available at the Hideaway Self Storage facility because it is also staffed.

Hideaway Self Storage is ready to assist you free up some space in your house or place of business. It is little over 10 miles from downtown Albuquerque. You only need to seek for them; it’s not difficult to find them. They are ideally located to offer storage options across the region.



The most popular storage location in Albuquerque is McKinney Mini Storage. McKinney offer several different storage options at reasonable prices near their location. McKinney is aware of the apprehension and discomfort associated with transporting heavier items. In order to minimize the need for hard lifting on moving day, you may park just close to your storage unit.

They always have helpful, pleasant people available if you have any inquiries about self-storage units Albuquerque. They sell storage unit locks and provide self-storage insurance on-site for your comfort. If you’d like, you can also choose to pay your payments on a monthly basis online. You don’t even need to stop by the facility.

Simply give them a call to talk with their onsite manager, who will be pleased to inform you of any current deals they are running. They welcome you to visit their safe facilities and witness it for yourself. They welcome you to stop by McKinney and take a look around the facility.

East Central Self Storage

East Central Self Storage - storage units Albuquerque

You may find easy storage for your vehicle or boat, as well as a secure location to store your company inventory or home things. All along the route, East Central Self Storage professionals are available to help you. In addition to offering a variety of storage spaces, they are happy to provide its clients with a number of various discounts. 

If you’re in the military, for instance, you’ll receive a discount on whichever storage option you select. Students, those who recommend friends to East Central Self Storage, and anyone who sign up for their auto-debit programme are all given discounts as well. 

You won’t ever have to waste time traveling to your possessions because of their accessible location on Central Avenue. Many of the town’s well-known locations are only a short distance away from them. For your convenience, they extend their usual access hours, and upon payment of a charge, they even provide enterprises access to their facilities around the clock.

StorWise Self Storage


In the center of Albuquerque’s downtown, StorWise is a superb indoor facility. Everyone who wants a location to keep their possessions, they have a plethora of beneficial options to offer. They offer what you require, regardless of whether you are remodeling, relocating, attending college, or just attempting to be organized. 

Their temperature-controlled cabinets are excellent for anyone who plans to store items for a prolonged length of time. If you need to rent a storage space for papers, artwork, or gadgets that need to be protected from the environment, these are the finest options. You don’t have to worry about your possessions rusting, breaking, or warping during hot and cold weather.

On the southeast intersection of First Street and Iomas in the downtown area is where you can find the StorWise facility. They are located south of City Hall, across the street from a branch of the U.S. Bank, and west of the railroad tracks. StorWise is a practical and cost-effective storage choice for college students on a tight budget because it is only 5 minutes from the University of New Mexico.

With their high-definition security cameras, the facility is constantly being watched, and when they are there, they keep an eye on everything that is happening. They won’t let you down if you put your faith in them.

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Otter Self Storage

Otter Self Storage - storage units Albuquerque

Don’t worry if your New Mexico residence or place of business is cluttered. You may always get assistance from Otter Self Storage in Albuquerque. At their contactless storage facility, you can choose from little 5′ x 5′ storage units to enormous 10′ x 15′ rooms. Otter Self Storage, which is close to Erisa Administrative Services and across the street from the Vanguard Media Radio Center on San Pedro Drive NE, is conveniently close to both Lomas Boulevard and the Coronado Freeway.

They can accommodate any student who needs a space to keep their possessions. It’s easy to add more closet space with their reasonably priced storage cabinets. Also, use Otter self-storage units in Albuquerque when your neighborhood company runs out of room. For the greatest storage experience, go to their San Pedro Drive facility, which has the top amenities and spotless storage spaces you require.


If you want a facility that offers safety and quality, the self-storage units in Albuquerque on the above list are your best options. All of your storage needs are addressed by the 10 alternatives for self-storage that we have given you to select from. Your storage experience will be made simple by them all.

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