10 Best Self-Storage Units in Alexandria, Minnesota (2022)

Alexandria is a beautiful city in Minnesota, United States. Alexandria has a good facility for self-storage units. There are several storage units in Alexandria MN available. Users can choose a storage unit as per their preference in Alexandria. People with lesser space, traders, vendors, and many more use self-storage units.

The units are well secured and are under surveillance so that the user does not have to worry about their stuff. The loading facility is also available in some units to load things, even if they are from different places. Every aspect is taken care of whether it is security or climate.

Some storage units in Alexandria MN even offer flexible hours to access your goods. Differently sized units are available as per users’ needs. Users can use them for short-term or long-term needs as they wish. There is a wide range of storage facilities available in Alexandria, MN. Let us discuss the best and most famous storage units in Alexandria MN and near it.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage units in Alexandria, MN


U-Haul - Storage Units Alexandria MN

This is a self-storage unit at 302 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308, US with impressive ratings being 4.5. The contact number is +1 320-763-2371. Storage access hours are available for the whole 24 hours, even on Sundays. Storage safety is the main purpose of U-haul storage. The Storage area is kept under surveillance. It has 24 hours under its monitor. Their environment is just like any other home. The storage system has proper climate control. It is a premier self-storage facility of u-hauls.

The environment delivered is clean, dry, and secure. There are no expenses for reserving. This storage gives good options to the users as per their needs. All types of units are available – small, medium, and large sizes. This facility has different sizes of units as per the customer.

For Small storage units, it has an area of up to 1200 square feet. For Medium storage units, it offers up to 1200 square feet. But the expenses differ from size to size. It offers large size units too. This storage unit boosts storage capacity. Drive-up units are available at this location. It is convenient and quick to get to. Users Bring their vehicle, and belongings, and get ready to go.

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Granite City Storage, Inc

Granite City Storage - Storage Units Alexandria MN

This self-storage facility is in East Sartell. The storage unit is near Alexandria. It has 5.0 ratings. It has also earned good reviews from customers. The address is 207 14th Ave East, Sartell, MN 56377. The contact number is (329)252-0963. The service hours of storage to access is 24 hours. The security system has an alarm system to warn before mishaps. 

The storage has boxes and other moving supplies available. It has access to drive-up and electronic gates. And have all online payment methods. The fenced perimeter of the storage is for security purposes.

The storage has the availability of large storage units up to 2000 square feet. It is enough for 4 bedroom homes or larger. For the outside level of the 1st floor. This facility provides storage options for parking vehicles such as cars, boats, etc. This facility provides temperatures favorable between 65-85 degrees.

Albertville Storage

Albertville Storage - Storage Units Alexandria MN

This facility has received great reviews from customers and 5.0 ratings. This storage unit is near Alexandria, mn. This facility is famous for its safety provided to the customers’ goods. It is like a garage at home. The address is 5458 Barthel Industrial Dr, Albertville, MN (55301). The contact number is (763)497- 1637. 

The service has 24 hours access to the storage. All types of online payments are approved in this facility. A free lock is given to all the customers. The facility does not require any kind of deposit. The facility has ground level and electronic gates access.

This storage unit provides small storage units. These are suitable for 1-2 bedroom homes to keep stuff in garage-like storage. It has great reviews and comments from customers. Particularly in the field of security, it is most famous. It has fenced borders around it and video surveillance, and many more.

Ko Storage of Alexandria-South

Ko Storage of Alexandria-South

This self-storage facility has 5.0 ratings. It is approved by experts. This facility is quick and easy. The address is 761 Genes Rd Se Alexandria, MN (56308). Contact Number is (612)504 5818. The service has 24-hour access. The customer can contact them for service from 8 am to 6 pm. 

This facility is easy to use. Monthly rentals are provided. It has space for motorcycle storage. Tenant insurance is available. Varieties of storage units are available. Such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

The facility offers good security to the goods of customers. They have access to its storage by electronic gates and other electronic things. And customers have an option of booking its service online. Users can contact them by their number.

Westrock Storage, LLC

Westrock Storage, LLC

Westrock storage, LLC is in Rockford with 5.0 ratings. The address is 8900 Walnut St, Rockford, MN 55373. The contact number is (952)920-8555. The main feature is that this facility has low-cost insurance available for customers. 

WestRock storage has an Alarm system in every storage unit. Online payment can be paid to this storage. Customers can pay month to month. Different sizes of storage units are available which include small, medium, and large unit storage. It protects the belongings of customers. This facility maintains temperatures of preferable degrees. Video surveillance and other security methods are delivered.

Ko Storage Of Alexandria-North

Ko Storage Of Alexandria-North - Storage Units Alexandria MN

Ko storage of Alexandria- North has 5.0 ratings. The address is  715 22nd Ave E Alexandria, MN 56308. The Contact Number is (320)310- 0242. This service offers 24/7  access to users’ storage units. Customers can access their belongings on the schedule.

The flexibility extends to month-to-month rental agreements. It allows customers to take benefits from services for as long as they prefer. It Provides clean and dry and well-maintained service. Has 24- hours access. Provides facilitated storage solutions whether big or small. Provides more than just a square room. 

It has the Availability of tenant insurance. The main facility is the availability of delivery access for 24 hours. The facility gives drive-up access to units. A guarantee of security is promised. The service offers work with satisfaction to the customers. Security of this storage is most important. The service offers electronic gates. The digital surveillance and safeguard units have fenced walls.

Extra-space Storage

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage has 5.0 ratings. This storage is in Eagan, MN in the United States.  The address is 4095 Nicolas Rd Eagan, MN 55122. The contact number is (877)780-0946.

The main feature is that it extends from first-floor access to elevator access. 24/7 hours of access are available. Moving carts are available for heavy items. Provides convenient freeway access. Deliveries are also accepted by this service.  Well maintained, clean, and dry storage. 

Different types of storage units are available including small, medium, and large. This storage provides the sensitive things of individuals with an extra layer of protection. The temperature of the unit ranges between 55-80 degrees throughout the year. This temperature is beneficial for storing important papers, files, and documents. This facility provides 24/7 protection to the goods of customers. Have special security features like video surveillance, and security. They provide an alarm on every storage unit and access to the electronic gates.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions - Storage Units Alexandria MN

This Storage unit is in Alexandria, MN. This facility is close to different lakes. This facility has 4.7 ratings. The address is 6909 Hwy 29 A Alexandria, MN 56308. The Contact Number is (320) 304-7708. The main features are that the facility provides 24 hours access. Have drive-up access. Security is delivered. Online bill payment is available for the services. The service is quick and easy

A variety of storage units are available. Units for Outside and interior hallways with rollup doors. This facility is perfect for storing goods like boats. The area nearby has many fun opportunities like boating, tubing, skiing, etc. This storage offers video surveillance giving better security to the goods of customers. This service provides fencing. The belongings of the customers are safe.

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HB mini storage

HB mini storage

The HB mini storage has 4.6 ratings. The address is 4949 US-12, Willmar, MN 56201, United States. The Contact Number is +1 320-214-7520. This facility, like others, also offers 24 hours access to the storage. It has Online bill payment. Tenant insurance is also available. The building is dry and clean. The building is tightened.

All varieties of storage units facilitated by westside storage are for outside. A customer doesn’t have to visit just to pay the bill. They can log in to their account online and pay their rent from anywhere. The security of HB storage is recommendable.

Five Star Storage

Five Star Storage

Five star Storage units are self-unit units in Alexandria MN. It is located in North as well as South Dakota. It has 5.0 ratings and pretty good reviews from its users. The address is 3320 Hamilton St Ste 6 Bismarck, ND 58503. The contact number is (701)751-7511. There are almost 29 facilities available at MN with Five-star storage. The Five star Storage units offer exemplary facilities to all either businesses, families, or individuals. 

The main features are that the facility provides drive-up access with climate control storage. Both interior, as well as exterior units, are available. All sizes of Units are available from small, medium, and large to extra large. Making it easier to boat or vehicle parking storage. The cleanliness is maintained and security as well.

Main Facilities By Different Self-Storage Units in Alexandria, Minnesota


The most important thing for storage is the security of this storage. The service offers electronic gates. Digital surveillance and safeguard units have fenced walls. The facility provides electronic gates i.e. high computerized with code with roll-up doors. The Storage area is under surveillance 24 hours. Have security cameras. Provides fenced borders around and video surveillance, and many more.


This facility allows the storage of boats, cars, and parking vehicles. Removing or refilling the goods of users in a short period. Many people use Drive-up storage units for vehicle parking. 


It safeguards the goods from temperature and humidity. The facility maintains a temperature range of 65 to 85 degrees. These storage units deliver a promising atmosphere for customers’ goods. Offers protection from natural damages. The best feature of these storage units is the control over temperature. Prevents documents, old important books, and pages from getting damaged.


These self-storage units offer access for 24 hours. The users can access their goods as per their needs at any time. These units should be near customers’ places. The customers can access them without any issues. So a person has to look for it. The units with good safety of their goods are recommended.


Some storage units in Alexandria MN have online payment services. It is useful in this modern world. People can pay for storage from any part of the world. 


These are some of the storage units in Alexandria MN and near it. We have stated self-storage units with more than 4.0 ratings in this article. The facilities provided by these self-storage units are recommendable. If you wish to choose a suitable storage unit for yourself, go through the article and look into the unit’s features.

We have stated the best storage units such as U-Haul, Bluedoor, KO storage, and extra space storage units. Now, looking for a good storage unit will not appear as an issue. Go through the above-mentioned units and you can reach them easily as contact details are also quoted. Each storage unit’s details are taken carefully and conservatively. And every unit has a different feature. Feel free to reach out to units and explore more.