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10 Self Storage Units in Amarillo with 24×7 Access (2023)

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Self-storage is one of those industries that a common man might need every once in a while. Be it while moving into a new place or renovating your existing home, you require space to store the items you can’t carry along. Self-storage is perfect for scenarios like this. You rent a storage space to contain your stuff temporarily until you have settled down and can take it back with you. People all over the world need help with storage and thus the industry has its footprint everywhere. Storage units Amarillo has a lot of good storage companies to offer and here are some of the best of them. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Amarillo.


U-Haul - storage units Amarillo

If there’s one name that you will always find on any list related to self-storage, then that’s U-Haul. The company has nothing but earned the right to get that recognition. U-Haul has been the USA’s top storage choice for decades now. It has a rich history, a huge customer base, and an extremely impressive resume. They have the best and the most reliable storage units Amarillo has to offer. You don’t have to do a lot to get one for yourself. 

Start off by going to the company’s website and locating a facility around your area. They have 6 different locations in Amarillo and it wouldn’t be hard finding one that’s the nearest to you. All of these locations have 4 kinds of storage options available for rent.

Other than a simple self-storage, you can find special climate-control units here suited better for storing delicate items. These units are available in different sizes to store various quantities of stuff. For volumes even larger, you can book a commercial unit. If you own a vehicle, you can use their vehicle storage and parking to take care of it. 

The next step is to reserve whatever unit you have chosen. Whether you want to do it through their website or by visiting them yourself, it’s up to you. After the reservation, you can decide on a move-in date with the company and simply show up at their gates with your stuff.

CW Storage

CW Storage

CW Storage checks out all the tick marks of the basics of self-storage and even more. Here is a company that you can trust and find right around the corner. There are a handful of companies that are dedicated to only Amarillo and its neighborhood. CW Storage is one of them and is a huge fan-favorite among the locals. While going with a big global brand is a sensible and reasonable choice, sometimes it turns out to be the better option to go for the locals.

As CW Storage has only one area to focus on, they can put their all into it with complete conviction. CW Storage offers its services at 4 different locations in Amarillo. You can visit any of them personally to go through the whole process. Their offices stay open from Monday to Friday.

The first thing you need is a clear idea of what unit you need and what size of it. Once you have found a unit of your liking, you will have to ask the company to reserve it for you.  Once everything is confirmed, you pay your first month’s rent and it continues on a month-to-month lease. You can pay rent online without having to go to their office.

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SecurCare Self Storage

SecurCare Self Storage - storage units Amarillo

There are only a few names in Amarillo’s storage industry as trustworthy as SecurCare Self Storage. The company is a part of NSA Brands. It is a family of 12 different storage companies that operate all over the United States. These companies themselves have multiple locations across various states.

SecurCare has over 275 self-storage facilities all over the country including 9 of them in Amarillo. At these locations, you will find both regular and vehicle storage. These units are available in multiple sizes allowing you to store a varying quantity of goods. 

One thing SecurCare does perfectly is handle the security of your stuff. While it is their duty course, they still do an exceptional job at ensuring the highest levels of safety. Their measures protect your items against natural factors, outside interference, and theft.

Once you have left your goods with them, you can rest assured that you’ll get them back in the exact condition. While going to a facility in person is always better, you can go through the entire process online without moving an inch.

Ross Self Storage

Ross Self Storage

A prerequisite of what makes a company good and reliable is the amount of experience they have. This is one of the many areas where Ross Self Storage absolutely thrives. This company has been around for years, offering affordable storage solutions for the people of Amarillo. 

In case you haven’t rented a storage unit before, it is incredibly simple and probably the easiest process you might have gone through. It is a pretty standard procedure that is nearly identical to all storage companies. You first reserve a unit by calling the company or through their website. Even better, you can go to their facility to get it done yourself. As Ross Self Storage is available right here in Amarillo, visiting them isn’t going to take a lot of time or effort. 

From household items to commercial stocks, their units can store large quantities with ease. There are multiple variations available in unit size. Ross Self Storage does an excellent job at protecting your good as well. Their facilities are under 24/7 surveillance and an automatic alarm provides extra protection and vigilance.

SpareBox Storage

SpareBox Storage - storage units Amarillo

The next name we have on our list is SpareBox Storage. It might not be the most experienced or the oldest option available in Storage units Amarillo but they have a lot to compensate for that with. The company might be new but the hands that run it all have decades of experience in the industry.

SpareBox offers the best drive-up and climate-controlled storage in the city of Amarillo. Climate-controlled units are a must if you need to store weather-sensitive items like medical supplies, antiques, furniture, cosmetics, and more. They have cameras leaving an eye on all of their units 24 hours a day. If they notice anything wrong, they will be quick to take care of it. Even if someone manages to enter the vicinity, they can not access the goods inside a unit.

That is because to gain entry you need a code that the company provides at the time of the booking. As long as you keep the code with yourself or some other authorized person, nobody else can touch your belongings. A unit stays accessible 24/7 to anyone with the gate code.



U-Stor-It is one of the hundreds of facilities that are operating under Argus Self-Storage Management throughout the USA. It has three Amarillo branches dedicated to those who need storage units on lease. The company is all about convenience and it takes no more than 5 minutes to reserve a storage unit of your liking here. 

Their units are available in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate all levels of storage needs. When you are through the reservation phase, you can simply drop your goods off at their facility. After locking it up, the company gives you a digital code that is required to gain entry beyond the doors.

For added protection, the company monitors its all units through surveillance cameras.  You can book units for one month at a time and as long as you keep paying rent, you get to keep your belongings there.

Axiom Bell Storage

Axiom Bell Storage - storage units Amarillo

Axiom Bell Storage brings the most reliable and secure storage to you right here in Amarillo. This company is pretty well-known around the city as it has been operating since 1993. With nearly 30 years in the business, Axiom has reached incredible heights over the past few years.

They can both store your goods and park your vehicles for you. You can reserve both types of storage right from their website. Once you are through with it all, you can also pay the monthly rent online. Axiom gets great in affordability, convenience, and security. Their electronic gates and 24/7 active security system mean you don’t have to worry about your priced possessions.

Storage Stop

Storage Stop - storage units Amarillo

Storage Stop is not a global brand by any means but it doesn’t have to be either. The company has earned a positive reputation and respect among the masses through its honest work. They provide easy and convenient storage solutions to the people of Amarillo just around them. 

Main Features

The security and the convenience value you get at Storage Stop are two if their best features. The units are secured beyond electronic gates and themselves have secured gates protected by access codes. Every unit is laced with a security camera as well. 

To get a booking, you can reserve a unit your like right from your smartphone on their website. You can even pay monthly bills through the site itself.

Easy Stop Storage

Easy Stop Storage

If you need high-quality units to store your household items or commercial goods, Easy Stop Storage is the perfect candidate for you. Everything about this company is premium from their presentation to the actual service and the amenities. 

Their units are versatile enough to fulfill all of your household, office, or business needs. The quality of the units you can rent here is exceptional. They are backed by climate control and are resistant to dust as well. Parking and enclosed structures for vehicles like cars and vans are available too.

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American Storage

American Storage - storage units Amarillo

Lastly, American Storage is another viable contender you should consider. One of the best options found in Storage units Amarillo, American Storage is available in two different locations here. You can easily take time out of your day to visit any of the two facilities. They also provide moving supplies if you need them before your move. 

Features To Look For

All of these 10 companies are the most established names in Texas’ self-storage industry. None of them are lacking in an area but you can only pick one in the end. There are some key factors that you can use to compare any two companies. 

Reputation and Reviews

The more respected a company is, the better. A positive reputation means a company has been doing the right things, which is just what you want. Go through a handful of reviews to see what people are saying about them.

Price and Terms

Self-storage is pretty affordable but you can always save more money. There is no harm in trying to get yourself the best deal, after all. More importantly, you need to be on the lookout for the terms and conditions. Avoid dealing with a company that tries to force you to sign any long-term deal. 


A lot of companies offer protection programs and insurance policies alongside the basic security features to protect your belongings. The level of protection a company can offer you should be pretty high on your priority list. 


The self-storage industry has experienced immense growth in recent years. It is at an all-time high annual net worth of over $40 billion today. It has made its way to every single state of the USA including Texas. This is why it is so easy to find feasible storage solutions in a city like Amarillo.

These 10 companies featured here have all earned the reputation that you should expect from a storage firm. They got all the qualities and amenities that make them worth your time and money. The final decision depends on you and your personal preferences. 

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