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10 Best Self Storage Units in Anderson Indiana in 2023

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The modern-day world is always changing, and so are our needs. You might be looking to move around town or city, you might need some extra space to store your furniture while you’re on holiday, or anything else. If you’re in need of some extra space that can only be provided by renting a storage unit then there are a number of companies and agencies that have what you’re looking for. Many types of storage facilities are provided in self-storage units in Anderson Indiana.

Families need to store their belongings for a good part of their lives, without the worry and hassle of renting or purchasing a home. This includes everything from furniture to furnishings, clothing, and other personal effects that may be difficult or even expensive for them to replace through credit.

There are many types of self-storage facilities that people can look into when considering how to store their stuff at home or in a business space. If you’re considering getting one for your property, be sure to conduct a thorough search and compare prices from different facilities before making your final decision. The purpose of this blog post is to provide a list of the ten best self-storage units Anderson Indiana.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Anderson Indiana.

Storage Express

Storage Express - storage units Anderson Indiana

The Storage Express offers both on-site and off-site storage unit rentals. Either option is convenient and guaranteed to be secure. You can opt for a rental period ranging from 3 months to 12 months. Storage Express also offers services including packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading of your belongings, as well as storing them in climate-controlled units.

This Anderson Indiana self-storage facility has no minimum or maximum size requirement for each customer’s unit. The facility is also clean, well-lit, and open-air with a visible camera surveillance system. Storage Express has units on all levels of the building as well as ceilings 8 feet above the floor level and a drive-in entrance.

Owners of Storage Express in Anderson Indiana appreciate your business, and they welcome inquiries from corporate clients looking for storage unit rentals. Whether you’re moving office furniture or long-term storage for photography equipment or filing cabinets, ask about their corporate equipment storage services.

At Anderson Storage Express they offer rates that are both competitively priced and conveniently located within short driving distance to major highways in Anderson Indiana such as 820, 990, 460, and I65 in nearby Indianapolis Indiana.

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Go Store It Self Storage

Go Store It Self Storage - storage units Anderson Indiana

The Go Store It Self Storage offers climate-controlled storage in Anderson Indiana. Go Store It’s on the ground floor inside a warehouse, so you don’t have to worry about vaulting or stairs when storing items. They offer affordable pricing for self-storage units with packing and moving services available too.

The friendly staff is available by phone 24 hours a day as well as documentation of your unit should you forget your access code or want to come down and reclaim that last treasure hidden in the depths of your unit. Go Store It Self Storage also offers storage units, climate-controlled storage, packing & moving services, and friendly staff!

Public Storage

Public Storage - storage units Anderson Indiana

Public Storage Store offers the best self storage units Anderson Indiana. They offer a wide range of sizes and prices to meet your needs. They also offer many amenities, such as personal carts, mobile loading and unloading, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and keypads for access at all times!

The store offers all the benefits and security you deserve. The storage facilities are located just off I-65, the Chicago Road, and East on East Division Street within a mile of the facility. Stop by today to find out more about the Anderson Indiana storage unit rentals. Public Storage has been in business for over eight decades with an outstanding reputation for safety and service.

Their Anderson customer service staff is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year to help you select your unit size and move in your items fast! Within minutes after you reserve a unit online, their dedicated team will be onsite to collect your belongings from your home or office. Public Storage Store has affordable rates on our move-in specials. Contact them today to reserve your unit!

Dalton Moving

Dalton Moving

The Dalton Moving offers a variety of packing materials for your convenience. They have bubble wrap, paper, and tape to choose from. You can either have their movers pack your items in the plastic shells they provide or you can use their packing materials yourself.

Their customers are typically happier if they pack the more delicate items themselves anyways because it is more convenient for them and a cheaper option overall. They also offer a number of box sizes from 3’x3’x3′ all the way up to 18″x18″x18″. As for furniture, they offer the following sizes, Upholstered chairs, beds, tables, futon frames, etc.

Standard moving boxes of 8 ft. length by 6’ width (1Section x 4 Boxes) Standard Moving box sizes are 10 ft. x 8’x8′ Large Moving box sizes are 12 ft.x10’x8′ Extra large moving boxes of 18’x18’x8′. They offer a step-by-step checklist that can be found here under the “Valuable tips” tab to help you prepare without added frustration or stress.

Hwy 32 Self Storage

Hwy 32 Self Storage - storage units Anderson Indiana

The Hwy 32 Self Storage offers a variety of affordable storage options and managed moving services, as well. They also have a friendly, professional staff that’s happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whatever your needs may be, they can meet them with great ease and efficiency.

The store offers a friendly staff and a clean unit for your things. With 24-hour access, it offers a safe, secure place to keep your possessions. The facility is conveniently located near I-70 so you will be able to drive in and out as needed.

They have unit sizes ranging from small to large with prices that are affordable no matter what your budget is! Highly recommended! If you’re looking for storage near the Anderson area, look no further than Hwy 32 Self Storage! They are conveniently located off of I-70 so they’re easy to get into and out of if you need it.

U-STOR Anderson

U-STOR Anderson - storage units Anderson Indiana

The U-STOR Anderson offers the following services: tape, mazer, boxes, packing paper, and various packing supplies such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, and fiber bubble wrap for small items. They also have a storage facility on-site for large items. It has over 100 large square feet of enclosed storage space to keep your things out of the elements.

The store offers a huge selection of storage units Anderson Indiana for rent, each with a climate-controlled and dry unit. They also have a 24-hour security service and access to cash payments. U-STOR Anderson’s mission is to provide people with an affordable, safe, and reliable place to store their belongings when they’re not able.

As a locally owned company, U-STOR Anderson has been providing storage services for over 30 years. This is an Anderson location that is well worth checking out if you are in need of some extra storage space or just want to find a better option than what other self-storage companies offer in Anderson Indiana at this time!

Cross & Lafayette Self Storage

Cross & Lafayette Self Storage - storage units Anderson Indiana

The Cross & Lafayette Self Storage offers customers a clean and modern storage facility with state-of-the-art security measures. Among them, fire prevention and safety features are given the top priority. The property is climate controlled to ensure a safe environment for all of your items while they await your move.

All exterior walls and windows are triple panes, which means that nothing can pass through – not even bugs! Additionally, the property’s lighting system is an eye-catcher in itself as it will protect your belongings from black lights and UV rays.

Are you ready to have your self storage experience exceeded? At Cross & Lafayette Self Storage, they take care of all the little things that can make your experience exciting and memorable. They’re pet friendly; there’s never any damage or theft from their secure location, and they offer many different services including convenient commute shuttles to local destinations.

The store offers amenities like a commuter shuttle bus, free WiFi, and a laundry room. Plus the property is dog-friendly and has an elevator. So what are you waiting for? Come check out this Anderson storage facility today!

Mt Comfort Storage

Mt Comfort Storage

The Mt Comfort Storage offers a range of storage solutions for both residential and commercial customers including drive-up access, bi-level units, stacker containers, and more. Hey are Safe & Secure: Mt Comfort Storage is an independent, family-owned business that has been operating for more than five decades.

This means all your belongings are stored in clean, well-maintained units with 24-hour surveillance cameras to keep you safe and secure when you’re away from home. The store offers safe, clean, and secure self-storage units with a well monitored and secured facility. The reliable staff of Mt. Comfort Storage will readily answer your questions about storage unit size, security systems, access hours, and more.

They take pride in their no-hassle move-in process to ensure customers are taken care of from the time they first contact us until the day you store your belongings on-site at Mt. Comfort Storage! In addition to standard storage units, they also offer climate-controlled storage units for those items you need to keep cool or warm for longer periods.

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Anderson Lock-Up

Anderson Lock-Up

At Anderson Lockup, they offer many amenities that have not been found in other self storage companies. The store offers numerous amenities and is the perfect indoor storage facility for Anderson. It has a wide variety of storage units Anderson Indiana and is available with an on-site manager. Anderson Lockup, which opened in March 2014, offers 24-hour access to your belongings during their business hours.

The store also offers a 24-hour holding facility where you can leave your vehicle or boat, with the option to purchase a lock from Anderson Lock-Up. Locking your item up in their store is the best way to stay safe and secure.

In addition, they also offer free truck rentals so you may transport your items easily and quickly. If you need help moving freight around Anderson, then rent a truck from us! They look forward to assisting you in any way they can.

Full House Self Storage

The Full House Self Storage offers a variety of self-storage units Anderson Indiana, ranging from a 5-by-5 foot mini storage unit to the largest 10-by-20 unit. They also offer a variety of climate control packages that can be purchased separately for the units. These pricing options are sure to accommodate all types of budgets, with prices typically starting at $6.99 for an 8 square feet mini storage unit.

At Full House Self Storage, they are proud to provide their customers with the best self-storage unit Anderson Indiana has to offer. They have an extensive portfolio of products and services that will meet the needs of all their commercial or residential customers. From large storage units for construction equipment and furniture to small storage units for your laptop and cables, they have what you need! Choose from any number of unused outdoor spaces or indoor units that can be accessed 24/7.


In conclusion, this was a compilation of the 10 best self storage units Anderson Indiana that would be a great solution to your needs. With this information, you should be able to find a storage unit that meets your personal tastes and expectations.

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