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10 Best & Most-Trusted Self Storage Units in Arizona (2023)

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Self-storage, also known as “storage units,” is a business that rents out storage space (such as rooms, lockers, containers, and/or outdoor space) to tenants on a short-term basis (often month-to-month). Businesses and people are among the inhabitants who look for self-storage facilities then storage units in Arizona best storage service available.

Industry experts frequently refer to the “4Ds of life” when discussing why storage space is rented (death, divorce, downsizing, and dislocation; the latter can refer to either the renter relocating to some other area and requiring space to store items until they can be shifted to the new location or a subsequent marriage resulting in the couple having identical items).

Based on real customer reviews and ratings, we’ve compiled a list of the best self-storage units in Arizona you can trust. You can trust these companies with your most valuable possessions, whether you need standard storage units, climate-controlled storage units, or extra-large storage units.

This article will highlight some of the most well-known storage companies in Arizona that can make moving a breeze. This article will provide you with all of the necessary information to help you decide which storage service is best for you.

Here is the list of the 10 Best self-storage units in Arizona.

Neighbor Storage

Neighbor - Storage Units Arizona

Neighbor handles neighbour disputes and collects payments, and at the end of the day, the host is compensated for space you already own! Let’s say someone has unused space in or around their home, such as an attic, an extra bedroom, an extra garage, or an unused shed. That space can be rented by another family for their short- or long-term needs.

Neighbor provides an easy solution that could save the renter up to 50% less than a typical self-storage unit, whether they’re moving across town before their house is ready or someone is remodeling a room. For both parties, it’s a “win-win” situation! Neighbor isn’t just about residential rental spaces; it also encourages you to think big about spaces you don’t use.

These are excellent rental locations for RVs, boats, motorcycles, and automobiles. Neighbor rentals are also ideal for seasonal homes or lake lots. Neighbor even allows building owners to use their extra warehouse space, extra offices, or parking garages if you’re a business owner.


U-haul - Storage Units Arizona

Because of its low prices and large number of locations, U-Haul is one of Self storage units arizona. It also doesn’t charge administrative fees, and its prices are the same whether you order online or in person (which isn’t always the case). U-Haul, on the other hand, has the lowest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

U- Haul’s Insurance offers four different self-storage coverage options. Monthly premiums range from $7.95 to $35.95, with coverage amounts ranging from $1,000 to $15,000. Safestor Insurance from U-Haul is ideal for people who have recently moved (or are about to) and do not yet have homeowner’s insurance. Rather than going through the time-consuming process of getting homeowners insurance approved, you simply select the Safestor option you want. It saves a lot of time.

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Public Storage

Public Storage - Storage Units Arizona

In the United States, Public Storage, Inc. is the largest self-storage company. The company has direct or indirect equity investments in 1,384 self-storage facilities in 80 cities across the United States and Canada, preferring to locate its miniwarehouses in major cities. Public Storage also has a stake in PS Business Parks, Inc., a subsidiary that owns or manages 16.1 million square feet of industrial, office, and retail space across 11 states.

Bradley Wayne Hughes, the company’s founder and chairman and chief executive officer, leads Public Storage. The primary business of Public Storage is storage. Public Storage offers a wide range of storage options to a diverse population in the United States. This service focuses on storage, and moving service has become a valuable complement.

Recent tax law changes affecting real estate investment trusts have enabled the company to acquire and expand ancillary storage business activities, such as reinsurance covering tenant goods, moving services, consumer truck rentals, storage containers, and selling moving and storage supplies from retail stores on the company’s properties.

Ancillary businesses can generate more consumer contact and cross-market goods and services in greater volume using a seasoned property management system in conjunction with a national reservation centre.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage - Storage Units Arizona

Extra Space Storage owns and/or operates 900 self-storage facilities in 34 states, making it the largest owner/operator of self-storage facilities in the United States, including Arizona. This Storage implemented DocuSign, which helped the company cut costs and speed up its in-person contract signing process.

Customers who are interested in renting space at a self-storage facility must sign contracts in person at the facility. The agreements are long and detailed, with terms that are specific to each state. Extra Space Storage, as the largest owner/operator of self-storage properties with approximately 900 locations in 34 states and Washington, D.C., goes through a lot of paperwork.

Each facility used an average of a box of paper per month, which holds 10 reams or 5,000 sheets. Extra Space Storage wanted to cut costs while also speeding up the overall rental process so that new customers could quickly sign up and move into their storage space.

Life Storage

Life storage - Storage Units Arizona

Life Storage, Inc. is a self-administered and self-managed equity REIT specialising in the acquisition and management of self-storage facilities. The company, based in Buffalo, New York, operates over 1,000 storage facilities in 35 states. The company rents out storage units Arizona by the month to both residential and commercial customers.

Life Storage is a leader in the industry because it consistently provides responsive service to more than 600,000 customers covering most of in Self storage units Arizona. To avoid connection delays, the Company encourages pre-registration for the telephone conference. Participants can pre-register online and receive a dial-in number as well as a unique PIN.

Participants who were unable to pre-register may dial 877.234.0062 (domestic) or 973.413.6112 (international) and enter the passcode 105369 or request to be added to the Life Storage call. After the prepared remarks, management will take questions from registered financial analysts; all others are encouraged to listen to the call via webcast via the investor relations tab of the company’s website,

US Storage Centers

US Storage Centers - Storage Units Arizona

US Storage Centers Inc. (USSC), which owns and operates over 85 self-storage facilities across 13 states, has acquired a facility in Chatsworth, California. At 9818 De Soto Ave., the former Storage Direct has eight single-story buildings with drive-up access to units.

It has 767 units with a total of 89,655 square feet of rentable storage space. Electronic gate access, onsite management, and video cameras are also available at the facility. Owner and operator of self-storage facilities that assist individuals and businesses in organising their belongings.

The company offers climate-controlled storage units in Arizona, free move-in trucks at many locations, boxes, locks, and packing supplies, parking and street access, as well as security and gate access solutions, assisting people in finding the right personal storage units, seasonal inventory storage options for businesses to store files, and allowing customers and businesses to use self-storage options in a convenient and affordable manner.

Simply Self Storage

Simply self-storage

Simply Self Storage provides standard storage features at low prices, with options for both personal and commercial storage. It isn’t as well-known or widespread as some of its national competitors, but if you’re looking for low prices and a hassle-free storage experience, it’s worth considering.

Climate-controlled wine storage units, commercial storage, and vehicle and boat storage are among the services offered by the company, which has about 200 locations in 23 states.

Finding a storage provider who checks all of your boxes, whatever they are, can take some time. Company understand that you’re busy, so Company have put together this quick guide to everything you need to know about Simply Self Storage’s services, features, reviews, and more, as well as a cost breakdown.

While the fact that Simply Self Storage’s average price is lower than its competitors is certainly a plus, you should still look at all of the other details before booking a rental. Simply Self Storage, on the other hand, has a lot to offer, especially for those looking for wine and mini storage units.

StorQuest Self Storage

StorQuest Self Storage

StorQuest Self Storage, located at 2318 E. South Street in Long Beach, between Paramount and Cherry Boulevards, is a brand new, state-of-the-art storage facility. To meet all of your storage needs, the service provides convenient drive-up units with individual door alarms. Come in and speak with friendly and knowledgeable staff, or send them an email.

According to a press release, StorQuest’s philosophy is to “Make Room for Awesome.” WWG’s operating platform, which includes proprietary revenue-management technology, digital marketing, and an in-house sales centre, embodies this ethos. The William Warren Group (WWG), a privately held real estate firm that owns and operates the StorQuest Self Storage brand, has opened its 200th location.

The multi-story property is located in Walnut Creek, California, and the company is extremely proud to have 200 StorQuest locations. But I’m even more proud of the nearly 500 team members who work across the country to provide an amazing experience for guests and partners while also delivering excellent results for investors. Every number has a storey to tell, and this milestone is only the start of the next adventure.

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Callbox Storage

Callbox Storage

Callbox Storage is a full-service storage facility that provides free pick-up and delivery. They eliminates all of the problems that come with traditional self-storage facilities. Employees of the company pick up and load your belongings, store them in a climate-controlled facility, and provide you with a photo inventory. They return your items on demand, usually the next day or within 48 hours of receiving your request.

They serve the cities of Arizona, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Webster, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas. The Callbox Storage Coordinator will contact you to confirm that you have reserved the appropriate amount of space. Your Storage Coordinator will go over the items you need to store and confirm the Callbox size you should use.

The foundation of Callbox Storage is the belief that life is better when difficult tasks are simplified. Callbox Storage has created a platform that simplifies the process of storing your belongings with the help of industry experts. The service provider pick up your items for free, store them, and deliver them back to you whenever you want.

They set up a personal account for you to view and manage your belongings, so you’ll always know what’s in storage. Do you need to add a few items or have you decided not to store a few items on the day of pickup? It’s no problem. When Storage Professionals arrive at your home, they will update any last-minute additions or changes and confirm the amount of space required at the best possible rate. They determine the exact size storage unit for your items with Callbox, so you’ll never have to guess.



Myguardianselfstorage facilities rent space to individuals (usually for storing household goods; nearly all jurisdictions prohibit the space from being used as a residence) or businesses on a short-term basis (often month-to-month, though longer-term leases are available) (usually storing excess inventory or archived records).

Some facilities sell boxes, locks, and packaging supplies to help tenants pack and store their belongings, and some may also rent trucks (or may allow free use of a truck for a new tenant).

Employees of self-storage facilities, unlike those in a warehouse, do not have unrestricted access to the contents of the space (and, thus, the facility is generally not liable for theft). The self-storage facility does not take possession or control of the contents of the space.


The price of a storage unit is determined by the type of unit, the size required, and the location. It can cost a few dollars per month to store a few items in a climate-controlled unit and hundreds of dollars per month to store an entire apartment.

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