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10 Best Self Storage Units in Arkansas (2023

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Self-storage facilities came into existence back in the 1960s. One of the oldest American self-storage units- U Haul- was conceptualized soon after the second world war and has become one of the most valued businesses today, we are here to talk about some of the best self-storage units in Arkansas.

Storage units are becoming highly popular with every demographic in the country. Self-storage Arkansas is providing the best storage facility.

The economy has always run based on symbiosis and self-storage facilities are the perfect example of the same. Below, we have mentioned some of the most popular self-storage Arkansas facilities. Here, you will be able to get maximum security, quality maintenance, and expert guidance on the storage of your valued goods- big or small.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Arkansas self storage.



U haul is one of the prime self-storage places to be found in all of the USA. They have been working as a moving and storage company since 1945. This company was originally founded to deal with the needs of post-war America. However, the founders did such an exceptional job that after all these years U-Haul continues to be the most sought-after storage company in the states.

For U-Haul, there is nothing more important than the comfort and satisfaction of their clients. Their self-storage units come with various facilities including climate control. These units ensure that your commodities are kept safe from humidity and weather. The temperature here is kept between 65 to 85 degrees.

Other features include outdoor or drive-up storage. These are much easier to access than traditional storage units. If you are dealing with commodities that require better ease when loading and unloading, then we recommend you go for these. Another form of storage provided by this company is vehicle storage.

This means you can simply park in your car, RV, boat, etc. In their parking storage where it will receive 24/7 surveillance. They also provide commercial and business storage facilities that can be customized according to your needs.

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CubeSmart self-storage


CubeSmart self-storage is present in two locations in Arkansas. The first office is located at Batesville, while the other is at Hot Springs, Arkansas. They have numerous self-storage options that should easily fit your needs. They are extremely passionate about the work that they do and wish to give you the best self-storage experience possible.

When you leave your valuable items in their care, you can rest assured that you will receive them back in their best form. They proved facilities for household storage, business storage, moving storage, climate-controlled storage, and vehicle storage. They also have special storage offers for military personnel and college students.

CubeSmart is a part of the U-Store family, that was founded in the 1970s. Their self-storage options can give you climate-controlled storage as well drive-up access to their indoor units. You can also hire rental trucks directly from CubeSmart if you have been storing material for moving purposes.

They have flexible working hours and you get unlimited access to your stored commodities. Their security system is also one of the best with 24/7 surveillance, well-maintained units, electronic gated access, and more. Their most common self-storage household units consist of the 5×10 and 10×10 storage units.

Life Storage

Life storage

Life Storage has a self-storage facility located near Rock Creek in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have many options available starting from the 5’x10’ self-storage unit that costs $64/month. You even get one month of free access with simple drive-up facilities and ground-level storage. Next, you have the 5×15 storage unit that can be bought at $87/month.

The 10×10 storage unit costs $110/month, 10×15 unit costs $142/month, and 10×10 unit costs $154 a month. This unit also comes with climate control and remains one of the most popular options at LifeStorage. Other options include the 10’x20’ storage and 10’x30’ storage.

The Life Storage units often have accessible drive-up units and storage sections. Moreover, the office remains open at most times with certain exceptions. Hence, no matter when you wish to access your commodities- the store shall be available to you. It goes unsaid, that the company takes full care of proper security.

There is 24×7 video surveillance performed on each storage unit that is installed with its security camera. The enclosure has strict fencing around it and the gates can only be accessed by people with special passage codes. There is proper lighting at every level, aisle, and hallway to keep an eye on trespassers.

Arkansas Self Storage

Arkansas Self Storage

Arkansas Self storage is a very famous domestic storage facility located in Gregg Ave, Fayetteville. They have among the best climate-controlled storage units in the entire region. They have an efficient management team that assists you from the time you are registered with them for a self-storage unit.

If you want, they can even help you pick the right size and right unit suited to the needs of your commodity. Every client is important to them, and they take care to customize their storage unit to ensure the best quality maintenance for your commodities. They will help you compare different units and provide free utility carts for convenient moving and relocation.

At Arkansas Self Storage, you will find all the essential packing material for fragile and durable items. Other than moving supplies, they also provide vehicle and boat storage spaces. Like the companies mentioned above, you will be able to find climate-controlled units here.

You can easily hire their services at some of the cheapest prices in the region. They accept most cards and all forms of payment. Their storage security is top-notch and comes with both video and manual surveillance. If you want, you can get in touch with the resident manager who is always present on-site.

Apple Valley Storage

Apple Valley - Self Storage Arkansas

Apple Valley Storage is located in Sherwood, Arkansas. It is the most prominent mini storage provider in the city and attracts huge traffic from the region. They have two different types of storage units- the regular storage units and the climate-controlled ones.

The former has six available sizes, while the latter has 7 available sizes. The first climate-controlled storage unit measures 5×5 and costs $53, the second measures 5×10 and costs $80, the third measures 5×15, costing $95, and the fourth is 5×20 costing $108. There are three other sizes- 10×10, 10×15, and 10×20, costing $122, $141, and $175. The prices for normal storage units are much less.

Apple Valley Storage has long office hours that last between 9 am- 5 pm. You will be given gate access between 7 am and 7 pm. On special request, the gat can be opened for you anytime during the 24 hours.

Their security services are also impeccable with 24/7-hour video surveillance and high-security padlocks. Only some people are given access to the secure units and they too must have personal passcodes. The contract runs on a month-to-month basis and the company does not accept any deposits.

Mccain Mini Storage

Mccain Mini Storage - Self Storage Arkansas

McCain Mini Storage is another quick and smart storage facility in Arkansas. This is a cost-efficient no-fuss business that can get the work done without wasting any time. At the same time, they offer some of the most diverse and quality storage options that will easily suit your needs.

From small, personal storage options to large units and RV storage options- this place has it all under one roof. The store hours are open from 7 am to 9 pm with 24-hour access to pre-stored commodities. The office remains open from Monday to Saturday for customers to make inquiries, etc.

Video surveillance is a must with any good storage facility like McCain. Their enclosure is securely fenced and well lighted to ensure proper manual surveillance and keep off trespassers. The storage unit starts from 5×5 and goes as high as 20×50. If you wish to visit, then you can visit them in North Little Rock.

The first unit costs $45 and the largest storage unit costs $375 monthly. The company will require to submit a deposit at the time they confirm the booking of your storage unit. They also provide their immense warehouse space of 75×50 at $1550.00 monthly.

Jimani Self Storage

Jimani - Self Storage Arkansas

Last but not the least, we have the Jimani Self Storage facility in Rogers, Arkansas. They tick all the essential boxes when it comes to efficient and secure storage. They have great customer service, climate and temperature control, advanced security tech, and much more.

Their staff is extremely friendly and experienced. If you need assistance, then they shall readily provide help. You can visit their size for size guidance and more. Also, 24 hours access to your storage units and they also provide trucks to help you move and relocate. You can reserve your unit online or over the phone.

Their first storage unit only costs $45 a month and measures 4x4x8. The temperature-controlled unit starts at $70 a month and measures 5x5x4. They also have a limited parking space, so you might want to keep yourself updated on that end. They offer 24/7 surveillance and on-site security guards to protect your commodities. Every unit, drive, and aisle are well-lit and installed with its security camera.

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North Pulaski Storage

North Pulaski storage is located in Jacksonville, Arkansas- another very important location in the city. The store has great local appeal and is often used by residents for immediate as well as special needs. There is both climate and non-climate storage available at the facility.

Every storage unit at North Pulaski is placed at the ground level with all the interior units placed within 50 feet of all important exits. Of course, you will be given your access code for the unit. If you wish for anyone to unload and get your commodities for you, then you can simply share your code with them. You also get a personal lock to manage and customize access.

Their facility has great security with 24/7 video surveillance and an onsite resident manager. Every section of the unit is well-lit and installed with its security camera. Their climate-controlled units can easily bring down the humidity to 55% and lower.

They are perfect for large-scale moving as well. Hence, this facility works great for companies with full-size and semi-size trucks. Moreover, they shall accept any deliveries on your behalf on request- so there is nothing you will miss out on. Of course, commodity maintenance is guaranteed and damages are covered in case of mishaps.

Sherwood U Storage

Sherwood U Storage is among the lesser-known storage facilities to be found in Arkansas. However, if you are well acquainted with the locality, there is no way this place could have escaped notice. They are a highly active and hands-on storage service with great facilities, security, and commendable customer service.

The office hours start at 8 am and end at 6 pm between Monday-Friday. On Saturdays, the office is open 24 hours and on Sundays, it remains closed. There are a great number of facilities to look out for. These include temperature-controlled units with humidity and climate checks. You get 24-hour access to your unit, only you have to inform the authorities beforehand.

They have well-prepared covered loading bays with high security. Bills can be played online and even bookings can be made on the call. The company also provides on-site handcarts for easy moving and storage. The units are available on the ground floor and the second level with 2 freight elevators installed in the building.

You also get expert guidance from their experienced team who can also get you moving trucks through their affiliation with U-Haul. U storage is located at the intersection of JFK and North Hill Boulevard- making it highly accessible from any part of the city.

Springdale Self Storage

You must have come across Springdale Self Storage in your previous searches as well. It is a well-known name around Arkansas with some of the best international ratings on Google. The storage facility comes loaded with amazing features that you simply cannot say no to.

They have advanced security with online and manual surveillance, advanced locks, gating, etc. They offer autopay options and anniversary billing as well. An extremely customer-friendly facility, they provide moving supplies at no cost, continuous guidance, and even accept deliveries.

They have extended access hours and you can book free reservations over call or online. Other features include tenant insurance, uncovered parking, as well as ADA accommodation.

There are storage units available in small, medium, and large sizes. The smallest unit starts at $49 and the biggest one goes up to $162. Do check if the unit you have selected comes with indoor access and climate control or not.


If you are looking for self-storage in Arkansas, then the list above should have answered most of your questions by now. From household and business to vehicle and delivery items- the names mentioned above should be able to fulfill most of your demands.

From big industry names like U Haul to extremely popular local stores, we have put down the best of the best in this article. If you are looking for similar articles, then be sure to tune into our blog every day.

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