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10 Most-Rated Self Storage Units in Baltimore (2023)

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For individuals that entail a spare and fresh room, renting self-storage units in Baltimore is an enlightened choice. The need for a storage container is inevitable for many vindications. The most obvious interpretation is that you are out of room for certain crucial and pivotal objects that you don’t need. But want to keep them safe and undamaged in case you need them in the future.

Your living area can be made roomier by renting a self-storage facility. Many consumers yearn for an undamaged storage solution for their seasonal possessions. 

To keep all your belongings unscathed, you can hire a unit from a reliable self-storage company. This kind of alignment enables you to keep your priceless possessions nearby without worrying about an unkempt home. High-quality self-storage facilities allow you to store any sort of object while maximizing the space in your home.

Self Storage Units in Baltimore

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

Aiming to provide better self-storage amenities since 2016, Extra Space Storage. A family-owned company called Extra Space Storage uses technology to make renting a storage unit more modish and more methodical. It makes sure that working with them is as elementary as possible.

These storage units Baltimore takes amusement in offering customer service that goes above and beyond. And developing close bonds with the renters, whether you are moving, modernizing or downsizing. Contemporarily, Extra Space Storage operates in over 24 states and is endlessly growing its footprint in new markets throughout the lower 48.

Extra Space Storage is committed to bringing opening, scope and value to the communities where it does business. They actively work to forge bonds with people, mature in their neighborhoods, and create persistent connections in each of their places. This broadens beyond how they treat their tenants on a daily basis.

These storage units Baltimore seek out distinctive possibilities to stump up and improve the lives of people in each of the places. Whatever the cause, when you store with Extra Space Storage, you assist them in giving back to the neighborhood. They support everything from neighborhood sports teams and platoons to humane societies, churches, and educational institutions.

US Storage Centers

US Storage Centers

To provide an unusual client experience, it’s completely consolidated platform combines the greatest people, processes, and technology. These storage units Baltimore are spotless, expediently situated, and furnished with all of today’s most cutting-edge aspects.

These include key-code secured gates, round-the-clock video monitoring, climate control, and a free move-in truck. Even while amenities differ from facility to facility, all of their facilities are staffed with well-bred, educated, and professionally trained managers. They can make judgements and are always prepared to assist.

Through their lively participation in the Self Storage Association and state groups like the California Self Storage Association, USSC is sovereign. Several management team members routinely serve on boards, speak at events, and partake on panels for professional organizations. These storage units Baltimore support the self-storage sector. Because they want to do their share to give back to it after all the approbations it has shown them over the years.

Public Storage

Public Storage


These containers The world’s largest manager and owner of self-storage facilities is now Baltimore. With hundreds of locations across the US and Europe, company is also one of the leading landlords. and real properties totaling over than 170 million gross rentable square feet.

But size isn’t everything. They have approximately 50 years of experience as a regulator in the self-storage industry. due to their responsibility to their clients and significant presence in important markets.

Public Storage offers thousands of amenities across the nation, concealing the entire nation’s dominion. These storage units Baltimore are dedicated to curtailing their environmental repercussions with an integrated, forward-thinking approach to sustainability. These include their corporate office to every single location. The following sustainable programmes are present in facilities with a leaf circle to assist you in making an informed storage preference.

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Devon Self Storage

Devon Self Storage

They are all working toward the same empirical. Developing a workplace that values multiplicity and inclusion and encourages teamwork among all employees. With more than 5,000 staff members representing exhaustive ethnicities, and life experiences, Devon Self Storage values diversity and celebrates inclusion.

These self-storage facilities in Baltimore believe that their commitment to equality and diversity benefits their company. Additionally, it encourages satisfaction among both the staff and the people they serve.

These storage units Baltimore are the largest provider of self-storage not only in the United States but also intercontinental.  In 2006, they bought Shurgard Self-Storage, including its European businesses, to enlarge their universal reach. Today, Public Storage and Shurgard are gladly displayed on thousands of facilities in 38 states and seven EU countries.

Security Public Storage

Public Storage

SPS Baltimore has an accessible location on Route 40 (Pulaski Highway), in the Highland Town neighborhood of Baltimore City. Your things will be invulnerable in storage facilities that are heated and air-cooled.

They are provisioned with personal security alarms, moving truck rentals, freight elevators to the upper levels and other traits. Automated gate entrance, video surveillance, and no admin or deposit fees mean more money stays in your pocket. To expose the SPS difference, exhibit a tour with the local team right away.

Prices for storage units in Baltimore include the SPS Honest Pricing oath. Without signing a long-term contract, rent a storage unit on a month-to-month basis. Ethical pricing excludes any additional costs and deceptive advertising. The qualifications of the promos are written so that you apprehend exactly how long you can anticipate the discounted price. Prices for these storage units Baltimore are pellucid, with no hidden fees.

Self Storage Plus

Self Storage Plus

Self Storage Plus is a locally owned and administered self-storage governance firm with 53 amenities in Florida, West Virginia and Washington DC. This management has a premiership team with 75 years of communal expertise. They build on the 30+ years of business experience of the previous proprietors. Since 2019, their size has doubled. These storage units Baltimore are a results-driven business with a growth mindset.

Their narrowly focused markets permit them to be adaptable and store-specific with pricing and marketing. This is dominant for their portfolio as a whole. They are also able to meet the idiosyncratic needs of each store and owner thanks to the team structure. 

They are proud of what they do and make sure to satiate their clients’ needs. According to the company’s promise, they are Professional problem solvers who genuinely Love what they do. These storage units Baltimore also exhibit Unrelenting excellence and Sincere service. The PLUS Promise is upheld!

Moove In Self Storage – Belmont Avenue Annex

Moove In Self Storage - Belmont Avenue Annex

Your superlative preference for self-storage in Baltimore is one of the Belmont Avenue facilities expediently next to the Security Boulevard exit.

These storage units Baltimore have a keypad entrance code gate and a gated equipment. For your protection and the safety of your property, the whole property is properly illuminated. These have extensive drive aisles, a closed-circuit television security system, and an on-site property manager. 

They offer drive-up access storage units in differing sizes and a few parking places outside. And also provide a full retail store filled with all the moving and packing products you could need. These storage units Baltimore also have picking of extra drive-up storage units vacant at their satellite facility. This is located just down the street at 1722 Belmont Avenue.

Life Storage – Baltimore

Life Storage - Baltimore - storage units baltimore

One of the gigantic self-storage companies in the world, Life Storage contemporarily goes by the brand name Life Storage. These storage units Baltimore was prevailing in 1982. And started out as a financial consulting business before opening its first self-storage amenity in Florida in 1985.

Within three years, it bought roughly 30 East Coast homes, and over the next ten years, it purchased another 62. Life Storage was operating as Uncle Bob’s Self Storage as of the late 1980s; before to that, it was recogniz as Sovran Self Storage.Self-storage properties are procur and operate by Life Storage. It is a fully integrat, self-administer, and self-manage real estate investment trust (REIT) with campaigns across the country. 

Life Storage kept making purchases around the country, enlarging into places like Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and St. Louis. By the end of 2013 and 2014, it ran 478 and 500 facilities, specifically. In 2016, it acquire LifeStorage LP, which was situat in California, and move to the West Coast. Life Storage is the new name for the company’s facilities, which better reflects the company’s progressive expansion and customer-centric approach.

CubeSmart Self Storage

CubeSmart Self Storage - storage units baltimore

In the United States, CubeSmart is a self-administered and self-managed tangible estate firm. This firm specializes in the ownership, direction, expansion and acquisition of self-storage facilities. Their self-storage facilities are create to provide idiosyncratic and commercial customers with cost-effective, opportune storage space. Since these storage units Baltimore are nationwide owner and operators, they give each site their managerial know-how. 

High income prospects, low management costs, and everything in between. You obtain from their comprehension and unmatched services. 

The first self-storage facility opened its doors in 1972, beginning a long and lucrative history for CubeSmart Storage. These storage units Baltimore now manage thousands of locations around the country, and more than 182 million net rentable square feet of property. Thanks to their expertise you have the finest in the business working for you.

CubeSmart Storage is twice as big as its next two biggest rivals put together. So you can take supremacy of its size and scalability to save money. Additionally, CubeSmart Storage prosecutes the lowest third-party management costs in the market! 

The price of using a third party to manage your property varies immensely. Through economies of scale, one of the predominant advantages of third-party self-storage management is a dwindling in the prolongation. When you collaborate with a property management company, you gain access to shared resources and significant purchasing power for everything.

Prime Storage

Prime Storage - storage units baltimore

Our needs change as frequently as our lives do. But the preponderance of us can always claim that LIFE REQUIRES SPACE. Introducing Prime Storage. When you need self-storage the most, they have the units you need—and they’re close by! 

And perhaps it’s time to reassess the scheme of self-storage. It’s more than just a compact storage space for your belongings during a relocation. When moving or going through a trying moment, like losing a loved one.

You always have access to storage when: 

  • You need a place for inventory because your self-effacing online store has become very eminent. 
  • Your kid needs storage for his belongings while he attends college. 
  • You later purchased an RV, but your HOA forbids parking it in your driveway. 
  • Your she-shed is overstuff, and you have way too many hobbies. 
  • You’ve reached the open seas and require nearby boat storage for the off-season.

These storage units Baltimore make an endeavor to provide storage that meets your impositions. They provide so many attributes because of these impositions. Make your experience personalized to your storage needs. They offer:

  • National storage facilities in your neighborhood.
  • Weather-controlled appliances. 
  • Properties with easy drive-up access.
  • Purchase of moving materials on-site. 
  • There are many disparate unit sizes to fit your items.


Your household goods, furniture, and other paraphernalia become a hassle to oversee while your house is being refurbish. These storage units Baltimore must be moved around recurrently to disparate locations in order to maintain the renovation tasks. Self-storage options empower you to keep furniture, belongings, and other equipment in an undamaged location. They ensure the timely conclusion and satisfaction of the restoration project.

A self-storage facility is the most acclaim option if you have worthy items that need to be flawlessly keep for a lifetime. Some of these priceless possessions are exceptionally hand on to the following generation. If you have these sorts of possessions at home, you may store them in a highly regarded storage facility.

Throughout your life, you might need to relocate your belongings manifold times. It’s not always imperative to transport everything to the new place. Instead of shifting all your belongings, you can keep whatever you want in a self storage unit. 

Many people own a big number of fortunes that take up a lot of room. These storage units Baltimore are an exceptional alternative to keep things in a safe and reasonably priced way. In case you are having inconvenience keeping your implausible collectables at home.

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