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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Barrie with Climate Controlling

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Self-storage units are one of the best ways to store goods. They allow people to stop all of their items with ease. There are tons of storage companies in Canada. Moreover, many of these companies have made a name for themselves. These companies allow you to get efficient storage solutions. You can store all of your belongings at an affordable rate. Further, they have several amenities and facilities which make them good value for money. Finding the ideal storage units Barrie is difficult.

However, it is not impossible. We have found the best self-storage companies in Barrie. Therefore, they will help you store your items without any hassle. Most importantly, the features offered by these companies will impress you. 

Here is the list of the 10 best self-storage units in Barrie in 2022.

Storage Mart

Storage Mart - storage units barrie

Storage Mart is one of the top self-storage companies in Canada. The company has seen immense growth in the past few years. This has propelled their growth and brought them a lot of success. The company aims to aid the local communities where its units are set up. They understand the needs of the residents and try to help them.

Moreover, they believe that their services make a difference in the lives of their customers. The company wants to touch and impact the lives of all its clients across Canada. They have more than 250 locations in the USA, Canada, and the UIK. the company manages to run this large business successfully. They have been in operation since 1999 and have come a long way. This is the ideal company when looking for storage units Barrie. 

They aim to provide the people of Barrie with clean and well-maintained storage units. All of their storage units follow international standards. The company ensures that all its units conform to their quality standards. Further, the storage units and the facility are regularly maintained. You will never find cleanliness to be an issue with this company. Every inch of the storage facility undergoes regular maintenance. Therefore, they have one of the cleanest storage units Barrie.

The company always wants to provide a welcoming experience. You will love their attitude toward your needs and their helpful nature. All of their staff is ready to help provide customers with the necessary assistance. Above all, you will always feel looked after in their facility. The company cares about its clients and it shows in its services. You will love these storage units Barrie and will have a good time renting from them.

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U-Haul - storage units barrie

U-Haul is one of the most famous names in the storage industry. Ths company is a global brand. People from all across the world know about this company. The company has a reputation for being one of the leaders in the self-storage industry. Moreover, they were one of the first companies to start provisioning self-storage units. The company began operations in 1954.

Moreover, they started their business as a truck rental service and soon expanded to other businesses as well. Currently, they provide the largest number of storage and moving services among the best companies in the world. You will find them having all the services you need to pack and move items from your house. The company has locations all over the US and Canada. They have optimized their business to provide clients with the best services every time. 

The company has a large range of storage units for its clients to rent. Therefore, you have a great chance of finding your ideal storage unit in their facilities. You will have access to different sizes of storage units that can meet your requirements. They have something for all of their clients. Further, the company has many additional facilities for their clients. The company provides rental trucks, packing supplies, movers, and more.

You will find them having all the essential services needed in the storage industry. Having all these facilities under the same umbrella company provides ease of business to customers. Most importantly, the company has several promotional offers for its clients as well. You can get free rent for the first month when you book through their website. You should check their website in addition to visiting their facility to get the best deals on storage units Barrie.

Access Storage

Access Storage - storage units barrie

Access storage is one of the elite self storage companies in Canada. The company has some of the best features in the self-storage industry. Many of their clients rely on them for all of their storage needs. Moreover, they are one of the largest self-storage companies in Canada. The company aims to make the lives of their clients simpler by providing them with easy self-storage units Barrie.

They are located in some of the most convenient locations across Canada. The company ensures all of its storage facilities are easily accessible. Therefore, you will not face any issues when moving items to and from their storage units. They have tons of different types of storage units. The climate-controlled storage unit is a game changer. This storage unit allows you to store your items at an ideal temperature. 

They use advanced technologies to ensure your items are stored at the perfect temperature throughout the year. Therefore, your items are not affected by any changes in the temperature. This ensures that there is no temperature-related damage to your items when stored in these units. Further, they also have drive-up storage units.

These units allow you to bring your vehicle to the door of the unit. This is ideal when you have to store heavy items in your storage units Barrie. The company also provides the option for business storage. You can run either a small or a large business directly from their storage units. Above all, the company has contact-free rental options. You can rent a storage unit directly from their website. This ensures that you do not have to wait in queues and you get your unit as soon as possible.

AMJ Campbell

AMJ Campbell - storage units barrie

AMJ Campbell provides moving and storage services to the residents of Barrie. They are one of the most convenient storage options. They have units of various sizes that fit the requirements of their clients. You can find a storage unit that will fit the needs of your house. Moreover, there is a huge variety in the sizes they offer. This makes it very convenient for clients to find the ideal storage units Barrie. Further, the company also has optional moving facilities. The company will pack and move your items to your storage units. 

They have moving experts who will come to your residence and do the job for you. This is a great feature as it ensures all of your items are packed and stored properly. This feature is ideal when you have to move large items to your storage units. You can relax and let the experts take care of the entire operation. The company has good prices. Therefore, you will be able to rent storage units without breaking the bank. Most importantly, you can rely on them to carry out all the tasks with perfection.

Good Storage Plus

Good Storage Plus - storage units barrie

Good Storage Plus has multiple storage solutions for their customer’s needs. They are known for their outdoor storage units. These units are ideal for storing different types of vehicles. If you are having a shortage of space for an RV, boat, or any other vehicle you can use their outdoor storage. Moreover, it is the ideal place to store camping goods and other seasonal items. The company ensures there is good security as well. Their storage units Barrie have top-of-the-line security features. 

There are separate keycards to provide access to the storage facility.  Further, the entire facility is under video surveillance. Your items are always kept secure. All the storage units have individual alarms. This ensures that there is no unauthorized access to your storage unit. Above all, you can ensure your items are always under vigilance. The entire facility is well lit and you can access your unit at any time.

Secure Store

Secure Store

Secure Store is a family-run storage company. They have numerous storage units Barrie. The company provides you with price quotes when you ask for them. They ensure all quotes are given as soon as possible. Moreover, all quotes are given on the same day or the next one. You can even get a virtual tour on their website.

This helps you to understand all the storage options this company has. Above all, you can rely on them to bring you only the best storage units. They have great features and help you get the most out of your unit. This company strives to deliver prediction and you will love their storage units Barrie.

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East End Mini Storage

East End Mini Storage

East End Mini storage is the ideal solution for small storage needs. They have one of the most secure facilities in the business. This helps them to keep items safe and sound. Moreover, the storage facility is fenced to prevent any unwanted people from accessing the facility. Moreover, they even have flexible hours.

They have great times for you to access your storage unit. You can trust them to serve you the best amenities and facilities. Above all, they have some of the lowest rates. This family-run business lives serving the best services to its customers. You should look to rent storage units Barrie.

Rockbrune Storage

Rockbrune Storage

Rockbrune Storage has many indoor and outdoor units for the people of Barrie. They offer regular and mini storage options to their clients. You can get some of the best deals in their storage facility. Moreover, you can even opt for movers. They will pack and store your items without needing any supervision.

They even disassemble and assemble the bigger items. You can opt for their facilities if you want to not have all the headache of moving your items. Further, you can even contact the company to get the best rates for their storage units Barrie. This company ensures you have all the amenities you need to have a pleasurable experience.  

Smart Movers Canada

Smart Movers Canada

Smart Movers Canada runs a moving and storage unit. They serve their clients with the best storage solutions. This company has amazing prices. They can help you find storage units Barrie for the best price. Moreover, the company tries to price units fairly and help customers get good value for money.

They have both short-term and long-term storage options. You can choose the unit which suits your needs the best. Further, they also have 24-hour security. You can rest assured that your products will remain safe at all times. Most importantly, you can rely on them to bring you the best services at cheap prices.

Public Storage Canada

Public Storage Canada

Public Storage Canada is a part of the Canadian Self-Storage Association. They follow all the directives of the association and have some of the best storage units Barrie. The company claims to be the most trusted storage solution in Canada. They have consistently been providing the best facilities and units in the business. They have been among the best companies since 1979 in this industry.

The company has been making a real difference in the lives of their customers. Moreover, this company has tons of experts working behind the scenes. Moreover, these experts help you get access to some of the best storage units Barrie. You can rely on them to bring you only top-of-the-line units every time you decide to do business with them. The company navigates the self-storage industry very well. 

They understand the demands of their clients and can bring the best storage units Barrie to meet their needs. Further, they have 5-star customer service. The customer service professionals are thoroughly trained to help you find the best solutions to your problems. You can easily contact them through the live chat option on the website.

Therefore, you have assistance from the company at all times. The company has an amazing referral program as well. You can get $50 when a friend decides to sign up using your referral. Having these offers makes them one of the best companies for self-storage. They ah e all the types of storage units that you could ask for. The company ensures you get the ideal self-storage unit for your needs. Above all, they have great deals as well. You can get 50% discounted rent for the first 3 months of your rental agreement.


These are some of the best storage companies in Barrie. They have some of the best storage solutions in the region. Moreover, all of these facilities have great storage. You can keep your items in these units without worrying about them getting stolen. Further, these companies have different things to offer to their clients. Therefore, there are tons of great options to choose from. However, you should choose the company that manages to meet your storage needs and quality expectations. 

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