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10 Best & Safe Self Storage Units in Brownsville, TX (2023)

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Storage units are a popular place for storing goods nowadays. But what kinds of goods? What exactly do people store in these units? According to a survey based on the customers of storage unit companies, the following astonishing facts were revealed. More than 40% of people need storage units for putting their stuff while changing and shifting places. Around 17% of people use it for decluttering. The rest use the storage units in Brownsville tx for the following:

  • Downsizing

In case you are shifting to a smaller home, storage units can be very helpful for you. One cannot immediately decide what is important and what is not.

So, instead of making the wrong choices, one can rent a storage unit and store all the stuff there. This way you can sort the belongings when you have time.

  • Home for sale

It is related to the stage realtors. Many times people with a complete family and a dog wish to sell their homes.

For this stage realtors keep a small unit for keeping the staging stuff. In times of need, they use the stuff there.

  • No fixed residence

It happens mostly with people that have no permanent jobs. Travelers, bloggers, etc explore the countries.

For them, it is difficult to keep a fixed residence somewhere. They often resort to a storage unit for keeping their stuff.

  • Consolidation of homes

Usually, when couples start living together the stuff is all scattered and they have no idea what is important. In these situations, storage units can be very helpful.

Couples can store all the extra things in the storage units in Brownsville tx and decide for themselves as to what is actually needed.

Deciding on a storage unit is not an easy thing. Thus, here is a well-curated list of storage units in Texas. If you are living near the area then you can definitely get the most out of the list. Let us dive in.

Best Self Storage Units Brownsville TX:

Brownsville Self Storage

Brownsville Self Storage

The first on the list is Brownsville Self Storage. It is in Texas. You can visit their office any day between 9-6 pm. Once you have availed of their service, they will offer you the access facility every day.

Some really exciting features of this storage unit are- full time manager on site, proper temperature control, an online payment facility, proper keypad entries, boundaries fenced properly, complete surveillance, and lots of space to store boats.

Along with these facilities this storage unit in Brownsville offers to pick up your belongings from your home and help you move all your supplies systematically.

U-Haul Moving & Storage On Boca Chica

U-Haul - storage units brownsville tx

U-Haul is probably the best storage unit in Brownsville, Texas. They provide- self storage facilities, moving supply options, U-Box containers, Propane, and labor as well. They function not only in Texas but the whole of Canada and the US.

The units are clean and hygienic. The best part is that they do not charge any admin fee or hidden fee from the client at the end. You can visit the website and check the Pincode to see their availability.

Propane refilling stations are not easy to find. But U-Haul is the perfect place for getting a propane refill. Not every unit provides labor. Getting help becomes really important when you have a lot of stuff to pack.

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Move It Storage

Move It Self Storage - storage units brownsville tx

Move It Storage is another great storage unit in Brownsville tx. They charge a bare minimum fee for the first month and also give a 30% discount. Their website is very colorful. Not only do they offer discounts but you get a complete size guide too.

You can find their store in Alabama, Florida, Texas, and other countries. The company is privately owned. In 2013, this venture began after being in this industry for a very long time.

You can read their blogs on which size is perfect according to your needs. Also, they will give you a list of items that you might need when planning a move.

Best Little Warehouse

Best Little Warehouse - storage units brownsville tx

Best Little Warehouse in Texas is a very organized and well equipped warehouse. You can find it in 25 different regions of Texas. They have a colored parking system for easy identification of vehicles. Every rental unit is climate controlled.

They have given proper spaces for outdoor parking as well. There are big office warehouses through which customers can get in touch with the company.

Many clients have given them a five star rating on popular search engines. The location is very easy to find. For more than 30 years they have flourished in the storage space segment and providing people with the best.

Regal Storage

Regal Storage - storage units brownsville tx

Spread in a vast area of Regal Town, Brownsville. The Regal Storage service is a very popular storage option in Brownsville, Texas. They are open Monday through Friday from morning 8:30 to 5:30 evening. Unfortunately, on weekends this store service remains closed.

Once you see their website you can make a call to know more about the timings of the place. According to the customer reviews, they provide nice and clean rentals. The prices go up and down. If you make an appointment then they will give you some discount on prices.

Booking online is not a feasible option for them. You have to visit them in the store for personal inspection before booking. Which by the way is the right thing to do before paying any money.

Just A Closet

Just A Closet - storage units brownsville tx

Just A Closed Self Storage unit in Brownsville is another storage unit that is great.  They have so many promo codes that you can use for discounts. Moreover, the current discount gives you a 50% discount on monthly rent. Make use of this and check them out.

On their website, you will find a virtual guide that will help you to find the right space. They have a nice social presence as well. You can find great customer reviews about them online. They were also awarded in 2022 as Monitor Readers’ Choice.

This unit is counted among the best storage units in Brownsville tx. If you are already their customer and want to make a payment, then check their website and on the right hand side, you will find an option to Pay Online Bills. It is absolutely evident that they are providing class services to make the customer experience better and more comfortable.

The Fort Mini Storage

The Fort Mini Storage

With amazing reviews online, The Fort Mini Storage is also among the best rentals in Texas. They have a friendly staff. Units are properly cleaned and well maintained. They offer private areas also for parking RV, Trucks, and whatnot.

If you do not read reviews then you can visit them without a doubt. They will provide the best services. If you do not wish to go personally then you can get an online quotation from them.

Just know what you need and they will provide you with the best possible price for it. You can also call them or visit the site for directions as well. The overall review of this storage place is great and one can give it a chance.

Affordable Attic

Affordable Attic

Affordable Attic Self Storage unit in Texas has a very lavish website. You can see from the website that they provide five-star-like services to their clients. They offer so many types of boxes- storage boxes, private lockers, gun storage options, etc.

Once you put your stuff then you are free to visit any time during the day or night. Everything is properly safe. In order to access the unit you will be given hands free access through your mobile phones.

Certain rental units do not put lights which becomes scary. But this storage unit has put LED lights everywhere making the whole space shiny and well lit for everyone. Hence, you can try it.

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OPI Self Storage

Opi Self Storage

OPI Self Storage is located near the old port in Brownsville, Texas. It is also counted among the best storage units in Brownsville tx. For any query, you can send them an email. All contact information is available on their website.

Their main focus is on customer service. This is why they have been running for such a long time. Since the last 5 years, they have witnessed huge growth in their services and market.

They specifically deal with three types of services. One is a normal storage rental service. Another one is U-Haul rentals which have become popular these days. Lastly, they provide parking spaces to park large vehicles like RV.

Esco American Storage

Esco American Storage

Last on the list is Esco American Storage. Even though mentioned last, it is equally best in Texas. The space is covered with plants and trees making it so appealing. From their website you can guess that their main motto is customer service. In the year 2021, they were given the title of the Best Storage Service in Brownsville, Texas.

It is a very big honor. They have maintained their status in 2022 as well by adopting many new customer-friendly approaches. Their website itself is so safe and secure with SSL encryption, user-friendly software and so much more.

Along with rentals, they will give you packing material as well. You get big storage boxes, drive-up access, climate control, an online bill payment facility, on-site security, and 24*7 access for visiting the place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can you move your belongings into a storage unit?

If you have booked a storage space then you can move your belongings anytime you want at your convenience.

There is no restriction on the time. Just make sure you move during the access time of the company.

What documents are needed to book a rental unit?

The only document needed is a valid government ID. You can use your driver’s license, ID card, passport, or any similar document.

Are long term lease rental options available?

Some units offer long-term options for lease rental. But Brownsville self-storage does not offer long-term lease rentals. They only provide monthly options.

How can a person make payment on these rental websites?

There are multiple payment options. One can pay by hand, transfer to a bank account, give through mail, or use cards.

Once you accept the payment will be deducted every month when it becomes due.

List some of the best storage units in Brownsville tx.

The list above has the best storage units in Brownsville, Texas. You can go through every storage unit mentioned above.

Are there any prohibitions on items that you cannot store in a rental unit?

Yes, there is a list of things that you cannot store in a rental unit. They are:
Liquids, Explosives, Flammable liquids or toxic liquid substances, Perishable items, etc

Are storage units providing boxes and other storage utilities?

Yes, nowadays most storage units provide boxes and related storage stuff when you rent a storage unit from them.

Not only is this business-wise profitable but customers also feel comfortable with the move.

Which is the best storage service among the ones mentioned above?

All 10 storage units mentioned above are the best. But as per the customer ratings, The Fort Mini storage service is the best in Texas.


There is no specific reason why you need storage space. It is all about the needs and wants of a customer. Some people have no immediate need but still, rent a storage unit. Therefore, it is completely valid. As mentioned earlier there are tons of reasons. But it does not mean someone is just materialistic.

Some people like to take care of the stuff they have. If you ever want to rent a storage unit for the same reason then it is totally cool. You can check out the list above and make a decision.

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