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10 Best Self Storage Units in Cambridge: Hassle free Services

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If you’ve ever purchased storage space, you’re certainly aware that costs can vary greatly depending on the location. This is because statistics like housing conditions, urban migration, median weekly salaries, and real estate prices have an impact on people’s needs for storage. The first term that comes to mind when you think about Cambridge is likely to be “Cambridge University.” The second-oldest university in the English-speaking world is located in Cambridge. The prestigious University of Cambridge, one of the top intellectual institutions in the entire globe, has more than 20,000 students. If you are one of the people who are looking for good self-storage units in Cambridge, then without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Cambridge:

Public storage

Public Storage - storage units Cambridge

Public Storage offers a variety of sizes for rent, from closet-sized units to those large enough to accommodate a five-bedroom house’s worth of belongings. Depending on the amenities offered at the site you can select from among the thousands of their facilities, choose from drive-up, walk-up, elevator-access, indoor, or outdoor units. Renting from Public Storage is simple, quick, and practical.

A Good Deal No credit card is necessary for reservations; there is no obligation. $1 initial month’s rent. Month-to-month lease Clean and reliable: Convenient getting inside their units lighted, gated properties Restricted access with computer control. The only key to their unit is one you maintain. Additional benefits include Climate-controlled accommodations Many locations have on-site managers. Vehicle, personal, or commercial storage Online account management and payment.

If you are looking for the best self-storage units in Cambridge, then public storage must be on their list. We have experienced their services, which is why we are so confident in recommending their services. Also since public storage is a brand that has been in the industry for years, it has become the priority of the locals. With excellent security services and spacious rooms, public storage is one of the best options to go for, if you’re looking for a decent self-storage unit in Cambridge.

M&M storage

MM storage

If you are a person that likes supporting local brands, then we have the perfect storage unit for you. Since founding the M&M Moving and Storage Company with their brother Michael in 2006, Marcin and Michael have been dedicated to giving all of their new and steadfastly returning customers exceptional customer care and a seamless moving experience.No matter how small or large the task at hand, their main objective is to make sure that we surpass their customers’ expectations.

They enjoy what they do. M&M Moving and Storage is a full-service company in the Greater Boston area. Customers in the residential and business sectors can use their services for their short- and long-distance moving requirements. They provide a wide range of services tailored to the requirements of their clients, including piano moving, senior relocation, interior design, and staging company services.

NYC same-day travels! For moves to Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago, there is a 1-2 day delivery window. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Texas delivery window is for two to three days. Apart from being a great storage unit and a moving company, they are also one of the brands that have touched people, and hence their reputation is way better than any other storage unit in the area. If you are looking for a great self-storage unit in the Cambridge region, then this is the perfect option for you.

Also, Find the Best self-storage units in Canada

Storage mart

Storage Mart - storage units Cambridge

The next name on the list is yet another popular self-storage unit service in the country. However, let’s see if their Cambridge franchise is living up to the mark or not. However, before we dive into the details let us take a look at the history of this company. StorageMart is an international network of self-storage facilities with offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Gordon Burnam, who had been working in the self-storage business since 1974, created StorageMart in 1999.

Each of Burnam’s four children is an executive in the business. The CEO of the business is Mike Burnam. Cris Burnam serves as the company’s CEO, and Ryan McKenzie serves as CFO.ver the early 2000s, there was an increase in demand for self-storage units in the US. The business had locations in eleven states by 2005, including Texas, where it had acquired five properties in March of that year.

The company has sixty locations across the US by 2006. The business entered Canada in 2007, and now, with 70 sites totaling nearly 5 million square feet, it is one of the major players there, according to Garry Marr of the Financial Post. This comprises more than thirty facilities in the greater Toronto area. These facilities added 640,000 square feet of solar collectors to their roofs in 2011–12, generating 3 megawatts of electricity.

For roughly $416, TKG-StorageMart Canada purchased InStorage Real Estate Investment Trust in 2009. Speaking of their Cambridge units, they have two storage units in the location. One is on Blackburn road and the other is situated on shrub end road. However, their reputation precedes them as both of these storage units are doing a great job in clearing the competition.

U-Haul storage

U-Haul - storage units Cambridge

U-haul is also one of the most popular names in the self-storage industry. And if you’re looking for one of the best self-storage units in the area, there is no way that you can skip u-haul. With a $5,000 investment, Leonard Shoen and his wife Anna Mary Carty co-founded U-Haul in the Washington town of Ridgefield in 1945 when Leonard was just 29 years old. He started creating rental trailers, and he franchised gas station proprietors as his agents to divide the costs of their use.

As a means of growth, he created one-way rentals and attracted investors as partners in each trailer. More than 10,000 U-Haul trailers were on the road by 1955, and the company was well-known across the country. Because he was rather preoccupied with expanding his company, Shoen married many times (after Anna Mary passed away at a young age from congenital heart disease) and finally had a total of 12 (some sources indicate 13) kids, all of whom he turned into investors.

When Edward and Mark conducted a successful takeover of the company in 1986, Shoen surrendered all but 2% of control to his children. Speaking of the services that can be found in the Cambridge unit, you can get a variety of storage units ranging from 5X10 sq ft to 20X30 sq ft, all of which can be found in a climate-controlled setting as well. Their moving services are next to impossible to beat, which is why we highly recommend checking their services out once.

A&B twin movers

AB twin movers

If you are looking for yet another self-storage unit that has the features that you need and still isn’t as expensive, then this is the perfect self-storage for you in the area. Long-distance moves, local moves, storage services, moving large and heavy items, assembling furniture, virtual consultations, commercial services, moving pianos, packing, unpacking, and crating are among the areas of expertise for A&B Twin Movers.

commenced in 2020 this company is brand-new. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the company’s owner, who has over 16 years of experience in the field, is currently creating A&B Twin Movers Inc. Even though they are new, they are here to provide you with the best moving service we can. Contact them by message, phone, or review. Everything is very beneficial to them. Speaking of their services, they offer Warming storage options Defend your products against seasonal factors.

There is a covered drive-in loading area available for quick use, Providing their entire line of items for an effective transfer in terms of packing and moving materials, Access to storage lockers every day, including on holidays, and Flexible month-to-month agreements with payment terms. If you’re still not convinced, then we highly recommend visiting their Cambridge outlet once. Their customer service will sweep you off your feet and hence is one of the best self-storage units in the area in our opinion.

Trowt moving and storage

Trowt moving and storage

Coming next is yet another locally owned and operated and that has served a lot of people in the few years of business. Since 1917, Trowt Movers, a family-run business, has provided the public high-quality service. To create a business of exceptional quality, responsibility, and customer service, Trowt Movers was established. They have pledged to only work with the best employees and deliver exceptional attention, efficiency, and courtesy.

We have put together a skilled workforce that complements our requirements for intelligence, skill, and honesty. They appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. This makes them one of the most interactive self-storage units we have ever seen. If this is your first time visiting a self-storage unit, then they will recommend the perfect shape and size of the self-storage unit. If you haven’t heard of their self-storage units, then we highly recommend checking their services out as soon as possible.

Poseidon moving

Poseidon moving

If you are looking for a locally owned self-storage unit, that has flexible timings and services, then this next place is right for you. Offering both moving and storage services Poseidon Moving. They are a group of committed experts with 20 years of combined expertise. They are experts in moving household belongings and can travel to or from the majority of the country’s major cities.

The pleasure of their clients is their top priority, and they see it as the best return for the hard work they put in. Poseidon moving takes great pride in providing consistent, responsive, and personalized service. They have established a reputation for being the most effective and inexpensive movers in your area. Their movers are courteous, efficient, and gentle with your possessions.

Please explore their website to learn why they are the best option for moving. Poseidon Moving stands apart from the competition thanks to its affordable rates and superior customer service. If you want a complete package when you’re moving your belongings, then Poseidon moving is the best option to consider. If you haven’t visited their store yet, they are located on Boylston st.

Prudential moving and storage

Prudential moving and storage

Prudential Moving and Storage offers economical, stress-free, and secure moving services with no additional costs. In addition to many other states, they are pleased to serve Massachusetts and all of New England. They specialize in local, long-distance, residential, and business transfers. If necessary, they can provide packing and storage.

Prudential moving and storage services relocate practically anything and handle each item with the utmost care, including homes, workplaces, and even pianos. Your upcoming relocation will go well thanks to their movers’ skills, experience, and friendliness. You are in capable hands while moving with Prudential Moving and Storage. Call them or visit their website to request a free estimate right away.

Life Storage

Life Storage - storage units Cambridge

Use Yelp to rent a storage space and get up to 15% off each month right away! Life Storage in Somerville, Massachusetts, at 51 McGrath Highway, rents out storage units on a month-to-month basis in a range of sizes and climates. With customized keypad codes and access hours that are far longer than office hours, you have convenient access.

Since its 1982 founding, Life Storage has expanded to over 850 facilities around the country. Without first-rate customer service, they would not be able to accomplish that. Nine out of ten of our customers say they would refer them to family and friends, and they for sure take pride in that! If you are looking for one of the best self-storage units in Canada, the UK, then life storage is the one we recommend.

Focus on moving and storage

You can rely on Focus for quality and dependability. a pioneer in residential relocation. Planning, packing, and lifting will all be handled for you by their hardworking team of Boston movers. They have all the necessary skills and a positive attitude to make your move effective. They have extensive training and are knowledgeable, eager, polite, and reliable.

Focus moving believes that every single customer should have the greatest moving experience possible, from the moment they receive their initial quote to the moment the last item is taken off of the truck. After ten years in the moving industry, they have made the decision to start their own firm. Focus moving and storage are a young, skilled team of local movers who always go above and above for our customers.

Moving may be a stressful procedure, therefore they work closely with their customers to make sure that every aspect of their relocation is completed by their crew. If we were to rate their customer service, we would have rated them 5/5. Their customers are always leaving with a smile, which is one of the best things about the place.


The above-mentioned 10 storage units are the best self-storage units in the Cambridge region. Since they have been in the business for a long time, we highly recommend you go check them out if you’re really interested in getting a self-storage units in Cambridge. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word!

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