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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Chilliwack with Climate Controlling

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Chilliwack, in British Columbia, is among the rare cities in Canada where both service and retail sectors contribute to 50% of the GDP. Hence, it is among the most commercial cities in the country. In addition, Chilliwack is a remarkable residential region that records high population density. These factors contribute to making Chilliwack a prime spot for self-storage facilities. Not surprisingly, storage units Chilliwack are often sought by its residing people. Moreover, many people venturing into new businesses in the area also look for the same. If this is something that resonates with you, then we are sure that you will find this article to be of great help.  

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Chilliwack:


U-Haul - storage units Chilliwack

U-Haul is probably the biggest self-storage service in the entirety of North America. This naturally implies that their services come with experience, refinement, and efficiency. To begin, the link above gives you various locations where U-Haul is present within Chilliwack.

Surprisingly, there are as many as five different services that you can make use of. First, there is Cache 21 at Luckakuck Way for mini storage. Also, storage facilities are available at Yarrow Central Road, Keith Wilson Road, and Railway Ave Chilliwack. Finally, there is another mini storage facility at Industrial Way Chilliwack.  

U-Haul remains the favorite place for people who want efficient and affordable storage. Firstly, they provide low-cost pick-up and delivery services. Secondly, many facilities provide trailers and moving supplies to help you load and unload. Also, U-Haul is known for providing the latest security systems and carries a hefty refund policy. However, you will have to check with your local provider to list down the amenities available with them. For instance, at Cache 21, you will get a covered loading bay, digital access codes, and temperature control for storage units.

U-Lock Mini Storage

U-Lock Mini Storage

This storage facility is located in Industrial Way, Chilliwack. Notably, it is a unique feature-loaded storage facility. Hence, the storage units Chilliwack that you will find here will come with the latest technology and craftsmanship. To begin, they provide temperature control that allows you to heat up your storage unit. Also, the security system in this facility is impeccable.

They have an HD surveillance system that is operational 24/7. Further, the facility is well-lit with manual security and surveillance. Additionally, they also give you access codes and state-of-the-art security locks. Thus, you no longer have to worry about your valuables. 

 Their small units begin at 5×5 and start at $93. The medium units begin at 8×10, costing $200. Finally, the large units start at 8×20 and go to 10×25 at varying prices. If you’d like, you can choose the floor where your storage unit shall be located. Hence, if you have heavy material that can cause trouble unloading, then you have the freedom to pick the ground floor. Notably, this facility also provides military discounts, RV and boat storage, deliveries and pick-ups, etc.

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Access Mini Storage

Access Storage - storage units Chilliwack

This local storage units in Chilliwack will take care of all your storage concerns. They have a highly advanced, multi-level storage center with several exciting features. For instance, each unit at Access Storage has 24/7 surveillance along with high-technology alarm systems. Hence, any form of intrusion is highly unlikely and easily detectable. This is the only place where you get efficiency, convenience, and high security combined.

Additionally, they have three different facilities in other regions of Chilliwack. Hence, they are the most accessible storage providers in the region, for both residential and commercial purposes. Access Mini Storage caters to both commercial and residential customers. Therefore, if you are in retail and want a secure place to store excess inventory, then Access Mini Storage should be your go-to.

Furthermore, Access Mini Storage works with distinct and unique climate control systems. Implying that sensitive goods that are prone to environmental corrosion or defects shall also remain safe with the facility. Subsequently, Access Mini Storage offers consultation services to users who are new to self-storage. Hence, there shall be complete transparency throughout your transaction.

Diverse Storage

Diverse Storage - storage units Chilliwack

Diverse Storage is yet another service that should be at the top of your list when considering self-storage facilities in Chilliwack. The best part about Diverse Storage is that they ensure complete customization for each customer. Hence, you should prepare yourself with a list of pointers on how your storage goods need maintenance. If you are storing documents, then you will require zero humidity.

Similarly, if you are in retail and storing your stock, you will require both climate control and pest control. Whatever your needs, diverse storage will take care of it. Also, we value Diverse Storage for the utmost precision that they put into their work. Firstly, they have security personnel to monitor every unit 24/7. Secondly, each unit has a unique digital access code with intrusion alarms and sensors.

Lastly, they provide plentiful options via their diverse storage units that start at 5’x5’ and end at 10’x20’. We must admit that for very heavy retail storage, you will have to hire more than one unit. However, Diverse Storage remains a top contender due to all its features along with the fact that it is very accessible at 45225 Keith Wilson Road.

M Y Mini Storage

M Y Mini Storage

You will find this mini storage facility east of Lickman Rd. As is common, this facility also includes the latest surveillance and security systems. This includes sensors, alarms, HD security cameras, and more. Furthermore, we must take note that there has been no instance of a robbery at the storage facility. Hence, when it comes to the safekeeping of your valuable goods, this service center shall fit all your requirements.

The office hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, except on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, they provide consultation services as well as a personal representative to every customer. This has been to ensure that there is complete transparency and that their customers can make informed decisions. Hence, there is no doubting the credibility of this storage facility.

The storage units in Chilliwack available here are highly popular among retailers and businessmen. Perhaps, this is the only facility that has units that come in the size of a large room. However, this retail space is often booked in advance since it is popular. Therefore, you must take caution and call this service beforehand to confirm your booking.

Progress Storage

Progress Storage - storage units Chilliwack

This is a very popular storage facility located in Chilliwack. To begin, progress storage is among the first facilities that offer RV parking spaces. Simultaneously, they have wonderful self-storage facilities. For instance, they ensure resilient steel shipping containers, and smart locks, along with a wide range of unit sizes. To make things even better, they also provide shipping containers in sizes such as 10 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet, and 40 feet. Since the city is quite large, you get ample drive-up access.  

Also, Progress storage is known for providing personal storage options that come in smaller units. These are much cheaper and can be rented out for a few hours or overnight. In addition to this, you can book larger personal units for really long periods.

For instance, if you want a personal garage, a workshop, or your gym. These units usually start at about $200 a month. Moving on, we also find special units that are meant for businesses. Take note that you do not have to enter any long-term lease to make use of these units. You can store contractor equipment, inventories, business records, tools, etc.

Alert Moving and Storage

Alert Moving and Storage

Alert moving and storage have been functional in Canada since 1952. Not only are they a storage facility, but they also specialize in long-distance, local, as well as overseas relocations. There are a lot of exciting features to look forward to with this facility. To begin, they provide complete packing, unpacking as well as crating services.

Also, the company itself provides moving supplies, carts, and trucks, along with professional movers to its customers. They mean the focus remains on business as well as personalized needs. Notably, the company is better known for its transportation services. Hence, for people who are relocating and want a facility that can provide both temporary storage and movers- Alert Storage will be perfect.  

In this article, our main focus remains on their mini-storage. The storage option usually consists of lockers with dimensions 5’x10’x10’ and 10’x10’x10’. Furthermore, you can also make use of test storage walls in the warehouse. These measure 6’x7’x7’ and can hold furniture of about one and a half rooms. This storage facility comes with loading and unloading equipment like forklifts and safe packaging.

Unsworth RV and Self-Storage

Unsworth RV - storage units Chilliwack

All the residents of Chilliwack know about the local self-storage facility- Unsworth. This is probably the friendliest as well as familial self-storage service in the entire world. This facility was established by a couple in Chilliwack who continue to operate it today. Since it is in pretty close proximity to Cultus Lake, the facility is highly accessible. As you may have guessed by the name, displays began as a parking space for RVs.

However, today, the space also accommodates the needs of people who are looking for affordable storage units in Chilliwach. As per their website, presently most of their storage units are booked. However, they do have a 20 feet large storage unit available at the time. This measure 8×20 and can hold a significant amount of furniture.

One might think that since a family runs this storage facility, it does not contain the latest security and storage. However, this facility is equipped with state-of-the-art storage vaults. Moreover, all of the storage units come with insulation and perfect waterproofing. These are clean and secure and shall keep your valuables safe for any amount of time.

Box It Up Storage

Box It Up Storage - storage units Chilliwack

It is interesting to note that another lovely couple runs their storage units in Chilliwack. To begin, one should know from the start that these ‘boxes’ at the facility refer to large storage units. However, they also provide great moving and relocation facilities at affordable prices. Not only do they serve Chilliwack, but they have covered the entire lower mainland.

Their reach is quite extensive and their services are top-notch. Their storage boxes are available in quite a range of sizes. For instance, they carry 10’x8’x8’6 boxes along with 20’x8’x8’6 boxes. Finally, their largest storage unit measures 40’x8’x8’6.  

Perhaps the best part about this storage service is that you can easily buy one of these boxes or storage units. Hence, you will not have to bother with monthly rent and can own an extra space permanently. This comes in handy for couples who are looking to expand their families. Furthermore, if your business is seeing a healthy period of growth, it will be good to keep an extra storage space nearby.

In any case, if you prefer their indoor storage or facility storage, then you need not worry about security. Their property undergoes regular surveillance, video surveillance, as well as manual surveillance. Hence, they guarantee the safety of your valuables.

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Morrows Moving and Storage

Morrows Moving and Storage - storage units Chilliwack

Morros Moving and Storage was established back in 1976. This facility has been in the running for more than 40 years. Hence, when it comes to experience, hardly anyone can beat them. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they have built a strong reputation for themselves as the most trustworthy providers of storage and moving facilities.

The Storage Units Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce has given certification to this business. Furthermore, the storage facility has some of the best reviews online on Google as well. They provide quite a range of storage facilities. Firstly, there is indoor storage that covers about 8000 square feet. These come with climate control, as well as custom modification.

Additionally, the indoor storage also undergoes regular surveillance as well as pest disinfection and cleaning. Also, If you’re looking to rent a storage unit that can be moved to your property, then Morrows can provide that as well. Lastly, you can also park your RV or any form of vehicle in the facility. However, keep in mind that this will be on a short-term basis.  


The list above is quite comprehensive in scope. Often, it can get overwhelming to sift out the best options by yourself. However, if you carefully evaluate the stores we review above, we are sure you will be able to find an option that suits all your requirements. The first seven mentions on this list are perfect for both residential as well as commercial needs.

The remaining three are highly customizable and worth checking out. From small locker storage to room-size storage, almost everything is given above. Regardless, if you feel that there is something more we need to touch upon, please reach out to us! Have fun browsing. 

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