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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Columbus MS to Consider in 2023

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Storage facilities have become more than a casual business idea today. They are a necessity, a solution, and a result of present demands. Despite this, quite a several facilities have erupted purely for commercial reasons. Nevertheless, the competition has led to betterment in quality, facilities, security, and much more. This is particularly true of Columbus, where you shall find some of the best storage options. However, it can be a little difficult to choose storage units in Columbus MS because you have multiple choices to pick from.

Moreover, there are not many reviews present for these establishments online, making decisions even harder. In this list, we have put together the best self-storage units in Columbus Mississippi. The reviews below should be of great help to you. Read on to find out.

Here is the list of the 10 Best self-storage units in Columbus MS


U Haul - storage units Columbus MS

Among storage units in Columbus MS, U-Haul deserves to be mentioned first. Although this facility might have lesser features than the main U-Haul stores, the quality remains top-notch. It is located on Main St, Columbus, MS 39701. The link above will guide you to their customer support number as well. There are quite a few features that make this facility so desirable. For instance, you get 24-hour access to your storage unit. You get moving supplies, carts, dollies, U-Haul trucks and trailers, and much more.

The facility in itself is extraordinary. The perimeter is fenced/walled, there is a live-in manager, you have ground-level access with drive-up facilities and there is constant video surveillance. The storage units are among the best in the region. You can get heated units, cool temperature-controlled units, and interior storage units with impeccable lighting.

The booking process is simple as well. You can ring them up and book the desired unit. You get long and short-term rentals with low-cost insurance and online payments are accepted. There are small, medium, and large storage units in Columbus MS available. The largest unit costs only $65.

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Friendly City Mini 

Friendly City Mini - storage units Columbus MS

Friendly City Mini is located in five different places within Columbus. Their features include 24-hour access, great customer service, gated access, digital video surveillance, online bill payments, and a variety of options to pick from. Their different locations are as follows- There’s North Columbus at Shoney Drive, East Columbus at Alabama Street, Caledonia: Air Base, New Hope Hwy 69, and New Hope at Betty Road. They promise secure online bill payments.

Four of their locations offer security cameras and four also offer controlled gate access. The customer service is available from Monday to Friday between 8 am- 3 pm. Their Air Base location has a 24-hour kiosk that also comes with a virtual assistant.

They offer convenient payment methods including various credit cards, checks, and even auto-drafts. At North Columbus you can find a 10×10 unit at $55, a 10×20 unit at $70, a 20×20 unit at $70, a 20×20 unit at $115, a 20×30 unit at $155, a 5×10 unit at $40, and a 5×20 unit at $45. The prices are highly affordable. The office remains open all week except Saturdays. The office timing is 8 am –3 pm. They are also available on Facebook and Instagram if you wish to check them out.

Still Man Properties 

Still Man Properties - storage units Columbus MS

This facility provides self-storage as well as rental homes. Still, Man Properties is affiliated with Triangle Mini Storage. The establishment is located at 110 Gardner Blvd. Columbus, MS 39702. You can also reach them on their official mail or contact number as listed on the website.

Their activity hours are claimed to be ‘24×7’ with only a few exceptions. Other than self-storage, other facilities that you will find here include rental properties, rent-to-own, and trailer sales. They offer self-storage in two separate locations within the Golden Triangle region. One has already been mentioned, the other is at Highway 12 towards Steens.

All the storage units are at ground level. There is considerable protective fencing done all around the premise. You might have to contact them in advance to inquire about available slots. There is no information provided on the original site as regards the unit sizes. There is proper surveillance available at each facility. Go carts are also provided by the establishment for ease. The customer support is commendable and you should be able to resolve all issues easily.

Columbus Rent A Space 

Columbus Rent A Space 

There are as many as 5 different locations of Columbus Rent a Space in the city. We shall directly discuss the facilities you will find here. You get indoor climate-controlled self-storage facilities along with non-climate-controlled units. The management is present on-site for improved user experience.

You will have access to your material throughout the week. The facility is clean and well protected. Office space is also available in most locations. The gates are computerized for security. There is gated access that only a few people can operate and enter. You will get hand carts and dollies to use for free.

Other amenities available are moving boxes as well as other supplies for sale. The facility is rather spacious with wide aisles that provide easy access. You also get electronic security that includes surveillance cameras and computerized access. There is also a drive-through canopy to protect from the weather while commodities are being loaded or unloaded. Altogether, the building is climate-controlled. This happens to be the most popular storage facility in Columbus.

U-Store Inside 

U-Store Inside - storage units Columbus MS

U-Store inside is perhaps the largest climate-controlled business in Columbus. They are located at East 213, Alabama Street as well as Downtown 304 5th St S. You can find a large number of units such as a 5x5x 8.5 Big Closet unit at $41.5. This can easily fit out of season clothes, Christmas decorations, and a file cabinet.

Other sizes include 5X10 X 8.5 walk-in closets. This is an ideal size for furniture. It can store materials for a complete bedroom with a mattress set and a regular living room on a flat-screen TV. The storage units can be as big as one room, bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, 3, bedroom house, etc. However, make sure that you check the availability beforehand.

It is a hassle-free virtual rental. That offers great customer service. The security is commendable with video surveillance and on-site security. You get digital video surveillance both inside the store as well as outside on the premise and have 24-hour access to your material, including night access and weekend access.

You can easily drive up to the location. There is free loading equipment available here along with move-in locks. If you are looking for a safe, friendly, as well as a convenient storage option, then do check it out.

Anderson Storage 

Anderson Storage - storage units Columbus MS

Anderson Storage comes with a state–of–the–art facility, providing the best customer service in Columbus, MS. Renting from them is an easy affair. They can easily pre-book a unit for you with a small deposit. The rates are not that high and you shall always have 24×7 access to your commodities.

Anderson considers it their pride to provide hassle-free facilities when it comes to self-storage. All their storage units are clean, secure, and can be rented readily. You can also choose to pay the bill online. The online portal remains open throughout the day and night to consumers who would like to make a booking.

There is a host of features to look out for at this facility. We have already mentioned the 24-hour access provided here. You also get great customer service, onsite security, and digital video surveillance. Most functions like booking, selecting, and payment can happen online.

There are also a large number of options for you to pick from. Other than this, you get drive-up access right to the facility. This storage establishment also offers tenant protection. Their first unit starts at only $50/month and the last unit costs $105/month. This can fit the contents of an entire multi-bedroom house.

J and J Mini Storage 

J and J Mini Storage

At J and J Mini Storage, you shall find a great variety of storage and unit sizes. These are highly affordable and located in a very secure and safe location. They have as many as 136 different units that are protected by security cameras and on-site surveillance as well. Moreover, you will get 24-hour access to all your goods and commodities.

Make sure you ring the facility before pick up at irregular office times to guarantee that you get access to the gates. There are some simple units like- 5 x 10 at $30, 10×10 at $45, 10×12 at $55, 10×20 at $65, and so on.

They also have special units with electricity. Such as 10×10 at $50, 10×15 at $60, and 12×30 at $120. All the storage units are at ground level. This makes it easier to load and unload your storage material. The facility is very spacious and proper lighting is installed everywhere to maintain better security measures. The customer service is also excellent and should leave you more than satisfied.

Jackson Square Storage 

Jackson Square Storage - storage units Columbus MS

This facility is also a part of the Golden Triangle. They are a part of the Triangle’s newest range of storage facilities. Their units are climate controlled and make use of the most modern measures to take care of your goods. The heat is at 66 degrees and cool when temperatures go to 76 degrees. You can refer to the link above and easily call them up for an appointment.

We would advise that you pre-book your storage unit since they get occupied very quickly. Moreover, at any time you should have 24-hour access. They also make use of advanced keypad security to monitor access into the facility. A breach of security is nearly impossible. Other than this, there is 24-hour video surveillance of all units, the premise, alleys, and the entire facility.

They also provide loading equipment to their customers on-site. You do not have to bring your movables/carts. You shall be given dollies and loading docks. This facility is located at 2001 Highway 45 Noth Columbus. Also, they have storage specialists who can guide you as to which storage unit best suits your needs. In case you wish to speak with the site manager, you shall have to create an account on their official site.

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Main Street Mini Storage 

Main Street Mini Storage 

This storage is located in Columbus, MS 39703. They also make use of some of the most modern technologies involved in self-storage. You will have 24-hour access to your commodities and you can load and unload items at all times. If you have further inquiries, make sure you give them a call.

You can also rent any unit you like online. Moreover, all forms of payments can also be made online itself. They have some of the greatest customer support systems in Columbus. You will get your value for money when working with them. There is great convenience and security involved with this location. You get onsite security, digital video surveillance, online bill payment, a large number of sizes to pick from, complete drive-up access, and more.

You do not need to bring any storage supplies since boxes and other materials shall be provided to you by the team at Main Street Mini Storage. They also employ climate-controlled units for items needing delicate preservation. The office remains open all weekdays and closes only on Sundays. The timings are between 8 am-5 pm, and 8 am-12 pm on Saturdays.

The Union Storage 

The Union Storage 

Union Storage is among the best storage units in Columbus MS. However, their office hours are not fixed and there are chances that you might not find them open each time you visit them. You shall have to book an appointment in advance if you wish to talk to any office member. However, you will have 24 x7 access to your commodities.

Moreover, they shall provide some of the best customer services to you. They are also a very secure facility, both online and offline. The payments you make online are done through SSL encryption. This means that there is no chance of information getting leaked out through third parties.

There are various facilities that you will find at this storage unit. For instance, you will have onsite security and digital video surveillance. You can also pay your bills online and choose from a wide range -of unit sizes for storage. They also provide climate-controlled units and boxes and supplies for proper storage. Among other facilities, tenant protection is also included.


With this, we conclude our list of the best storage units in Columbus MS. As you can see, there are myriad options to pick from. There are also certain Google listings which do not have their website that we have not mentioned here. If you are not satisfied, please leave a comment below so that we may further improve the information in the next article.

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