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10 Best & Cheap Self Storage Units Detroit in 2023

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Many people interpret having a lot of things at home as the ultimate sense of comfort and security. But is it the most convenient when you suddenly have to renovate your house or pack your things and move somewhere else? We can all agree that transporting your belongings to a new location is perhaps the most tiring aspect of moving out. So it’s more sensible to store them somewhere safe until you’ve settled down enough to deal with them. And you definitely cannot inconvenience your family or friends by dumping everything at their place. So the best solution is to rent storage units Detroit from a reliable self-storage facility near your area.

These units are very spacious and can accommodate anything from small items to large furniture, appliances, cars and RVs. You have the option to choose one in the most convenient size available. Plus, you can also opt for climate-controlled units if you want to store fragile items, wine, or music instruments to keep out the harsh temperature changes and humidity.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using storage units Detroit to keep your belongings safe and secure. So read on to find out where you can rent the best storage units Detroit.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Detroit.


U-Haul - storage units Detroit

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know about U-Haul before. Although they’re more well-known for their large moving trucks, you can also rent a unit to store your belongings at U-Haul. When it comes to quality storage units, U-Haul offers perhaps some of the best not just in Detroit but also in all of the United States.

Most of their indoor storage facilities and a few outdoor facilities offer climate control as a safety measure against harsh weather and humidity. These drive-up units resemble your garages at home and are enclosed outdoor spaces which is beneficial for their easy accessibility. They are just as useful as the indoor units as they offer lots of space to store even motorbikes, boats and RVs.

In addition, if you’re a business owner, U-Haul can act as your corporate partner to store excess inventory, office supplies and equipment. U-Haul storage units Detroit offers state-of-the-art security systems, online booking, payment, and account management. The fees are paid month to month and you don’t have to pay any deposits. U-Haul also provides size guides on their website to help you make well-informed decisions.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is the second largest self-storage facility operator in America with properties in at least 40 states. Ever since it began in 1977, Extra Space Storage has aimed at and achieved taking the storage industry by storm and making it theirs. There are currently 1800 storage facilities that house approximately 1.3 million storage units and 135 million sq ft of storage space being rented every other day.

Plus they are also one of the most popular storage units Detroit when you need some safe storage space. You can browse through a wide collection of storage units Detroit to rent one that’s convenient for you and your belongings. Their selection includes storage units for regular household items, cars, boats and RVs. Businesses can also find storage units to keep their excess products, important documents and supplies safe. Of course, climate-controlled units are also available. But that’s not all.

Extra Space Storage takes its jobs very seriously and aims to make your experience with them a pleasant one by offering many added features. They include size guides, storage tips, moving tips and a guide on how to choose a unit. You can also buy packing and moving supplies from their website.

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CubeSmart - storage units Detroit

If you’re looking for reliable and secure storage units Detroit, then you should definitely check out the spacious units at CubeSmart. With seamless storage facilities, helpful employees and one of the highest service ratings in the industry, you will not be disappointed. For most of your household items, a regular storage unit will suffice. But you might need a unit with climate-control to store some more delicate belongings.

The climate-controlled storage units at CubeSmart are designed to maintain an ambient temperature between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can rest assured that your precious belongings are safe and secure from any damage. Besides that, you can store cars, motorbikes, boats and large RVs too. And if you run a business, you’ll hit the jackpot by renting a storage unit at CubeSmart. They offer storage spaces for your products and supplies. Plus you can even use their storage spaces to operate as an office, boutique, salon and other retail businesses.

In addition, their facilities have good accessibility, 24-hour video recording, electronic gated access and flexible month-to-month leases. Renting storage units Detroit at Cube offers tons of other benefits. You can pay online on their website. Plus, they offer discounts for students and military personnel. You can also find lots of resources like a size guide, storage tips and even packing and moving supplies.

Life Storage 

Life Storage 

Life Storage offers some of the most coveted storage units as their storage facilities offer the best customer service in the storage industry. They also provide you with professional consultants to enuresis that you enjoy a seamless experience when you rent their units. Many customers prefer to rent storage units Detroit that are climate-controlled. And Life Storage does not disappoint as they offer the best climate-controlled storages to protect your belongings from extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Plus, the security systems at Life Storage are absolutely faultless. All of their storage facilities have password-protected access control systems and closed circuit surveillance cameras. This way they can control and monitor everyone that enters or exits the facility to ensure that there are no thefts or damage to your things. And when you turn up at Life Store with a ton of things, you can use their moving carts to easily deposit them into the storage unit.

You can also store cars, boats and RVs at most of their locations. Their online services also make the renting process a whole lot easier. You can make online payments, rent a new space or add an extra space through their website from the comfort of your home.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage - storage units Detroit

Simply Self Storage started operating in 2003 with the hope of providing clients with an easy and comfortable self-storage experience. And they have continuously proved it by providing secure and convenient self-storage units Detroit for both personal and business purposes. You will also find that the facility employees are given the best training to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Simply Self Storage offers everything from mini storage units to storage spaces for vehicles and boats in varying sizes and dimensions. You can store your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit to keep them safe and unharmed. Some items that require climate control include electronics, antique furniture, clothing, rare collectables and medical supplies. In addition, you can store all your office supplies and equipment for your business with Simply Self Storage. If you’re planning to go abroad or join the military, you can even store your belongings for years at a time at an affordable rate.

The cherry on top is the fact that Simply Self Storage provides self-storage insurance to protect your belongings. So you are bound to receive coverage of $2000 at most of their facilities through the Safeguard Program. Even if Safeguard isn’t available at your storage facility, they are still equipped to provide a selection of coverage limits for low monthly rates.

Store Space Self Storage

Store Space Self Storage 

At Store Space Self Storage, they put the highest priority on ensuring that clients get maximum customer satisfaction from the storage solutions they provide. Their motto “Storage That Cares” tells you a lot about how their storage units Detroit are built to resemble an extension of your home. This way you can rest assured that your belongings are receiving the best security and protective measures possible.

The leases are also quite flexible and allow you to store your things for weeks, months and even years. Store Space Self Storage believes that its clients deserve the best personal assistance to make well-informed decisions. So you will be supplied with trained storage experts and on-site managers to help come up with the right storage solution for your belongings.

They offer everything from climate-controlled units to mini storage and spacious units for large furniture, appliances and vehicles. In addition, you can use their online services to rent units and make payments online. Store Space Self Storage also offers a wide selection of storing, moving and packing supplies to make your work easier. You can also view detailed guides about the different types of storage available on their website. This will help you decide which unit will serve your preferences the best.

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Classic Storage Detroit

Classic Storage Detroit - storage units Detroit

At Classic Storage Detroit, you can rent storage units Detroit and have the most seamless and affordable experience while you’re at it. They maintain a strictly professional environment as they work to keep your belongings safe, secure and accessible seven days a week. These storage units Detroit are available for the most competitive rates and you don’t even have to pay a deposit.

You can also relax because they don’t charge any clean-up or hidden fees. Classic Storage Detroit offers indoor storage units in various sizes and dimensions. Plus you can have full access to your deposited things all week. The month-to-month leases are also very flexible and there are convenient payment options. The storage spaces are typically located on the first few floors for easy access and retrieval.

You can also rent their records storage units to store important documents or extra retail inventory. If you run a business, this unit type is perfect as you can store supplies and equipment here. This helps you save money and focus on being productive with your business. An on-the-road sales agent or real estate worker can also benefit from renting these storage spaces.



iStorage is another reliable storage facility operator that provides lots of great storage units Detroit. If you’re not sure about what you need, you can head to their website where they offer lots of resources including size guides, moving guides and storage features to help you make better storage decisions. Plus you don’t have to sign any lengthy leases as you can simply pay month-to-month.

The easiest way to pay the storage fee is to subscribe to their autopay system. But you can also pay online on their website or in person at the facility too. And iStorage offers a protection plan ranging from $12 to $32 per month and covers any item except stored vehicles. That way they can strictly monitor who’s entering and leaving the facility. They also provide video monitoring and stable lighting as protective measures to keep your belongings safe.

To avoid attracting rodents and pests, customers are also advised not to store any eatables and other perishable items. iStorage lets you choose from climate-controlled units, indoor and outdoor units and drive-up storage units. They also sell packing and moving supplies at all iStorage facilities.

Public Storage 

Public Storage  - storage units Detroit

With thousands of locations popping up across the United States and Europe since 1972, Public Storage has become one of the largest self-storage facility operators in America. Public Storage is also a crowd favourite for people who regularly rent storage units Detroit.

You will also be able to access your belongings at any time regardless of the weather or temperature. Some items that can be stored in their climate-controlled units include photos, film, cameras, electronics, wooden antique furniture, leather, fabrics, upholstery and musical instruments. And if you own a business and you’re struggling due to lack of space, you’re in for a real treat. Public Storage provides businesses with commercial storage units Detroit to house excess inventory, equipment and supplies.

They even offer storage supplies to those working in real estate, construction and pharmaceuticals. Public Storage takes care of your vehicles by placing them in a secure enclosed space that is resistant to all kinds of weather changes. You can also keep your car in covered and uncovered parking spaces that you can access anytime during gate hours.

EZ Storage 

EZ Storage 

Last but not the least, we have the popular EZ Storage. They are a favourite among most people in Detroit as they provide convenient storage units and great customer service. At EZ Storage, their main goal is to find the perfect storage solution for your household items, your vehicles or your business materials. The manager and staff trained thoroughly to provide the best assistance to customers tenting storage units Detroit.

The EZ Storage facilities also come with wide driveways and hallways so you can easily deposit or retrieve your stored belongings. At EZ Storage, you can find personal storage units, climate-controlled units, vehicle storage units and businesses storage units for regal, real estate and pharmaceuticals.

The prices are also very competitive and there are lots of discounts. If you’re a military personnel, you can receive a monthly discount too. EZ Storage also offers you a wide selection of insurance options to keep your things protected from unexpected mishaps. With so many benefits, you’d be a fool not to check them out whenever you require secure storage units Detroit.


Detroit may be a large city but it can still be difficult to find enough storage space to keep your belongings safe. Whether you’re remodeling your house, moving out, moving abroad or joining the military, it is crucial to ensure that your things are well taken care of.

Storage units Detroit can offer just this with adequate storage space, a variety of sizes, multiple protective features, and flexible leases. And most storage facilities set in central locations all over the city. So you don’t have to worry too much about dragging your things all the way to the other side of town.

You can simply rent a unit at a storage facility near your area. Whether you want to store some small household items or a car, your safest option is to rely on storage facilities. Most of them provide great security with surveillance cameras, 24/7 video recording, strictly-guarded access gates, on-site guards and fenced surroundings.

You can also save a lot of money as many storage facilities offer competitive prices and discounts. So if your belongings need a safe temporary home, go ahead and check out the 10 best storage units Detroit.

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