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10 Top-Notch & Safe Self Storage Units in Etobicoke (2023)

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Self-storage facilities provide rooms/ lockers/ spaces depending upon your needs and the volume of storage you need. These are given out on rent with monthly payments. These services are used by big and small businesses, retail houses or people who are relocating and need somewhere to store their household items safely. Self-storage units in Etobicoke businesses are growing by the hour.

Self-storage spaces are a godsend to those who live in cluttered and overcrowded homes or office spaces. It helps you create more space and enable usage of your office space more judiciously. As a result, you also end up saving money you would have otherwise spent on commercial properties. Storage spaces are helping people not only for the purpose of travelling or relocating, but to multiple industries as well.

They help them store documentation, inventory, equipment, valuable possessions, office furniture. Technically, you need excess space for these items, and for this reason, storage spaces come in handy. Self-storage spaces in Canada are easily affordable by the common man. There are about 3,000 facilities all over the nation, with the average storage units in Etobicoke cost being around $1.75 per square foot.

Here is the list of 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Etobicoke:

Public Storage

Public Storage

One of the most well reputed storage facilities in the area, with 3 separate facilities. They are praised for their professionalism, great expertise in problem solving and are highly dependable nature. They offer ground-level units for ease and convenience, and outdoor parking is available for vehicle storage. High quality packing and moving supplies are available at their facility.

Daily access to storage, along with monthly payment contracts. From 5’x5’ (25 sq feet), about the size of a closet to 10’x30’ (300 sq feet), their largest unit size, which can accommodate a big house. Usually offers are always running, such as – Pay just $1 for your first month of rent, get 50% off on your first 3 months, or one free month if you pay in advance for a year. Security- 24-hour surveillance, alarmed units, and gated access with your exclusive pin are prevalent, for you to be relieved.

Q Self-Storage

Q Self-Storage

With extremely affordable pricing, Q Self-Storage has an advantage over the others. They provide you the best storage options. From the smallest, 5ft x 5ft self-storage, at ground level, to the largest being 10 x 37 feet, they offer all sizes. They offer 4 weeks of storage free of cost, climate-controlled units, security cameras everywhere and safe gated units.

Open storage areas are available for your vehicles as well. They provide boxes and supplies for your packing needs. Handcarts are available for you to carry your items in and out, along with drive up access. It is much easier not having to line up boxes in an elevator or climb flights of stairs to reach your unit. To resolve this, they have ground floor units.

XYZ Space Rentals

XYZ Space Rentals - storage units in Etobicoke

XYZ Space Rentals offer over 850 heated units, from a small sized locker, 4’x3’x4’ (12 sq ft) to a double garage 20’ x 40’ (800 sq ft). You can also get units customized. Security camera surveillance and fire alarms are on at all times. They also offer truck rental and packing and moving supplies. XYZ spaces can also be used as workspaces, with free wi-fi and coffee. To book, you can make an online reservation.

Package receiving facility is there too. They have cleaning and maintenance personnel that offer clients assistance too. The best part is, they do not charge any security deposit or or maintenance fees. You are free to move in and out of the facility anytime without prior notice, following the basic monthly rent cycle. Hence, you aren’t tied down in any way.

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Self Stor

Self Stor

Self Stor provides you with comprehensive services for your valuable possessions. Often referred to as the best storage facility in Etobicoke. Their smallest units being 5’ x 5’ x 4’ and the largest, 10’ x 25’. They provide climate-controlled storage units in Etobicoke, packing and moving supplies along with 24-hour security surveillance.

They run a promotional offer of 50% off on the first 3 months of renting a space. 24-hour units are available.  You can get an airport locker that allows you to store your luggage for your next flight. Long term storage facilities are available as well as drive-up access for your convenience.

They also offer chat customer service. With their monthly contracts, flexible payment options, personalized pass card access and 24-hour drive-up access to all exterior lockers, things are easier. By offering complete protection to your electronics, furniture, documents, and delicate household items against damage due to weather changes, you can say they are reliable.

Storage Mart

Storage Mart - storage units in Etobicoke

The largest privately operated self-storage company in the world with over 250 outlets. They have units of all sizes, ranging from 4’ x 4’ x 4’ being the smallest and 10’ x 40’ x 8’ being the largest. With provisions of ground floor access, air-conditioned and heated units, top-notch security surveillance, gated access to respective units and drive-up facilities, they are a one stop solution. Online reservations can be made, with exclusive discounts.

From within, the facility is extremely well-lit and maintained, with high standards. You can either have proof of insurance or opt-in to their value coverage plan for safety of your goods. Value coverage packages are based on how much coverage you need, and is free for your first month. Their additional services are the fact that they allow band practice sessions to be held, zero deposit charges, 24/7 customer services and monthly leases.

U-Haul Storage

U-Haul - storage units in Etobicoke

Making moving from place to place much easier. U-Haul offers you not only the best storage facilities but moving vehicles as well, such as move-in trucks. Their facility is clean, well maintained, and has wide paved aisles.

They offer all sizes from 4 ft. to 6 ft.  for small items to 10’ x 30’ for entire household items or vehicles. Free Online Account Management for customers is an added service. Drive Up Storage- loading and unloading facility is there as well.

Their 24-Hour video monitoring, online payments made from an automatic Credit-Card Payment Plan and 24-hour access, with a personal lock and key to your unit make the experience very trustworthy. U-Haul storage facility offers their customers padlocks, boxes, packing supplies. They also provide trailers and utility trucks. There are highly affordable, with 1 month free and no deposit or admin fees. They are open 7 days a week, giving package signing and receiving facilities.

Access Storage

Access Storage - storage units in Etobicoke

With over 130 stores, Access Storage is one of the most trusted self-storage facilities in Canada. With heated storage that keeps a consistent temperature all year, they also have vehicle storage where your vehicle can be parked indoors or outdoors.

They give you drive up access to your storage units in Etobicoke and give out supplies, such as moving boxes, furniture covers, tape for all of your storage needs. They also rent out units for businesses to store their inventory and equipment. Unit sizes range from 5’ x 5’ which is big enough for a closet. It can be used to store sports equipment, seasonal items & extra boxes.

The largest being 20’ x 30’, similar to a garage, enough to accommodate a 3-4 bedroom home, large equipment or inventory. It’s open 24 hours a day for you to visit. Luckily, they also offer access to a free van to move your stuff in. All you need to do is refill the gas.

One can use their dollies and carts to move your stuff around the facility. Unlike many other facilities, they offer portable storage, where you can get a storage container delivered to your home or place of work. Their promotional offers are – First four weeks free, referral programs, 25% off at Winter Car storage special, memberships and, for you to available.

DYMON Storage

DYMON Storage - storage units in Etobicoke

Dymon has exceeded the expectations of their customers and relentlessly worked towards making the storage space industry as dynamic as possible. They impart all types of storage, ranging from garment storage, documents, mailboxes, records, mini space storage, safe deposit boxes and vaults, are available for usage. With no hidden fees, refueling charges, insurance or mileage charges for moving in your goods (loaded by you) to the facility and respective storage units in Etobicoke (in a free van), this is a steal deal.

They also offer moving and packing supplies. Dymon storage has unit sizes ranging from 3’ x 5’ to 10’ x 35’. They offer contents insurance up to $25,000. From boardroom rentals up to 8 hours free per month, free personal lock and keys to access your unit, package receiving and pick up services, this place has it all.

It can also be used as mini office workstations, with free wi-fi access! You get 24 hours access to your unit, a monthly billing cycle, brightly lit storage units and advanced security monitoring the facility. Their promotional offers- Free driver for move-in and out, free deliveries for purchase of $75 and above for supplies and 3 months free at rental of storage box for 12 months. Unlike any other storage space, they have provisions for private cellars for wine storage, only accessible under biometric facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.


CubeIt - storage units in Etobicoke

Cubeit containers are made of a steel frame. They are designed to withstand the extremes of Canadian weather. Cubeit is affordable, convenient and secure. Operating 5 days per week – Monday to Friday. The dimensions of Cubeit containers are approximately 8’ wide, 8’ tall and 16’ long.

There is a montly rental cycle, but you can move out mid-cycle if you want to. Although, the money paid is non-refundable. They offer customers a free move-in van during store hours, based on availability, security provisions like a unique gate code access and security cameras.

Your possessions are protected at every cost. You basically have 24-hour access, to drop off or pick up your belongings. With climate-controlled units, gated premises, individual security codes and computerized logs of all activities, this facility is perfect.

In addition to portable storage services, storage containers can also be used for the purpose of temporary and onsite storage. Storage facilities offer indoor vehicle storage any size of car, truck, or recreational motor vehicle.

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Apple Self Storage

Apple self-storage

Apple Self Storage has been a trusted name in the industry for over 40 years. Their computerized access code with an individual access code disarms your respective storage unit door’s alarm. They have individual unit storage units in Etobicoke, with a wide variety of unit sizes and storage options available.

The facility has 24-hour video surveillance (250+ cameras in most locations to monitor the safety of your belongings). With full time lighting, they also contain fully weathered sealed units to safeguard your belongings and keep them dry and untouched.

What is it that makes self-storage facilities so popular these days?

These storage facilities provide you multiple provisions that make the process very convenient and reliable.

  • They help you in packing and transporting your items from your location to the facility.
  • They ensure your units are safe by hiring security personnel and putting CCTV camera surveillance in place.
  • They maintain regular hygiene and cleanliness and are easily accessible, which means you can drop in anytime you collect your belongings.
  • They have climate-controlled units, making sure your items remain intact at all times.
  • They offer insurance of your items at a one-time cost, to help you feel more secure about your belongings being taken care of.
  • The money you spend on storing your items in these units is nothing in comparison to paying rent elsewhere or buying commercial property. Therefore, in the longer scheme of things, you save a lot of money.
  • Help you create a lot more breathable space at home or your office, giving you a neater, de-cluttered and more peaceful atmosphere.
  • They help you organize all your stuff in a meticulous manner.

Etobicoke is a suburban district with an ever-growing population of over 500,000. It has been growing furthermore as an ideal place to live and work. And with that, the community’s storage needs are bound to grow.


Their sites are clean and pest free with professional and routinely servicing. Premium units are preferred onsite locations near building entrances which makes it much easier for you to move in. There are complimentary carts and dollies available for moving your stuff around. Offering a 10% discount on all moving and packing supplies in our onsite retail store, they even accept deliveries on your behalf and store them in your unit.

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