10 Best Self Storage Units in Farmington NM (2022)

When it comes to self storage units, you usually rent the storage units on a monthly basis to store your items and unlike the storage facilities that offer full service, where you have only restricted access to your items and someone else controls how the items will be stored in the storage unit, self-storage units Farmington NM give you the complete control over your storage unit and how your items will be stored and arranged.

Which brings us to the question, why should you use self-storage units?

Self storage units Farmington NM are extremely cost-effective and there are several self-storage units facility that offers great deals for the services they offer. Usually, when a client opts for a self storage unit, they are either downsizing and need a place to store their property or they are moving (relocating) and they do not want to drag their belongings with them. It could also be a small business owner who needs someplace to store their inventory that they do not have to use every day.

The different types of self storage units are available according to your requirements.

Indoor self storage units are found inside a multi story building, that usually have better access to security and lesser restrictions. Drive-up self-storage units are usually the one that comes to mind when it comes to storage units and they are the traditional type of storage units that can be accessed through roll up doors from the outside and usually found in outdoor buildings.

Climate controlled storage units are usually storage units that have heating and cooling systems that regulate the temperature and humidity levels of storage unit. Now, this is extremely important if you have items that can be affected by the extreme temperatures and climate controlled self storage units will help in preserving the property. When it comes to non climate controlled self storage units, they are just storage units that have no heating or cooling systems.

Factors you should consider before choosing a self storage unit facility and renting a storage unit.

There are a lot of factors that should be considered before choosing a self storage units facility. You should start with comparing the prices of at least three nearby location and research about the renter’s insurance policy to see if it covers your property while they are in the self storage unit. Make sure that you invest in a secure lock in order to protect the items placed in the self storage unit.

Security- Before investing in a self storage unit, you need to make sure that the security of this unit is trustworthy and they offer amenities like video surveillance, well lit corridors, hallways and storage units as well as access codes limited to only you.

Customer service- While looking for self storage units Farmington NM make sure that you assess the level of customer services they offer as well. Several self storage units facilities do not have staff to assist their clients and at times do not even help when things go wrong.

Cleanliness- Cleanliness of the self-storage units facility plays a vital role in decision making because the client needs to feel welcomed and know that the items that they store are going to be in good hands.

Location- The best way to choose the right location is to understand the reason behind why you chose to rent a self storage unit. If you need more space at your apartment or home, choosing a self storage unit facility close to your place will help, but if you are relocating, choosing a self-storage facility closer to your new house makes more sense.

Here is the list of the 10 Best self storage units in Farmington NM

Ballpark Storage Units

Ballpark Storage Units - storage units Farmington NM

This is one of the self storage units Farmington NM that believes in providing the best customer service and solutions to tackle your storage solutions. Whether it is short term or for the whole year, regardless of the size and type of self storage unit, they offer affordable prices for amenities they offer. They provide around the clock customer service and ensure that the whole process is transparent and there are no hidden fees involved.

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U Haul

U Haul - storage units Farmington NM

U Haul is one of the best self storage units Farmington NM that provides the best services at affordable prices. They have a wide variety of self storage units available that will give you the choice to choose from. U haul has climate controlled storage that protects your possessions from the humidity and weather, wherein they make sure that the temperature is kept between 65 to 85 degrees throughout the year.

The outdoor and drive up self storage units are easy to access and best suited for clients who tend to frequent their self storage units regularly. U Haul provides vehicle self storage units where you can store your boat, car or any other motorized vehicle.

There are many more options that are included when it comes to this option, and they also offer commercial self storage units wherein small businesses, as well as large business can store their extra inventory, material and so on.

Redi-Door Storage

Redi-Door Storage - storage units Farmington NM

Redi Door Storage is a self storage units Farmington NM that goes out of their way to make sure that they provide the best experience to their customers. They make sure that the storage needs of their clients are met and they go out of their way to ensure that they clients are welcomed and feel comfortable.

Everything stored in their self storage units are made sure to be in a great condition, especially when their facilities are secure, clean, equipped with high tech security that includes twenty four hour video surveillance, private access codes and even perimeter fencing.

Hutton Plaza Self Storage

Hutton Plaza

This self storage units Farmington NM makes sure that they offer a wide variety of services to their customers. The Hutton Plaza self storage units facility have experts who help their clients to choose the right size and type of self storage unit for your items to be stored.

They offer several services like controlled access to the self storage unit, drive in storage units, long term storage units, private and secure storage units and so on.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is one of the largest self storage units Farmington NM in US and was founded in 1977. They have more than 1800 stores all around the United States of America and is one of the most popular self storage unit facilities. They are known for their clean and secure storage units, and are constantly updating their technology and services to make sure that their clients have the best service and experience possible.

Cube Smart


Cube smart is one of the best and popular self storage units Farmington NM that offers great and high quality of service for the reasonable price you pay. This self storage units Farmington NM makes sure that they strive for excellence and are extremely passionate when it comes to making the life of their clients easy.

Cube Smart ensures that their clients have a seamless experience due to their detail oriented nature. From providing the best quality facilities to pricing them at affordable prices, Cube Smart also has a highly responsive customer support and their goal is to make sure that their customers feel welcomed into their facility. They also offer excellent deal and discounts that help in fitting into the budgets of their clients.

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Farmington Mini Storage

Farmington Mini Storage

When it comes to Farmington Mini Storage, they offer a complete 7 day access at three different self storage units Farmington NM and their self storage units range from the size 10X10 to 20X30.

This self storage units Farmington NM offers several sized storage units to suit the needs of their customer and they also make sure that the amenities they provide are helpful to their clients like restricted access codes and excellent lighting. They have a secure security so the safety of your possessions is ensured.

Life Storage units

Life storage Units

Being one of the most popular self storage units Farmington NM, this self storage unit facility was founded in the year 1982. They provide several facilities like vehicle storage units, drive up self storage units, climate controlled storage unit and so much more.

Life storage self storage units also make sure that the client has their very own personalized access codes that are restricted to the client themselves. The whole process is simple, easy and transparent, and they make sure that their customers have a seamless experience.

Basin Moving & Storage Co Inc

Basin moving and storage Co Inc is a self storage units Farmington NM that is into commercial moving, always up to date with the latest trends in the industry as well as the latest news.

They make sure to cover a wide variety of information on the services you have chosen and make sure that they provide all the needed and much necessary details. Basin moving and storage Co Inc makes sure that their customers are welcomed and help their clients with whatever inquires they have.

Mi Box Farmington

This self storage units facility offers services on general moving and storage units. Mi Box Farmington provides secure self storage units Farmington NM and even collaborate with third party professional moving companies to help in saving the time and space when comes to relocation and moving for your business needs. They have a highly sensitive and responsive customer service that provides support to their clients and helps them with their enquires.

Conclusion :

These were the 10 self storage units Farmington NM that would help in proving the best service possible at affordable prices that will help you save money.

As said before, self storage units are one of the best cost-effective methods that will help you save money and space when it comes to your items being stored in these units.