10 Best Self-Storage Units in Findlay Ohio (2022)

Self Storage units Findlay Ohio are not something new. In fact, they have been around for a long time. What has changed is that now people who use them have more options than ever before. Forget about driving out to the boonies and hoping for one of the few self storage facilities in your area that offers rentals to find any available space you might need.

With the internet and online searches, virtually every property has been found. Having one of the top-notch large or small Self Storage units in Findlay Ohio is called for if you have just moved into your new place and need extra storage space. Having your belongings with you at all times is important. However, you have to have them kept secured and safe so they can be easily accessed when you need them.

This is where self storage units come in handy when it comes to finding the best in these facilities then finding out where they are located near your home. Most Self Storage units Findlay Ohio are located in the same place you live. If you are looking for a full-sized unit, several different places have them.

You can rent a Kmart unit or a smaller unit at one of the storage facilities Callaway is known for. There are many different kinds of storage units at most of the Self Storage units Findlay Ohio. The best way to know which ones will work best for your needs is to look online and for that, we have compiled the top 10 ones here.

Here is the list of the 10 Best self-storage units in Findlay Ohio.

Ohio Stor N Lock

Ohio Stor N Lock - storage units Findlay Ohio

Ohio Stor N Lock is the best place to go for self storage in Findlay, Ohio. Here you will find a pleasant consumer experience and great customer service. The store offers the best units in a safe environment near Findlay Ohio. They offer 24-hour access to their facility and there are no hidden fees or annual contracts, just one low monthly rental rate! Everything is delivered when you arrive at the office.

The store offers a wide variety of storage units at an affordable price. It has a great location in downtown Findlay, Ohio, but it’s not hard to come by. There are two entrances on the side and back of the building and parking is available. The store is open 24 hours a day and can be accessed through its website or through a mobile app

Ohio Stor N Lock has a full-service facility with gates, security cameras, climate control units, drive-up access to your unit, and elevators for those who don’t feel comfortable walking upstairs. Its secure lockers are free for property managers or owners who rent them to tenants.

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Bolt Storage-Bowling Green

Bolt Storage-Bowling Green - storage units Findlay Ohio

Bolt Storage-Bowling Green offers spacious 20×40 outdoor storage units and manageable indoor 10×30 storage units, all at competitive prices! With over 6,000 sq ft of low-cost utilitarian warehouse space and plenty of parking, they offer affordable self-storage solutions.

This Self Storage unit, Findlay Ohio also offers different services and gives about 10% off to members. They also offer a low monthly fee, which can be as little as $1 with the first month free of charge. Most importantly, they have an excellent customer service team that will greet you warmly when you visit their store in Bolt Storage-Bowling Green.

Bolt Storage-Bowling Green is located near Mentor where it offers a wide range of amenities such as a competitive storage rental rate, 24/7 access, and 365 days a year access. The facility is clean and bright with individual climate control to prevent any potential damage to your items due to adverse weather conditions. When looking for the best price on a self-storage purchase Take a look at what Bolt Storage – Bowling Green has to offer before choosing a competitor.


U-Haul - storage units Findlay Ohio

U‑Haul is an independent, locally owned, and operated Self Storage unit Findlay Ohio. They have the widest variety of sizes of self storage units that you can use for residential or commercial purposes. If you need to store your seasonal items such as patio furniture or holiday decorations then they have large spaces available to serve your needs.

The store offers convenient U‑Haul and Self Storage units Findlay Ohio, with the best rates in town. U‑Haul’s team provides friendly service with affordable prices and quality units. The store offers clean, secure, and safe units at an affordable price. There are close to 2,878 self storage facilities to choose from in Findlay Ohio that includes a variety of unit sizes.

Whether you have small or large garage space or simply need a temporary place for extra items during your move or renovation, U-Haul is the best option for you. With convenient locations near you including Findlay Ohio and its surrounding areas, as well as across the country via our nationwide network of U-Haul brand Self Storage locations; homeowners can find the perfect storage solution no matter what their needs are!

Storage Express

Storage Express

Storage Express has become one of the top-rated self-storage companies in Northeast Ohio and they offer the cheapest rates around $14.The store is one of the best Self Storage units Findlay Ohio offers a wide variety of self storage units available, from individually lockable rooms to secure warehouse units. There are indoor parking spaces for specific RVs and trailers.

One of the main attractions is a large number of long term storage unit rentals as well as a wide range of short-term rental options. To learn more about Storage Express in Findlay Ohio please visit their site online today! They offer free self storage quotes and special offers with hundreds of locations nationwide to help you find your perfect storage unit now!

Ohio Logistics 

Ohio Logistics 

Ohio Logistics offers more than just self storage solutions. Whether you need One Room Storage or a fully equipped warehouse of a unit, Ohio Logistics has your needs covered! The store offers affordable options when looking for self storage units. Whether you’re looking for a place to store your personal belongings for a few weeks, or moving across the country, Ohio Logistics can help.

Along with this, the store also offers a wide variety of storage solutions. If you need to expand your space, choose one of the available Premium or Plus Storage Units. They offer TruNest and Platinum units that come with climate-controlled storage, flat-rate pricing, and other great features. Additionally, these can be combined with their 1-2 Flat Rate Boxes for added convenience!

Findlay Warehousing Co Inc

Findlay Warehousing Co Inc

The Findlay Warehousing Company is conveniently located less than a mile from Findlay High School in beautiful downtown Findlay Ohio. Their unit sizes vary with the size and needs of your family or business. Prices range from $40 per month per space to $60 per month for over 12000 sq ft.

The store offers a variety of self storage solutions which include moving to a new home, out of state relocation, or providing a safe haven for your precious items. Store everything from furnishings, clothing, and electronics to boats, RVs, and farm animals.

Findlay Warehousing Co Inc also offers storage units at different levels that provide a variety of storage options. The storage area offers more than 80,000 square feet of space. With climate control, 24-hour access, and the option to rent a unit for as little as 3 days, finding the right storage unit can be easy and convenient.

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Extra Closet Storage

Extra Closet Storage

Extra Closet Storage offers year-round access, 24-hour surveillance, and a variety of self storage units to meet any need and budget. They also have boxes and supplies available to make packing and storing your belongings as easy as possible.

The store offers a convenient and affordable service with the utmost convenience that’s perfect for any business owner as well as anybody else in need of extra storage. Regardless of your living situation, if you have more stuff than storage, you know it’s one of those necessary evils.

There’s nothing like the concern over whether or not somebody will break into your unit or if you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at a moment’s notice. They’re conveniently located next to Findlay’s best restaurants, parks, and shopping center which keeps our property safe from crime.

Centennial Storage

Centennial Storage

Centennial Storage offers a great selection of large, climate-controlled Self Storage Units for the value conscious consumer. The store has been locally owned and operated in Findlay Ohio since 1988 and offers an exterior security system with video cameras, interior surveillance cameras, steel-reinforced doors, and a full-time on-site manager.

The facility is well lit at night with motion-activated lighting which makes it virtually crime-free. They also offer vehicle parking areas that are monitored by security cameras and patrolled by the owner/manager. The store offers a variety of storage unit sizes and features, as well as a range of quality self-storage to meet everyone’s needs. So if you’re looking for the best place to store your belongings in Findlay Ohio, then look no further! Centennial Storage is the storage solution for you.

Mini Storage Systems

The Mini Storage Systems location offers a variety of different-size storage units that are all climate controlled and they can offer the best possible price guarantee. Just to be sure that your stuff is safe they have security cameras all over their facility so that if someone were to try to break into your unit they would be caught doing it on camera. The store offers a number of choices for storage units and sizes.

To ensure you find a unit that will work well for your needs, start by identifying the space that you need to fill. This is important because it will give you an idea of how large or small to make your selection.

Next, consider how many items are going into the storage unit and if there are any special items that need extra care with securing them within the unit, such as fragile items or specially shaped objects. The store offers a variety of mini storage units including small, large, and temperature control. The store also offers different flexible payment options.

Rettig Storage

Rettig Storage offers a variety of storage solutions for the Findlay Ohio area. With over 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor storage, Rettig Storage has a variety of self-storage units to choose from. Some are climate controlled and come equipped with an alarm system.

Other options provide ample space in an outdoor setting that’s perfect for your seasonal needs. The store offers climate-controlled self-storage units in a variety of sizes and configurations. The staff of Rettig Storage is committed to providing the best facilities, equipment, and services for all their customers.

A variety of packing supplies are available to help you prepare your belongings for storage. Additionally, if you need more space, they have 7×10 Units available at the facility Rettig Storage is committed to offering very competitive rates as well as neat and tidy storage solutions for your personal belongings including antiques or other valuable items that should be protected from normal wear and tear.


In conclusion, self storage units Findlay Ohio have many benefits to offer. They’re a convenient, low-cost way to house your stuff when you don’t have the space for it at home. And they’re much safer than keeping your valuables in an under-the-stairs closet or in the attic which is susceptible to break-ins, fires, and other disasters. We hope this compilation of the top ten Self Storage units Findlay Ohio helped you!