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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Florida With 24×7 Access

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Self-storage is essentially an addition to your garage or shed; it’s a tidy, dry, and safe area inside a storage facility. There you may keep your stuff for however long you need. In Storage Unit Florida you only pay for the time you actually use as the majority of storage firms, including U-Haul, rent self-storage units on a month-to-month basis.

Self-storage facilities offer a cost-effective substitute for people and businesses looking. This is to preserve their assets and things in a secure location that’s shielded from the elements. As opposed to other possibilities like remodeling an existing building or renting more rooms.

This information is for you if you reside in Florida and need to store some of your belongings. We’ve looked at more than a dozen businesses with significant local presence to determine which ones are best in particular fields. See which ones we selected as the top Storage Units Florida in the following paragraphs.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Florida

Public Storage

Public Storage

Public Storage has facilities in 99 different Florida cities and towns, with multiple locations in many of them. This Storage is headquartered in Glendale, California. Tens of thousands of customers have given the company great marks since it opened for operation in 1972.

Even though there are other businesses with several sites all across Florida, few can match Public Storage’s track record of happy customers. Customers can go right to their units without stopping in an office to fill out paperwork thanks to the ability to handle the entire rental process online or over the phone.

Customers can choose their location and unit size using the website’s functional maps and visualization features. Through the Public Storage app, gates and doors can be opened automatically.

Public Storage has succeeded in being both bigger and better, even though this is not always true. This Storage Unit Florida appears to be doing a lot well based on the business’s 50-year existence, amazing growth, and excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

Southern Self Storage

Southern self-storage - storage units Florida

For those who want to keep belongings that are delicate to heat, humidity, and light, Southern Self Storage invests a lot of effort in providing climate-controlled storage. Despite being a more recent firm (formed in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, in 2016), it has established itself as a top choice for individuals who need more than a steel box that isn’t heated or insulated.

Southern Self Storage provides storage units with individually adjustable temperature and humidity controls despite not having as many Florida locations as some of its rivals. Every Southern Self Storage facility has a video surveillance system, and many of them have a resident manager on-site.

Although the company’s Florida branches don’t have many client ratings, reviews from other states compliment the staff for their helpfulness and customer care. The article on the website concerning climate-controlled storage units in Florida is well-written and addresses the fact that they are fundamentally more expensive than regular storage facilities.

Individually climate-controlled facilities from Southern Self Storage are a premium product. Therefore it seems sensible that they cost more than standard units. However, if keeping your stored items in good condition is vital to you, the additional expense can be worthwhile.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage stood out among the Florida storage firms examined for the effort and consideration it devotes to car storage. Additionally, it has locations in 96 Florida communities. That is why the majority of Floridians will be able to keep their vehicle close to their home. Whether it be a car, truck, motorbike, RV, ATV, trailer, or boat.

While many storage businesses appear to view vehicle storage as an afterthought or a side company, Extra Space Storage has made it a top priority. Given its size and presence in 41 states, Extra Space Storage receives more customer complaints than smaller storage companies, but when these complaints are proportioned to the number of locations and clients, it appears that a very small minority of Extra Space Storage clients are unhappy with the company’s service.

The Extra Space Storage website provided us with the most information about vehicle storage compared to any other source. This organization provides a greater variety of vehicle storage alternatives. As compared to other businesses since it clearly knows the particular requirements of people who wish to store their vehicles.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage - storage units Florida

Commercial customers are welcome to hire their standard storage units in Florida from some storage firms when they claim to offer commercial storage. But not only self-storage. Most of the company’s locations provide units specifically designed for commercial storage.

Its recognition that commercial storage requirements varied from personal storage requirements. It goes out of its way to provide contractors, landscapers, painters, roofers, and retailers with services.

While not all of the company’s locations provide commercial storage. The website of Simply Self Storage provides a useful list of those that do. Which might be a big time saver for anyone looking for commercial storage nearby. Going with a firm like Simply Self Storage, which prioritizes and especially caters to commercial clients. This makes sense if your company needs storage.

Compass Self Storage

Compass self-storage

Customers renting Storage Units Florida for their personal belongings place a high value on good customer service. On consumer review websites like Trustpilot, Compass Self Storage receives great ratings in that area. The BBB has received just a small number of complaints about the company.

The company’s individualized customer service is explicitly mentioned in the majority of the favorable ratings. No business, even one as large as Compass Self Storage, can continuously satisfy everyone. However, Compass stands out for receiving so many positive ratings about its customer service and the upkeep, condition, and security of its facilities in a market.

The business started off in 1928 as a construction company before switching to the real estate and storage industries. While there are less expensive storage choices available. Compass is the better option for clients who value good personal service and are prepared to spend a little bit more for it.

Personal storage requires individual care. Although Compass may charge a little more than its rivals. The company’s continued success demonstrates that its clients are prepared to pay more for better customer support.

Life Storage

Life Storage - storage units Florida

Life Storage is the clear choice as the Florida storage company with the most availability. Boasting more than a thousand locations throughout 38 states, including 163 facilities in Florida alone. Additionally, it is obvious from Life Storage’s stellar ratings. Reviews on the BBB and Trustpilot that it does not compromise quality for quantity.

The majority of Floridians may reach one of Life Storage’s several sites because of its extensive footprint in Florida. The opposite is also true. If a business offers subpar service, having many locations won’t be advantageous to customers.

Life Storage seems to have discovered the ideal balance between client service and accessibility. Even though no business of this size can completely satisfy every client. The comparatively few customer complaints it has encountered have been dealt with quickly and fairly.

Tower Hill Storage

Tower Hill Storage

For more than 25 years, Tower Hill Storage has offered both residential and commercial storage options to the Gainesville region. Drive-up access is common, and some apartments have air conditioning. Customers are free to use dollies and flatbed carts.

There are options for both long- and short-term rentals. Security is provided by video surveillance and a keyed access gate. There are additional options for online bill payment and online unit rental. The location is ideally situated close to I-75 and in the middle of numerous Gainesville neighborhoods.

Florida’s climate can vary greatly depending on where you reside, and it can be scorching hot. Anyone wishing to store something for a lengthy period of time should take those variables into account.

To keep your belongings safe from the weather, many storage firms offer climate-controlled storage. You, the consumer, will need to weigh the possibility of harm to your belonging. Against the higher expense of that above basic storage.


U-Haul - storage units Florida

Since 1945, U-Haul has been a Phoenix, Arizona-based rental corporation for moving trucks. Trailers, and self-storage units. Leonard Shoen started the business in the garage owned by his wife’s family in Ridgefield, Washington. Then expanded it via franchising with petrol stations.

U-Haul rents out trucks, trailers, and other equipment, but many of its locations and dealerships also offer other services. Including self-storage, moving assistance, LPG (propane) re-fueling, hitch and trailer wiring installation, moving boxes, and other packing materials.

Any self-move rental firm because of the company’s widespread use (there are over 17,000 active dealers across the nation).

The livery used on rental cars is easily recognizable and consists mostly of white and a thick horizontal orange stripe. As well as a sizable SuperGraphics image with a state- or province-themed theme.

ABA Miami Mover

ABA Miami Movers

Storage options are available to customers in Miami and the surrounding areas from ABA Moving Inc. The facility is manned around the clock and offers climate-controlled storage spaces. For both commercial and domestic storage as well as document storage.

Modern security measures are in place to keep the property under constant video surveillance. There are both short and long-term contracts available. In addition to packing and single-item moves for pianos and other large goods, ABA Moving Inc. also provides moving and relocation services.

Whether you are organizing a home move or a business one, packing might be one of the most difficult tasks. It’s at least as difficult to pack, wrap, box, and tape all of your stuff properly as it is to move them. With the help of their packing services, they can handle every step of the relocation process for you.

Whether you are storing a few items or a lot of your possessions, ABA Moving’s storage services are made. To accommodate the unique demands of their clients. For needs that last longer than 90 days, they also provide transit storage or long-term storage. To best serve their devoted customers, they provide flexible storage services.

If necessary, ABA Moving offers temperature-controlled storage facilities. Their cutting-edge security system and staff are on duty around-the-clock to watch over your possessions and keep them safe. Based on their client’s needs, they prioritize safe, secure household storage, from temporary personal storage to long-term and permanent storage.  With all the safety features, advantages, first-rate service, and affordable rates you have come to expect from ABA Moving.

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BoxVault Self Storage

BoxVault Self Storage - storage units Florida

The Miami-based firm BoxVault Self Storage keeps storage units in various sizes. The building can hold as much weight as a typical closet, a one-bedroom apartment, or a single-car garage.

It features conveniences like covered loading and unloading bays, keypad-controlled entry, and individual door alarms in addition to climate-controlled storage spaces. BoxVault Self Storage sells moving and packing products, such as bubble wrap, chair coverings, and cardboard boxes.

In Miami, Florida, BoxVault Self Storage is a renowned provider of self-storage space. BoxVault Self Storage is a state-of-the-art self-storage facility that offers self-storage units of all sizes. There is also a whole array of boxes and moving equipment available.

Their goal is to manage a highly motivated and skilled workforce effectively. In order to offer their tenants the cleanest, safest storage facility while meeting all of their moving and storage needs. Let BoxVault Self Storage be your go-to place for all of your self-storage needs with available units and fantastic move-in promotions!


A professional self-storage facility often offers access to merchandise and archives whenever the owner desires. The security measures provide business users the confidence that their priceless assets will be kept physically safe at all times.

Storage Unit Florida offers a safe and affordable solution for accommodating extra items for anyone who is running out of room in their home or office. Self-storage is also a practical choice for anyone wishing to clear up their current home or workspace. By moving goods they don’t need to see every day but don’t want to lose totally. Self-storage spaces come in a variety of sizes, and rental agreements can include short- and long-term storage.

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