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10 Best Self Storage Units in Franklin in 2023

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Residential self-storage units Franklin Tennessee is affordable and convenient. There are some things to consider when choosing a storage unit, usually the size of the unit being a factor. Make sure to think about how much you will be storing and how often you’ll be moving items in or out of the storage unit. A 5×5 unit is a good size for storing large items, but smaller items such as clothing for an extended period may need their own space in a 10×10 or larger unit.

The more often you’ll be using your self-storage, the bigger your budget should be because of potential increased costs related to electricity and janitorial services. Sometimes a storage company may offer the first month free to help you get started. These are great deals for newcomers, but be sure to not be hesitant to ask questions and keep in mind that storage can be an investment and the value of your belongings could go down over time, so it’s best not to get locked into the lowest price the first time around.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Franklin

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is a very famous name with branches in a total of 40 states across the United States. They’ve made billions of dollars and have satisfied millions of customers in their run from 1977 to now.  Chances are, you’ve probably heard of them before or have come across an Extra Space facility in your city somewhere.

Being the giants of an industry is hardly an easy job to pull off. But Extra Space has made their grip tighter when it comes to quality. A full 24/7 promise of security, keeping the storage units clean and temperature-controlled, and making sure entries and exists from and to the units are exclusive to you and absolutely no one else. These are just some of the reasons Extra Space Storage totally deserves the fame it has received from customers in the last few years.



No, this is not an offshoot self storage branch by Apple. However, iStorage is one of the best storage units available in Franklin. They have over 200 branches all across the United States and are one of the more impressive self storage units in the country. They have a reliable record in the Industry and provide storage units of all sizes with varying prices across the board. You can definitely get a great deal if you inquire quickly.

Their storage units can be temperature controlled if your stored possessions may need that facility. Individual passcodes for every customer that comes their way and a surveillance team so skilled, that nothing gets in or out without their confirmation. Rest assured, iStorage is one of the best options that you may get in Franklin for storing your most valued possessions.

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Store Local

Store local Gallatin

A storage facility that helps you store everything and keep it safe like no other. Store Local is a great option for those exploring different websites and articles to look for the perfect storing unit for them. Store Local takes things online like payment, verification, and so on. They have storage units of every size available so choose wisely. Do not waste money on a massive storage unit if all you really need is a smaller one in Franklin.

They have slightly higher prices than some others in the competitive business but it’s all reasonable once you examine their performance. Also, remember to bring your lock as Store Local does not provide their customers with a lock from their side. They do however keep things a hundred percent in control with surveillance, routine checkups, and complete well-researched security measures.



Stor Place in Franklin has been in business for a long time as of May 2022. They have a very specific record of being absolutely great at their jobs with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who come to and from Franklin. They have all the modern technology available to make a great storage system even greater. This includes Drive facilities, 24-hour surveillance, dedicated servicemen and women and so much more.

Stor Place also has a very massive variety of sizes. Some have fixed prices and others require inquiry and are rented out based on their availability. They also have parking facilities and make sure that nothing is ever risked by giving unique security codes to every customer for their own individual storage unit. Your things are safe with Stor Place and no one can tell you otherwise.

Metro Self Storage

Metro Self Storage

Located at Wethan Circle, Metro Self Storage is a business that first opened in 1973, and ever since then, its expansion has been near unstoppable. In Franklin Tennessee, they’ve gotten hundreds of great reviews from satisfied customers who claim their services to be the absolute best. Security and privacy concerns can be forgotten once you sign up with Metro Self Storage.

What’s more? They have an amazingly clean and well-maintained facility. Their dedicated staff will show you the whole place if need be and help you choose the exact right size of storage unit you require for your items. Metro Self Storage also has a very amazing range of available sizes from large to medium to small, whatever size you want, Metro has you covered. Don’t think twice before calling them for an inquiry!

CubeSmart Self Storage

CubeSmart Self Storage - storage unit Franklin

A popular branch of the even more famous Cube Smart, this self storage unit has efficiency associated with its very name. Cube Smart Self Storage has a very knowledgeable staff that knows exactly what would suit your needs while you go out looking for a storage unit. They have big as well as mini storage units available which give us a great variety of options to look from.

They have amenities like 24-hour video surveillance, easy access, Drive Up facilities, temperature-controlled units for those looking for something specific, and much more. They’re easily one of the best storage unit out there and have a vast experience in the Franklin. You can rest assured after signing up with CubeSmart.

Secure Storage of Cool Springs

Secure Storage of Cool Springs - storage unit Franklin

A family-owned business with big storage units and bigger hearts. They claim to give you discounted and competitive rates better than anyone else you’ll find in Franklin Tennessee. They have all the important amenities like video surveillance, fenced and gated facilities, and much more. Their team is dedicated to driving the business ever forward just like it has been doing since its inception in 1999.

They also have mini storage available and great prices. You’d be happy to become a customer of Secure Storage because they keep the customer first with everything that they have in their power. Truly one of Franklin’s best, Secure Storage of Cool Springs is an amazing example of a great and secure business.

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Mallory Station Storage

Mallory Station Storage - storage unit Franklin

Located right at the pulse of Franklin, Mallory Station Storage is the final entry on our list. They’ve got a great deal of experience in their field and never make any sip-ups when it comes to the security of your stored item. All-day surveillance, and proper keycards for anyone looking to enter and/or exit the facility.

They also have one of the best RV parking facilities in Tennessee so if you’re looking for a great place that suits your requirements, Mallory Station Storage becomes a great option to choose.

Cool Springs Self Storage

With amenities like a gated and fenced facility, uncovered parking, boat and RV parking, moving supplies, contact-less renting, pest control, and so much more, it becomes incredibly difficult to underestimate how good Cool Springs Self Storage is. Their work is clean and efficient just like their many differently sized storage units in Franklin.

They claim to have full transparency in their conduct of business and are one of the most successful self-storage units in Franklin. Definitely worth more than a shot. First-month customers have some great advantages too!

A+ Storage

Just like their name, their ratings fall in the A + category. A + Storage is a locally owned company that has “raised the bar” in the self storage Franklin Industry. With multiple individual awards dedicated to their team members, A + has certainly made a mark in the business in Franklin. They have also expanded across Texas as well as Florida and are a speedily growing brand.

What about them is so good? They never charge an administration fee, have temperature-controlled storage units all over the building, and their prices are super competitive. It also provides insurance to protect your very highly valued items. They also claim to use frequent pest control so nothing can be ruined by antiques or modern machinery.

Benefits Of Using A Storage Unit:

Keep Things Neat And Tidy

How often do you use all of your stuff? You might keep a lot of things in an apartment even though you rarely ever go back to that city, or at least not as often as you use your clothes. A storage unit is a great way to make sure that everything stays clean, organized, and ready when you need it. Of course, if something gets lost you can always check in to the location again and hopefully get it back.

One advantage of renting a self-storage unit would be that most places have 24-hour access and will not charge for the first month since many people move their stuff in for the first time and are happy to get free space for a while.

Keep Things Safe and Contained

A danger with storing family heirlooms, books and other items that you would like to keep out of sight and mind is that they could be lost or mistreated. In the case of children, a storage unit can help guard against potential distractions experienced in their youth by keeping them busy and out of trouble. The same goes for having valuable items in the home that could be misplaced, damaged, or stolen.

Keep Things Out of Sight

If you’re a renter, having a self-storage unit can be great to get your things out of the way and still keep them in good condition. It can help to protect belongings from potential damage caused by the weather or the environmental surroundings in general, which are natural occurrences that often pass without our control. Also, if you’re worried about your very expensive possession, storage units can also keep them away from any harmful eyes that may fall upon them.

So, now you know some great benefits of having self storage units available to you. Now let’s get into all the great storage units available in Franklin Tennessee. There are some great locally owned units, some commercial entrepreneurship, as well as some multi-faceted famous storage units that are known for their success country-wide. So, let’s get straight into it.


These are the best 10 self-storage units Franklin but don’t take our word for it. If you have the time and money, try out the best there is and see for yourself what a difference it can make. If you do end up with a great storage unit, please let us know so we can promote it even further. They’re all very efficient and effective solutions when it comes to storage unit and they serve all in Franklin very well.

You can check the latest price of these facilities on their respective websites. All we can say is that if you choose one of these, you’re in for a wonderful experience that will leave your heart as well as your things happy and secure! They’ve left our list with a smile on their face…now it’s your turn to do the same!

There are lots of places online where you can find information about Franklin TN. Choose the one that’s the absolute best for you. Only try to choose the ones that have good and reliable reviews. Online transactions and facilities are great and convenient, however, we recommend you always go meet in person whenever possible and evaluate the whole facility physically.

This will help you make a more informed and personal judgment and will in turn lead to a better selection. Moreover, it’ll also give you a chance to get in touch with the staff members and make a more personal connection to those you’re leaving responsible for your valued possessions. From Franklin with love, we wish you the best in choosing the right self storage unit for you!

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