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10 Best & Most Rated Self-Storage Units in Fremont (2023)

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Self-storage units in Fremont are one of the best ways to store things that are important to you. There might be many reasons why you are searching for a self-storage unit. When shifting to a new place or just looking to free up some space, these storage units can be of great help. These storage units will help you to store all the items you want safely. Self-storage units allow you to store your items yourself.

This ensures that only you have access to your product and you know where everything is stored. Using self-storage units in Fremont is a smart and affordable choice. There are many companies which offer you their services in this department. We have compiled a list of the best companies for you to partner up with.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self-storage units in Fremont.


U Haul - storage units Fremont

Self-storage units in Fremont do not get any better than what U-Haul has to offer. Self-storage units in Fremont offered by U-Haul are some of the best. They have all of the necessities to make their storage units some of the best in the country. They are one of the most trusted names in the country. When it comes to storage solutions and moving trucks, they are the gold standard.

They have defined all of the industry standards in America. The trust that their clients have in them stems from the amazing service they have provided over the years. They have moving trucks for rent which is their most popular offering but their self-storage units are amazing as well.

Multiple types of self-storage units in Fremont that you can rent according to your needs. They have indoor storage units, vehicle storage units, outdoor storage units, and much more. The outdoor storage units are the best place for people who want to easily access their storage unit.

Moving your goods to your self-storage unit becomes easier with these units. Self-storage units in Fremont owned by U-Haul provide you with great security to give you peace of mind. The entire facility is covered with cameras. With these advanced technologies, you get the best storage units in Fremont at your disposal.

All of the storage units have alarm systems. U-Haul ensures you always have your items stored safely. The company wants you to have full faith in their facilities. The safety and facilities of this storage unit keep you in no doubt about the amazing services U-Haul has to offer. They provide you with reliable self-storage units in Fremont.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage - storage units Fremont

There are times when you may find your house to be congested with things that you might want to store away. If you live in Fremont, Extra Space Storage might just be the best place to go. This company has an array of self-storage units in Fremont. These units meet all of the industry standards.

The company is on the rise as one of the best storage companies in the region. Over the years this company has managed to exceed the expectations set on them by its clients and has risen to the top. The storage unit offered by the company is top class in all aspects.

They exceed the industry standard. The company believes that their clients should receive nothing but the best when it comes to the facilities they have. The company gives importance to making the experience of their clients in their facility a good one. They work to ensure all of the amenities they have to match the needs of their clients.

They have a pest control system that keeps all the unwanted bugs and other creatures away. We even Have a team of property managers for the self-storage units in Fremont. These managers are aware of all the needs which clients have and can help fulfill them.

They aim to help you out at every step of the way when you rent storage units with them. They have numerous fasciitis which you can access to get self-storage units in Fremont. The selection of storage units they have ensures all of their customers have units well suited to meet their needs.


Cubesmart - storage units Fremont

Smart storage solutions are plenty in Fremont. One of the companies which brings you some of the best solutions is CubeSmart. They are an American company that has a chain of storage units all across America. These storage units have all the things you need for them to be a great option for storing your goods.

They have the perfect solution for all of the different storage items you want. They have specialized units for the different items you need to store. While they have regular units which are great for storing items from your house, they have storage units for vehicles as well. They have many climate-controlled units you can have a look at. These units are the best to deal with the weather.

No matter what the weather is these units ensure that your items are in the best condition. These units are designed to maintain the optimal temperature throughout the year. This prevents any type of mange to your items due to the weather. These climate-controlled self-storage units in Fremont are ideal for all the items you want to store.

You should check out their website for the variety of discounts they have lined up for their customers. These discounts get you huge savings on the rent of the self-storage units in Fremont. You get a referral discount when you get more people to use their self-storage units in Fremont.

The company offers you free moving trucks which makes it easy for you to store the items in the self-storage units without any extra costs. You can use their website to select and rent the storage unit of your choice at great speeds.

Life Storage

Life storage - storage units Fremont

Storing your items in a safe facility is an important task. This company ensures that you are given all of the guidance you need while doing so. Life Storage is a company whose aim is to provide you with the best units and the best guidance out there.

They genuinely care for their clients and want to make it simple for them when they are moving into their storage units. Life storage have units of different sizes which can fit the different requirements which you will have. They have storage options for businesses as well.

Their business units have everything you will require to easily access anything you store in there. The company allows you to buy moving supplies from their website. This assortment of supplies that you can buy from them, helps you to pack your items perfectly.

These supplies will be delivered to your house without any shipping charges or can be picked up from thor storage facilities. They offer you all of the things you need for you to pack and store your goods without any additional hassles. They let you enter into short contracts which prevents you from being tied up in long contacts with them.

Simply Self Storage

Simply self-storage - storage units Fremont

Self-storage made simple is the tagline that fits this company the best. They manage to make it a breeze to get you the best self-storage units in Fremont. This company has received tons of p[ositive reviews from the numerous clients they have. Their clients have amazing things to say about the services which they offer.

They have the best-in-class self-storage units in Fremont. Any unit which you like can be booked from their website for free. After booking your unit you can pay the rent directly from their website. When you rent your storage unit you get quick access to it. Once you get access, you can enter the unit without having to go through any unnecessary procedures.

They have mini storage as well. These are self-storage units in Fremont that are ideal to store the extra goods that are congesting your house. They are much cheaper than the regular unit as well which makes it much more affordable. They have flexible contracts which will help you to modify the contract based on your needs.

With multiple locations in every state, they have the resources needed to give you a pleasant experience. You have full control over the storage of your goods which makes them one of the best self-storage units in Fremont.

West Coast Self Storage

West Coast Self Storage - storage units Fremont

This is a self-storage company that is serving only the people of the west coast. They are experts when it comes to having the best-placed storage units on the western coast. They have been known for their affordable rates. You find storage units that fit your specifications but at a much cheaper price.

They have ensured all of the leases are only monthly ones. This lets you have a convenient payment plan and prevents you from having to pay lump sums for having to rent their storage. All monthly payments can be paid online through their website. They secure the facility to ensure no one has unauthorized access to their units.

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All Safe Self Storage

All Safe Self Storage

To provide you with a safe facility, All Safe Self Storage has taken all of the important steps to give you the best in class security features the entire facility is always under video surveillance. All of the entry and exit gates are electronically controlled to keep the facility safe at all times. All units have their alarm.

This is a deterrent to any unauthorized person from accessing your storage unit. Apart from the safety features, they have focused on construction as well. All the units are constructed following the industry protocol and you can trust them to be safe to handle your goods. If safety is your priority, you should check out their self-storage units in Fremont.

Public Storage

Public Storage

Public storage is a company that has been in business since 1972. They have expert knowledge when it comes to self-storage units in Fremont. You have all types of storage units that one could ask for. From vehicles to personal items to boats you can store them all in their units.

They use the latest technology when it comes to storage. All the locks in their units are digital which means that you can access them through your phone and do not need to have a key. It also improves the security of the unit. They have some of the most advanced self-storage units in Fremont.

Saf Keep Storage

Saf Keep Storage

Saf has everything you need to store the goods you bring to their storage units. They have the best facilities for individuals and customers. Also, they have forklifts on the site which are needed to store and take out from your storage units.

They have moving carts that help you get quick transport words the entire storage facility. By filling in their autopay forms, you do not have to remember to make payments. The moving van o ruck will be provided by the company according to your requirements. Their staff helps you store the things you bring to your storage unit.

The Storage Spot

The Storage Spot - storage units Fremont

This company has everything to provide you with a hassle-free experience on their site. They have a gated facility that can only be accessed by their customers and staff. They have resident managers who stay on the site at all times.

You can reach out to them for any queries you have. Many of their self-storage units in Fremont have to drive-up access. You can get them to get dollies and carts to move your boxes to your self-storage units in Fremont.


The companies on this list are the best that are out there. They provide you with a selection of a variety of storage units. The different sizes of units help you to pick the ones ideal for your needs. These companies use amazing security measures which give you peace of mind.

You store your items in those units and know that there is no chance of them getting lost or stolen. These companies have the best self-storage units in Fremont for rent.

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