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10 Best & Secure Self-Storage Units in Grand Rapids (2023)

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Nowadays, a lot of individuals require a place to keep their belongings. They could opt to purge certain items from their home without throwing anything away, need a secure location to keep some of their possessions or elect to keep additional stock for their company that has to be on hand. A great option to do that is through self-storage units in Grand Rapids, which can provide you with a convenient location where you may store your belongings in safety and security.

Moving from one house to another is a very transitional time in life. During this interim stage, you’ll need to determine what to do with all of your personal things, including the numerous furniture pieces, appliances, and appliances you own.

If you don’t have enough space to store your items, renting storage units in Grand Rapids might be a fantastic practical alternative. You can put the items there that you don’t need right now but still want to keep for the time being. When renting a unit, you may locate the best storage units Grand Rapids has to offer here.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Grand Rapids

Devon Self Storage

Devon Self-Storage - storage units grand rapids

Regardless of which of their self-storage units in Grand Rapids you go to, you can count on their excellent customer service and reliable third-party management agreements. There are 4 self-storage facilities located across Grand Rapids, so you’ll always deal with local storage units from Grand Rapids experts.

What sets Devon Self Storage distinct from other self-storage facilities is their regional viewpoint on the subject. With simple and inexpensive self-storage options, Devon Self Storage is there to assist countless individuals and organizations. They deliver an amazing self-storage service by utilizing their extensive expertise and experience of the sector.

Devon Self Storage provides the knowledge and flexibility to develop a strategy for you, from extending a facility’s digital reach to supporting goals for storage rents and bookings. Along with having facilities that are conveniently situated, they work hard to customize their storage options to suit a variety of demands.

They may help you out if you require personal storage for a relocation or student storage for the summer. Commercial and military storage are also available at Devon Self Storage. The peace of mind that comes with renting self-storage units Grand Rapids from Devon Self Storage is a result of the numerous security features they offer.

Mini Storage Depot

Mini Storage Depot - storage units grand rapids

Not your typical self-storage facility, Mini Storage Depot is unique. You may locate what you’re searching for at any of their locations, and they are sure you will find a number of features and advantages at Grand Rapids. The helpful management team at your neighborhood Mini Storage Depot will be happy to answer your questions and tell you about the features they offer.

In assisting consumers with their needs, they take great pride. They are aware that you, as their client, don’t use storage to perform any activity. They have the resources and storage units Grand Rapids to meet your desire for additional space, and you need more space. To assist you, they eagerly await.

While delivering unmatched customer care that helps fulfill your needs, Mini Storage Depot delivers the most modern and cutting-edge amenities available in the self-storage business today. Their helpful team will assist you in locating the precise storage capacity, climate control choices, adaptable leasing periods, fair pricing, 24-hour access, or whatever else you may require.

They are aware of your storage requirements. They will, one client at a time, not only satisfy that demand but also go above and above your storage expectations. Mini Storage Depot is the perfect one-stop storage shop for you if you want to simplify your space.

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Boxer Storage

Boxer Storage

An economical and safe storage facility, Boxer Storage – Grand Rapids, serves the downtown Grand Rapids region. They provide fair prices and first-rate customer service. They have the ideal room for you if you’re looking for an easy-to-access storage facility for your belongings.

Conveniently situated on Jefferson Ave SE in Grand Rapids, Boxer Storage – Grand Rapids is resides in a former warehouse. For regions like downtown Grand Rapids, their facility offers the most practical storage option. The Salvation Army Family Store and Garfield Park are nearby where you may locate them. You can use Highway 131 to reach them between Burton and Hall, close to South Division Ave.

When you keep your possessions with Boxer Storage, they are in capable hands. They have modern security measures, such as video monitoring and restricted gate entrance, throughout their facilities, making them safe and secure. For further protection and privacy, the majority of their buildings are completely gated.

You can expect a stress-free storage experience because they act on your convenience. They provide 24-hour access, boxes and storage materials, quick online rental and bill payment, and drive-up access to their facilities. They are here to make moving easier, so begin storing right now.



This Grand Rapids, Michigan self-storage facility is easily accessible and has convenient hours for locals. Depending on your individual storage needs, their website offers a variety of unit sizes. Their small-sized unit will be an appropriate choice if you want to store away extra household items like furniture, books, or mattresses.

Your possessions will remain in a comfortable atmosphere when you store them in climate-controlled self-storage spaces. Grand Rapids is home to a number of young families thanks to its abundance of pubs, eateries, coffee shops, parks, and family-friendly entertainment locations.

If you reside in one of the numerous apartments close to this storage facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, utilize their units to store huge and bulky objects that will quickly tidy the area and give your smaller apartment a spacious appearance and feel. Visit them today to see what apartments are still available, and speak with their helpful customer service staff to see how you can save money with their discount programs.

National Storage

National Storage - storage units grand rapids

Self Storage Professionals are always present by National Storage in Grand Rapids and on-site at managing accounts around the Great Lakes. The individual consideration and care they put into each property is the foundation of their success. To give you the finest service possible, they rely on their expertise in marketing and market statistics.

Despite being supported by years of expertise, they think outside the box to meet the demands of their clientele. Customers and prospective customers may expect a positive rental experience from them. You can distinguish them by professionalism, cleanliness, security, and value.

They’ll offer competent, well-trained self-storage specialists who are eager, prepared, and equipped to handle their clients’ self-storage demands. They will grow as a company and live up to the expectations of their owners and investors by meeting the demands of their consumers.

Walker Self Storage

Walker Self Storage - storage units grand rapids

All of your storage needs may be met at Walker Self Storage, which offers a broad variety of alternatives. With them, you may choose a choice that is available in the precise size you want, regardless of the occasion. Looking for a location to house your product inventory, extra office supplies, and archival filing cabinets? By using Walker Self Storage to store your merchandise, extra office supplies, and file cabinets, you may free up precious workspace for your company and office.

They can help you organize and streamline your workplace and business. Walker Self Storage went above and beyond to make the entire process simpler for you. When they found themselves with all of your storing needs in mind. Customers may comfortably and conveniently keep anything that is cluttering their lives with the use of their Personal Storage option.

Which is the ideal answer to all of your storage demands. If you’re over the clutter, you’ve come to the correct spot. For all of your storage needs, Walker Self Storage offers a large array of solutions. Clients may safely and securely store all of their most important possessions with the help of their home storage solution. Let them handle your storage problems.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is the best choice if you’re looking for a convenient, safe storage facility close to Gerald R. Ford International Airport. From here to the airport is around 7.2 miles. With a range of storage spaces and top-notch security, Extra Space Storage on 28th St SE can meet residential and business storage needs in Grand Rapids. ExtraSpace’s storage facility in Grand Rapids provides the ideal area for you to store everything you need.

They provide apartments with sizes ranging from 3×4 to 12×30, as well as amenities like drive-up access and first-floor access. Customers should feel secure leaving their valuables in their care. Their building has an on-site resident manager, an electronic gate, and video monitoring because of this. At this place, you can get inexpensive storage lockers for as little as $19.

When you reserve storage space with them online at some locations, you can also benefit from fantastic move-in offers like the first month being free and the first month being reduced. The best is what you can anticipate when you choose Extra Space Storage. Because they offer dependable self-storage units Grand Rapids, they always keep the facility tidy and safe. Additionally, they have an accommodating, knowledgeable staff that is always happy to assist you.

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Kent County Self Storage

Kent County Self Storage - storage units grand rapids

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 28th Street, just west of Kalamazoo Avenue, is where you can find Kent County Self Storage. On the corner of Kalamazoo and 28th Street, just a few buildings below the Meijer, they are. Prior to renting storage, you are welcome to drive by the facility. Finding affordable, secure storage units in your area can be challenging. Bright Lights, Secure Entry, and Easy Access are all features of their location that their clients can take advantage of.

If you’re moving or working third shift, there isn’t a simpler storage option. Their goal is to provide the most convenient process and the Best Storage Value in Grand Rapids. You can observe the differences by comparing them to anyone. When a size becomes available, they will send you an email.

If the size you want is already taken, just add your email to the waiting list. You can quickly have a secure location for your belongings by renting space and receiving email access to the facility. Bring a lock so you can secure your unit, don’t forget.

Self Storage Secure

Self Storage Secure

They are the leading supplier of storage facilities in Grand Rapids. For all your individual, business, and automobile requirements with thousands of sites around the country. Self Storage Secure offers a large selection of self-storage units Grand Rapids and sizes. Without any commitment and without any obligations.

For both homeowners and businesses, their self-storage facilities are suitable. Make your reservation for a safe self-storage unit with them right now by giving them a call. Online storage unit rentals allow you to reserve a space, get a facility access code, and see the unit right away.

You can always count on their friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you. They keep clients and their belongings secure with security measures like on-site resident managers, round-the-clock video monitoring, and electronic gate access.

Choosing the ideal self-storage unit, climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage, and more is easy whether you need storage for your belongings or for a business. You can rent a storage space today without a credit card online or over the phone if you’re ready to do so. To answer your questions or give you a tour of a nearby storage facility, their staff is there to help.

Northwest Self Storage

Northwest Self Storage - storage units grand rapids

In order to build an environment of ongoing development, Northwest Self Storage embraces a mission of change with the assistance of its customers, neighbors, and staff. Their clients’ transitional phase is present in the job they undertake. They’re writing the next chapter of their life.  They are here to assist this progress by providing a storage experience that prioritises individuals.


The finest storage units Grand Rapids are extremely secure since they provide round-the-clock video monitoring. A variety of other cutting-edge security measures include fences, gates, fire prevention systems, live guards, and sufficient insurance. Since Your possessions can be kept secure with the aid of the above storage units Grand Rapids. 

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