10 Best Self Storage Units in Greenwood Indiana (2022)

Self-storage units in Greenwood Indiana are a great option to store your goods. You should always avoid pilling up goods at your home as they make the surroundings unclean. If storing household items is becoming a problem for you, then we have some great recommendations. Starting from goods storage to parking spaces for your RVs or boats, we have got it all figured out.

Goods security can become a big concern when handing over your prized possessions to a storage facility. We understand the value of your goods and hence have found some of the safest and the best storage units in Greenwood Indiana. These facilities have top security arrangements and are very reliable. Want to find the perfect storage unit that too at an affordable rate?

The list of 10 Best Self Storage Units in Greenwood Indiana in 2022

Extra Space Self Storage

Extra Space Self Storage - Storage Units Greenwood Indiana

Extra Space Self Storage is one of the best storage facilities in Greenwood Indiana. They have a total of three facilities in Greenwood. All of them are well equipped and have modern storage facilities. They are open seven days a week and provide you with extended access.

The Greenwood facility has multi-level storage units with extra storage space. These units have climate control and give direct access to the rental owner. They have elevators to carry your goods to the upper levels. Their indoor pathways are spacious and will make good shifting simpler. It have small and medium-sized units. They provide you with sturdy moving carts and shifting amenities.

Its also have cylinder locks which will ensure the safety of your unit. It often becomes a problem for rental owners to move large trucks in these unit areas. However, Extra Space can accommodate trucks larger than 20 feet. They also provide every unit with an electrical supply point. The units are clean and have enough light. Besides that, their rates are very low. This makes their units one of the best storage units in Greenwood Indiana.

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U-Stor Self Storage

U-Stor Self Storage - Storage Units Greenwood Indiana

U-Stor is a local self-storage facility in Greenwood. Other than Indiana, they have storage units at several other locations. Most of the storage facilities will charge you extra for 24-hour access. However, U-Stor will give you 24-hour access for free. You can take the monthly rental option or else they have a six months price guarantee plan.

Here the rental rates remain the same for six months without any last-minute increase in the tariff. This is an extremely secure facility with all security provisions. They have climate control units with security cameras. They also give you a door alarm. So, if in case someone tries to break in, you will be notified immediately. Their units are good enough to accommodate a number of goods.

Their storage space estimators will help you judge the storage space. The facility has all units on the same level and gives drive-in access to its clients. They have received the best customer reviews. So, if you are searching for safe storage space in Greenwood Indiana, then U-Stor Self Storage is the right option for you.

U-Haul Self Storage

U-Haul - Storage Units Greenwood Indiana

U-Haul Self Storage is a very well-established self-storage chain in the US. People trust them for their top-quality service and know their experience in the self-storage industry. They have four facilities near Greenwood Indiana. Their facilities will provide you with extra amenities like no other. Their facility has surrounded by fencing and walls.

They also have security camera surveillance. Unlike any other service, they offer goods insurance for extremely low monthly installments. All their units are climate-controlled and have drive-up access. The facility has wide driveways. The units are clean and spacious. Their units have 24-hour access. They also have all sizes of vehicle storage and open parking.

If shifting all the goods is one of your concerns, then U-Haul Self Storage facilities provide you with trucks and trailers for transportation. People have appreciated their customer service and prefer renting their storage compartments. If you are searching for an experienced service with transportation options, then you should book a U-Haul Self Storage unit.

Smith Valleys Storage

Smith Valleys Storage - Storage Units Greenwood Indiana

Smith Valleys Storage is another amazing self-storage facility in Greenwood Indiana. Their units are clean, spacious, secure, and affordable. Smith Valleys Storage will provide you with some of the best features. Their storage units are available in small, medium, as well as big sizes. The part that makes them unique is that all of their units are insulated and can control the climate to extreme temperatures.

They will give you 24-hour drive-up access. They have extra-large business storage units, where you can store excess furniture. Their facility is fenced and has live recording security cameras. Their units have electricity supply and heat controls. They also give rental insurance and take complete responsibility for the stored goods. They work on a monthly rental agreement basis.

Booking their unit on their website is very simple and turns out to be a convenient option. If you want to check out their storage compartments, then their office is open throughout the week. Their rates are very affordable. They have received good reviews and five-star ratings for their service.

Store n Lock Mini Storage

Store n Lock Mini Storage - Storage Units Greenwood Indiana

Store n Lock Mini Storage specializes in vehicle storage. It have RVs and boat parking slots as well as storage units. They have received great reviews for their friendly staff and excellent customer care service. It will help you find storage that will perfectly accommodate your vehicle. They are not just limited to vehicles and have normal goods storage units as well.

Its have a wide range of storage sizes available and give any time access to your unit. They have on-site security and safety measures. Goods safety is their top priority. Other than that, they also provide you with shifting supplies and boxes. The best part is that you can manage the storage space from the comfort of your home

. According to some reviews, their storages are very huge and have extra height. So, if you want convenient storage with a hassle-free monthly rental agreement, then Store n Lock Mini storage is the best storage option for you.

Greenwood Self Storage

Greenwood Self Storage


Greenwood Self Storage is a local self-storage facility in Greenwood Indiana. They give 24-hours drive-in access to the units. You can simply manage your storage from home. They have kept an on-site resident manager, who will take care of your belongings. Their facility also has a box and packaging supply store. This means you will not have to search for packaging supplies.

Unlike any other service, they give you a free truck rental and are based on an appointment system. Their staff is very cooperative and will arrange a truck for moving your goods. All of their units have climate control and are present on the ground floor. They are well equipped with modern security cameras and door alarms. This will keep your goods safe from theft and robbery.

They also provide you with individual locks on the indoor access doors. Their prime focus is to provide a positive storage experience to their customers. This is why they have arranged free coffee and beverages at their facility. The business owner himself will assist you with the necessary. Their facility has a high number of storage unit bookings and is one of the top facilities in the region. This is a very reliable and highly recommended service for you.

C&C Self Storage

C&C Self StorageC&C Self Storage has a state-of-the-art facility in Greenwood Indiana. They are known for their excellent customer service. Once you hand them over the responsibility of your goods you can sit back and relax. Their online booking software is highly efficient. They have successfully transferred their business to an online medium. This is a modern facility with all the latest advancements

. You can book, access, manage, as well as pay for your unit online. This has made storing goods at a self-storage facility hassle-free and less worrisome. They have four varieties of unit sizes available and give 24 hours of free access to every unit. They have average-height storage spaces with wide driveways. Their office is open only on weekdays.

However, you can contact them or approach them in case of an emergency. They have received some of the best reviews from their clients and are a trustworthy service. If you are searching for a service that will offer you value for money, then this is the place to go.

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Self Storage Concepts

Self Storage Concepts

If you have any self-storage-related issues, then Self Storage Concepts is here to solve your questions. This is a well-experienced facility with very capable staff to work for them. They have been operating in this business for the past 25 years. The facility is fenced and has a computer-controlled gated entrance. They give 24 hours of access to every driveway unit. Every unit has its own assigned security camera for surveillance.

Also, the doors have alarms to keep the goods safe. Rain-like weather can cause serious issues to storage facilities. However, this is not the case with Self Storage Concepts. They have sloped roofs and water-proof sealing to avoid seepage of water on your goods. The units are spacious and well-lit. The best part about them is that they do not require any security deposit.

They also have a rental insurance option, if you wish to follow all the safety protocols. They accept all types of payments and give special discounts to a lucky few. Their website has a proper size guide, which will help you understand the storage capacity of every unit. They have five general storage sizes to choose from. If you are a student or even a family then these units are good enough to accommodate your home essential goods.

County Line Self Storage

County Line Self Storage

Last on our list we have County Line Self Storage located on the famous County Line Road in Greenwood. They have all unit sizes available and do not require any cash deposits. Their facility has 24/7 customer access. They have clean and dry units ready for your goods.

Their drainage lines avoid the accumulation of water and snow. Also, they have installed vapor barriers inside every unit to control condensation. All in all, they have taken all the measures that will help you store your prized possessions in the best condition.

The facility is safe and secure and has all the necessary arrangements.  Their rental rates are exceptionally low. Irrespective of being last on our list, this facility has the best storage units in Greenwood Indiana. County Line Storage services understand the value of your goods and will take extra care of your goods.

Fairview Place Self Storage

Next on our list, we have Fairview Place Self Storage. This storage facility will offer you features like no other. They have a free truck rental for their clients. To make it even better they offer one month of free storage space. They give 24/7 drive-in access to every unit. Their facility has a resident manager who keeps a check on all the units. You can access the units whenever you want and manage the space.

They have packaging supplies shop as well as free beverage arrangements. The good part is that their units are present on the ground floor and have roll-up doors. The facility is fully climate-controlled and has taken all the security precautions

Their rates are extremely low and will help you save a lot of money. So what more could a customer want. If you are looking for a facility that will offer you everything and that too at a cheap price, then Fairview Place Self Storage should be on top of your list.


This brings us to the end of the list. These are some of the best self-storage facilities in this region. They know the value of your goods and will store them in the best possible condition.

All these services are trustworthy and reliable. We hope you liked this list. In case we have missed any great suggestions, drop them in the comments below. Keep checking our website for similar self-storage facilities recommendations.