10 Best & Cheapest Self Storage Units in Hastings, NE

Self-storage unit service is the most needed facility for almost everyone now. These units have great demand and are receiving a huge public response. It is a common thing to see our houses stacked with unwanted goods. Some of these goods are precious to us and we do not feel like throwing them away. Finding a space to accommodate these goods in our house can be difficult. This is why we have searched for the best self-storage units in Hastings NE.

These are some of the top self-storage units in Hastings NE. They are spacious, clean, and well-ventilated. It has often come to notice that the goods do not fit into the storage neatly and get damaged in this process.

This is the list of 10 Best Self Storage Units in Hastings NE.

Simply Secure Storage

Simply Secure Storage - storage units Hastings NE

Simply Secure Storage has all sizes of units available for you. Their sizes include mini storage, small, medium, large as well as extra-large compartments. They are one of the top self-storage facilities in Hastings. Their units are spacious and clean. Their compartments are designed to store boats and business equipment.

They offer drive-up access and rental insurance at their facility. Their units are modern and equipped with advanced facilities. They are a fenced and gated facility with security cameras installed everywhere. This will ensure the safety of your goods. Their rates are very affordable.

They also offer a flexible monthly lease for their customers. It is a family-owned service and they will make sure that you get the best user experience. The best part about them is that they are always open and give you 24 hours of access to your unit.

They also have private boats, yachts, or vehicle garages. You can visit them or book your rental unit online on their website. They have received some of the best reviews and five-star ratings from their customers. This brings Simply Secure Storage to the top of our list.

Husker Storage

Husker Storage - storage units Hastings NE

Husker Storage is a very well-known self-storage facility near Hastings. They have some of the best self-storage units in Hastings. Their units are available in all sizes. They also have extra-large size units to store vehicles. Husker Storage have advanced facilities like gated keypad entry. They give drive-up access to every unit.

So, you can simply enter the personal code at the gate and access your unit whenever you want. Their office is open five days a week. They have climate control features in their units. This will prevent your goods from dew, corrosion, rust, and other damage possibilities. Their units are well-lit with roll-up shutters.

These units have 25 percent extra storage space than usual and have extra height. You can use this extra heightened storage for big-size goods. They will also assist you in the shifting process. Husker Storage will offer you rates that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

They have the cheapest self-storage unit rates in Hastings. Also, their customers are happy and satisfied with their service. So, if you want to rent storage that will offer you quality at an extremely affordable rate, then Husker Storage is the perfect option for you.

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39th Street Secure Storage

39th Street Secure Storage - storage units Hastings NE

39th Street Secure Storage is another great self-storage facility in Hastings Nebraska. Their units are clean, dry, and secure. They give 24-hour drive-up access to every unit. Their facility is very safe and secure. They have security cameras recording the units.

Also, they have installed electronic keypad entry at their entry gates. They give personal unique code to every client. The part where they lack is that they have only two basic unit sizes available. These unit sizes are 10’ x 30’ and 10’ x 20’. These unit sizes are good enough to store furniture, household items, antiques, and huge-sized goods.

They also have RV storage available on a monthly rental basis. Their staff is very professional and will help you with the booking. You can book their unit on their website and grab your hand on some amazing offers. They have received some great reviews from their clients. So, if you wish to store your goods at a safe and secure location, then 39th Street Secure is the right place to go.

A&S Self Storage

A&S Self Storage

A&S Self Storage provides self-storage units for household as well as commercial goods. Their storage units are big in size and have sufficient space to accommodate large-sized goods. Their main goal is to make their customers feel satisfied and make them feel that their goods are safe.

They have received excellent reviews for their customer service. Their professional staff will hand over the units very fast. Their rates are very affordable. They have been providing this service for the past many years and have gained huge expertise.

Their units have climate control and drive-in access. The units are clean and dry. If you want to store your excess goods or office furniture in a self-storage unit in Hastings, then A&S Self Storage will provide you with the best service. They are very reliable and will help you find affordable storage options.

Nebraska Cold Storage

Nebraska Cold Storage

Nebraska Cold Storage is a very old storage company in Hastings. They have been operating in this industry for the past 23 years. Unlike other services, Nebraska Cold Storage is a cold refrigerated warehouse. So, if you have goods that need deep cooling for a long duration, then this is the perfect place for you.

They have some of the largest storage spaces. These spaces can accommodate goods in bulk. Thousands of food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and other production lines use these services for storing their large orders.

These services are different when compared to the other self-storage units on our list. However, if you wish to store your goods in extremely low temperatures or want storage with a deep cooling facility, then Nebraska Cold Storage is the best option for you.

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Lakeside Properties Self Storage

Lakeside Properties Self-storage is another great self-storage facility. They have been providing these storage units to many for the past several years. Also, they have climate control units to keep your goods safe from corrosion and rusting.

They have drive-in access to every unit and give 24 hours of full access to your personal storage compartment. They are open seven days a week. Their staff is very friendly and helpful. They will help you find the perfect self-storage unit size and will accommodate all the goods in the available space.

Their unit sizes include small, medium as well as large storage spaces. These units are well-lit and clean. They have a huge customer base and are trustworthy. They have received five-star ratings on Google. So, if you wish to store your goods at an experienced facility, then Lakeside Properties self-storage is the best option for you.

J Street Self Storage

J Street Self-Storage services offer both indoor as well as outdoor self-storage units in Hastings. They have climate control facilities with drive-up access to units. Their staff is very efficient and you can definitely rely on them for the storage facilities. It does not matter what size of unit you are looking for. J Street Self Storage facility has all unit sizes available for you.

They give instant access on a monthly rental basis. J Street Self-Storage has several security options including aa 24 hours active security camera. They have received some of the best reviews from their satisfied customers. Their rates are very affordable and will help you save money. This makes J Street Self-storage a strong contender on our list.


This was the list of 10 Best Self Storage Units in Hastings NE. These are some of the best self-storage units in Hastings with advanced storage facilities. They are trustworthy and will offer you the best storage options. We hope this list was helpful for you.

Save it for future reference. If we have missed any good recommendations in the area, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Also, make sure you visit our space for similar recommendation articles on different topics.