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10 Best & Most-Rated Self-Storage Units in Houston (2023)

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You will be both happy and surprised to know that shoots and has among the largest number of storage units in Houston. This includes some of the best market names like U-Haul, extra space, CubeSmart, Life Storage, Simply Self Storage, etc.

Hence, when looking for storage units Houston, there will be no scarcity. However, with so many options, you might get confused. Let go of your worries, Since the article below will provide all the necessary information needed to choose the perfect unit.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Houston


U-Haul - storage units Houston

U-Haul has always been the most defining storage sector within USA. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it is present in Houston, TX as well. This specific facility is located in Meyerland Area. It is located at 6808 Bissonnet St, Houston. Hence, if you wish to visit Dad facility, you can check them out.

This facility also comes with indoor storage. Moreover, they are located inside a single or a multi-Storey building. Consequently, you get two layers of protection from U-Haul. Undoubtedly, your items are kept safe against outside elements and degradation. Furthermore, they have a great security team and features to keep a check on your valuables.

The smallest unit that is available is 50 square feet. It is 5 by 5 by 9. It is located on the first-floor Street level climate. Furthermore, you get miscellaneous storage that will go up to two rooms. The current rate is 79.95 dollars a month. However, since the bookings get done very fast, you also have an option to reserve them with a deposit. There are also split-level storage units in Houston.

These are located on one floor. However, they get divided into upper and lower levels of storage units. You get different sizes. For instance, small, medium, large, etc. Furthermore, you should check the available sizes, since within these categories the sizes tend to vary.

The best part is that they also provide portable storage containers. This can be stored within your own property. Furthermore, you can get a maximum of 10 units from U-Haul. These will have the dimensions 8 by 5 by 7.5.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

There are as many as 42 locations of extra space near Houston, TX. Extra space always ensures that you get clean and secure self-storage. Moreover, these locations are downtown, in Midtown, and even in Houston Heights. Some important locations include 2222 SW freeway, 7879 Katy Freeway, 3101 till 1st St, etc. However, the best idea would be to check the link above to get detailed information.

Notably, you get quite a range of self-storage units. For instance, you have small, medium, and large cells storage facilities. This small units have the dimensions 4 by 5 or 5 by 4. Furthermore, you get 10 by 10 as well as. 10 by 20 in medium and large sections. Each facility will have its own self-storage units. Hence, it would be a better idea to actually visit each site individually.

Extra space storage has been a very long-standing self-storage facility within the nation. Hence, you can trust your valuables with their institution. They are known for their secure facility, dedication, as well as their proper maintenance.

Most storage facilities that are present in the link above, will have climate-controlled units. Recently, most of these places have started to include self-storage containers. Hence, you can store your valuables within your desired choice of property as well. Furthermore, extra space storage is known for its amazing customer service. You should definitely get in touch with one of their representatives in case of doubt.


Cubesmart - storage units Houston

Quite similar to extra space, Cube Smart also has a number of storage facilities near Houston. Actually, there are as many as 45 storage facilities provided by CubeSmart. Some of the best-known facilities include those at Washington Ave, Almeda Rd, and West Heimer Rd.

Furthermore, you can also find facilities at Shepard, Dr, Bellaire Blvd, 1508 Bingle Rd, etc. The link provided above will give you an insight into all these 45 storage facilities. Notably, many of them run discount offers as high as 35%. Moreover, you get sizes within small, medium, and large storage. Some facilities will even give provisions for vehicle storage.

Furthermore, these are affordable and cost between $75 to about $337. The costs can be lesser if you do not require extreme maintenance of your stored goods. One of the best locations that also provide vehicle storage includes 7017 Almeda Rd facility. Surprisingly, many of these facilities will offer costs less move in truck offers. Naturally, They take amazing care of your goods.

Firstly, they provide a great security team with manual as well as video surveillance. Secondly, they have climate-controlled units that are checked from time to time for any external infestation. On special requests, hourly checks can be made on delicate goods. However, this will cost you quite a lot.

Life Storage

Life storage

Life storage is even more extensive in terms of total locations of self-storage ffacilities.There are as many as 64 total self-storage facilities around Houston. Furthermore, among these 23 are located exclusively within Houston. The link provided above will give you access to all of these.

As many might know, life storage is a very long running storage facility. It has a very big reputation within this industry. Hence, it is considered the most reliable, facility loaded, and trustworthy company. All basic amenities you might require will be present in one of these units. Quite commonly, you get small, medium, and large storage units in Houston. Occasionally, you get vehicle, RV, and boat storage as well.

These units can be in the sizes 5 by 510 by 10 or 10 by 20. The sizes can get smaller or lower on special requests. For instance, You can get a storage unit as large as 10 by 30 in size. The costs will usually be between 50 to $350.00. There are climate controlled, self-storage units as well. The charges mentioned are on a per month basis. Some famous location includes the Jester Blvd, Bissonnet St, Houston, Long Point Rd, Houston, etc.

Pre-booking is available with a very small safety deposit. If you are a first-time user, you can even get one month free. Proper surveillance and security checks are always available. The link given above will also provide other units within Texas. Notably, climate-controlled storage units are very common, since Houston temperatures can get oppressively hot.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage - storage units Houston

Simply self-storage is another nationwide known brand for storage facilities. There are quite a good number of reputed facilities located within Clear Lake. Hence, if you are located around Bay Area, you will have easy access. Notably, this site has one of the best sorting filters and user interfaces. You can sort out your requirements on the basis of small, medium, and large storage facilities.

Furthermore, you can filter on the basis of features like first-floor access, elevator access, etc. Most of these will be climate control, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can also sort out your selections on the basis of price. For instance, low to high or high to low.

Customarily, the small storage unit will be five by five or five by 10. The medium storage unit is usually 10 by 10. Furthermore, the large units can be 10 by 15, 10 by 20 and even 10 by 30. These can also go as high as 20 by 20. However, unit sizes that are advertised in the link could be different in the real location.

Hence, it is recommended that you visit the location that you wish to buy or rent from. Before you sign your rental agreement, it is best you talk to a representative and get all the details. It is possible that special climate storage, maintenance, pest control, etc. Costs a little more. Altogether, simply self-storage has received great reviews as well as ratings.

Security Self Storage

Security Self Storage

Security self-storage is located at 8100 S Maine St. This is near Kirby drive and across from the NRG Park Stop. Security self-storage at South Main gives you plenty of drive-up options. Furthermore, you get climate controlled as well as outdoor parking spaces. Their staff is extremely friendly and the assisting manager will definitely help you out with every detail.

Furthermore, you will be given directions and advice on packing, storing, etc. Additionally, they also provide various moving supplies. However, it is possible you might have to pay a little extra for these. Not only is this a storage facility, but they are moving and storage consultants as well. That consultancy services are primarily based in Texas Medical Center, Rice University, West University Place, etc.

Additionally, there are quite a few wonderful features that you will find in this location. Firstly, every unit is clean, well maintained, and well lit. Not only does this insert proper preservation of your goods, but also make sure that they are secure. You get video surveillance as well as manual surveillance. Furthermore, you have 24/7 access. Locations also include Dairy Ashford, Westheimer, and Stroud.

The office hours are between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday. The office is also open on Saturdays and Sundays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, as well as 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Before you visit any location, it is best to inform the office in advance.

Metro Self Storage

Metro Self Storage - storage units Houston

Metro Self Storage is located at Houston Gessner Rd. The link given above will also give you all their contact information along with the helpline number. There are quite a great number of sizes you can consider out here. For instance, you have the five by 10 or the 10 by 10 small storage unit. You also get medium storage units. For instance, 10 by 15 or 10 by 20.

Additionally, you get storage units that are extremely large and can go as high as 10 by 30 in size. There are special spaces for parking facilities as well. For instance, you get 8×15, 10×20, etc. In terms of parking space. Furthermore, you will have absolute drive up access to their facility. In case you’re not sure of the sizes that you will require for your amount of goods, you can use their size guide.

They have a very special section of metro Size Guide which is extensive and highly informative. Additionally, their customers are always satisfied and have left some of the best reviews. The customer representatives are very friendly and answer each and every of your query with great patience. The pricing is highly affordable. Factually, these are the cheapest you will get around Houston. You can start at $32 and end at about $132 at maximum.

Store Space Self Storage

Store Space Self Storage - storage units Houston

This is a definite option to consider among storage unit Houston. It is located at 5512 S Willow Dr Houston. Furthermore, the link given above will also give you driving directions. There is a range of storage units available. For instance, 5 by 10 and 5 by 15. Further, you can get anything between 10 by 10 and 10 by 20. They also provide vehicular storage. However, this is uncovered.

Although, you get good security. A downside could be that most of these units are non-climate controlled. On the basis of this, the prices they offer could seem very exploitative. Fought instance, their smallest unit which is non climate controlled, starts at more than $45.

Then medium storage unit will cost you on average $90. Whereas the biggest storage units can cost you as much as $250. However, vehicle storage is cheaper and costs about $70. Reservations are free and you will not be charged any security deposit.

Premium Spaces

Premium Spaces

Premium spaces is a well-known and fast-growing storage chain around US. That Houston facility is located at 215 Wynne Street. We have given the link above, and you should check out all their facilities, features, sizes, etc. Although the office stays closed on Sundays and Thursdays, otherwise they’re open. Hours are very accessible. You can visit them anytime between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Their representative staff is highly friendly and gives great assistance.

Furthermore, you get great sizes starting from 5 by 10 and going up to 10 by 30. However, on the downside, these will not be climate controlled. Notably, the best features include high ceilings, great security, drive-up access, as well as unique access codes. Altogether, it is something you should check out. The prices start at $88 and go up to $357.

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iStorage - storage units Houston

Last but not the least, we have istorage at Houston. This storage facility is located at W Grace St. For further directions, do check the link above. The available units are usually considered small storage. You will start at around 5 by 5 and go up to 7.5×10. However, from a that is medium storage available as well, which starts at 10 by 10. Further, this can go as high as 10 by 16.

Additionally, there is large storage option available to. This can go as high as 10 by 30. istorage is very popular in Houston. Hence, the bookings should be done well in advance. The costs will start at about $60 a month. The medium storage will start at $169 a month and the large will go up to $424 a month.


As is clear by now, there’s no limit to the number of options you get for storage units, Houston. From climate control to vehicular storage, everything is provided in the list above. You will find a large number of options listed on Google. However, the best of these will be in the list that we have created.

Vivo recommends, browsing through these, and pick an option from within here. If you feel, that’s something is missing in the article, please leave a comment below. In case you need further assistance in storage information, then you can get in touch with us directly,

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