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10 Best Self Storage Units in Huntington Beach (2023)

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Regardless of how big your house or business is, there will always be some items scattered around. You’re not alone if you feel like you constantly trying to clean up your spaces, but the mess just keeps getting bigger. You must first consider the area and the basis for your need before making your choice of a storage facility. For storing objects they no longer routinely use, most individuals utilise boxes. If you are looking for storage units in Huntington beach, then you have arrived at the right place. 

Due to their usage of enormous amounts of space for movement, some individuals would not consider this to be a significant issue. Yet take into account what it would imply for you. having more room and feeling relieved after getting rid of items you no longer use or need. If you don’t use something regularly, especially something you respect and adore, keep it all in storage. Just keep in mind that some storage units in Huntington beach double as extra garages for your car. If renting more storage space gives you second thoughts, take a look.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Huntington

SmartStop Self Storage

SmartStop Self Storage - storage units Huntington beach

To make renting a self-storage unit simple and hassle-free, SmartStop operates dedicatedly. They run a large number of practical sites around the US and Canada and back them up with first-rate customer assistance. A wide range of consumer demographics are all well-understood by SmartStop Self Storage in terms of self-storage Huntington beach.

Their expertise with a significant portfolio that covers many locations has helped them build their buildings, educate their team members, and develop their service offering. They understand that these communities are where their clients and workers live and interact, and that this is where they have the most potential to make a difference and affect others positively. Everything they do, including how they choose employees and interact with and serve others, is influencing by this point of view.

Ayres Self Storage

Ayres Self Storage - storage units Huntington beach

Ayres Self-Storage has been a leading moving and storage company in Huntington Beach for more than 25 years. With a dedication to service and value, they have serviced their consumers. They offer the greatest individualised service at competitive prices. They are certain to meet your demands whether you’re seeking storage units or extra room for your garage or bike. 

Their enormous storage facilities offer the ideal storage space for automobile, RV, or boat storage, as well as motorcycle storage and more. Modern storage facilities that are conveniently placed in Huntington Beach are something we take great pride in.

They are eager to assist you with your self-storage needs. For brand-new clients looking for self-storage units Huntington beach, Ayres Self Storage is pleasing to you with a special coupon. As part of the ongoing promotion, brand-new clients can rent any storage container and get a padlock for free.

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Seacliff Self Storage

Seacliff Self Storage

The greatest storage options in Huntington Beach can be found at Seacliff Self Storage for its clients. They’re located at 18100 Kovacs Lane, a short distance from Highway 1 in the west and Interstate 405 to the east. Fountain Valley, Westminster, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, and Irvine are just a few of the nearby towns that they are delighted to serve. 

They can provide a broad range of storage unit sizes, from tiny closet-like rooms to enormous warehouse areas, thanks to their more than 1,700 available places. For vehicles including automobiles, boats, and RVs, parking is available as well. They employ 24-hour security cameras and a computerised gate entry system that only enables existing tenants to enter the building to keep your possessions safe.

Public Storage

Public Storage - storage units Huntington beach

Near Highway 39, often known as Beach Boulevard, in Huntington Beach, Public Storage spaces resides between Talbert and Slater avenues. On-site storage facilities come in a range of usable sizes and include both indoor and outdoor units with drive-up access.

Simply search for their Public Storage Orange rollup doors if you need self-storage Huntington beach close to Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. Families and neighbours near Hope View Elementary School who want to declutter may put all of their outdoor leisure equipment for excursions to the beach or Central Park in a 5×10 storage unit.

Pack your Christmas decorations and out-of-season clothing behind the sports equipment, kites, hiking equipment, pickleball sets, beach umbrellas, and sand chairs. Another choice for these storage rentals is golf storage, or bike storage for riding the Huntington Beach.

Curbside Self Storage

Curbside Self Storage

They founded Curbside Self Storage way back in 2004, taking the risk. A modest warehouse, one delivery vehicle, and only 40 little units were their first assets. The firm it is today was able to expand because Curbside Self Storage put in a lot of effort and provided their clients with exceptional customer service. 

Currently, they have over 500 units in five various sizes, four delivery trucks, a sizable facility, and, most of all, an absolutely amazing workforce that makes it all possible. More than 70% of their business comes from previous clients or recommendations.

You can count on them to make your storage experience as easy as possible. They primarily rely on customers like you who enthusiastically recommend Curbside Self Storage to their friends, family, and neighbours.

Thunder Storage Company

Thunder Storage Company - storage units Huntington beach

Chris and Darcy Alsop, a husband and wife combination, started the Thunder Storage Company from scratch. Together, they strived to build self-storage units Huntington beach facility where clients feel appreciated, protected, and safe. With the best possible customer service in a first-rate self-storage facility, they want to maintain this atmosphere.

By placing a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service and going above and above for their tenants, they hope to imitate “The Nordstrom Way.” Don’t look anywhere else when you’re ready to rent your next storage unit than Thunder Storage Company in Huntington Beach.

They provide premium storage spaces at affordable pricing with brand-new construction in a cutting-edge facility. In addition to excellent customer service, online bill payment, flexible hours, many cameras for improved security, and packaging supplies, they also provide more.

All Space Self Storage

All Space Self Storage

Wide, simple-to-navigate lanes allow you to come and go whenever you choose. Regardless of the size of your car, and All Space Self Storage has constructed its facilities to be as user-friendly as possible. If you want to talk to the on-site supervisors about any issues, they are always accessible.

They take pleasure in offering free dollies and carts. For everyone’s convenience in order to make relocating as easy as possible. You have flexibility and assurance when working with All Space Self Storage. Since there is no deposit needed to make a rental and all of their contracts are month-to-month.

They begin by providing exceptional customer service; they pay attention to your concerns; and they properly train their staff so that they are always prepared with helpful responses. They then keep their self-storage facility up to a high degree of cleanliness, keeping it fixed and safe from any disruptions. For your stored valuables, they provide expert pest control services, high-quality locks, and purchasable protection plans. 

Then, because their managers reside on the site, they go above and above. For after-hours assistance and payment needs, their phone centre is open around-the-clock. Last but not least, they provide online services to make your time with them as comfortable as possible. You may use these services to book a storage unit and make your payment fully online.

Security Public Storage

Security Public Storage - storage units Huntington beach

Your self-storage needs in Huntington Beach will be fully satisfying experience by Security Public Storage’s range of options. Your personal or commercial storage facility, as well as your RV and boat parking space, are accessible seven days a week. Their extended access hours are in value by contractors and other commercial clients.

They provide a free moving vehicle to assist you in loading your Huntington Beach storage unit. They all have separate security alarms for each storage container, and you can access them via their automatic gate.

SPS Honest Pricing is guaranteed on all of their Huntington Beach storage unit costs. Without entering into a long-term agreement, rent a storage space on a monthly basis. No shady charges or deceptive advertising constitutes honest pricing. Your understanding of the promotion’s timeline is made plain by the straightforward language they use in their design. They provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees for their storage units in Huntington Beach.

Storage Outlet

Storage Outlet

Serving Huntington Beach’s self-storage requirements, Storage Outlet is a family-run business in Southern California. They take pride in their approachable management style at their storage facilities in Huntington Beach. They are able to call many of their self-storage clients by name.

Additionally to being a relationally oriented company, they also provide the finest storage prices in the area. Because of their inexpensive prices, consumers may keep their storage units for an extended period of time. They can declutter their homes, store excess merchandise for their small businesses, or really make space in their garage.

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Extra Storage

Extra Storage - storage units Huntington beach

Extra Storage has made it a priority to give its esteemed clients the greatest self-storage facilities available. Ever since the company’s founding in 1986 by way of their dedication to providing self-storage that is inexpensive, dependable, and clean. They’ve emerged as one of the top self-storage companies in Southern California.

They are better able to comprehend what their consumers want from a self-storage facility. By exclusively placing their facilities in the Southern California, CA region. Extra Storage in Huntington Beach, California puts your mental health first. Huntington Central Park is conveniently close by; they are a few blocks from Slater Ave. and Beach Blvd.

Your storage experience is something they work to make as simple and convenient as they can. They provide month-to-month rents, access seven days a week. They have the most affordable pricing in the neighbourhood at their self-storage facility in Central Huntington Beach. At Extra Storage in Huntington Beach, talk to one of their helpful, competent managers right away. To learn how to obtain the extra space you require.


Storage units Huntington Beach are prepared to supply you with storage options for every requirement you may have. With affordable storage services, so you may experience storage in a simple way. When choosing a storage facility to rent from, it is crucial to read the reviews. Examine the requirements and advantages a storage facility offers. Making the best choice will be made easier as a result.

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