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10 Most-Popular Self-Storage Units in Illinois (2023)

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Self-storage companies are all over the country, and they’re booming right now. With the rise of online self-storage companies and the expansion of self-storage companies across the country, more and more people have begun to realize the benefits and added convenience that they offer. With the improvement of technology, more people have begun trusting self-storage companies than ever before. storage units in Illinois are super popular as well, and there are many companies that offer self-storage services across the state. Check out our list of the ten best self-storage unit services and companies across the state of Illinois.

What are self-storage companies?

Self-storage companies are businesses that allow you to store your belongings in their storage units for fixed periods of time. You can do this as a personal user or for business purposes to store your merchandise or inventory. They have gotten very popular because of the convenience they offer to people.

The great deals these companies offer make self-storage a very attractive option. Self-storage companies offer a wide range of storage options, such as simple lockers and containers, to large storage spaces equipped with shelving. Some even go the extra mile and offer storage units with temperature-controlling technology for specific storage needs, for sensitive goods or perishable items. Many of the best storage companies offer high-quality security systems, such as biometric access, locks, high-tech safes, and so on. Many even offer access to security camera footage. 

Why do people use self-storage units?

People use self-storage units for a number of reasons. If anyone happens to be shifting or moving, which is very common these days, using a self-storage unit to store your goods temporarily while you are in the process of moving in is very convenient. since, for long-term storage, like if you are moving out of the city, you can keep your belongings in a unit so they can securely hold on to your belongings while you are away.

People use them for business purposes too. Business owners can store documentation and paperwork that are important in a safe storage unit instead of storing them at the office. It takes up lots of space and puts them at risk of loss and loss of confidentiality. Extra merchandise can be stored in storage units too.

People also use storage units to keep their extra belongings such as clothing, furniture, or old things that they don’t want to part with as well. If there happens to be no space at home, a storage unit will always be a good idea. Self-storage units in Illinois are very popular as well, and here is a list of the ten best ones to choose if you plan on using self-storage units in Illinois.


Cubesmart - storage units illinois

CubeSmart is a very popular option for those looking for a self-storage unit in Illinois. They have a presence all over the state, from Bellwood to Chicago. In fact, they have 67 units in different towns across the state. They offer 5 different kinds of storage – household storage, moving storage, business storage, vehicle storage, and climate-controlled storage.

The self-storage option is the most popular, and what’s super convenient is that they offer tape, boxes, and other packaging supply at their lobbies. That means customers only need to pull up with their items. There is no limit to the amount of additional space you can create as well. The unit sizes in this category are about 5×10 or 10×10, enough to fit the contents of a regular apartment.

They also offer storage lockers for smaller needs. Moving storage is a super convenient option for people who are shifting from one town to another, and CubeSmart offers a variety of truck sizes for these needs. Moving supplies are provided as well. Their business storage service is a very popular option for those looking for self-storage in Illinois, with a variety of options and sizes.

Vehicle storage is a unique offering from this business as well. CubeSmart offers storage spaces for all kinds of vehicles, from cars to RVs and even boats. Climate-controlled storage facilities are available as well, fixed with electronic gates, CCTV footage, and flexible leases.

Central Storage

Central Storage

Central Storage is one of the most convenient options for people looking for self-storage units in Illinois. It has facilities in Deer Creek, where they offer standard storage facilities, in Greenfield Crossing where they offer a wider variety of storage units and spaces. This includes an extra large unit, and trailer facilities available for pickup from Eureka, Illinois.

To get started you simply can visit their website and fill out an application. Alternatively, you can also give them a call to place your order after asking for specifications. Their price ranges are very competitive. The standard units start from 70 Dollars per month, and go up to 360 dollars for the extra large spaces per month. These are great deals that you should definitely consider.

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Main Street Mini Storage

Main Street Mini Storage - storage units illinois

Main Street Mini Storage has 4 locations for facilities across Illinois, in Morton, Washington, Hopedale, and North Pekin. To rent, you can give them a call and even rent online from their very easy-to-access website. To rent a unit, you simply have to select which unit you want after browsing their website, and then you need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

Then, enter your billing info to process the payment, and your order will be confirmed. They offer a wide variety of storage types including RV storage, boat storage, and indoor storage units. However, the smallest unit, 10 x 11 dimensions, would cost $65 a month. In the Hopedale facility, it is cheaper for a unit of the same dimensions, at $55 a month.

Mini Max Storage Company 

Mini Max Storage

Mini Max Storage Company is one of the most trusted places for self-storage in Illinois. Operating as a locally owned self-storage service since 1978, they are well known around the state. You can place orders by visiting one of their facilities or calling them on their numbers.

They have great customer care services that will help you place any kind of storage order that you might need. Customers can also reserve storage units on their website, and they offer attractive discounts for online reservations. 

They also offer temperature and humidity-controlled storage units in Peoria, Illinois. The smallest, 5’x10′ unit costs 72 dollars a month, and the largest, 12’x16′ costs 171 dollars a month. They have other units in Washington.

Washington Self Storage

Washington Self Storage - storage units illinois

Washington Self Storage is a convenient self-storage facility located in Washington, Illinois. They have a variety of storage units available, from 10×10 sized units to 10×30 sized units. These range from 65 dollars a month to 110 dollars a month. Furthermore, they also have an 11×11 sized indoor unit for 127 dollars a month.

Climate-controlled units are available as well, going for 92 dollars a month for the 7×11 sized one, and 101 dollars a month for the 9×11 sized one. Since, they also offer outdoor storage units for boats, RVs, etc, which go for 40 dollars a month.

Morton’s Best Storage

Morton's Best Storage

Morton’s Best Storage is a popular self-storage company in Morton, Illinois. To make a reservation, you can visit their facility in Morton or call their office number. To make an appointment, there is a link on their website where you need to fill up a form to book an appointment at their facility.

They offer a range of units ranging from 5×10 which can fit the contents of several boxes of small items, upto 10×30 sized units which is big enough for a 4 or 5-bedroom house with furniture, appliances, etc. Their pricing information is not available on their website so making an appointment or calling up their number is the best option for more details.

SRP Self Storage

SRP Self Storage

SRP Self Storage is a reliable self-storage company in Illinois with facilities in Eureka, Washington, and East Peoria, Illinois. They are known for their climate-controlled units and their 24 hours security service that they offer in all units. SPR self-storage claims to offer a simple and hassle-free storage experience for their customers in Illinois.

Their small units are very affordable starting at 25 dollars a month, medium units at 50 dollars a month, and large units for 85 dollars a month. Digital video surveillance and drive-up access are added convenient offerings to make their customer experience better.

Climate-controlled facilities start at 35 dollars a month for the smallest 5×5 dimensions unit. A unit of 8×10 dimensions which is big enough to fit the contents of a full bedroom costs 70 Dollars a month.

Muller Road Storage Inc.

Muller Road Storage Inc - storage units illinois

Muller Road Storage Inc is a reliable and trustworthy self-storage unit In Washington, Illinois. To request an appointment, you can visit their website where you will find the link to request a unit. Since, by filling out an application, you can get one. You can even give them a phone call on their office number. They are currently offering exciting promotion customers who pay for a year’s rental in advance receive one month for free.

Their single standard garage storage unit is 10 x 24 dimensions and has vaulted ceilings. Since it is big enough to hold the contents of a 3-bedroom house and a few vehicles and costs around $90 a month. For details of other units and their pricing, you will have to give them a call or request more details through an application.

Lighthouse Self Storage

Lighthouse Self Storage - storage units illinois

Lighthouse Self Storage is a company that offers self-storage units in Illinois. They are located in Morton, Illinois, and offer a variety of storage unit options. Starting from a 170 square feet unit for 85 dollars a month, to a 702-square-foot unit that goes for 395 dollars a month, they have some of the biggest storage units in the state.

They even offer a 5045 square foot unit that is insulated, available for 3500 dollars a month. These are some of the biggest available in the state and are perfect for business owners looking to store inventory, merchandise, and heavy equipment. To rent a unit, you can visit their website and request a unit through their online portal.

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Cedar Street Mini Storage

Cedar Street Mini Storage - storage units illinois

Cedar Street Mini Storage is a popular self-storage service that has facilities across Illinois in East Peoria, Morton, Washington, Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford. Their facilities are fully equipped with video cameras, are well-lit, and have 24-hour gate access for added customer convenience.

They are open 24/7 and on all days of the week, and offer drive-up access. Their extra wide driveways allow larger vehicle access to easier pickup and drops. Their many large units come with extra-wide doors that are perfect for business. 

Cedar Street Mini Storage offers a variety of storage unit options, ranging from 5×10-sized units to 12×35-sized units. Vapor barrier ceilings are available in some units to help control moisture as well for sensitive items. Their prices are competitive, ranging from 50 dollars a month for 5×10 sized units, to 175 dollars for 12×35. 


There was our list of the 10 best self-storage units in Illinois for all your storage needs, whether it is for personal or business purposes. With the wide range of options available, you are sure to find a store that suits your needs on our list. Check out the stores on this list for the best self-storage experience in Illinois, and find great deals along with amazing customer service.

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