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10 Best & Safest Self-Storage Units in Fredericton (2023)

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Are you worried about shifting and looking for affordable and professional storage in Fredericton? Don’t worry at all we are here for you for providing you best services. You will need to maintain your possessions with us and trust our valuable stuff to storage units in Fredericton. We don’t recognize is often a demanding experience. On the internet, where a bunch of companies has flashy websites that are offering you the world at cheap prices. However, proper marketing and web design do not always suggest that they’re reliable storage units in Fredericton.

We desired to assist demystify the sector of self-storage. Collating all of the records you want into a handy manual to help you make a knowledgeable decision. We’ve constructed a list that you could trust, based on client opinions from across the internet.

Thus, we selected the 10 excellent storage units in Fredericton and furnished a good deal of records. We should collect about them – starting from services included to online reviews and the whole thing in between. We assist you in selecting suitable storage units according to your requirements.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Fredericton 

Public storage

Public storage - storage units in Fredericton

The famous founders are one and only Wayne Hughes and Ken Volk who proudly started this business in 1972. It changes the whole landscape of how individual belongings are kept safely and securely. At that time, storage was an unusual and exceptional necessity.

Both the founders have said that they could foresee again what nowadays an easy but developing and demanding phenomenon. The rising of the desire for secure and effortlessly available storage units in Fredericton. They turned this novel concept into an increasingly revolutionary multi-billion-dollar industry standard.

By increasing their first site in Southern California right into a 2,200-location empire spread throughout 38 American States. The founders did not stop there. They took this idea north of the border and in 1979, Storage Canada opened its first region in Brampton, Ontario. They have not stopped since then.

With over 60 places nationally and still developing, Public Storage Canada has helped Canadians with their storage needs. They provide them with the precise area they want, when they want it, and for so long as they want it.

One could believe that they will help you pick the proper storage alternative for your desires. We make it easy: all of our places have everything on the official site, with unbeatable value offers.

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Apple Self Storage

Apple Self Storage - storage units in Fredericton

A company famous for its wide range of selection of temperature-controlled storage units in Fredericton is Apple self-storage. Apple self-storage offers a wide variety of storage sizes, all along with drive-up or internal access.

Apple self-storage offers its customers dollies and carts of various sizes. These pieces of equipment are specially designed for various loadings to make shifting easy and secure for both parties.

Individual alarms are set in all the storage units that give everyone a tense-free environment. When all units consist of alarms, they indicate the load themselves and handle the fragile item well.

All the stores of Apple self-storage are easily convenient to approach for storage units in Fredericton. Apple self-storage stores are open 7 days a week and provide 24×7 services to its customers.

Whether it is day or night they are available for the service of their customers. Apple self-storage is in the market for more than 40 years and it is worthy of mentioning it. And services provided by them are phenomenal and thus they own a brand in the market.

It consists of a truly dedicated and customer-friendly staff which is not easily found in any other company. Their special devices like ground-floor devices add more gems to the company as it moves items safely.

The team of Apple self-storage provides world-class services with a full guarantee of customer goods that is hard to find. The company also offers a drive-up service that makes the loading and sell-off of your garage unit efficient.

It provides various services to the customers and the digital cameras for surveillance provide security of 24×7. You can also visit their website for more info on the services offered about them.

AMJ Campbell

AMJ Campbell - storage units in Fredericton

It has been helping people to shift their homes and businesses, as it is just 10 minutes far from Fredericton. They carried the western half of the province from the New Brunswick/Quebec border to the Greater Saint John area. It shares a border altogether with Saint Andrews and St. Stephen.

Their moving crew can assist you in planning a domestic, a workplace moves, or creating a big global move. There are many motives the AMJ Fredericton moving crew is so good at what we do.

First, they are very much involved with their surrounding environment which in return helps them hugely in reading them properly and thoroughly. Second, we live right here, we know the bits and bobs of our groups and the businesses in them. The crew is aware of a way to make sure the people that stay and work here are glad about our carrier. Lastly, at the same time as we’re truly nicely versed on the neighborhood level.

We’re additionally fortunate to be subsidized through Canada’s biggest coast-to-coast transferring company. So, we have the infrastructure and sources to assist our neighbors make vital adjustments to their lives—worry-free.

Best Home Storage

Best Home Storage - storage units in Fredericton

For those who live in the southern part of famous Fredericton, this company is the best service provider available for them. If you stay close to Fredericton, Oromocto, New Maryland, or Keswick Ridge, you’ll genuinely benefit from our beneficial amenities. Head over to the unit prices page and take a look at our drive-up devices!

You mustn’t assume outside the container to remedy your garage desires. At our facility, you may load and dump your belongings while it’s extra handy for you. We will work with you to make certain that you get the proper unit size.

We assure you that they could attempt to be a satisfaction to work with via your move. Their self-garage devices are smooth and properly maintained for storage. They have climate-managed storage devices which give the best performance for commercial or residential use.

Their group is brief with the transactions and getting you into our devices, so don’t hesitate to contact us. You also can reserve your spot online for a good faster-renting revel at Best Home Storage.

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U- Stor Self Storage

U-Stor Self Storage - storage units in Fredericton

U-stor self-storage offers the worth of storage at a reasonable price. They offer a clean and steady Storage Facility mixed with remarkable customer support. At U-Stor Self Storage, we recognize how vital it’s far that we preserve your belongings securely and securely.

You could be furnished together along with your key. You can get admission to your storage day or night, no questions asked. Our centers are under surveillance that is how we can assure that your belongings are secure with us.

U-Store makes it clean to transport right into a unit, and make a payment. You can replace your information via’s online account control system. Over the years, they’ve shaped strategic partnerships with U-Haul if you want to facilitate the general transferring process.

Show it All

Show it All

One of the most reliable companies shows it all. It is locally owned and operated and the company is serving the customers proudly for many years. They offer self-storage units in popular places like New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island that match all of your needs – huge or small!

Their drive-up units have a unique and special roll-up door for fragile items in your goods. They usually advise a drive-up unit for the safety of heavy assets which include heavy and huge furniture. Alternatively, their inside units are located some steps away from the entrance with huge hallways and doors.

Indoor access is right for heading off harsh climates or factors and permits you to organize objects in the hallway. For the exceptional of each world, our Inside Drive-up gadgets provide the ease of drive-up access inside heated drive-thru – to be had at our Sherwood Road location.

AAA Self Storage

AAA Self Storage

After apple self-storage, the other that pops up in several minds is AAA self-storage only. AAA self-storage is first located in Prince George, BC. The company is ranked as the most popular storage unit in Fredericton.

At AAA they always strive for perfection and make the journey of customers easy and smooth. They provide various tips to their customers that how to pack different items if needed in the future.

They secure their top position by offering the best quality services and fully secure 24×7 eye security of customers’ belongings. The customer can find various objects in the front foot of the storage only so that he doesn’t get confused.

When packing your garage unit, create a middle aisle for access to all objects. Do not area boxes at once on concrete floors, however, use pallets or skids to save you moisture absorption.

If you are storing tables and different furniture, get rid of legs and save tabletops and sofas on end, to keep space. Old photographs tend to curve over time. To maintain them flat, area them among pieces of cardboard and tape them together. Drain gas and oil from lawnmowers and different objects with small engines.

Sam’s Storage

Sam’s Storage

Sam’s storage is the storage that provides contactless access to the customer to the business. They are available 24×7 for customers and are awarded as the best storage units in Fredericton. It becomes famous in the market because of the latest contactless approach.

It gives a new facility of lease online at any time. This company comes in trend vastly because of its trendy and latest technology in use. These technologies include contactless access and circulate outs in the customers. They function fully online and have a portal for all registration for storage units.

The customer can fill in their details and make an online payment for booking them in advance. If a customer needs to lease extra areas, then this process is also done through the online portal only. It contains different dimensions of areas for different uses.

It offers 14,000 sq. ft. for normal activities and some additional features which include operated cameras and pest control. For industrial or commercial use, they provide a 1,500 rectangular foot area which is the best fit for the client. Sam’s storage always keeps itself up to date in the market with the latest technologies and well-trained staff.

This quality of Sam’s storage is worth appreciation because it provides its customer with full modern amenities. They provide two types of storage devices – regular and heated which are used differently for different purposes.

If we talk about heated storage devices of Sam’s storage then these units are the top-class model in themselves. They use it for special clients and on special requests but their functioning is marvelous.

All World Moving & Storage

All World Moving & Storage

Some companies understand their customer’s needs and ‘all world moving & storage’ is one of them. It is the place where customers are given full time and fully cooperate with their customers. They understand the customer’s needs personally and then professionally handle their requirements.

Keeping all the scenarios and circumstances in mind they help the customer to deal with them professionally. Different facilities are provided under one roof which saves the customer time and also builds strong trust between both parties.

They have a team of well-qualified and trained staff which gives them knowledge of all the budget and schedule. All the discussion can be done at the office or customer’s house.

They can travel to the nearby location also to help you in your moving. All world moving & storage is a trustable brand that you can rely on with blind eyes. They make the shifting so easy and hassle-free that you can’t imagine.

They can help in shifting over cities, nearby or at a far distance too. Customers can find them with every step of their move. They are well known in the market for their great guidance and personalized plans of shift.

SM Promotion

SM Promotion

Moving has been always a very hectic situation for anyone in the world. Thus, reliable and best movers are required so that the belongings can get moved safely and securely from one place to another.

With the above-given companies in the list you can go with any of them with closed eyes. But after that also we suggest you check them personally because things are valuable to you.

Gilbert Self Storage

It is located at 530 North Gilbert Street and gives an extensive variety of units that may meet all of your storage needs. This company offers everyone under one roof. Go to their official website and look at each pointer to get detailed knowledge of what they offer you.

They charge different prices for different sizes of storage. Customers first have to look out for their needs and then check their prizes for every storage. It will leave no chance of confusion in the future.

The charges of 530 North Gilbert Street start basically from $90 and go up to $575 monthly. All the charges are according to the weight and size of the item that is going to be in storage. Customers can connect with the manager of the company by phone call or send a message of information.

But we again inform you that connect with them after a thorough knowledge of the items being packed. They usually rent the storage units monthly as it gives the customer sufficient time to utilize them. The monthly basis scheme is also beneficial to the customer as they can pass their things easily in that time frame.


So, a cross-check is a must to have before trusting anyone for your things. Make a list of values you are looking for in the company for your shift. It will save you time and energy while choosing the best out of them.

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