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10 Best Self Storage Units in Greenfield Indiana (2023)

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Self-storage units in Greenfield Indiana are available in a variety of specifications. The sizes change depending on your storage requirements. Self-storage facilities offer you convenient storage spaces for whichever goods you wish to store. In some cases, storing hazardous toxic materials or ammunition is not permitted.

However, these storage units prove to be the best solution for excess furniture, office interiors, and other supplementary goods. If you are shifting your house and are planning on renting a temporary storage space in Greenfield, then you are at the correct place.

We have brought you the list of some of the best self-storage units in Greenfield Indiana. The names mentioned in this list are excellent service providers and will keep customer storage requirements on the top of their priority lists. You can rent out a self-storage unit at their facility and thank us later on.

This is the list of 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Greenfield Indiana.

Mt Comfort Self Storage

Mt Comfort Self Storage - storage units Greenfield Indiana

Mt Comfort Self Storage provides its customers with convenient storage spaces with all the necessary facilities. It is very easy to rent their storage spaces. The best part about them is that they are located near Greenfield Airport. Just a few minutes of drive and you will be at their storage facility. Many people wish to drop their goods which have been brought to the airport.

In such times, having a facility close to the airport makes it more accessible and convenient. Their storage units are big and have insulated walls. This is a fully temperature-controlled facility with drive-up access to every unit. They have dollies and handicrafts which will facilitate easy unloading and loading of goods.

Now, you can access these units 24/7 at your convenience. They have security cameras, a fenced facility, and individual unit locks. This will ensure the safety of your valuable goods. You can go through the unit sizes, book the rental unit, and pay online.

If a truck rental is your concern, then they arrange that for their customers. They have got you covered in all ways and will deliver the best service. The facility also has RVs and boat storage spaces. This makes them a versatile service and one of the best self-storage unit facilities in Greenfield Indiana.

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Outback Storage

Outback Storage - storage units Greenfield Indiana

If you are looking out for different storage sizes then Outback storage will provide you with a variety of options. It is common to see people renting big storage units, in which most of the space goes unused. No need to end up paying for unnecessary big storage units. Outback Storage brings you safe and secure storage options.

They give personal digital access codes to enter their fenced facility. Their staff will help you accommodate your goods in the best way possible. If you want to store the goods yourself then their packing and storage tips guide will be of immense help. They have climate-controlled storage units with roll-up shutters. Also, they have affordable rates and provide you with a moving truck. You get 24 hours access to your storage and can use this to manage your goods whenever you want.

Back 40 Storage

Back 40 Storage - storage units Greenfield Indiana

Back 40 Storage is another great option if you wish to have storage varieties. They not only provide you with various unit sizes but also have extra facilities. The best part about them is that they do not require any fixed security deposits. All of their units are on the ground level and give straight drive-in access. If you are looking for quality as well as cheap rates then this is the right place for you.

They claim that they have the best storage prices in the town. Now, you can access it seven days a week. Here you will have to carry your own lock and keys. Back 40 Stage has a special offer for you. You can pay six months of rent in advance and you will get one month of storage for free. Besides that, they also have RVs and boat storage.

They lack in two things. Firstly, they do not offer goods insurance. Also, they ask their clients to store goods on pallets, to avoid any damage from water. Their storage facility is fenced and safe from any kind of break-throughs. You can book a unit for yourself using their website or give them a call.

Cumberland Self Storage

Cumberland Self Storage - storage units Greenfield Indiana

Cumberland Self Storage is one of the best storage units in Greenfield Indiana. They give continuous access to their units and are known for their excellent customer service. Here you will find all the modern facilities and up-to-date features. Their facility has both climate control and non-control units.

Storage units are clean and spacious. If you are searching for indoor boat storage, then they have that available for you. Drive-through access is something that many people search for. The search is finally over, as Cumberland Self Storage has some of the widest driveways and will provide you with straight access.

All security measures are taken care of. You can completely trust them and hand them over the storage responsibility. Also, they provide shifting aid and moving carts. Their rates are affordable and have amazing offers that you should not miss.

Gem Self Storage

Gem Self Storage - storage units Greenfield Indiana

Gem Self Storage service has been operating in the self-storage industry for quite some time now. They are only limited to Greenfield in Indiana. You might need a storage facility only for a few days or sometimes you might need it for months. The time duration does not matter at this location, as Gem Self Storage is always happy to serve its customers.

They carefully understand the storage needs and requirements. After that, they help you find the perfect storage space that will accommodate your excess goods in the best way possible. Storage management is a skill and their staff is extremely good at it. They have a fenced property with continuous security surveillance.

Their on-site manager takes care of all the management. You can pay them on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual contract basis. The only part where they lack is that they have limited gate hours. You will not get 24-hour access and will have to visit the facility during the specified visiting hours. When compared to other facilities, their unit sizes are slightly smaller. So, if you want a local self-storage facility in Greenfield and require small size storage spaces, then this is the perfect option for you.

BLC Self Storage

BLC Self Storage

People think a thousand times before storing their goods at a facility. They are worried about the safety and security of their valuable goods. BLC Self Storage understands the worth of your prized possessions and takes care of them as their own. They have a fenced facility with advanced security locks. Their storage unit sizes include small, medium, as well as extra-large storage spaces.

These units are clean and dry. The climatic control options will help you store the goods in ideal conditions. You can access their units at your convenience and can visit their facility 24/7. This is a new self-storage facility in Greenfield Indiana and has all of the modern features. They provide indoor access to their ground floor storage units.

They have wide pathways and trolleys for moving assistance. If you want to load goods, you can use their exterior drive-in access for every unit. The storage units are well-insulated and have ample space for big furniture. If you are planning to shift your office set-up or big sofas to a self-storage unit, then BLC Self Storage has some of the best storage compartment options for you.

Reasner Self Storage

Reasner Self Storage

Next on our list, we have Reasner Self Storage. This is one of the biggest self-storage units facility in Greenfield Indiana. They have more than 100 self-storage units with various facilities at your hand. Here be it day or night it does not matter. You can access your goods at whichever time suits your schedule.

Despite having so many units they experience heavy bookings and are receiving a great response from the public. To book a unit at Reasner Self Storage you will need to take a prior appointment. They will introduce you to the facility and show you the available storage options.

All of their units have climate control features and roll-up shutter doors. Their rates are pretty affordable and accept all modes of payment. They have received five-star ratings and excellent reviews. This is a highly recommended service and you can rely on them for the safety of your goods.

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Red Door Storage

Red Door Storage

Last but not least we have Red Door Storage in Greenfield Indiana. As their name suggests, they are known for their red door storage units. Their office is open six days a week and the storage units can be accessed at your convenience. The good part is that they have a total of three self-storage locations in Greenfield. So, if you miss out on storage spaces at one facility, you can approach their other branch.

They give personal gate codes and have live security cameras all over the space. You can now access your unit online sitting at your home. They will manage it for you as per your instructions. Their storage sizes are convenient and are very well-designed. Their rental rates are decent and will fit well within your budget. Go book your self-storage unit at one of their facilities now.

Storage Greenfield

Searching for a self-storage last minute can be difficult. You need not worry, as Storage Greenfield always has the best units available for you. You can simply drive in whenever you want and drop off your goods. They have all packaging and storage facilities. They will provide you with boxes, pallets, shifting carts, trolleys, and other equipment.

Their storage spaces are big enough to store your home furnishings and big-sized goods. The best part about them is that they offer flexible rental dates. If you wish to increase the number of storage rental days, you can give them a call. AT their facility you can easily switch between two storage sizes whenever you want.

They give 24 hours of open access and have all security provisions. Besides, their rates are very affordable and have amazing discounts. They do not require a prior security cash deposit. Their staff is well-trained and enthusiastic. They will readily serve you year-round and will offer you the best self-storage units in Greenfield Indiana.

A Storage Space

The most important thing about any self-storage unit is its size, quality, and safety. A Storage Space is the only self-storage facility that will offer you all three of them at the same location. Their rates are cheap and offer continuous access to units. They have been serving storage-seekers for the past 25 years and have a tremendous amount of experience in this field.

You will be able to find wide driveways and 12 feet doors at their facility. These heightened ceilings will help you store big goods vertically, thus offering you more space. They also have boats, RVs, buses, vans, and cars parking areas. In case you are going out of the city for long and want someone to look after your vehicle, then you can drop it at their facility. They will offer you amazing storage spaces for incredible rates.

People prefer using their service and come back repeatedly to use their storage services. They have earned a lot of reputation and are very trustworthy. Besides that, they have received some of the best customer reviews for their storage sizes and customer care. You can visit their facility and check out their unit sizes. Their friendly staff will be more than happy to serve you and cater to your demands.


This was the list of 10 Best Self Storage Units in Greenfield Indiana. These are some of the biggest and safest self-storage units in Greenfield Indiana. Renting these spaces will help you accommodate all the excess goods in well-maintained storage compartments. We hope this list was of some help to you. Do let us know if you have any better self-storage facility recommendations in the comments below.

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