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10 Best Self Storage Units in Indianapolis (Most-Safest) in 2023

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There are many reasons why you’d need extra space to store your belongings for a while. Perhaps you’re finally moving to a better apartment and you need to keep your things safe till you settle down. Or maybe your office is relocating and your equipment needs safekeeping. Whatever your reason is, it is a great idea to rent storage units in Indianapolis if you’re looking for a safe space to store your thing.

And it is also a better alternative than inconveniencing your family or friends by stashing all your stuff at their place. Making can be very tedious so storing away extra things can help you feel less cluttered and relaxed. Storage units Indianapolis are clusters of closed storage spaces within a facility that is found at a central location in the city. You can enjoy high security and safety while storing your belongings in one.

There are a wide variety of storage units to choose from too. Whether you want a personal storage, climate-controlled storage, or a large unit for vehicles, you can be sure to find one. Do you desperately need a safe space to store items while you finish moving into a new flat or office? Then, read on to find out where you can access the best storage units Indianapolis.

Here is the list of 10 Best Self Storage Units in Indianapolis:

U Haul

U-Haul - storage units Indianapolis

U Haul is perhaps one of the best storage units not just in Indianapolis but also in all of America. They also offer the most coverage in North America. Plus it will not cost you anything to reserve a unit. You can rest assured that your items will avail yourself the most efficient, dry and clean facilities.

U Haul also offers climate-controlled storage units to keep your belongings in pristine condition. They will protect delicate items safe from harsh weather changes and humidity. In addition, you can rent an outdoor drive-up storage too. Plus, they offer large storage spaces to hold cars, RVs, boats and other motorized vehicles.

And if you’re a business owner, then you’re in luck. These storage units Indianapolis offers commercial storage solutions for both small and large businesses. You can store your extra inventory, work files, materials and more in these units. U Haul also offers storage units in various dimensions built to accommodate any amount of belongings you have.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space - storage units Indianapolis

Extra Space Storage is the second largest self-storage facility operating in the U.S. They are so well-established that you’ll probably find Extra Space Storage facilities in over 40 states. And the best thing is that you can rent one of their storage units Indianapolis right now to safe-keep your items.

They also offer the convenience of applying for a unit online through their website. So you can book one from the comfort of your own home. In addition, Extra Space Storage offers resources to help confused clients decide the type and size of the units they should use.

Their main objective is to offer a wide selection of affordable and conveniently located storage solutions that are safe and secure. This includes personal storage, boat and RV storage, and business storage solutions. So if you need professional storage services in Indianapolis, you should definitely check out Extra Space Storage.


Cubesmart - storage units Indianapolis

Whether you’re downsizing or moving somewhere new, CubeSmart storage units are built to solve all your storage problems. They offer a household storage option that addresses anything from moving or making room for new family members.

You can also use these storage units Indianapolis to store your belongings while you settle down in your new home. In addition, nobody needs more storage space than businesses. So if you’re a business owner, you’ll be glad to know that CubeSmart offers units to store excess inventory, supplies and office equipment.

You can rent anything from temperature-controlled units to drive-up units to store away essentials for your business. CubeSmart also provides storage solutions to house anything from cars to motorcycles, boats, RVs and jet skis.

Another great thing about CubeSmart is that they are climate-controlled to ensure that the external environment does not damage your things. So if you need multifaceted storage units Indianapolis then CubeSmart is perfect for you.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage - storage units Indianapolis

Simply Self Storage began in 2003 intending to provide clients with a seamless self-storage experience. Since then, they’ve been on a roll to become one of the most preferred storage facilities in America. With locations in most major cities, Simply Self Storage aims to help you find the best unit to store your belongings.

They provide a variety of units that caters to both personal and business clients. Plus they ensure that you get maximum control over how and where you store them. Their options include climate-controlled and non-controlled units with dimensions ranging from 5×5 to 20×30 sq ft.

Simply Self Storage also trains its employees to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. They strive to fulfil each client’s unique requests with the best storage solutions and customer service. Hence, they are considered one of the best storage units Indianapolis. You can also check out their size guide and storage options on their website.

Public Storage

Public Storage

Public Storage is one of the largest and best storage operators of storage facilities not just in America but globally too. Besides the large number of awards the company has received, they are also well-known for their extremely efficient storage units.

Many of their facilities have committed to reducing their environmental footprint with a fresh approach to sustainability. They also emphasize a healthy work environment for their employees so they can solve your storage problems efficiently. Public storage offers personal storage spaces to safe-keep your belongings.

Additionally, you can also store vehicles, boats and RVs in their larger storage units Indianapolis. If you want to store more delicate items, you can always opt for a climate-controlled unit. They also offer storage spaces for businesses to stash their inventory, supplies and equipment.

Public Storage is a trusted household favourite so you should definitely check them out. Their website also offers a size guide and resources to help you pick the right storage unit.

SecurCare Self Storage

SecurCare Self Storage - storage units Indianapolis

SecurCare Self Storage currently has over 200 storage facilities operating across the US. Besides that, they also have new facilities opening up every other day. And the storage unit in Indianapolis happens to be one of their most popular branches.

These units come in all sizes and dimensions. In addition, the most requested features like climate control, fenced perimeters and surveillance cameras are also available. Plus, they are continuously upgrading their facilities to satisfy all your demands while keeping your things safe.

And if you’re worried about settling payments at the facility, the SecurCare Self Storage website also offers the option to pay online. SecurCare Self is also committed to its ESG initiatives to make a positive impact on the environment, its workers and the community. So you should definitely store your valuable belongings with such a storage facility.

Storage of America

Storage Units Indianapolis

You should definitely check out Storage of America if you need to store your things in Indianapolis while you go do your own thing. Most of the units come with surveillance cameras that work round the clock to keep your items safe and sound.

When access hour ends, it is satisfying to know that the facility is equipped with 24-hour video recording to keep an eye on all nighttime and daytime activities. This way if something happens to your belongings, you can always check the records and obtain solid evidence.

Plus all the facilities are fully equipped with fences and access gates to prevent any trespassers. Storage of America also offers climate-controlled units to store valuables, furniture, music instruments and electronics. Additionally, they provide covered and uncovered parking spaces and indoor parking units to store your cars and RVs.

And if you own a business, Storage for American is just the place you need. In addition to providing storage units for flexible leases, you can even rent an office space to work in.

Store Here Self Storage

Store Here Self Storage

If you want to save money on your storage units Indianapolis, then Store Here Self Storage is definitely for you. There, you can get help from a professional and friendly set of experts whose main goal is to optimize your storage tasks.

The great thing about Store Here Self Storage is that they offer month-to-month storage rental contracts. This way you don’t have to worry about the payments and focus on other things. Package, moving and transportation can take a toll on your wallet. And Store Here Self Storage understands this struggle.

This is why they strive to provide the best value deals possible. With their competitive rates and discounts, you can rent a storage unit for a price you won’t get anywhere else. They also offer special discounts for senior citizens and military personnel.

Store Space Self Storage

Store Space Self Storage

Store Space Self Storage understands the struggles that its clients go through to get their belongings to a safe storage unit. That’s why they operate their facilities with the mission statement, “Storage that cares”. Store Space offers a wide selection of storage solutions.

All their facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure and security systems. You can choose between indoor storage, climate-controlled storage, drive-up storage and vehicle storage. In these storage units Indianapolis, you will surely find any type of storage to fulfil your requirements.

The storage units vary in size and dimensions to cater to every unique storage demand that comes their way. They have a diverse collection of storage spaces to ensure that you find the perfect one. You can rent a unit as small as a regular closet or as large as a car garage.

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Global Self Storage

Global Self Storage

Global Self Storage aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction. And their top-notch customer service and seamless storage solutions are poof of they’re fulfilling that promise. What sets Global Self Storage apart is that they have a team of professionals ready to assist you with your storage needs. This means that you can get a storage solution that’s tailored specifically to fit your demands.

They also prioritize well-equipped and updated security systems to keep your belongings safe. This includes coded keypad access, CCTV recordings, full fencing and security lighting all around the clock. You can choose between climate-controlled and traditional storage units too. Additionally, you can also enjoy features like online payments, auto-pay, prepaid leases and great discounts.

Global Self Storage ensures that any storage unit you rent out is clean, secure and safe. Whether you’re moving houses, joining the military, or doing renovations, you should use Global Self Storage as it is one of the most trusted storage units Indianapolis.

Why Should You Rent a Storage Unit?

High Security

When you rent storage units Indianapolis, you can rest assured that your items will be guarded with the best security measures. The best storage facilities are well-equipped with surveillance cameras, on-site guards, sturdy locks and guarded entry and exit gates. This way you can leave your belongings behind in the facility with peace of mind.

Convenient to use

Can you imagine the trouble you and everyone else would have to go through if you tried hauling all your things into their homes? On the other hand, storage units Indianapolis are very convenient as you just have to bring in your things. This way your things will remain safe at the storage facility for the given period.

Cost Effective

Many people fail to realize that renting storage units Indianapolis is way more cost-effective than they think. In addition, small businesses can also save on rent by storing their inventories in a storage unit. Otherwise, they’ll have to pay a hefty sum to store their stocks in a warehouse.

Protection From Environmental Damage

You might be scared that fragile items in your belongings will get damaged due to the conditions in the unit. However, storage units Indianapolis come with a climate-controlled interior to ensure an ambient environment for your things. The humidity levels are kept very low so that none of your belongings suffers any damage.

Flexible Space

The best thing about storage units Indianapolis is the fact that you can store everything from small items to large furniture and cars. You can even store a large RV safely in those storage spaces. In addition, you can store seasonal items like ski jets and surfboards and use them at the right time of the year.


Moving around the city with every single item you own can be quite the hassle. You will have to shell out a huge amount of money for transportation. Plus you’ll lose time that you could have spent doing something more resourceful. So the most sensible solution is to rent storage units Indianapolis.

This way you can ensure that your belongings are all in a safe space waiting for you to come to take them back. These storage units Indianapolis are especially useful if you’re moving out and you don’t have anywhere else to store big furniture and appliances.

It is important to know where to find the best storage units around. This way you’ll know where to go when you suddenly need to shift to a new apartment. So consider checking out these ten storage units around Indianapolis for the safest spaces to safe-keep your belongings.

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