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10 Best & Safest Self-Storage Units in Kingston (2023)

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Whether you are moving, going on vacation, or just want to organize your house, a storage unit will be really helpful for you. It is also helpful when you want to put away seasonal things or any holiday decorations. Self-storage can help make your life hassle-free by freeing up space. It is good for both permanent and temporary needs. In the long term, it is also very cost-effective and efficient. Storage facilities are very easy to find these days because they are so popular storage units in Kingston.

However, you need to choose the company that fits your needs best. With a large number of options available, it may sometimes be hard for you to look for a facility yourself. This is because the process of selecting the ideal storage unit is long and difficult because of all the different things you need to consider like size, prices, facilities, etc. 

When it comes to storage units Kingston has a lot of great options. To help make this process easier, we have compiled a list of 10 storage units in Kingston with great detail. These storage units are one of the most popular facilities because of their great facilities. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Kingston:

ABC Storage

ABC Storage - Storage Units Kingston

ABC Storage is a family-run storage business and has been fulfilling people’s storage needs for the past 15 years. They offer a lot of different facilities while being very reasonably priced while also being very secure.

They offer indoor and walled surveillance in addition to video surveillance. Additionally, they have pin-code-activated gates for more protection. To help you get the best storage unit possible, ABC storage has an on-site manager that will meet your demands. 

They can accommodate all of your needs, be it personal or office needs, because of their wide selection of storage options. They are the hallmarks of sincerity, dependability, and superior service. Among the various storage units Kingston citizens are known to be very loyal to them.

Some of their customers have been with them for a very long time. They have various specialties including self-storage, business, documents, files, vehicles, family storage, kitchen appliances, big appliances like washers, dryers, etc., cargo container, etc.

Martin’s People’s Storage

Martin’s People’s Storage

Matin’s People’s Storage is a storage unit that is dedicated to providing dependable facilities in advantageous settings with amazing amenities. They provide their customers with convenience, assurance, and great value. 

Their facility is a safe, dry, and well-established area. They are very popular because they have over 30 years of knowledge and experience. They have skilled staff members that are committed to supporting you. The facility offers a wide range of sizes which helps you choose the most appropriate size for your storage unit. 

They have approximately 40 size options available. Some of them are 5x5x4, 10x10x10, 5x5x6,5x10x10, 5x15x10, 5x5x10, & 10x20x10, etc. They also have climate-controlled units in addition to non-climate-controlled units. In addition to the large options of sizes, they also have unique features and services. For example, shelving, loading docks, delivery acceptance, etc. 

They have a minimum 4-week period of use. Beyond this, you only pay for the time you use the unit. You can also switch to a different unit without any charge if your needs change. They specialize in office supplies, vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, inventory, tools, etc.

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Shugard Self-Storage

Shugard Self Storage

Shugard Self-Storage has numerous handy locations within its service area. Since its establishment in 1995, they have built over 250 facilities. Now, they have grown to be a Kingston institution. It is open every single day, which gives you untethered access to your belongings every day. 

They are so welcoming that they don’t require a deposit fee. This means that you can store your items right away without paying extra. They offer a lot of services like trained customer service staff, zero-deposit plans, CCTV, perimeter fencing, lifts, trolleys, etc. They also have equipment and furniture storage capacity. 

To make the process easier for you, they offer moving boxes and packing supplies on demand. For additional security, they have pin-coded electronic gates and sensor lighting. They offer programs for both personal and corporate use, and they also offer low-cost options for students. 

To help fulfill people’s more exact requirements, they have units in various multiple sizes. Customers can make a reservation for free and also cancel for free. They also do not need any fees for changing units. A disadvantage about them is that they don’t have a proper parking space for vehicles to unload.

Kingston Self-Storage Systems

Kingston Self Storage Systems

They are a secure, effective, and trustworthy storage facility. They have trained and experienced staff members who assist you in locating the ideal storage options for yourself. This facility is ideal for you because of its convenient location. Additionally, they are clean, affordable, and very secure.

They also have many different options available for sizes and facilities. You can ask their staff for help. They will help you identify the finest storage for you. You can rent either heated or unheated containers, parking units, etc. 

Their building is enclosed, and computerized video surveillance and monitored alarm systems are available around-the-clock. They have various facilities that they specialize in. For example, heated indoors, outdoor parking, loading dock access, ground-level access, unheated storage container rentals, etc. They also have on-site packaging, boxes, padlocks, and other storage items available for your use.


U-Haul - Storage Units Kingston

U-Haul has been helping people with their moving and storage needs since 1945. In addition to self-storage units, they also provide moving supplies, a trailer hitch, wiring installation, storage rentals, etc. Their facilities offer a variety of unit sizes to fit your needs. They will also help you choose the right size for your needs. 

For customers with frequent or temporary needs, they also offer outdoor drive-up storage units. With these, you can just load and unload your belongings from your car during access hours. They also offer commercial storage for businesses in any market to help with their inventory. 

You can also store your car, motorhome, motorcycle, or any other vehicle. You will get various options like indoor/outdoor, wash stations, electrical outlets, etc. U-Haul is also very unique because they offer one-month free storage to all of their customers. Additionally, you don’t have to pay any admin or deposit fees. 

You will also get a lot of different tenant insurance options especially if you set up auto-pay. In their Kingston facility, they offer a lot of amenities like 24-hour access, climate control, etc. They also offer moving trucks, U-Box containers, moving supplies, trucks for sale, trailers, towing, etc.

Space Storage Group

Space Storage Group - Storage Units Kingston

They are the best mobile storage units Kingston has to offer. Spaces Storage is an affordable and convenient way to move. They will drop off vaults at your house so you can fill them up. After doing so, you can just let them know when you want it to be moved so they can come and pick it up. Lastly, your belongings will be delivered to any destination you want. 

They are ideal for temporary storage needs like when moving, decluttering, or downsizing. You can also have these vaults moved to their storage facility for long-term storage. Their pricing is also very reasonable and logical. They have a base monthly charge for you to have the vault. 

Then they add the additional costs based on how many times you have requested deliveries and pick-ups. Although they only have one size available in movable vaults of 5′ wide, 8′ deep, and 7’6″ tall, it is more than enough to store your belongings safely. 

These vaults are suitable for all weather to help you with any of your residential storage needs. They have a solution for every storage need of yours. In addition to portable residential vaults, they also offer heavy-duty containers, traditional self-storage, etc. Spaces storage has managed to stand out among its competitors because of its superior customer service and greater flexibility.

Amherstview Storage

Amherstview Storage

Amherstview Storage provides a safe and dry location for you to store your belongings. They offer two main services within storage. The first one is storage self-service where you can take care of everything by yourself. 

This is ideal for you if you know exactly what you want. The second one is the storage facility. Here, people will be there to guide you through the process. They will help you choose the best unit for your belongings with the best amenities. 

They have 4 options of sizes. A small unit of size 5 x 10. 2 medium units of sizes 10×10 and 10×15. And finally, a large unit of size 10×20. They are an amazing option for you whether you are moving or just need extra storage space. 

Their priority is the safety of your belongings. To help provide safety for your belongings, they have over 25 CCTV cameras on site in addition to a card access gate. There are also frequent police patrols. They also have motion detectors and fence alarms for additional security.

Braebury Storage

Braebury Storage - Storage Units Kingston

Braebury Storage provides you with premium amenities while being conveniently located for your comfort. Some of these amenities are ground-level units, complimentary use of carts, dollies, boat storage, wide driveways, etc. 

It has storage units available for all of your needs. Whether you need to store a walk-in closet’s belongings or all of the belongings and furniture from a full large house, Braebury will have space for you. 

They offer keypad access every day for 24 hours in addition to individually alarmed units. As an additional paid service, you can also get mailboxes for rent and accept deliveries. You will also be provided with packing and moving supplies to help make the whole process more convenient for you. 

They have the option of temperature-controlled units as well. You should always store a certain type of item in these units. These items can include wood furniture, instruments, electronics, art, vinyl records, old books, important documents, leather, clothing, etc.

AMJ Campbell

AMJ Campbell - Storage Units Kingston

They have been in the moving and storage business since 1997 and are now known as a leader in the business. They are best for both short and long-term storage needs. AMJ also offers amazing commercial storage units. Their sizes vary from 25 square feet to 25,000 square feet. 

This means that you can store anything from extra belongings to a whole business inventory. They offer various options because they know that storage needs can vary. You can rent according to your needs as they offer weekly, monthly, and annual offers. 

They have made sure that their units are completely secure to keep your stuff safe. For example, they have monitored fire systems, video surveillance, etc. AMJ will also offer you the option to move your stuff for you. 

You can include it in your package or just book it separately. They have the appropriate equipment to store your belongings safely. For example, they have heavy-duty boxes, sectioned boxes, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, etc.

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Caraco Storage Solutions

Caraco Storage Solutions

They offer some of the best self-storage units Kingston has. It is affordable and adaptable to its customer’s needs. They make sure that their quality of service is amazing even with their cheap prices. The business is known for matching clients’ offers that are competitively priced, and it makes an effort to be the most cost-effective choice in town. They have no hidden fee which means that the final quote you get is the complete price.  

They are open six days a week. Their office hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. However, you have access to your storage for 18 hours a day, from 6 am to 11 pm. This is because of their secure, video-monitored keycard system that lets you have more freedom by providing additional security. They also pride themselves on making maintenance a priority.

Due to this priority, they provide a clean, safe, and affordable place to store your belongings hygienically. Their storage units also feature indoor climate control. This helps provide a more comfortable and pleasant storage experience for you. Additionally, they also offer a variety of moving and storage supplies. Some of these supplies are locks, boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. 


These days choosing a storage facility can be a tedious process because of all the amazing options available to you. This article has narrowed down your options to the top 10 storage units Kingston has to offer you. 

After going through this article, you can explore the options you like and make your decision based on the information, and select the facility that’s right for you. These facilities will help fulfill your needs while safely storing your belongings. 

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