10 Best Self-Storage Units in Kokomo: Frequent Access (2022)

Self-storage units are significant innovations that can help to make storage a lot more convenient. There are often a lot of large extra items that we have lying around the house and no space for. It is for these things that storage units are built. These are large areas of space that you can rent to store all your products safely. If you are looking for storage units in Kokomo for rent then here is the best list for store your products easily.

Storage units are the best place to store any valuable items as they are incredibly safe. Besides personal usage, we can also use storage units for business purposes. If you manufacture products or have a bunch of goods piled up with no space to store them, you should keep them in these storage units. These units are the best, keeping your items safe and in good condition.

Many self-storage facilities allow their customers to personalize their self-storage units so that they may be perfect for the products in them. These can also help to prevent your products from any damage. Self-storage units also come in various shapes and sizes to find one that best fits your needs.

There are many storage units all over the city of Kokomo, so you can find one which is the closest to you. Most of the cell storage units in Kokomo have fantastic customer service and are very friendly with their customers. If you wish to know more about self-storage units in Kokomo, keep reading the article.

Here are the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Kokomo in 2022

Ko Storage

KO storage- storage units Kokomo

Ko storage The highly renowned and well-reputed self-storage unit facility in Kokomo. They are also one of the most professional and experienced self-storage unit companies. Ko storage has many branches all over the city to access them from wherever you live. They are also highly customer friendly and convenient to work with. All of their storage units are well kept and are in the best of conditions. They are sure to keep your items as safe and sound as possible.

The units have 24/6 access, which means that you can visit your storage unit at any time of the day and remove your items. They also have a very vast catalog and a variety of self-storage units to choose from so that you can find one that is perfect for your needs and your budget. Their helpful staff will assist you in the best ways possible to improve your experience with them.

If you have any problems, you can easily reach out to them. They have all types of storage units, from small, medium, large, to even extra-large. All of these are priced very appropriately. You can also order their services online. In addition, they even allow you to pay through online methods to have a smooth experience with them.

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U-Haul - storage units Kokomo

U-Haul is a self-storage facility that is known all over the world. This is a company that everyone trusts and relies on for the storage unit needs. They have also initiated self-storage units in many parts of the world. Therefore their services are highly unique. U-Haul has a vast chain of self-storage units and a very professional staff. You can trust them with your belongings as they promise to take the best care of them. They will also provide you with every other aspect of storage facilities that put your items into storage units.

They will provide you with the self-storage unit, moving supplies, u-box containers, trailer hitches, propane, moving labor, and even moving vehicles. These accessory items make your process more manageable, smoother, and convenient. This will also make your procedure a lot faster and help you stay light-minded throughout your experience with them. You can also check out all of the services on the website. They have a highly well-maintained and well-organized website which is very easy to browse through.

U-HAUL has clear instructions about all of its services to exclude any misunderstandings. They also provide climate-controlled storage units so that you can store special items in appropriate conditions. In addition, they have a large variety of sizes for storage units, so you can find one which is perfect for your items.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage - storage units Kokomo

Extra Space Storage Is a very popular cell storage unit facility. They have branches established worldwide and are highly experienced and professional. You can completely trust them with your belongings as they will take the best care of them. They have storage units of all sizes and types, so you can find one that perfectly fits your needs and budget. In addition, all of the storage units are very affordable. They have a few branches in Kokomo, which are highly accessible and convenient. Their business has grown mainly over the past few years, and they have made many significant updates to better their services.

They are constantly looking out for their clients and trying to make their facilities as comfortable as possible. They are highly understanding and transparent; therefore, you will be updated about all of the activities taking place regarding your items. The storage facilities are also under high-security surveillance, so your belongings will be in the most secure environment.



CubeSmart is a self-storage unit facility in Kokomo that is very popular. They have a bunch of facilities for storage along with some storage units. This shows how much experience they have in this field. They even have climate-controlled storage units so that you can store your special items in the most suitable manner possible.

They have many occasional offers and deals to give their clients fun surprises. All of their deals are amazing, and they will provide you with extra discounts, which will be highly beneficial to you. This proves their love of self-storage unit facilities and their customers. They are highly customer friendly and constantly looking out to help them in any way possible.

You can also order services from them online, which can become easily convenient if you do not want to go to their store physically. They will inform you about all of their activities before you purchase from them to avoid any misunderstandings. Cube smart has highly organized management, and all of the units are kept in the best condition at all times. They will even give you extra tips to make your storage unit the best.

Life Storage

Life storage

Life Storage is a self-storage unit facility that will provide you with some of the best storage units in Kokomo. They have all types of services for storage, and they will also assist you with all of the extra benefits you may require. This company has different storage units for business purposes and personal uses to get one that is suitable for your requirements.

Life Storage has units of all sizes and shapes to store your products in the best manner possible. You can also rent their services online through their website. They have 24-hour customer service, which makes them highly customer-friendly and reliable. You can call them at any time of the day, and they will make sure to respond to any of your queries.

Life storage will also give you packing supplies so that you can package your items in the safest manner possible. They have vehicle storage along with self-storage units so that all of your oversized items such as cars, boats, and motorcycles can be stored safely. Their services can be outdoor and indoor. In addition, they also provide climate-controlled storage units so you can customize your units from every aspect possible.

Simply self-storage

Simply self-storage - storage units Kokomo

Simply self-storage is a great storage unit facility in Kokomo. They have over 8,000,000 ft.² of land to build all of their storage facilities. This shows how large of an organization they are. The entire self-storage unit company is completely self-owned and self-operated. They have over 100 storage facilities that you can choose from. They have branches worldwide and operate on a vast scale. You can trust them with their services as they are customer friendly. They provide many different types of storage in all sizes and shapes.

They also will give you customized self-storage facility options to get the best storage unit for yourself. All of their storage units are highly secure and safe at all times. They will give you a pleasant experience with them as they will be highly transparent about all of the services and will keep your belongings in the best of conditions at all times. They also are very interactive and responsive, so that you can contact them at any time.

USTOR self-storage

U-STOR self-storage - storage units Kokomo

U-STOR self-storage is known for the best storage units in Kokomo. Being a local store, they are highly accessible and trustworthy. They have branches all over the city to access them from wherever you live. They function actively from Mondays to Fridays from 10 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 6 PM. On Saturdays, their office functions from 9 AM to 12 PM and from 1 AM to 5 PM. Besides that, their storage units are accessible 24 hours for free on all days. This makes them highly convenient as you can visit your unit whenever you want to.

They have units of all sizes and have a very diverse catalog. These units will have 24-hour access along with on-site management. They will take care of all of your belongings in the best way possible. They have video monitoring and more security facilities so that they can look after your products in the most discreet manner possible.

U-STOR also has a door alarm on all of their units so that if there are any suspicions of a door being opened without your consent, you will be notified. The staff keeps their teams as clean and functional as possible. The unit sizes are also very carefully created to fit everyone’s needs and budget. If you are looking for a practical and functional storage unit, you should rent it from U-STOR.

Packrat storage

Packrat storage - storage units Kokomo

Packrat storage is a fantastic storage unit facility located in Kokomo. They are a family-owned business which makes them highly reliable and trustworthy. They have a large amount of experience along with very professional staff members. Their entire organization tries its best to provide the customers with the safest and most convenient storage facilities possible.

Packrat will guide you through their facilities and give you a storage unit that is perfect for your needs and fits your budget. To make your experience smoother, they allow you to pay through easy payment methods. The company is highly cost-effective and has services for every person. This also makes them very inclusive. You will have free access to your self-storage unit at any time of the day. Therefore, you can easily visit the unit whenever you wish to. The billing and payment methods are extremely easy without much problem.

The company even allows you to pay online and also in person. They accept all forms of money like cash, checks, and credit cards. They will try their best to keep you updated with your belongings and activities. In this manner, you will not have to worry about the security of your items. You can also load and unload your goods from your self-storage unit. Packrat will make sure to give you staff that will help you to make the labor easier. You can contact them at any time, and they will make sure to respond as they are customer friendly.

Shamrock storage

Shamrock storage

Shamrock storage is one of the best storage facilities in Kokomo. They are highly advanced and have some of the best and most unique storage facilities. Their website is highly detailed and well organized to browse through their services with ease. They have some fantastic self-storage units which are very secure and safe. They also have these units in all different sizes to pick one which suits your items the best. The unit prices are very affordable and reasonable.

Shamrock storage provides 24/7 surveillance so that your items can be looked after in the best way possible. They will allow you to lock your services for free this makes them very customer friendly. The premises have a well-lit environment which is also fenced from all sides.

They will give you move-in trucks for free, so you do not have to pay for any excess services you require while renting self-storage units. You will have 24/7 access to your units to drive up to them anytime you want. They even have climate-controlled units for particular items, making them highly flexible. They are one of the most secure places to buy all units from as they have advanced methods of assuring the security of your products.

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A American storage

A American storage

The American storage facilities have some of the best storage units in Kokomo. They function from Mondays to Fridays from 11 AM to 4 PM. You can also make appointments and visit them to make your experience smoother. They have some great storage units in eight different sizes. Their facilities are well lit and secured with cameras from all sides.

They also have other storage facilities like vehicle storage units as well. You will have 24-hour access to your storage units and security from all sides of the premises. You can call them at any time as they are very responsive to their customers. Consequently, many customers have left some fantastic reviews about them in the past.


These were the 10 best self-storage units in Kokomo in 2022. We hope that this article can help you learn about the cell storage units and help you find one for yourself.