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10 Best & Affordable Self Storage Units in Little Rock (2023)

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Self-storage facilities are facilities that rent out storage units to people who need more space. It is useful for everyone from individuals to businesses and even to students. It has been estimated that the self-storage industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. They provide a safe, hygienic, and convenient way to store your belongings. Little Rock has one of the best selections for self-storage units that you will ever see.

People use self-storage for both personal and professional uses. However, what matters most is which facility you choose. You need to choose a facility that fulfills all of your needs. This means that you will have to look at all of the amenities offered by the facilities before you make a decision. It is ideal if the unit is accessible to you around the clock. This is important because you need to have complete access to your belongings.  

There are facilities for everyone no matter what your requirements are. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best self-storage units Little Rock has. From this list, you can find self-storage units for extra belongings, furniture, vehicles, etc. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Little Rock

Riverdale Mini Storage  

Riverdale Mini Storage - storage units little rock

This self-storage unit is one of the most popular storage units Little Rock. It has a wide variety of unit sizes. The dimensions of the units available vary from 5 by 5 to 10 by 40. This means that they can accommodate any type of storage requirement you may have. It is best suited for you if you need some extra space during a move or if you are just downsizing. They will help your house be more open and organized. 

Along with different sizes of units, you will also get units at every price point. No matter what your budget is, you can find the unit you want. You can also adjust the overall costs by choosing which amenities you want.

The average costs here start from 44 dollars and can get as high as 252 dollars. The various amenities that they have include security on duty at all times, an on-site manager, different lease options, a complimentary disk, a 24-hour front desk, etc.

NLR Mini Storage  

NLR Mini Storage

NLR Mini Storage works hard to help you get a stress-free self-storage experience. They have a wide range of sizes and types. This means they can meet all of your self-storage demands. Their facilities are always clean and safe. They also provide online rentals to help make the entire process more efficient. 

They are one of the best storage units Little Rock has because they are both modern and friendly. All of their units are designed to help with your convenience. There are around 6 different size categories available. This means that you have access to your belongings. You will also get the chance to pay online.  

You can go on their website and see all of the different units available. They use SSL encryption which means that your information will remain safe. After looking on their website, you can just book the unit online or visit in-store in person for further inquiry. They have used cutting-edge safety measures because they focus on protecting your belongings. For example, on-site security. Digital video monitoring, etc.

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Union Station Self Storage  

Union Station Self Storage - storage units little rock

This storage facility is one of a kind. They provide a secure storage unit for your belongings while also having some extra personality. They date back to around the 19th century. However, they renovated their facilities recently and now have more than 350 modern storage lockers. Their services are unparalleled in the industry. 

Along with modern safety measures, they also have a sense of history and charm. You can also store antique clothing, vintage furniture, collectibles, etc. They provide various amenities like climate control, expert management, etc. They have 3 different sizes of climate-control indoor units. You can certainly store your belongings here with peace of mind. They will help you decide on which unit to choose to make the decision easier for you. 

They also offer renter’s insurance to all of their customers. Additionally, they don’t ask for a security deposit, which makes them even more affordable. You also get a free moving truck. They hold an auction for all of the abandoned or lost items in their facility.

Spaces Storage 

Spaces Storage

Space storage tries its hardest to give you the experience of a lifetime. They provide excellent service and have unmatched convenience. Your security and cleanliness are a priority for them. They use cutting-edge technology to make sure your belongings remain safe. For example, computerized entry gates, etc. They are very conveniently located, which makes them very accessible to everyone.  

You won’t be able to find another storage facility that has its award-winning amenities. They also have outstanding employees who will help you whenever you want. They will help you with everything from choosing which unit is most suitable for you to helping you organize your belongings to optimize storage.  

Additionally, they have tried to make their website as user-friendly as possible. They have made their web material accessible to everyone including people with impairments. Another thing that makes them unique is that they offer basic apartments as well in addition to regular storage units and climate-controlled storage units in little rock.

Snapbox Self Storage  

Snapbox Self Storage

Snapbox self-storage has made itself very accessible. They did so by having a convenient location. They also offer drive-up access to make it more convenient for their customers. You can store anything you want, from household items to office supplies. To help you get the most suitable storage unit, they provide over 13 different sizes for you to choose from. These sizes vary from 5 by 5 to 10 by 25.  

There are various amenities that you will get. For example, free parking, on-site manager, drive-up access, and other facilities that help make the process more convenient for you. They also provide renters with e-sign technology, 24-hour access, and online payment gateways. Additionally, they also sell affordable moving boxes and other packaging equipment. This makes the experience even easier for you.  

They go the extra mile to streamline the entire self-storage process for you and make it as efficient as possible. To help with the moving part, they offer their move-in trucks or work with national truck dealers. 

U-Storit Self-Storage  

U-Storit Self-Storage - storage units little rock

U-storit offers both short-term and long-term storage options for its customers. This way you can rent a storage unit out for however long you want. Their storage facilities can store anything you may have. From clothing to automobiles and boats, they have space for everything. What makes them unique is that they offer tiny storage units as well. This allows you to get the most suitable unit for a very affordable price.  

Their building has a guarded entrance along with security cameras to help keep your belongings safe. They also provide dehumidifiers and climate-controlled units to help maintain your things in the best way possible. Their units are ground-level and have large aisles. This makes it easier for you to access your belongings easily. It also ensures a smoother moving process.  

They also have photoelectric beams in addition to standard electric lighting. They also have a team of handymen available to help you out whenever you want. Because of these amenities and more, they are very popular for the ease of use they offer to their customers.

Arkansas Storage Centers 

Arkansas Storage Centers

Arkansas Storage Centers offer a perfect solution for all of your storage problems. Their seasoned managers help you find the perfect unit for your needs. All of their storage units are surrounded by fences and are in a well-lit area to provide more protection.  

Their management staff provides individualized services for all of their customers. They can help you store everything from extra moving material to RVs and boats. They also help you in packing and moving all of your belongings safely. Additionally, they have utility carts available to make the entire moving and organizing process easier for you. There is also a moving supplies shop on-site. 

They stand out from the other storage units Little Rock has because they are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. All of their facilities are easily accessible by trucks. They are also willing to help you organize all of your belongings in your new unit.

Camp Robinson Mini Storage 

Camp Robinson Mini Storage - storage units little rock

They are only 10 minutes away from the heart of Little Rock, which makes it quite popular. They have guaranteed that all of their clients receive first-rate services every time they decide to rent from them. Their staff is very courteous and well-trained. They are excited to go above and beyond for you. You can book an appointment to go visit them over call. 

You will get 24-hour access to all of their amenities. This means that you can pack and move your things whenever you want. You can choose from the 5 different sizes they have. These unit sizes range from 5 by 10 to 16 by 10. Another great thing about them is that their lease terms are very flexible. These can be as short as one month or as long as you want. This means you can stay with them temporarily or permanently. 

To help you understand the whole storage process, they have made their website very informational and user-friendly. They have a list of subtopics about everything you could ever need to know about self-storage.

King Mini Storage LLC 

King Mini Storage

King Mini Storage is the perfect combination of affordability, security, and accessibility. They also have a friendly and helpful staff. Their mission is to provide nearby residents with the best possible experience for self-storage. They serve a wide range of nearby towns because of their convenient location.

They are one of the only storage facilities that offer very affordable parking spaces for rent. It is ideal for you if you want to store RVs, boats, cars, or any other vehicle. This can help empty some valuable space in your garage. They have perfected their security methods to ensure that all of your belongings remain safe.

They have technologically advanced equipment to help them do so. For example, a computerized gate with only keypad access, round-the-clock video monitoring, etc. They also have a drive-up entrance and have parking available 24 hours a day. You can get in touch to learn more about how to organize your space more efficiently. This will help make the most out of your unit. You can also contact them to learn about all of the supplies you can get for storing your items.

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Access Self Storage 

Access Self Storage - storage units little rock

Access Self Storage has one of the most varying number of sizes available. You can find a locker’s worth of space or as much space as a football field. This makes them ideal for both personal and professional use. You can store your entire house’s belongings while relocating or your business inventory. Their helpful staff will help you pick the most ideal storage unit with the needed facilities.

They are also willing to negotiate any written storage quotation you get. You will have access to your belongings throughout the working hours of their stores. They have made it very convenient and affordable for you to store your belongings in a safe space. This has made them so popular and successful that they now have over 60 locations around the country. They also provide packing supplies like cardboard, bubble wrap, tape, moving boxes, etc. On their website. 

If you are planning on using this space for business purposes, you will get access to additional amenities. These include document management, car parking, office space, mailboxes, etc. They also have automated gate entrances and individual keypad entries to offer more security. 


This article will help find the best self-storage units in Little Rock. The facilities mentioned are one of the most popular ones and have made your convenience a priority for them. Whether you are decluttering your space or relocating, choosing any of the facilities mentioned above will help you do so very efficiently. It’s practically guaranteed that you will get amazing customer service from any of these facilities while also having a great self-storage experience.

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