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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Louisville, KY (Kentucky) 2023

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A storage unit is shelving for keeping goods, usually in a warehouse and not on the sales floor. Refrigerated storage units in the distribution centers store perishables. Use storage units with drawers for small items such as tables and chairs, so that the sales area is not cluttered. Commonly used for storing, transferring, and extracting data files. It’s an integral part of your computer, one of the most common of which is the hard drive. Computer storage devices allow their owners to store and securely access data and applications stored on their computers. Looking for an affordable, secure, and reliable storage unit in Louisville, Kentucky? This is how we can help. We’ve compiled a list of the best storage units in Louisville KY you can trust, based on real customer reviews and ratings.

From classic storage units and air-conditioned storage units to extra-large storage units, you can count on these companies with your most prized possessions.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Louisville KY (Kentucky)

KO Storage 

KO storage - storage units Louisville KY

KO Storage streamlines the self-storage experience by giving customers the right options. We’ve customized our services every step of the way, from the easy move-in process to a staffed call center ready to help you whenever you need it.

KO Storage provides self-storage services for individuals, families, and businesses. KO Storage uses the latest technology to simplify rent payments and unit access. The company has been providing customer service to renters for over five years. Most of their facilities offer convenient 24-hour access with a 24-hour call center and remote billing capabilities to meet your every need.

According to BuiltWith, KO Storage actively uses 33 technologies on its website. This includes viewport meta, iPhone/mobile support, and Google Tag Manager.

KO Storage has registered two trademarks according to IPqwery, the most popular class being “transportation, packaging, and storage”. KO Storage ranks 1,000,084th among websites worldwide based on 39,701 monthly web visitors.

According to KO storage, there are 3 easy steps to allot a storage unit for yourself:

  • Find their nearest store location online at .
  • Visit there and find the best storage unit that suits you.
  • Then you can reserve or rent that storage unit at the location of your choice in Louisville

Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space

Extra Space Storage has been providing clean, modern and secure storage since 1977. The company is based in his 40 states in the United States and operates more than 1,800 stores, allowing it to serve customers wherever they are. A BBB Authorized Store is a safe and reliable place to store your belongings. Use our size chart to find the right memory for your needs.

Services / Products offered in Louisville

  • There are climate-controlled units available.
  • There are also vehicle storage available.
  • There is RV storage and Boat storage too.
  • You can also find business storage there.

They have professional managers to assist and manage. The storage units Louisville ky are clean and well-lit, and there are varieties of sizes of rooms.

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U-Haul - storage units Louisville KY

It is owned via way of means of U-Haul Holding Company, a publicly traded conserving business enterprise that additionally operates:

U-Haul rents trucks, trailers, and different portions of equipment, however many U-Haul facilities and dealerships additionally offer self-garage units, transferring containers and related packing supplies, transferring assistance, LPG (propane) refuelling, and hitch and trailer wiring installation, amongst different offerings.

U-Haul is perhaps one of the best-known international rental companies that help clients with their moving and storage needs. We offer a variety of storage units Louisville KY suitable for different purposes, so all your needs are met.

Services Offered in Louisville

  • Maximum security (alarms, surveillance cameras, electronic entry, sprinkler system, floors accessible only by authorized personnel)
  • Insurance can be purchased directly from U-Haul
  • Some units are air-conditioned
  • Indoor/outdoor storage
  • U-Haul also offers additional moving services for those who need to move their belongings.

Public Storage 

Public Storage

Public Storage has grown steadily since opening in 1979. The company was originally founded in Southern California before expanding into the United States and Canada. The company now has over 2000 different locations across the country, with units of varying sizes.

They operate on three principles:

  • Mission

Working together to be the company of choice for our customers, employees and shareholders.

  • Vision

To be Canada’s premier self-storage provider

  • Purpose

Build excellent, meaningful, and long-term relationships with each customer. Self-storage locations are typically located in dense clusters in large cities, exclusively near highways and intersections.

Public Storage has very few employees for a group of this size. Customer connections to each site are computerized. Some areas have on-site caretakers who are paid close to minimum conduct to oversee the facility without paying advantage bills or rent.

A Local Van Moving and storage 

A Local Van Moving and storage - storage units Louisville KY

A local Van is a moving and storage company founded by the Ferguson family in 1999 and has been serving US citizens ever since. The company specializes in all types of relocations, whether residential, business, short or long distance. Local van staff are dedicated to the safe and convenient packing, transportation and delivery of your luggage.

The company also offers affordable storage options: Customers can choose to store their trucks in a secure location or in the company’s warehouse. Local vans offer days or months of storage with monthly rentals and online payment options.

The company promises to keep your belongings safe and secure and even insure them (upon your request). A Local Van Moving and Storage has won multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards.

Services Offered in Louisville

  • Residential Storage
  • Commercial Storage
  • Baggage Packing, Moving and Shipping
  • Short and Long-Distance Moves
  • Furniture Shipping
  • Plastic Shrink Wrap



An industry pioneer and market leader since 1998, PODS provides residential and commercial moving and warehousing services with contactless delivery and pickup through an extensive service network spanning North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. It offers. With unmatched flexibility, convenience, and control, our Canadian-owned company is an excellent choice for your local or long-distance movement and storage partner.

Portable PODS containers are delivered, loaded on your schedule and stored in your driveway, stored in a secure indoor facility, or shipped to your new home 24/7. Click the website link and use promo code WALDO to get 10% off moving and storage containers.

Its benefits:

  • Save 10% when you book with MovingWaldo
  • Contactless delivery and pickup
  • Do the driving yourself
  • Manage your schedule so you can take your time
  • Reduce claims compared to traditional movers Ten times less*
  • Flexible and easy storage options – in your driveway or secure home facility


Cubesmart - storage units Louisville KY

CubeSmart is a self-managed and self-managed real estate company focused on owning, operating, acquiring and developing self-storage facilities throughout the United States. REIT CubeSmart operates over 1200 self-storage facilities.

The average monthly rental fee for a CubeSmart storage unit is approximately $160. Prices start at around $60 per month for a small standard unit to around $280 for a large air-conditioned storage room. You can also rent a Cubesmart vehicle self-storage unit for less than $200 per month.

CubeSmart offers different services for your storage needs:

  • Home Storage

If you need space for additional household items, you can rent a CubeSmart storage unit.

  • Air-Conditioned Warehouse

CubeSmart offers air-conditioned storage options specifically for sensitive items such as furniture and electronics.

  • vehicle storage

CubeSmart has vehicle storage spaces for shipment ranging in size from small motorcycles to extra-large RVs.

  • Moving Storage

In addition to providing domiciliary, climate-controlled, and vehicle storage, CubeSmart also has an organization to help you move into a new home. Additionally, CubeSmart sells necessities like moving boxes and bubble wrap.

  • Business Storage

CubeSmart units aren’t just for household belongings. Self-storage companies offer units for storing business inventory and supplies. If you need a place for your small business, storage companies also rent office space, often with storage units included.

Life Storage

Life Storage

They may not have the most locations, but they excel in some key areas, including customer service. increase the and if you’re looking for a business storage solution, you’ll find many flexible storage options.

Storage room costs depend on several factors:

  • Size

Smaller units (commonly used for crates) are cheaper than larger units (typically used for crates, furniture and appliances).

  • Air conditioner

You’ll have to pay about $20 more per month to rent an air-conditioned storage unit at Life Storage. (These units provide additional protection for items such as furniture and photographs that may be damaged by weather and moisture.)

  • Availability

You can get a lot when there are a lot of units available – or you may pay more if you only have a few spaces left.

  • Online Sale

Most of the time, you can save money by searching for deals and ordering online (in-store reservations cost more).

  • Surcharge

Life Storage charges a $25 one-time management fee and requires insurance (from $12/month). All of these charges add approximately $50 to your bill. Life Storage has its own moving truck that customers can rent to transport their belongings to and from their home.

A great advantage for those traveling within the same city. Instead of renting a truck from another company like Penske or Budget, you can co-locate your truck and storage unit. Convenience is a lifesaver when you stressed or short on time on the move.


Tri-village - storage units Louisville KY

Protect your assets from extreme temperatures and humidity and store them in an air-conditioned storage room. These units will keep anything you store from being damaged by mold and other possible accidents caused by Kentucky weather.

They claim that their customer service is best in Louisville as they have a very professional team and friendly team. you are free to visit your RV storage yourself without facing any trouble. Tri-Village Self Storage will meet all your storage needs. They offer storage for medicine, wine, car, Company, personal belongings, and Air-conditioned storage units.

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Simply Self-Storage

Simply Self Storage - storage units Louisville KY

Simply Self-Storage is a privately held US self-storage company. It has over 8 million square feet of storage space and over 100 active self-storage facilities.

Storage costs with Simply Self-Storage depend on several factors:

  • Availability

The fewer storage units available, the higher the storage unit cost. On the other hand, warehouses with more empty units typically have lower costs.

  • Air conditioner

Most storage unit manufacturers say that air-conditioned units cost about 20-50% more than standard storage units. But thanks to internet sales, you can find air conditioners at cheaper prices.

  • Discount

Simply Self-Storage often has discounts that can bring the price down. It depends on your location, but most will give you a listing that includes one month of free rent.

  • online sales

It costs more to go to a warehouse and reserve a unit than to order online. After analyzing about 365 Simply Self-Storage products, we found that you can save $50 per month just by ordering online.

  • Taxes, Fees and Insurance

Simply Self-Storage charges a one-time administration fee of $24. You must also have compulsory insurance (starting at $10/month). With tax, the total comes to about $50.

Simply Self-Storage specializes in wine storage not often found in other self-storage companies. The wine storage cabinet has a refrigeration system and a humidifier to keep your wine in excellent condition.


Self-storage boxes, also known as self-storage boxes, are storage containers that are often rented by individuals and businesses in metropolitan areas. Storage box services provide on-demand pickup and delivery to storage facilities. Not in self-storage service.

Storage units in Louisville KY are generally prohibited from storing perishables such as meat, fish, cheese, and eggs. Do not store illegal, hazardous, or perishable items in your storage unit. The deposit also has rules for things like plants and animals. Self-storage valuables not only provide security because you know your items are safe, but you can also transport items from your home or office (where there may be high risk) to a safer location. Therefore, you can lower your insurance premium.

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