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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Memphis 

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Memphis, Tennessee is known as a prime location because of its beautiful surroundings and infrastructure. It is one of the best places for outside enthusiasts. However, what will you do with your belongings if you want to go camping for a while or with your camping gear and RV when you are not? You can store your belongings in the countless self-storage units Memphis has to offer. 

The self-storage facilities in Memphis are much more affordable than in other cities. This is because of the popularity of industry in the area. The storage facilities also offer a lot of different types of facilities like advanced security, accessibility, climate control, etc. They also have different types of storage options. For example, self-storage, mobile storage, drive-in storage, etc. 

However, you will have to choose the most suitable option for yourself among the many facilities available to you. To do so, you will have to consider a lot of things. For example, location and sizes available, security measures taken, affordability, etc. It is important to choose a facility that is conveniently located while being easily accessible for you. To make this process easier for you,

We have made a list of the 10 best self-storage units in Memphis. 


U-Haul - storage units Memphis

U-Haul is the go-to company if you want to rent trucks, storage units, trailers, etc. It was initially started by Leonard Shoen and Anna Mary Carty Shoen in their garage. The best thing about them is that they offer a wide variety of different supplementary services in addition to their storage containers and moving trucks. For example, they also sell moving and packing materials along with the installation of trailer hitches or wiring.  

They also have drive-up and outdoor storage containers available. They are one of the best storage units Memphis has to offer. You can load or unload your vehicle during access hours whenever it’s suitable for you. You can ask them about all of their drive-up accessible facilities. Additionally, they also offer options for climate-controlled storage facilities. Also, keep in mind that they keep their building’s temperature between 65 Fahrenheit and 85 Fahrenheit. 

They have a wide variety of sizes available. You can choose any size that’s suitable for your needs. You can put away any of your belongings in their storage units. For example, clothing, electronics, RVs, recreational vehicles, cars, washing machines, etc. You can also store your business inventory in their storage units.

Fairgrounds Self-Storage

Fairgrounds Self-Storage - storage units Memphis

They are one of the best storage units Memphis has. They provide secure and climate-controlled storage for your needs. With a lot of different size options available, you can choose any size you want. Their sizes go from 5 feet by 5 feet to 10 feet by 30 feet. They are also very affordable and can cost anything from $40 to $200. It is very cheap because it doesn’t have air conditioning. 

However, remember that their units are not temperature or humidity regulated. This means that any fragile items you may have may get harmed. They are most suitable for any extra household goods you may have. What they lack in climate control, they make up for in security. They make sure that your belongings always remain safe. The various security measures they offer include 24/7 video surveillance, a gated access system, etc. 

You will get help from them every step of the way. You can just drive up to their facility and they will take it from there. They will help you choose the most suitable unit while also making sure that your belongings are stored properly. Additionally, they also offer packing materials to help you pack and vehicles to help you move.

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Guardian Moving

Guardian Moving

Guardian Moving helps you with all of your storage needs. It doesn’t matter why you need more storage; they will be there to assist you. If you are moving, they will help make the transition period easier for you. They also help you relocate all over the world. However, among their local branches, they are one of the most helpful storage units Memphis has. 

This service has been running for around 30 years. They have been approved by Mayflower. They are also known as one of the most reliable moving businesses in the United State. This guarantees that their service will be exceptional for all of their customers.  

In addition to the traditional storage systems, they also offer portable storage container services. These services are available for both commercial and residential customers. They also have moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, etc. 

All of their staff members including the movers have passed a comprehensive background check in addition to receiving their certification. They provide a personal move coordinator to every customer. This will help you relax throughout the move. They also offer competitive pricing to help fit your budget better.

Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space - storage units Memphis

Extra Space Storage is one of the best self-storage facilities in the USA. It has been around since 1977 and has grown rapidly over the past few years. What makes them unique is that they have an innovative and enthusiastic team. They determine their success based on their relationships with their customers and partners. 

Their main goal is to increase profits for all of their investors. They also want to provide consistently good services for all of their customers. They have facilities in almost every major city. Feedback suggests that they are one of the storage units Memphis has available. Amongst all of their facilities, they have over 1.4 million storage units available for you to rent. 

They maintain a high level of security for all of their facilities. Additionally, they also handle administration and landscaping for their unit. They also have friendly and accessible staff members to help all of their customers get what they want. Over the years, they have made quality service a top priority of theirs.

1st Choice Storage

1st Choice Storage

This storage facility is located in the middle of a residential and retail district which makes it very popular. They prioritize their customers’ needs and foster meaningful connections with them. They also have an amazing quality of service while still being very affordable. You will also have access to your unit 24/7. Additionally, the on-site manager will be there to help you during business hours. 

You will get a lot of different types of services. These services include everything like free parking, drive-up access, online reservations, security cameras, 24-hour access, individual keypad access, month-to-month leases, etc. All of these facilities increase their degree of safety and aesthetic appeal. 

You can rent the unit most suitable for your needs. Their sizes vary from small 4×5 lockers to large 22×60 units. They offer monthly leases to help accommodate your needs. They are known for being affordable because their price range is very diverse, ranging from 25 dollars to more than 625. You can get in touch with them to locate the perfect self-storage for you at the perfect price.

Storage Locker

Storage Locker - storage units Memphis

Storage lockers are most well-known for the wide selection of sizes they have for their storage units. They have every size from 5×5 to 10×40. They have so many different sizes because they want to meet the demands of all of their customers. Along with the different sizes, another plus point is that they offer special armed forces and senior citizens discounts.  

It is a safe and accessible option for self-storage. If you are not sure about whether or not you want to rent from them, then also they willing to help you make your choice! You can go on a tour of their facility with their staff. Their staff members are willing to help you whenever you want. 

They are the best option for you if you want to store larger things like cars and recreational vehicles. In addition to storage, they also help you with packing and moving. They also have a referral program worth $50. This gives you an additional opportunity to save more money. You can earn from this referral benefit even if you aren’t using their services.


Cubesmart - storage units Memphis

CubeSmart wants to simplify the entire self-storage process for you. They aim to provide great service while you use any of their storage facilities. They are one of the only storage units Memphis has that pays attention to every little detail to help make the experience better for you. What makes it even more unique is that it is a self-owned business. They try their best to go above and beyond all of your expectations. 

All of their storage facilities are built to provide customers with convenient and inexpensive storage options. They have implemented industry-leading management strategies to improve all of their operations. To get in touch with them, you can call them or just visit any of their nearby facilities.  

Their knowledgeable staff will make you feel at home whenever you visit. They will help you with all of your problems and make you feel comfortable. They provide you with a Unit Size Guide so you can make a well-informed choice of the size you will need. Some of the other services that they offer include customer service, warehouses, corporate, retail options, etc.

Devon Self-Storage

Devon Self-Storage

Devon Self-Storage is suitable for you if you need a lot of space for recreational vehicles, yachts, boats, etc. Their sizes vary from 5×12 to 30×30. You can choose between any of the standard units and CC. They have storage units both inside and outside their facilities. Most recently, they added drive-up units to their large variety of options. 

All of their available properties are always under constant surveillance. Additional security measures include a gated entry that requires a unique PIN. You can store both personal belongings and business inventory. They also accept all deliveries for you.

After selecting the unit, you want, you can get in touch with their management either through chat or phone. They give you the option of renting on a month-to-month basis. This gives you the flexibility to rent the space for as long as you need instead of being tied down by a contract.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage - storage units Memphis

Simply Self Storage was founded in 2003 to help provide customers with clean, accessible, and secure storage spaces. To help you as much as possible, they carefully select and educate their staff members. They make sure to keep their staff up to date with relevant training opportunities. 

The managers in their facilities are very welcoming and are committed to making the self-storage process easier for you. They have responsible management and try to foster development and innovation. They provide a personalized experience for all of their clients by tailoring their high-quality storage services.

You can keep whatever items you want in their facilities, which gives you more control over your storage experience. They have clean, safe, and hassle-free storage units at all of its sites across the country. You can get both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled options for storage.

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Public Storage

Public Storage - storage units Memphis

Public Storage is one of the most recognizable self-storage facilities in Memphis. It is so well known because it is very convenient. In addition to the convenience they offer, they are also very dedicated to all of their customers. They are market leaders in the self-storage industry. They started in 1972. Now, they have grown to have more than 1000s of employees and 100s of different locations. They have more than 170 million square feet of rentable space.  

Their sizes vary from 5×5 to 10×20. They also have extra safety precautions to help keep your belongings safe. They are the best option for you if you want help with household, commercial, or automobile storage. You just need to choose the size and configuration you want and start on your self-storage journey. 

They have taken a proactive and unified approach to sustainability in all of their locations. This and their dedication to inclusion have helped them succeed even more. Choosing them will help you feel safe and respected while being a part of an ethical business.  


Tennessee, especially Memphis, is a thriving metropolis. It has an amazing infrastructure along with great design. To help with your needs, Memphis has a lot of different storage facilities for you to choose from. It’s assured that you will be able to find a suitable storage option.

However, it will be tedious to go through so many options. This is why this article highlighted the 10 best self-storage units Memphis has. After going through all of them, you can make your decision regarding which one fits your needs the best. 

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