10 Best Self-Storage Units in Michigan (2022)

Self-storage units are a very innovative way of storing items. Many people earlier faced trouble due to a lack of storage space. To fix this, self-storage units came into being. Self-storage units in Michigan are a great way to store products in a good condition. If you have a lot of larger items with no place to store them, you can always store them inside a storage unit. storage units Michigan can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

In addition, products will be in a much better condition and safer environment inside storage units. There are also a bunch of different options for the customization of these units. In Michigan, there are thousands of self-storage units which have been around for quite a few years. Choosing between them can be a little difficult. Therefore, to make this job easier for you, we have picked out some of the best self-storage units in Michigan. 

Here is a list of the 10 best self-storage units Michigan

Ko storage

KO storage - storage units Michigan

Ko storage Is one of the best self-storage unit companies in Michigan. They are highly experienced and professionals. They make customer service their priority. Therefore, they will try their best to give you an amazing experience with their company. They have storage units all over America. Therefore, this makes them highly authorised. You can easily search up your location and find a bunch of their stores near your residence.

This can help you to find a site storage unit which is highly accessible and convenient. They make sure to keep updating their self-storage units by using the latest technology. Ko storage has some amazing staff members who will guide you through the entire process in the best way possible. They will also try their best to help you find a unit that fits your needs exactly.

You can tell them your budget, your products, any kind of specialisation of your self-storage unit, the number of products you have, etc. Taking all of these things into account, they will make sure to find you a self-storage unit that suits you the best. They stay updated with all the trends in the industry which makes them highly reliable. In addition, you can also rent your units online through their website. This is great as you don’t have to physically visit their store to rent your storage unit.

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U-Haul - storage units Michigan

If you have lived long enough in Michigan, you probably know about U-Haul. This is a highly popular self-storage facility. U-Haul has been operating since 1945. This makes them highly experienced, professional and authorised. They have a highly customer-friendly staff who will guide you through the entire process while storing with them. They have self-storage units of all sizes and price rates. Therefore, you can find one which helps you suit your needs the best.

There are also the units quite affordable. In addition, they have other storage services as well. This shows how they are very experienced in the field of storage. If you have any special items that you wish to store under special conditions, they have climate-controlled self-storage units in Michigan. In this manner, you can store your products in the best way possible without any damage to them.

Their smallest size storage unit starts from 0 to 50 ft.² and the largest size of their units can go from 151 ft.² to more than that. They also have an amazing guide which will help you figure out the exact size of storage that you will need for your products. You can rent a storage unit from them online which makes them highly convenient. They also allow you to pay monthly without having to pay all at once. 

U-haul has a highly secure property and will make sure to keep all of your goods in the best condition possible. The company also allows you to visit your self-storage unit 24/7 which makes them very accessible. They have a new policy in which they allow you to store your products for free for a month. This is a highly unique offer which will help you try out their services before you decide to buy them.

Extra space storage

Extra Space Storage

Extra space storage is a very popular self-storage facility in Michigan. They have storage units of all sizes and shapes. They will also give you a very wide catalogue with a bunch of options for self-storage units to choose from. This makes them highly convenient and easy to work with. All of their self-storage units are clean and well maintained. They make sure to keep their entire facility under protection and surveillance.

Therefore, you can feel safe and secure about storing products with them. They will also make sure to keep their self-storage units updated at all times. Extra space storage has an amazing team who is very helpful and will guide you in the best way possible. They will help you to find a storage unit that suits your needs and your budget the best.

Customer care is one of the biggest priorities, therefore they are always available. You can call them at any time and rent a storage unit from them. Almost everyone that has utilised their units has given great reviews about them. Therefore, you can trust them and store your items in their units.

Cube smart


Cube smart is a highly renowned self-storage facility in Michigan. Their catalogue is highly diverse. This means that they have storage units of all types at the best rates possible. They even have a climate control self-storage unit so that you can store your special items in the best way possible. Cube smart has a highly customer-friendly staff that will help you at all times.

They have branches all over the country, this makes them highly professional and experienced. You can also rent their services online. Therefore, if you don’t have the time to visit their store physically, you can easily do it through your phone. They also have vehicle storage facilities so that you can store your cars, motorcycles, trucks, and many more in their units.

They are one of the few companies that give you a bunch of storage deals. These deals will help you to find the best units at even lesser prices. They care about their customers a lot, therefore they are always coming up with new ways to help them make storage easier. Cube smart will inform you about all the activities that go on with your items so that you can stay updated at all times. They are also highly accessible as they allow you to visit your storage unit at any time.

Life Storage

Life Storage - storage units Michigan

Life Storage is a great self-storage facility in Michigan. If you truly want some high-quality units at amazing prices, then you should get them from here. Life storage is highly experienced and very professional. They have been operating since 2019 and have branches in almost 854 locations.

This shows how big of an organisation they are. Therefore, you can always trust them with your products. All you need to do is rent one of their units and simply move your products in it. You can rent online as well as offline from their store.

They have some very affordable shipping prices too. Besides storage units, they also have some amazing other storage facilities. For example, they have vehicle storage so that you can store your vehicles in the best way possible in indoor or outdoor spaces. For specialised products, they also have climate-controlled units. In this manner, your goods can be stored in the most suitable manner possible.

They even provide you with moving boxes and other items that you need while loading and unloading storage units. This shows how they make sure of all of the other processes of self-storage right from start to end. They also allow you to pay monthly through easy payment methods.

This shows how safe and secure they are to work with. They might even customise your units further if you have a professional business in which you require to store items explicitly. All of the past customers have left some amazing reviews about them.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage - storage units Michigan

Simply self-storage is a very popular cell storage facility in Michigan. They are one of the most popular online stores for selling storage units. Therefore, if you are going to rent your unit online, then you should do it simply self-storage. They also have free online rental methods, so you don’t have to spend any extra money. These storage units are highly secure and safe. Therefore, you can trust them with your belongings and items.

They will make sure to keep your products in the best condition at all times. They have some very fast online rental methods. Therefore, without having to go through any unnecessary processes, you will get to rent your unit easily and quickly. They also allow you to pay through easy payment methods so that you can pay in a way which you feel most comfortable.

Their staff is extremely welcoming and caring. Customer care is a high priority to them. Most of the people who have used their services in the past have left some amazing reviews about them. They have some amazing services and are constantly updating their storage units so that they can keep improving their services. They have a great love for self-storage, so you will always have a good time with them.

Four seasons U lock

Four seasons U lock - storage units Michigan

 Four seasons U lock is a great Michigan based self-storage unit facility. They have some amazing storage units which will be very accessible. They have all types of storage units available so you can find one which suits your needs the best. For special items, they have units that are climate controlled.

These units are also very practical as they protect your items from the changing climates. In this manner, you won’t have to worry about having your items smell bad or get rusty or mouldy during the rainy season. They will make sure to keep their units in the best condition at all times. They are also highly secure and safe so you can trust them with your belongings. Four seasons also have a size guide which can help you in figuring out the best self-storage unit for your items.

Public storage

Public Storage

Public storage is a highly popular def storage facility in Michigan. It has branches all over the world which makes it a very authorised organisation. They are also very professional and have been providing services for many years now. This is one of the reasons why you can blindly trust them with your belongings.

There I’ll guide you through the entire process and will make it as easy as possible for you. All of their units are highly well maintained and in great condition. The staff is very customer friendly and will help you with any problems that you face with working with them. Public storage has a very wide catalogue with all sizes and types of self-storage units. This gives you a lot of options to choose from and find the perfect unit.

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Compass self-storage

Compass self-storage - storage units Michigan

Compass self-storage is one of the most perfect self-storage facilities in Michigan. They have a large variety of great storage units to choose from. Their units are also quite affordable. Compass self storage has a great size guide on their website which will help you to find a storage unit that fits your needs the best.

This shows how experienced and organised they are. Great care is one of their perks and so you can always trust them and rely on them. They are also highly safe and secure due to their transparency and easy payment methods.

Stop N lock

Stop N lock

One of the most local and well-known self-storage facilities in Michigan is Stop N’ lock. They are a highly convenient and professional self-storage facility. The company also has some very high-quality units at affordable prices. In addition, they even have heated and climate-controlled units for special items.

Stop N lock have storage units available which size up to 600 sq feet. This is great if you have a lot of items to store. They are very secure and have the whole property under surveillance. The company even allows you to pay through comfortable methods so you feel safe with them. The staff have even computerised their gates to increase security along with packing and moving supplies.


These were the 10 best self-storage units in Michigan. We hope that this article helped you to find a self-storage facility that suits you and your needs the best!