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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Milwaukee (Climate Adaptable)

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Self-storage facilities originally appeared in Texas in the middle of the 1960s as a method to give homeowners more room. Since then, they have developed into a well-liked choice for both commercial establishments and rentals. There are self-storage facilities in almost every American city, and they provide a variety of unit sizes and services like outdoor and indoor choices, temperature controls, drive-up units, and car storage. Here are storage units in Milwaukee top self-storage options to take into account if you’re relocating, remodeling your house, or just need some additional room.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Milwaukee


U-Haul - storage units Milwaukee

In all 50 states, including Milwaukee, U-Haul has much more than 1,000 self-storage units that cater to both corporations and households. The Shoens family established U-Haul in 1945 in Portland, Oregon. Since then, the business has increased the range of products it offers, including services and supplies for storing and shifting for both domestic and commercial clients around the country.

Security systems, online reservations, month-to-month rentals, and other amenities particular to each market are all offered by U-Haul. For instance, certain places might provide 24/7 access and climate-controlled units. To accommodate varied demands, it offers self-storage facilities in a range of sizes, from tiny 200 cubic-foot units through huge 2,400 foot units.

For convenience, the business also offers drive-up as well as outdoor spaces. Additionally, it offers storage for automobiles of all sizes, even RVs. Available on the internet; you can look up prices and reserve a unit. You can get in touch with a moving expert by using the live chat feature on the website of company or by calling the U-Haul national customer care team if there are any particular inquiries pertaining your move.

Life Storage

Life Storage

Life Storage offers interaction-free accessibility to your storage unit, has a large selection of both indoor and outdoor storage solutions, and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This firm was established in 1985, the same year that Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, its first location offering storage services, opened in Florida.

It is a BBB-accredited firm with an outstanding reputation that operates in 35 states.  Further, it offers self-storage solutions to both people and corporations and has assisted over 2 million clients. The variety of storage units available at Life Storage ranges in size from 5 feet by 5 feet to 20 feet by 20 feet.

Additionally, it provides short-term as well as long-term indoor and outdoor storage for automobiles, boats, RVs, motorbikes, and other vehicles. All areas are well-lit and under constant camera observation. The cost depends on where you are and the kind and size of the unit you need to rent. You can check prices and availability online or by getting in touch with the business’ customer care staff.

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Through its mobile storage units, PODS offers self-storage units right outside your home. It was founded in 1998 to offer corporations and homeowners storage and relocation services. You can choose to storage your unit at your home or a PODS facility, as well as having it delivered to places in 45 states. Additionally, this facility provides three distinct container sizes for residential housing: an 8-foot container for rooms under 500 square feet, a 12-foot container with space for an 800-square-foot home’s worth of belongings, and a 16-foot pod for multiple rooms.

PODS provides all of the aforementioned for business operations in addition to a 16-foot, all-steel container. The container may remain on your premises for however long you need it to. Additionally, PODS offers moving and storage facility solutions if you want to move or prefer to keep your container in a facility. Location, storage facility type, and container size all affect price. You can instantly book your container available on the internet or obtain a free quote.

Cube Smart

Cubesmart - storage units Milwaukee

The majority of the nation’s major metro areas are served by CubeSmart, which provides reasonably priced self-storage facilities to individuals and businesses. The company was established in Maryland in 2004 and offers personal and business clients storage space at a reasonable price. Since that time, the business has expanded to over 1,200 locations throughout 40 states.

There are several different sizes available for its self-storage facilities, ranging from modest lockers that can hold a few boxes to ones that are 10 feet by 30 feet. Additionally, the storage facilities provide climate-controlled containers, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and outside parking for vehicles as long as 30 feet long. 

Also, firms can add shelving and lights to their storage facilities. It has workspaces, loading docks, retail and warehousing storage, depending on the area. The cost of storage with CubeSmart varies based on region, and you can get a quotation online. You may also book, monitor, and make monthly payments through the business’ mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones. For additional details, get in touch with CubeSmart’s customer support department.

Devon Self-Storage

Devon Self-Storage - storage units Milwaukee

A reputable US firm called Devon Self Storage offers cost-effective self-storage that is safe and secure. The business provides a variety of self-storage benefits to its clients, including simple monthly rentals, online bill payment choices, on-site and on-call service, and more. 

Devon Self Storage is committed to making any move-in, whether it be residential or commercial, simple and convenient. Even a storefront shop for moving and packaging items is available there. Even home deliveries of these products are available for consumers. Since every storage unit is on the ground floor, trucks can access them all. 

The business offers a variety of storage facilities that are always watched over by CCTV cameras. The type of storage ranges from commercial to motorcycle to drive-up storage facilities. To improve customer service, Devon Self Storage now offers free dollies and carts (for on-site usage only) as well as sporadic offers and discounts.

StorSafe Self-Storage

Silver Spring

Storage units are offered by Stor safe Self Storage in a dedicated, secure, and committed manner. They readily offer all of their customer’s friendly service because they are a family-run local business. Additionally, this firm have been in business for more than ten years. Additionally, their state-of-the-art building has well-insulated, well-maintained units. The products and services are trustworthy and reasonably priced. 

This self-storage provides a variety of storage options and units as part of their storage facility services. Small units for personal things and huge units for RVs and boats are among them. Additionally, its customers can access the storage units’ power. They also provide truck facilities to pick up your goods or items from your doorstep. You can contact them through their number given online or by dropping an inquiry on their website.

Stadium Self-Storage

Stadium Self-Storage - storage units Milwaukee

There are many different types of climate-controlled indoor storage facilities offered by Stadium Self Storage. All around the country, it is simple to access their facilities and storage units. All clients can easily and comfortably store all of their goods thanks to the loading bays. Additionally, their facility is spotless, cozy, and well-lit.

They also make sure that each of their flats is secure and reasonably priced. For all of its customers, the facility offers a wide range of storage and transportation choices. Additionally, these include garage spaces and climate-controlled units. Along with trucking, boxes, and cross-country travel, they also offer relocation services. 

This self-storage firm also provides outdoor facilities with electricity. Furthermore, this storage was also given a national award for its storage facilities and services. Lastly, you can connect with this facility by dropping an inquiry on their website, or by visiting their location, or by contacting them through call.   

Smart Stop Self-Storage

SmartStop Self Storage

All of its residents can choose from a wide range of storage options provided by Smart Stop Self Storage. To provide top-notch customer service, they are dedicated to only recruiting the best. Additionally, they provide each tenant with a stress-free storage experience. To have the best connection with their clientele, their staff is happy to sponsor local events. They are also trustworthy, amiable, and honest. 

The self-storage facility offers a wide selection of units and storage options. They come in sizes ranging from little to huge. Additionally, there are areas with air conditioning. Additionally, they provide payment plans that are simple and reasonable for expedited reservations.

Furthermore, they also offer moving services from packing to wrapping to delivering the items to the exact location. They offer the best! Finally, you can connect with them through their customer service number, or by dropping your queries in their website. They will get back to you within few hours.

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Milwaukee Self-Storage

Milwaukee Self-Storage - storage units Milwaukee

Modern self-storage facility Milwaukee Self Storage offers safe and cheap storage options. Self-storage units in Milwaukee their facility are all temperature-controlled. All things that may have been vulnerable to damage from temperature variations are ideal for these units. Additionally, every storage unit receives the constant, attentive attention of their team. They have a stake in ensuring the greatest possible protection for all possessions. 

The facilities are temperature-controlled with a variety of safety systems in their facilities. The security constantly watch who arrives and departs and also have perimeter fencing as well as computer-controlled door access. They also have accessible 24/7 surveillance cameras.

This facility is quite recent in the storage units in Milwaukee. However, they have built up quite a reputation and are trusted, and have state of art facilities for their clients. You can directly visit them during business hours to inquire further, or can drop your questions in their form which is available on their website.

Menards Self-Storage

Menards Self-Storage - storage units Milwaukee

Milwaukee is where Menards Self-Storage is situated. It offers a wide variety of brand-new storage units at affordable pricing. On their property, they have approximately 200 storage spaces that are between 5′ x 10′ and 20′ by 20′ in size. They offer a wide range of storage choices, including private inside climate-controlled apartments and parking spaces outside.

All of their internal spaces are on the ground floor and provide quick and simple access. Either pull around to the back of the property for unloading or drive toward the front door to get entrance. For large trucks or moving vans, loading docks are provided. Additionally, they provide 10′ x 40′ and 12′ x 30′ paved outside parking. Access is available 24/7, to their secure facilities.

A 10-foot-tall protection wall, video surveillance, security lighting, and a on-site manager are further security measures. The greatest rates may be found at Menards Self Storage, with monthly rates as low as $60.00. Rent payment is also simple and quick.

You can choose to pay your rent in person, by email, or electronically, or you can have it automatically charged to your credit cards every month. An excellent storage choice for homeowners, occupants of apartments, condos, and mobile homes, as well as for merchants, salespeople, and business professionals.


When selecting a location to store your items, there are several factors to take into account in addition to the amenities of a facility. It’s important to keep in mind the objects you need to store first and foremost. Look for a storage facility with climate-controlled units if you want to store electronics, leather, wood furniture, or papers, all of which are susceptible to temperatures and humidity.

Milwaukee has very high levels of crime. In fact, the city’s property rate of crime is 59.5 out of 100, which really is 19 points more than the national average. Such a high level of crime can raise some questions for people who store their goods somewhere other than their own house.

Finding a storage facility with security features like video monitoring, alarms, and gated entry is crucial for this reason. Nevertheless, the above 10 self-storage units Milwaukee are the best for all these concerns and are to be considered if you are looking for a storage unit.

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