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10 Best Self Storage Units in Montana: Moisture Control (2023)

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Any home or business that is having trouble fitting everything its occupants need there has a fantastic solution. A little bit of planning can help you save money by managing space properly, which is an expensive commodity. Renting storage units in Montana is a great, space-saving solution whether you need to store your possessions temporarily while moving or permanently after downsizing.

Those who require storage have the option of using storage units in Montana, which are safe, practical, and simple to locate. Everybody requires additional room occasionally, regardless of the cause. Self-storage companies make it simple to store your belongings.

They provide customers with a well-maintained, safe place to keep their belongings, with access available around-the-clock and onsite box shops to take care of all of your needs. For your belongings kept in storage, they can also provide insurance. Rules and restrictions vary amongst storage units in Montana based on the services they provide, but you only pay for the time you require the unit.

Below are the 10 best storage units in Montana which will provide you with the space you desire:

Montana Self Storage Depot

Montana Self Storage Depot - storage units Montana

Choose from a range of sizes and units at Montana Self Storage Depot. They are a fully functional establishment that is reasonably priced, spotless, and conveniently situated between Columbia Falls and Whitefish, Montana. For keeping valuables like antiques, laminates, furs, artworks, electronics, and high-end furniture that are susceptible to heat and humidity, they provide climate-controlled self-storage units Montana.

They provide straightforward non-climate-controlled self-storage facilities, which are excellent for keeping daily objects, as an alternative to climate-controlled storage. For storing a car, trailer, or boat, they also provide outdoor storage spaces. All of their self-storage units Montana are conveniently located.

Get an idea of the size of storage unit you require with the storage sizing guide. Small to big storage units and spaces are available at Montana Self Storage Depot. They can store the furniture and supplies in your whole house, workplace, or apartment here. They provide a variety of sizes for their self-storage units Montana. 

For some professional assistance depending on what you need to store, you can always give them a call or stop by their office at Montana Self Storage Depot. Thousands of clients have benefited from the assistance of their courteous personnel, and they can do the same for you.

The measurements of the units are there in the Montana Self Storage Depot Guide along with illustrations of the kinds and quantities of objects that can fit in each self-storage space. Please visit their self-storage facilities to personally examine the units as these are merely examples and averages of how much each self-storage unit will store.

Montana Self Storage

Montana Self Storage - storage units Montana

Think globally while acting locally is a commitment made by the Montana Self Storage team. They are a facility that is contributing to eco-friendly operations. Prior to building their self-storage units Montana, they in Bozeman reclaimed a toxic waste site. The majority of the landscaping is native, necessitating little watering, and all lights are low energy, on sensors and timers.

A recycling facility is also offered. Our ability to provide Montana Self Storage with the highest caliber of customer service is made possible by all of their business and professional experience. They are eager to establish a lasting partnership with you that will be satisfying for both parties.

In order to safeguard whatever is kept from the extremes that might occur from day to night, from one day to the next, or from season to season, the environment must be made climate stable. For year-round climate stabilization, Montana Self Storage does this by introducing heat and moisture in the cooler months and removing them in the warmer ones. Additionally, they manage dust, grime, and microorganisms because their storage units Montana can only be looked upon from the inside.

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Polson Storage

Polson Storage

An establishment in the Polson, Montana, region, Polson Storage is family-run and operated. Their customers are well-known. They frequent the same stores and restaurants because they share the same town as you do. Your storage problems are heard, understood, and resolved, and you are given the ideal-sized area for the task. Tell their manager if you have any inquiries regarding the self-storage procedure.

They’ll set you up and get the process rolling for a smooth transition. To all those residing in and around the Polson, Montana region, they proudly offer storage solutions. Within a short drive, their facility is accessible to both businesses and residents of Montana. Near US Highway 93 and right next to Calvary Baptist Church and Eagle Nest RV Park, they can be found at 40581 Montana State Highway 35. Pick up the phone; their staff is there to assist you every single day.

You want to pick up your belongings early because you want to leave early for a fishing trip on the water. It’s possible that you’ll have a long weekend and wind up having to put your stuff back in the storage unit late. This could be an issue at some facilities, but Polson Storage offers the convenience of 24/7 access every day of the week. You no longer have to wait for them to be open in order to access your possessions; you may do it whenever you choose.

SouthHills Storage

SouthHills Storage

Clancy, Jefferson City, and Boulder, Montana, are also served by the Helena storage facility known as South Hills Storage. SouthHills Storage provides brand-new storage containers with the best security available, paved entry roads, and room for big semi trucks to turn around. They take great satisfaction in offering units that are tidy, safe, and roomy.

They provide a wide range of products and services to satisfy your storage needs at a reasonable price in order to make your storage experience as simple as possible, whether it’s for a lengthy or little amount of time. Simply visit them right away or make an online reservation at their storage units Montana. 

They give security a lot of thought. For the safety and security of your belongings, they have a tonne of cameras that they use to record every significant angle and field of vision. Their storage units Montana are not only spotless, but they also have roomy rows that make it simple for your big truck to enter and exit.

Storage Rentals of America

Storage Rentals of America

Attractive storage choices are available at Storage Rentals of America in Bozeman. With them, you may rent out more room in your house. From small storage units to bigger storage units, they provide a wide range of storage alternatives. Store your car with them and clear some space in your driveway. There is parking available for you regardless of the size of your car.

Do you want assistance selecting the appropriate storage unit size? Call the company’s customer support line. They can help you choose the ideal storage unit if you only let them know what kinds of stuff you want to put in it. Even with a month-to-month lease, you may be moved in over the phone or online. They just provide additional convenience to storage.

Storage is a necessary component of moving. Moving is an exciting new beginning, regardless of whether you are going across town or across the country. Storage Rentals of America is here to assist you with all of your storage needs, but they also want to help you acquaint yourself with the locality. They created a resource manual for Bozeman in response to this.

Whitefish Self Storage

Whitefish Self Storage - storage units Montana

Whitefish Self Storage wants to make your experience with storage as simple as possible, whether it’s for long- or short-term use. To meet your needs at a reasonable price, they provide a large selection of units as well as a full range of goods and services. The Flathead Valley’s best option for self-storage is Whitefish.

You can just visit them right now or make a reservation online. They’re available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment.

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Offering you exceptional value for your hard-earned money is Whitefish Self Storage’s top priority. They have developed user-friendly online software with all the necessary features for a full-fledged, engaging experience.

Elkhorn Storage

Elkhorn Storage

For the community’s storage requirements since 2001, Elkhorn Storage has been there. Elkhorn Storage has a great deal of pride in its properties and adheres to its core values of providing exceptional customer service, immaculate facilities, and the best-maintained company. They started off with 40 units and have since expanded twice, bringing their total to nearly 200 units.

Elkhorn Storage offers a range of sizes to meet your needs for storage, no matter what they may be. Contacting them via phone is welcome. They guarantee to provide the high-quality customer service you want. They will assist you in finding what you’re seeking for if you have any queries concerning their storage facilities or the neighborhood in general.

Homestead Self Storage

Homestead Self Storage - storage units Montana

Montana has 3 locations where you may find Homestead Self Storage. When it comes to meeting all of your storage needs. You can count on the greatest level of accessibility, convenience, and security. In addition to safe outside parking for big vehicles, yachts, and RVs that varies by site.

They provide temperature and non-temperature storage with sizes ranging from 5’x5′ to 30’x50′. They support Billings, Montana, in its development and prosperity. It is imperative that they give back to the neighborhood by establishing the bar for reliability and confidence. While offering their patrons facilities that are secure, safe, and clean.

You can move in at any time during regular business hours if a storage unit is available that suits your unique storage requirements. They are all month-to-month agreements. They do ask for a 15-day notice before you leave, though. You can pay in person, mail a check or money order, pay online, or bring a government-issued picture ID with you.

Use the storage calculator on their website or get in touch with the management for help. Your personal security passcode, which you will get at the time of signing and use to gain entry to your unit during regular access hours, will be there for you.

Al’s Mini Storage

Al’s Mini Storage

In order to accommodate a range of storage needs, Al’s Mini Storage offers a number of different unit sizes. There is enough illumination throughout the self-storage facility, which is totally surrounded by a security fence. Due to the whole steel enclosure of each storage unit, there are fewer risks of fire and insect infestation.

Whenever you need them, their personnel is available to take your call, and you may access your storage unit there 24/7/365. In addition, they provide a number of promotions that might help you cut your storage prices even more.

They maintain their apartments and grounds so that you would feel good about leaving your possessions there. As a result, they keep them weed-free and spotless. Furthermore, their steel-only apartments offer heightened security and further defense against pests, the elements, and fire.

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University Storage

University Storage - storage units Montana

In Montana, University Storage takes great satisfaction in providing all of its clients with a straightforward, hassle-free self-storage service. Every one of their storage units is inspected to ensure that it is secure, spotless, and equipped for immediate use when you arrive. With more than 70,000 square feet of storage space in one location, you’re sure to find something that will meet your needs.


Storage units Montana offers a safe and affordable solution for accommodating additional goods. For folks who are running out of room in their home or business. Self-storage units in Montana is also a logical choice for anyone who wants to have a clean workspace. By moving goods they don’t use very often but still wouldn’t want to discard totally.

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