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10 Most-Trusted Self Storage Units in Nanaimo (2023)

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Self-storage is an exceptional solution to all kinds of issues with storing goods. Whether you are moving in or just simply lack the space to keep your items at temporarily. Unless you have a garage or a store room of your own, you are very low on options. There are a lot of companies who rent you storage units for any duration of your desire. Self-storage is a bigger and more profitable business than many realize. This is why it is getting way more prevalent in Canada lately. Thanks to that, it’s easy to find these storage services in nearly every corner of the country. If you’re looking for storage units Nanaimo, these are the 10 best options you’ve got. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Nanaimo:


U-Haul - Storage Units Nanaimo

U-Haul is considered to be one of the pioneers of the self-storage business in North America. The company has been providing storage solutions to people in Canada and the USA for nearly 80 years. It’s insane when you realize they have been around since 1945 and are going stronger than ever today. All of their storage services are available in Nanaimo. Here’s what they can do for you.


Their drive-up units allow you to simply walk in with your stuff and drop them off alongside all your worries. The units are available in different sizes to accommodate your storage needs.


U-Haul has indoor and outdoor spaces for your vehicle as well. Their parking spaces and containers are perfect for you to keep your cars/vans/boats parked safely. 


They have special units that maintain Best Self Storage Units in Cambridge inside of them. These units are perfect for items whose life gets affected by temperatures, humidity, moisture, etc. 


They have large storage spaces for commercial purposes. You can keep any big inventories and stocks stored in these.


U-Haul also has portable containers available on rent. You can order one online easily and they will deliver it right to your door with no delivery charges. Renting a unit is easier than ever here. You can do an online move-in after reserving a storage for yourself. Once the deal is confirmed, you receive an access code alongside all the other details. 

The access code is what gives you entry to the unit and there are no other substitutes. As long as you have the code, you can visit your belongings anytime you want. The stored items are kept under 24/7 surveillance and are completely secured from any outside invasion. They also give out packing supplies on rent in case you need it for the move.

Safeguard Storage

Safeguard Storage - Storage Units Nanaimo

Safeguard Storage is one of the most popular and reliable storage providers in Nanaimo and its surrounding areas. The company has a solid reputation built off of years of quality service. From your residential items to your boat, they can take care of everything for you. 


Their easy access drive-up units are the best for your goods. These storages are available in different sizes to fit any amount of items you might have. The units have different prices based on how big they are. All of these units are laced with cameras and alarms for security. They are also heated for items that might require warmer conditions. 


Safeguard Storage has great spaces for your vehicles of any kind and size. Mainly you can keep your cars, vans, RVs, and boats here. You can book your first Safeguard unit right from their website or on a personal visit. There is a fixed monthly rent for all of their storage and there are no contracts of any sort. You keep your stuff here only as long as you wish to. Rent can be paid online or offline both. You get an access code that allows you to take a look at your items any time you want.

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Supreme Self Storage

Supreme Self Storage

Supreme Self Storage is the Nanaimo branch of Vancouver Island Self Storage. It operates exclusively in Nanaimo and the areas in its proximity. Not operating on a huge scale makes them focus better on their services more. It’s better for the consumer as you get your money’s complete worth. 

If you don’t have any big requirements, you can simply go for the basic self-storage units. You can choose from the available different sizes to see what fits your needs. There are a lot of options ranging from 5’x5’ to 20’20’. They also give you options to pick heated or non-heated units depending on the goods you are storing. Vehicular storage is available as well for cars, RVs, bikes, etc. 

You can easily drive to a location with your stuff to drop off. But first, you will need to make an advance reservation. Then you give them a move-in date and that’s all. All of their units are not only secured with padlocks but a computer-authorized system as well. You can only get access with key cards that the company provides.

Budget Self Storage

Budget Self Storage - Storage Units Nanaimo

Budget Self Storage gives people of Nanaimo an affordable and reliable storage option. The company has years of experience to boast of and have expertise in this field. And this is why people trust them. They make self-storage easy for you with their well-maintained and secure units.

Most of their units support climate control as well. It makes it safe for you to store items that are sensitive to weather conditions. The units are available in four different sizes; small, medium, large, and extra large. The process of moving in here is as simple as it gets. You just need to have your stuff packed up before your move-in date.

Then you can just walk in with your boxes here on the scheduled day. You can also take help from them in moving. The company provides moving trucks that you yourself can drive to the unit location with your belongings. It is also one of the few companies in Nanaimo where you can rent mailboxes.

U-Lock Mini Storage

U-Lock Mini Storage - Storage Units Nanaimo

U-Lock Mini Storage is one of the oldest active storage providers in Canada and especially on Vancouver Island. The company has been around since the year 1978 and is going to complete 45 years in the business soon. You can find storage solutions for both your home and business here.

Units here are available in varying sizes depending on how much space you will need. You can use their size guide to decide what will work for you. Vehicle storage is available here as well. After you have finalised what you want, you will need to get it reserved for you. That can be easily done by a simple phone call.

You also have the option to do it online or in person at the location. The company also rents out trucks for helping you make the move. The unit is locked away once everything is done. The only way to access it after that is with an access code that the company provides to you.

Mini Mall Storage

Mini Mall Storage

Mini Mall Storage is making it easy for people all over Nanaimo to store goods they don’t have space for. It is also among the oldest active companies that provide storage services in Canada. The company began its journey in 1997 and is on a 45 year long tenure that is still going strong. Their self-storage units Nanaimo are easy to access and can do the job for you. It doesn’t matter how much space you need because there are a lot of different sizes available.

They can satisfy both residential and commercial needs. The company’s website has a size guide available to help you figure out exactly what you will need. You can rent climate-controlled units as well for storing sensitive goods. Vehicle storage is available at Mini Mall Storage too. Reserving a unit is the first step in the actual process. Be it over a phone call or in person, you need to get yourself a reservation before you proceed.

Upon confirmation, you get a date when you can move in. Rent works on a month-to-month basis and there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees. You can cancel the deal anytime according to a notice period that the company tells you. You are also free to give your stuff a visit anytime any day you want to. With the access card they provide, it’s only you who are allowed entry into the storage.

Contain Your Stuff

Contain Your Stuff - Storage Units Nanaimo

Contain Your Stuff is a trusted and credible provider of storage options all over Vancouver Island including Nanaimo. They have been in the business for years and have earned a positive reputation in the market. You can rent spaces for both your goods and your vehicles. The indoor self-storage units Nanaimo are available with temperature control to keep your items in their perfect condition. For vehicles, both indoor storage and outdoor parking are available.

All of their units are under 24/7 monitoring. Fences and gates protect them from outside interference as well. On top of that, security guards are on duty here overnight at every site. The storage is available on a monthly rent basis and you keep your stuff here for as long as you want. There are no commitments and you can walk out anytime.

Nanaimo Mini Storage

Nanaimo Mini Storage - Storage Units Nanaimo

As you could guess by the name, Nanaimo Mini Storage is a storage firm for Nanaimo and its people. Their storage units Nanaimo offer to you a highly affordable solution to your storage-related worries. The company is known for its various discounts so you might end up saving yourself some money as well.

Both indoor and outdoor storage is available here. Drive-up units are perfect for you to drive in with all of your items. You can ask the company to pick them up for you or even rent a truck to drive it there yourself. For vehicles and boats, you can rent outdoor parking spaces for however long you want.

Parkway Storage

Parkway Storage

Parkway Storage has an experience of over 20 years in the storage business. The company has been running strong in the Nanaimo and Vancouver Island markets since 2001, the year of its inception. You can rent units of different sizes that you’d deem enough to fit everything have to store. Their spaces are well-maintained and ventilated which makes them safe for storing almost anything.

Except for the obvious exclusions like explosives or gas. From residential items to construction materials and even vehicles, they can cover it all. Locks and seals prevent any intrusion from a human or otherwise. The lack of climate-control units might come off as a negative, however.

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AA Mini Storage

M Y Mini Storage

AA Mini Storage might not be a global name but is one of the most affordable and trusted companies around Nanaimo. You will find here indoor units of different sizes that can fit any amount of goods you need to store. 

They also rent out outdoor spaces for vehicles like cars, vans, and even trucks and boats. You can call them up to discuss what you are looking for and potentially reserve a unit. All the units are protected by electronic gates that only open up with the access cars the company provides. 


Storage units in Nanaimo are not hard to find anymore. Storage business in Canada took a while to go big but it did arrive eventually. These 10 companies mentioned here will take care of your belongings like it’s their own.

All of them have been active in the business for years and have a good reputation that you can trust. Comparing their rents and features can make it easy for you to make the final decision.

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