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10 Budget-Friendly Self Storage Units in Nashville (2023)

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A storage unit is a shelf used to store goods. It is typically found in a warehouse rather than on the sales floor. Perishables are kept in the distribution facilities’ refrigerated storage units. To prevent the sales area from becoming cluttered, use storage units with drawers for minor products like socks and ties. self-storage units in Nashville offer an affordable choice for people and organizations.

They want to preserve their assets and things in a secure location that’s protected from the environment. These are opposed to other possibilities like upgrading an existing building or renting additional rooms.

Seasonal or excess things can be securely stored away in self-storage containers during these times. This is when they aren’t needed for active service. The same is true for automobiles that might not be used for long stretches of time.

Cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, and other types of vehicles can be stored in the units with environmental protection. Along with shelter, albeit specific conditions may apply.

10 Best Storage Units in Nashville, USA:

A+ Storage Northfield Village

A+ Storage Northfield Village - Storage units Nashville

To make the process as quick and simple as possible, A+ storage units Nashville is your one-stop storage shop. This includes cheap boxes and moving goods. Their highly qualified, courteous, and professional team can assist you in identifying the storage option or solution.

This will most effectively meet your unique requirements. Visit us or give us a call right away if you have any extra questions or would like more information. Because they are delighted to provide free coffee and water in their office. Better yet, book your space right away online!

Location includes drive-up storage units, video recording, well-lit facility, keypad access, on-site manager, and pest control. Also, the prices are very pocket-friendly ranging from $75 to $189.

Alpha Mini Storage

Alpha Mini Storage - Storage units Nashville

Franklin, Tennessee’s 140 Alpha Drive is home to the locally-owned Alpha Mini Storage. 10×10, 10×20, and 15×20 are the unit sizes. For trailers, boats, RVs, and other large vehicles, outdoor space can be rented.

Every unit has a private entry code, and fence, and is secured around the clock. Access via a drive-up is feasible. Online, in-person, or mail-in payments are all acceptable. Cash, checks, credit or debit cards, VendoMo, and automated bill pay are all acceptable forms of payment.

Since 1985, Williamson and Franklin County residents have relied on Alpha Mini-Storage to provide safe, convenient, and secure self-storage. To meet your demands, they provide units in three sizes. Additionally, they have outdoor parking places for buses, boats, campers, trailers, RVs, and other large vehicles and “toys.”

Easy access means that you can pull up to the door of your unit, unload, and then depart. You don’t have to unload on a loading dock, carry your belongings to the elevator, and get off at the sixth story. Carry your belongings to your unit, and then head back to the loading dock for the following load.

Additionally, they make it simple for you to pay your rent. You can use their secure online payment site, send your payment by mail, or pay in person at their office. They take Vendo, debit cards, credit cards, and automated bill-pay.

Please let us assist you with any storage needs you may have! It will be easy, convenient, and painless to rent self-storage space at Alpha Mini-Storage. It doesn’t matter whether you are relocating, downsizing, or storing equipment off-site.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage - Storage units Nashville

1216 Gallatin Avenue is the location of Extra Space Storage units in Nashville. All enclosed, climate-controlled units are accessible from the inside. A computerized key code is required for entry. Units range in size from locker size for 10-15 boxes to 10×30. A form on the website can be used to request reservations. Online payment is possible.

In 2005, Childress Klein launched Extra Space Storage as the company’s self-storage business. Its purpose was to cater to the needs of clients wanting modern, multi-story climate-controlled storage facilities.

They have created a strategic process and disciplined approach to site selection. Also, design, development, and management of best-in-class self-storage facilities across the southeast. This industry is one that is rapidly expanding.

They are a privately held business with strong financial standing and a focus on developing projects for its own portfolio. They place a premium on longevity and the creation of long-term value.

Their self storage team, which is led by Chris Poholek, focuses on estates in Southeast cities with a high population density. Here growth is rapid and rents are attractive self-storage facilities totaling 1.25 million square feet that have been built by Childress Klein.

Thomson Self Storage

Thomson Self Storage - Storage units Nashville

In close proximity to Nashville, Tennessee’s Green Hills, Belmont, and Vanderbilt neighborhoods, as well as 12th South, Melrose, and Nolensville Road. Since 1994, Thompson Lane Self-Storage has offered space, security, and service and is easily accessible via I-24, I-65, and I-440.

Many of their clients are moving, while others merely need to store furniture or home things that aren’t being used right now. In particular, during the summer, They provide services to a large number of Vanderbilt, Belmont, and David Lipscomb University students. They are also Santa’s go-to location for storing children’s gifts during the holiday season.

They are a very popular choice for companies who require additional storage as well. At Thompson Lane Self-Storage, They have more than 560 storage spaces in a variety of sizes. Many of them are climate-controlled, so you can be sure to find the space you require.

Public Storage

Public Storage - Storage units Nashville

You won’t have to pick between inexpensive storage units in Nashville and climate-controlled storage at this gleaming new storage facility. This boasts over 2,600 storage units. This location, which is in the center of Nashville’s downtown, is surrounded by Music City’s lights, noise, and activity. But occasionally, too much elation can cause clutter to accumulate.

For bands or solitary artists needing to store equipment like guitars, their incredibly popular 5×10 storage containers are a wonderful choice. For storing a bike or other outdoor equipment for use in Cumberland Park, this is also a wonderful alternative.

They provide several 10×15 and 10×20 storage facilities that can accommodate the furniture of a two- or three-bedroom house for heavier loads. 

These are excellent for clients clearing space for a new family member or preparing for home renovation projects. Large, hefty objects like couches, mattresses, or bookcases can be stored in these containers because of their design. 

This facility has a manager that resides on-site and is open seven days a week. Come on by right away, and they’ll assist you to choose the ideal storage option.

CubeSmart Self Storage

Cubesmart - Storage units Nashville

They at CubeSmart Self Storage are dedicated to giving their clients top-notch goods, services, and facilities. 

Along with the finest savings in the market, their customers benefit from several benefits. This encompasses moving assistance, packing & shipping materials, customized storage, and business services.

Facilities and requirements include email billing, rent due on the same day each month per lease start, auto-pay available, and a security deposit required. Also, cash is accepted, checks accepted, and credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover

ACCESS. Also, electronic gate access, handcarts available, and 24-hour kiosk service.

Life Storage

Life Storage

On Charlotte Pike near I-40, close to the Charlotte Park and Whitebridge districts, you may find storage spaces. Get a 5×10 storage unit and save the seasonal items you use during the summers on the Cumberland River.

Such as patio furniture, gardening supplies, and outdoor recreational equipment. These 5×10 storage cabinets are great for students at the adjacent Nashville State Community College to keep extra textbooks. Also, instruments and clothing are organized while they are in class.

A 10×10 storage container may eliminate the clutter from up to three rooms. Our 10×10 storage units are some of our most adaptable self-storage solutions, with space for everything from instruments to dining sets. 

The largest hauls can be accommodated by 10×20 storage facilities, which can be used for moving, downsizing, or just major storage needs. After you’ve finished storing, attend a college football game to support the Vanderbilt Commodores.

With their rental program, you may reserve a contactless move-in and feel good about the future of storage. No matter whether you want an interior climate-controlled storage space or an outdoor storage unit with drive-up access.



Using the strength of their network of warehouse storage and distribution locations, their warehouses offer short- and long-term storage. Additionally, e-fulfillment services, kitting, cross-docking, and last-mile delivery.

Their warehouse storage and distribution services are tailored specifically for each client, and they store a wide variety of products for them. Peak season, inventory control, or storage costs shouldn’t be a concern for you.

They have the warehouse space to meet your demands while staying within your budget, whether you need to store one or 1,000 pallets. Your time and money are saved on all of your warehousing needs thanks to their transparent pricing.

They temporarily reduce your costs associated with excess inventory and local customer deliveries. Warehousing puts you in close proximity to the client, resulting in low prices and no contracts.

They have over 1500 warehouses in every state across the US. So no matter where you are there is sure to be a space close by for you. No matter if your desired warehouse location is Missoula MT or Atlanta GA. They can provide the needed space on both a short and long-term basis.

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BC Storage Units Nashville

BC Storage

Self-storage company BC Storage operates a number of locations in the Nashville area. The company’s storage specialists offer clients advice on the best size storage unit to meet their needs. 

Standard storage units and climate-controlled storage units, vehicle storage for cars, RVs, and boats. Also, contractor warehouse space and company storage space are all different storage options. A 24-hour video surveillance system, perimeter fence, and electronic gates with keypad access protect BC Storage sites. Customers are required to use their own locks to lock up their storage units.

At BC Storage, reserving a storage space is simple. For all your storage needs in the Nashville, TN metro region, they provide a wide selection of self storage facilities and storage unit sizes.

Uncertain of the size of the storage unit you require? One of their storage specialists will be pleased to address all of your inquiries when you call one of our storage facilities. They guarantee that they can meet all of your storage needs with alternatives including boat, RV, and car storage!

All of your warehousing requirements are met on a month-to-month basis. This allows you to avoid being bound by a contract longer than is necessary. This loTheyrs the price of a specialized warehouse and staff for quick fixes.

You just have to pay for the space that you use when renting out a warehouse. This offers you, the consumer, total freedom to run your business any way you see fit.

U-Haul Storage Units Nashville


U-Haul is a 1945-founded American moving truck, trailer, and self-storage rental company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The company was started by Leonard Shoen in Ridgefield, Washington. His wife’s family’s garage served as the location for this, which he eventually extended by franchising with petrol stations.

At several of its locations, U-Haul provides a range of other services in addition to renting out trucks, trailers, and other equipment. This includes self-storage, moving assistance, LPG (propane) refueling, hitch and trailer wiring installation, moving boxes, and other packing supplies.

The name is occasionally used as a generic trademark to denote the services of any self-move rental firm. Because the company is so well-known (there are more than 17,000 active dealers countrywide).

Rental car liveries are immediately recognizable. They often consist of white with a wide horizontal orange stripe and a large SuperGraphics graphic of a state or province.


Finding a handy location to put your extra possessions is the main advantage of hiring a self-storage unit. Renting a place becomes more affordable when you invest in a self-storage container. And factor in the opportunity cost of losing your belongings.

Due to the commodities that may be stored in stores, storage helps a business to attain the economics of large-scale production. Also, large-scale buying and selling, etc. Required storage: The period of time between the manufacture of an item and its use is what drives the demand for storage.

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