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10 Best Safest Self-Storage Units in Ottawa (2023)

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In a busy and big city like Ottawa, blooming with opportunities and, consequently, with people moving here. The increasing population is decreasing the available space. Therefore, it is difficult to find homes and places to store your extra items. However, we are fortunate to have storage units available to us. All these storage units in Ottawa are reliable and have the best service in town.

As a result, this article has listed some of the storage units in Ottawa. 

Access Storage

Access Storage

It is a popular name in the self-storage industry in Canada. It is well known for its service, security, and convenient motel facilities. As a result, it is popular among many people, especially students. Access Storage has over 140 branches across Canada. As a result, their services are available in almost every corner and zip code in Canada. They have various unit types according to your needs. There is a huge variety in size and features available. 

They offer heated, climate-controlled, vehicle, business/commercial, and drive-up self-storage units. As a result, you do not have to worry if your belongings will find a safe spot here. They also have a solution for you when it comes to packing and moving. Access Storage offers packing and moving services to help you save time and effort. Their experts know how to accommodate more in a limited space. This way, you can use the available space judiciously.

They have six different sizes of storage units available. They have arrangements if you do not have time to visit their facility and wish to complete all formalities at home. You can e-sign their agreement, make the necessary payments, and their team members will arrive at your location. They are also offering zero rent for the first four weeks. This offer is valid only until September 30th, 2022. So what are you waiting for?

Public Storage

Public storage canada

It is another popular name across Canada. They offer one of the best self-storage facilities in terms of their storage unit variety and facilities. If you talk about their location, they are on St-Joseph Blvd between the 1st Line and Trim Rd, south of Queensway. As a result, you can reach them easily from Old Montreal Road. Various factors make them the first choice of many families and people. Apart from their heated, vehicle, and climate-controlled units, all their units are at ground level. As a result, you can bring your vehicle and unload your items.

While the storage facility has restricted visiting hours, there are no restricted days. It is available to you throughout the year. Holidays or Easter will not affect your access to your storage unit. They charge a monthly lease, leaving no room for scams or losses. It is their way of maintaining transparency and good customer relations.

Their facility has in-door parking, so you do not have to worry about your car or truck. They also offer packing services if you are not an expert in packing and moving. So, in a nutshell, it is a one-stop solution for everything related to storage.

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Dymon Storage


Dymon Storage has four branches across Canada. They are in Ottawa, Oshawa, Brampton, and Toronto. Dymon Storage offers self-storage units and office space. As a result, it is not just a storage unit. It is one of the most popular choices among people looking for commercial storage. It is because of its storage facilities and the amount of space available under one roof. Another reason is the services available. These include shredding, mailboxes, safety deposit mailboxes, boardroom rentals, and document storage.

Talking about the self-storage service, Dymon Storage offers personal, business, and wine storage. They have heated storage hallways so that you can bring in your vehicles to unload your belongings. These hallways are protected against the climate. As a result, all the heat and humidity are at bay. Their storage units in Ottawa are clean, well-lit, and spacious.

If you have trouble finding a moving and packing service, return to Dymon Storage. They provide free trucks and moving. They have high-security arrangements, so there is no scope for unauthorized access or entry into the facility. However, as their client, you have 24-hour access. You do not have to worry about restricted hours.

Just Right Self Storage

Just Right - storage units ottawa

It is one of the largest self-storage facilities in Ottawa and Canada. They claim to have more storage units and mini-storage spaces than any other storage company in Ottawa. Apart from this, they also have a host of facilities that set them apart from the crowd.

They offer 24-hour access to their customers. As a result, you do not have to worry about the time or day before visiting your storage unit. However, it does not imply that anyone can enter their premises. They have a video surveillance system and high-security arrangements.

Ensure that your building and units are safe from human or weather intrusions. To ensure this, they have climate-controlled humidity and temperature-controlled storage units. Furthermore, you can rely on them and entrust them with all your business.

People like them because of their convenient location. They are close to the war museum, the O-Train for students, and the main transitway. Therefore, accessing this excellent storage facility will not be a problem. You can contact their customer service at any hour of the day for any doubts or questions. They are actively responsive to their customers and anyone interested in joining their family.

If packing and moving are hassles for you because you lack the skills and vehicles, do not fret. Their track service is free and makes your life easier. They will load your belongings at your location, unload them, and store them for you in your storage unit. As a result, everything happens without any hassle.

Acceptable Storage

Acceptable Storage - storage units ottawa

While Ottawa is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Canada, its storage is not. Affordable storage tops the list of affordable storage units in Ottawa. That is why it is one of the most popular storage facilities in Canada and Ontario. Despite the higher price, they do not compromise on security.

You get 24-hour surveillance with coded access to your storage facilities. They have approximately 700 numbered units, making them the ideal self-storage solution. Talking about their storage units, they have clean, strong, and pres-controlled storage units. They offer other services too. It includes self-storage, RV, kayak, boat, and canoe storage.

They also sell packing and moving supplies. As a result, all your needs are met under one roof. This way, they ensure a smooth packing service. They maintain tight security with an electronic digital lock system and digital cameras for 24/7 security. Currently, they are offering a 5% senior citizen discount on their storage rates.

You must, however, show proof of age. Only those over 65 years of age qualify to avail of the discount.  Apart from the senior citizen discount, they are offering a DND military discount. You must present a military ID to receive the 5% discount. So what are we waiting for?

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AMJ Self-Storage

AMJ Campbell - storage units ottawa

It is another popular self-storage facility in Ottawa. They have a reputation for their high-quality storage units and customer-friendly service. Whether you need temporary, short-term, or commercial storage, AMJ has the solution.

They have various size storage units. There is the right size for everyone and every need. They range from 25 to 25,000 square feet. Apart from this, they have heated, unheated, climate-controlled, and basic storage units too.

Once you have stored your belongings with AMJ Storage Company, you can forget about security or privacy. They have a high-security facility with 24-hour surveillance and monitoring. Apart from this, only you can access your storage unit, guaranteeing you complete privacy.

The best part is their billing scheme. You can pick weekly, monthly, or yearly billing. There is no time constraint. When it comes to packing and moving, you do not have to worry. They have everything available at command. You get bubble wrap, sheets, etc., to pack your belongings. Apart from the self-storage service, they offer other services too. It includes specialized logistics, home delivery, home moving, international, and office moving.


U-Haul - storage units ottawa

U-Haul is a trusted and reliable name in the self-storage industry. It has a wide customer base because of years of customer service excellence and excellent service. They have a variety of storage units fit for every need and occasion. It includes climate-controlled, vehicle, drive-up/outdoor, commercial, RV, car, and boat self-storage units. Apart from these wide features, they also have wide options in sizes. As a result, you can pick the right size according to your needs.

Apart from its variety of storage units, there are multiple reasons to choose U-Haul self-storage. It is a great fit for students as it offers one month of free storage. Apart from this, there is monthly billing, so you do not have to pay when you vacate the storage unit. They have all their services available online too. As a result, if you are short of time, you can complete all the forms from the comfort of your home.

They have a comprehensive guide on how to store various items such as furniture, antiques, bicycles, and so on. If you’re concerned about purchasing packing and moving supplies, U-Haul has you covered. You can buy A-Z packing supplies from them. Apart from self-storage services, they also offer moving services and transportation. As a result, it is safe to say that it is your one-stop solution for all storage and moving issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best self-storage company?

Among all the options available in your region, you must check for high-security arrangements, clean and spacious storage units Ottawa, and complete privacy. Ensure that they have flexible visiting hours or at least compatible with your schedule. Make sure their rent fees and your budget match. However, it does not imply that you compromise thousands of dollars worth of benefits to save a few dollars. Therefore, be wise before locating a storage unit.

Many storage companies have billing schemes that might rip you off extra money. As a result, it is advisable to go for self-storage companies with monthly and weekly billing arrangements. If all these conditions are satisfied by a particular storage company, you can book your appointment with them.

Can I store everything in a storage unit?

Ans): It is a common misconception that you can store anything in a storage unit. There are rules and restrictions, but it is for your convenience and storage. You can store your personal belongings, but there is a bar to the lights. You cannot store inflammable objects like gas cylinders, fuel packed in bottles, etc. Plants and perishable goods cannot be stored in the same way.

They result in a foul smell and can hamper the other belongings too. For that matter, anything capable of producing a strong smell is prohibited. It includes strong spices, candles, perfumes, etc. You cannot keep your pets. It’s not only prohibited but also inhumane to confine an animal in such a dark and enclosed space.

Should I pick a climate-controlled storage unit?

The answer will depend upon the items you are storing. However, climate-controlled on-track storage units are the most widely used storage units. They offer added security to your items. Things like guitars, furniture, clocks, paintings, etc., are vulnerable to fungi and moss due to humidity.

There are also high chances of moisture and dust damaging your belongings. However, a climate-controlled storage unit prevents all these problems. It protects your belongings against outside weather conditions. It ensures that you will find your belongings as you left them.


Self-storage units have become a necessity in modern times. Increasing uranium has resulted in decreasing space. People hardly have appropriate homes to stay in, let alone space for storage. As a result, self-storage units come in handy.

As it is becoming a popular business and necessity, there are always high chances of fraud and scams. It is better to go through online reviews and guarantees before purchasing a storage unit.

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