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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Philadelphia (2023)

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Storage units are the best way to make some space in your house. There might be things that you want to store rather than throw away. Storing them in your house creates a lot of clutter and takes away from precious room space. However, you can rent storage units to get your house cleared of all the mess. There are many options to choose from when it comes to renting storage units Philadelphia. We have listed down the best storage units in Philadelphia. These storage companies provide you with a secure way to store your items.  

Here are the 10 Best self-storage units in Philadelphia:


U-Haul - Storage Units Philadelphia

U-Haul is one of the most popular moving and storage companies in the US. this company has been operating since 1945 and has established itself in the storage industry. They are the industry leaders when it comes to storage units. When the company initially began operating there were not many proper storage facilities.

This company has played a huge role in modernizing and revolutionizing the moving and storage industry in America. Moreover, the company has expanded over the years and provides tons of services other than storage units and moving trucks.

They are among the top companies that have storage units in Philadephia. The brand value of the company makes them one of the ideal partners for your storage needs. Throughout the years the customer base of the company has increased due to its professional services and great offerings. 

When it comes to providing storage facilities, they offer you a vast selection. You get to choose from different kinds of storage units in Philadelphia to meet the different needs you have. Further, they have vehicle storage options as well in case you require a place to store your car temporarily.

They offer regular storage units in small, medium, and large sizes. The company claims that the large storage unit can accommodate items from your entire house if stored properly. You can even use their storage guide to have a better understanding of which storage unit is suitable for you.

The company provides its customers with one month of free storage in addition to not charging any deposit fee. Above all, you can just rent a storage unit through your phone and move in immediately. You can trust U-Haul to provide you with some of the best storage units Philadelphia.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space - Storage Units Philadelphia

Extra Space Storage is a storage company that has been making good progress in the last few years., the company has expanded to various locations and ranks among the top storage solutions in the country. As the name suggests, this company works to provide you with the extra space you need to store your items.

They have great storage facilities where you can store your items without having to worry about anything else. Moreover, they have over 2000 locations across the US, and all of them are quality-checked to maintain high standards. The company also focuses on the cleanliness of its facilities. Many storage units tend to neglect this. 

However, the company believes that providing clean and hygienic storage units Philadelphia is its priority. The company is popular for having a great staff in addition to top-quality storage units. Further, their staff is always at hand to help you in the moving process.

You can ask for their help with any query and they will be more than happy to help you. They try to provide a pleasant experience for all of their customers. The entire facility is under surveillance and your items are safe in the storage lockers.



CubeSmart has built a great reputation for itself as one of the top storage companies in the US. the company has been operating for many years and has managed to improve its offerings with time. They understand the need to change with time and embrace modernity. Therefore, the company has opted for modern storage solutions and focused on the technological aspect of its business.

They have developed one of the simplest ways to rent a storage unit. Firstly, you have to browse their website to find the ideal storage unit. Secondly, you can use their application or website to complete the rental agreement online. Finally, you get access to your storage unit and you can move in the same day. 

The company makes it much more convenient to rent a storage unit for customers. Not having to check in at their offices saves you a lot of time and creates a hassle-free experience. Further, the company offers many deals on their storage units Philadelphia.

You should check out their website to avail of all of these discounts such as referral discounts, military discounts and more. The company even offers free moving trucks which will save you a lot of money when transferring items to your storage units Philadelphia.

On the other hand, the company takes the safety of your belongings seriously. The storage units have good safety features which keep your valuables protected at all times. Many of their storage facilities have property managers as well to ensure there is no unauthorized access into the facility.

Life Storage

Life storage - Storage Units Philadelphia

Life Storage has versatile storage units. They have storage options for storing your household items, and vehicles and even expanding your business. They have tried to provide some of the best storage solutions for people with varying needs. No matter what your needs are, you will most likely find a storage unit that fits your needs. 

Moreover, they agave climate-controlled storage units as well. With climate change, there is a chance that your goods might have been damaged due to weather when placed in storage units Philadelphia. The company provides you with the option of choosing climate-controlled storage units.

These units have their temperature regulated to maintain an ideal temperate despite what the weather conditions are outside. No matter whether there is rain, snow, or scorching heat outside, your items remain stored at an ideal temperature. This is especially useful when storing perishable items. The company wants to make it very easy to store your items with them.

Therefore, they provide you with moving supplies as well. You can purchase these supplies at a cheap rate from them and they will ship them to your house for no additional cost. On the other hand, they provide storage for your vehicles a swell.

They have indoor and outdoor storage units where you can store your car, boat, or any other vehicle. Most importantly, the company works hard to enhance the customer experience while providing the best storage units Philadelphia.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage is a solid option when looking for the best storage units Philadelphia. The company has been a pioneer of excellent service. They have worked hard to provide customers with great service.

Moreover, they have a professional team that works hard to bring you the best prices when it comes to storage lockers. The company has some of the most secure storage lockers. They have installed great surveillance systems along with other security features. All of the storage lockers have keypads with unique codes to provide you with seamless access to your lockers. 

Further, the company provides you with insurance as well. They have accidental insurance coverage of $2000 for all their tenants. The chances of your products getting damaged or stolen are very low but even if that happens they have got you covered with the insurance.

However, this feature is not available at some facilities. In these facilities, you can opt for insurance coverage at very low monthly rates. The company also has a contactless rental facility. You can complete the rental process from the comfort of your computer and get the rental done on the same day. This is one of the top companies for renting storage units in Philadelphia.

Public Storage

Public Storage - Storage Units Philadelphia

Public Storage has great storage units across the country. They have all of the storage options that you expect from one of the top storage companies in the US. the great services they have provided to their customers have won them numerous accolades and awards.

This goes to show the utmost commitment this company has toward its services and customers. Moreover, the company wants all of its customers to think of them as an extension of its home. They aim to provide you with secure storage units Philadelphia at affordable prices. 

Further, the company has many offers and promotions. They charge $1 as the rent for the first month. You can also get discounts up to 30% when you use their website to rent storage units Philadelphia. Renting a unit with them is very easy. You just need to choose the storage unit and reserve it for free.

When you get your move-in day, their property managers will take you to your storage unit. However, if you do not like the unit, they will show you other units as well. Above all, this company tries to give you the best prices. You can rely on them for good storage units in Philadelphia.

21st Century Storage

21st Century Storage - Storage Units Philadelphia

21 Century Storage has storage units located in Philadelphia. They are a comparatively small storage company that is managing to compete with the bigger players in this industry. They provide easy access storage solutions to their clients in Philadelphia. All of their storage units are open 7 days a week. Therefore, you can move into your storage without any time constraints. 

Moreover, they have an onsite manager to improve the security of the facility and to help you out with anything you need. The entire facility is monitored 24 hours a day to protect against any threats or issues that might occur.

They have fully fenced properties in addition to electronic gates to prevent outsiders from entering the facility. Your items are safe when stored in their facility. Further, the contract is drawn on a month-to-month basis which prevents you from having to commit to a long-term deal.

Safeguard Self Storage

Safeguard Self Storage - Storage Units Philadelphia

Safeguard Self Storage is a highly rated storage facility. The company has over 30 years of experience in this industry and they have won the hearts of their clients. The costumes love the company’s approach towards providing only the best for them. 

Moreover, the professionals working at the company are dedicated to helping you understand your requirements and finding the ideal storage units in Philadelphia. They are equipped to suggesting you the best storage units and provide them to you at the best prices.

They have amenities such as loading areas, carts, dollies, elevators, and more to make it easy for you to store your items. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction which makes them one of the best companies for renting storage units in Philadelphia.

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Compass Self Storage

Compass self-storage

Compass Self Storage aims to be a one-stop solution for everything related to storage units. They have a good selection of storage units in Philadelphia. Moreover, they allow you to rent these units for quite cheap. The company provides you with truck rentals in addition to moving services.

They have covered all of the bases to give you the best storage experience. You just have to contact them and they will arrange everything from packaging your good to storing them at the facility. Moreover, you also get the choice of selecting indoor units and climate-controlled units depending on your requirements. You should give them a try when looking for affordable storage units in Philadelphia.

US Storage Centers

US Storage Centers - Storage Units Philadelphia

US Storage provides customers with convenient storage options. All of their facilities are located in prime spots which makes them very easy to access. They have all the types of storage units you could imagine.

Moreover, most of their storage units come with free moving trucks which helps you save a decent amount of money. Further, all of their locations have top-quality packaging materials to help you store the goods better. They have promotional offers which allow you to save 50% off 2 months on certain units. You should visit their website to find out more about these offers and make an informed choice. 


These companies are the best when it comes to storage units Philadelphia. They have tons of amenities and offers for their customers. All of these companies have an excellent track record and have been able to deliver on the promises they make.

These companies provide the cheapest rates for storage units in Philadelphia. However, many of them offer freebies such as moving supplies and rental trucks. Therefore, make all the calculations before finalizing which storage unit you want to choose. 

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