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5 Best Self Storage Units in Prince George : Great Service

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You’ve come to the right place if you live in Prince George, Canada, looking for dependable and affordable storage units. With changing demographics and lifestyles, storage units have become a necessity. Every town has a storage unit today given the high demand in recent times. Despite the limited options available in the region, we have found some of the most reliable and highly-rated storage units in Prince George.

Here is the list of 5 Best Self-Storage Units in Prince George:

Makespace Storage

Makespace Storage - Storage Units Prince George

Makespace storage is one of those few storage facilities offering A-Z packing, moving, and storage solutions. It is why this company has earned a name and trust in the self-storage industry. It is one of the most popular self-storage brands, known for its excellent customer service and reliable team, making your work super easy. Beginning with their storage facility, they offer clean, spacious, and pest-controlled storage units.

They have different kinds of storage units fit for everything. There are several size options available for you to choose from. You can pick the size that fits your needs the best. They have climate-controlled and temperature-regulated storage units. Apart from this, they also have basic storage space. So you will never have to compromise on your needs. They do not compromise on safety and security.

As a result, the warehouses are not open to the public. Each facility is always under 24-hour surveillance. To ensure all-rounder security, they have installed motion detectors, alarms, night vision, and fire sprinklers. Apart from foreign intervention, they ensure anything unwanted does not hamper the things inside. As a result, they do not allow food, liquids, plants, and other perishable items in MakeSpace facilities. The units and facilities are also regularly inspected for pests and fungi.

If you are like me and struggle with packing and moving, they offer a free packing and moving service. The staff will come to your place, pack your belongings using Makespace storage packing supplies, and take them to the storage facility. Once your things are inside the storage facility, they will send you pictures of everything stored inside. You can cross-check the list via your Makespace storage account. I do not think they missed anything.

Highway 16 Storage

Highway 16 Storage - Storage Units Prince George

It is another popular self-storage facility in Prince George, suitable for commercial and personal storage. They offer a wide variety of options in terms of sizes and facilities. There are various storage unit sizes. You can visit their website to learn about the exact dimensions and sizes to pick the correct storage unit.

Apart from the size, their storage units offer multiple options in terms of features and types. They have basic, climate-controlled vehicle storage units. So you do not have to think thrice before moving anything outside their storage units. They have space for everything. Talking about the security arrangements, they have a 24×7 CCTV system across their storage facility. These cameras stay active throughout the day and are monitored by their staff.

They have installed fiber-optic fencing with keypad-controlled gates. You will find a resident manager living onsite to manage problems or cater to visitors. Their website lists the prices, discounts, or offers for different storage units and facilities. If you have a busy schedule, carry out billing and payment online.

AAA Self-Storage

AAA Self-Storage - Storage Units Prince George

This self-storage facility in Prince George guarantees high-quality service and facilities to all. They are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction and the best self-storage service possible in Prince George, Canada.

They have storage units available in various sizes to accommodate all your needs and demands. You can pick the one you like. Apart from the size, their storage units Prince George are clean, pest-controlled, and spacious. They are fit for personal and commercial usage. They ensure all-around security at their facility. With 24×7 CCTV surveillance and vigilant staff, your belongings are always safe.

Only you will have access to your storage unit. The owners will hand over the keys to you as soon as you book and pay for the storage unit. Their reasonable prices, coupled with excellent customer service and clean and spacious storage units, make them one of the top self-storage facilities in Prince George, Canada.

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It is one of the top names when it comes to storage facilities. It is one of the best and top self-storage facilities offering services across. They do not just offer self-storage facilities. They have a whole range of services related to storage, moving, packing, etc. That is why most people turn to U-Haul for their storage needs. It serves all their needs at once.

They have several unit-size options available; you can pick the one that fits your requirements. Their website specifies the dimensions of each size. Apart from this, they have climate-controlled, commercial/business, vehicle, RV, car, boat, and drive-up storage facilities. There is hardly anything that will not find a space here. To ensure complete safety and security they have a state-of-the-art protection system installed. The facilities are under 24×7 CCTV surveillance and monitored by their vigilant staff.

As a result, you do not have to worry about your belongings. If you are not a packing expert, you can again seek U-haul’s assistance. Their professional team will pack and move the items for you. You can also buy packing supplies and pack them yourself. They have now made all the services, including booking, payments, upgrades, etc., available online. So, if you have a hectic schedule and it is hard to visit the office, you can complete all the formalities from the comfort of your home.

Hart U-Stor

The Prince George-based family-owned business, Hart U-Stor, has been in business for more than 25 years. There is something for everyone’s needs. The company offers storage lockers in every size. So you do not have to compromise on size or space or end up overpaying for the wrong size. The business is fully licensed and insured, as are the employees. As a result, you do not have to doubt their credibility or reliability.

They are a well-known name in the self-storage industry in Prince George, Canada. The helpful, knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the best storage option for your needs and budget. They are always on call and available for any help or assistance. They offer cost-effective, customized storage solutions. Their storage facilities are spotless, well-kept, and protected by round-the-clock video surveillance.

To meet your storage needs, they provide storage unit rentals, RV storage, moving truck rentals, different storage locker sizes, and special promotions. They offer welcoming customer service. So your belongings remain safe from any outside intervention or unauthorized access as well as from pests, insects, fungi, etc.

  • Add lighter items in bigger boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes. It makes it easier to carry and store.
  • Always label your boxes. It makes it easier to find things in the storage area and helps you save time and
  • Pick the correct packing. The right packing material will keep your belongings safe and clean. You must know what to pack in bubble wrap and what goes under the sheets. If you do not have the expertise, you can contact a packing company or your storage facility.
  • Use your belongings as packing space. If you are storing any big boxes, trolleys, or luggage bags, treat them as storage space too. You can pack your other items inside to accommodate more.
  • Use high-quality packing material. Saving money on packing materials and buying low-quality or average-quality packing materials might result in extra expenses later. There is always a high risk of damage in such cases. As a result, it is only a wise choice to invest in high-quality boxes, wraps, and tapes.
  • Create a list. Creating a list of what must go in and what has to be left behind makes the process more organized. It also helps you keep track of the things you have packed and leaves scope for cross-checking once done. There are multiple apps available where you can click a picture of everything you are storing and create a checklist.
  • Try to avoid storing something valuable. While standard facilities ensure safety, security, and hygiene, there is never a 100% guarantee. You cannot rely solely on a self-storage unit. Many times, insurance does not sufficiently cover such losses. As a result, instead of storing it in a storage unit, make some extra effort and preserve it inside your house.
  • Do not share your key access with anyone. You might wonder why someone would try to enter my storage unit, which only has some old furniture, my grandmother’s belongings, and a thing or two. Well, these things together are enough to get someone money equivalent to a month’s salary. So it is better not to trust anyone with your passwords or access codes. Keep it as confidential as you would keep your social media password.
  • While storage units have security systems involving locks, gated access, fingerprint unlock, etc., it is crucial to go the extra mile in keeping your belongings safe. Purchase a strong lock to lock your storage unit. If there is no arrangement to install a lock, make one inside the storage unit. You can chain all your items together and tie them with a lock. As a result, anyone who to pulls out at one time would have to pull out all at once. They can’t do it unless it’s a Marvel character.
  • Install or select appropriate lighting for the storage area. When the room is well-lit and clean, the security is enhanced. It is particularly true when video cameras have video cameras installed inside. It is essential to provide sufficient lighting when you or the staff have to walk around the unit. It ensures you do not trip and hurt yourself. On the other hand, uneven lighting can cause night blindness.
  • It is better to go for alarmed storage units. Alarms are one of the best ways to protect your storage unit from theft or robbery. An alarm system will prevent people from breaking into your unit. If there is an uninvited intrusion on your storage unit, the alarm will go off and scare them away. Some storage facilities also offer individual alarms. However, these might cost more than others.
  • Go for storage units with real-time footage on their phone or other devices. Many storage units offer app-based facilities to monitor real-time activities in and around their storage units. These guarantees added security and keep you tension-free.
  • Maintain an angle between walking and reaching for items.
  • Keep the most frequently used items close to make it easier to access them. This way, you do not need to move multiple boxes for a single object.
  • Do not make huge piles of boxes. There is always a risk of these piles falling and breaking whatever is inside. Therefore, make it a point not to store things in a tall pile.
  • Stay informed on what you are allowed to do. A storage unit is not for everything. There is a long list of things that you cannot store inside a storage unit. These mainly include inflammable items, perishable goods, and pets.
  • Go for a climate-controlled storage unit. Even though they are more expensive than standard storage units, they are worth the investment. You do not have to worry about climate change hampering your belongings. You can store everything. There is no scope for fungi, pests, or dust. It offers a better storage facility and keeps items safe.


Storage units are a need of the hour. Living spaces are becoming increasingly limited, let alone space for your belongings. Apart from this, storage units are useful when moving, renovating your home, or vacating an office.

Whatever the reason may be, you never know when a need for a storage unit will arise. As a result, we hope this article will help you find and pick the best storage unit in Prince George, Canada.

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