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8 Most-Affordable Self Storage Units in Providence, RI (2023)

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Renters, homeowners, small and big enterprises, college students, and members of the military all use self-storage. Self-storage helps homeowners and renters make extra space in their homes by liberating a closet or garage. You only consider self-storage to be for personal use when you hear the word. You might be surprised to learn how much self-storage units Providence RI can help a company expand. Storage of extra office equipment, file cabinets, electronics, data, and business supplies helps small and big enterprises save space.

Self-storage units Providence RI is the best option for businesses of all sizes, from bigger retailers that could acquire a lot of goods at once to little enterprises run out of a single person’s home. It can be crucial for you to ensure you have a good place to store all of the items that are valuable to your business in storage units Providenve RI. Here we are listing some of the best storage units Providence RI which are going to be very beneficial for you.

Life Storage

Life Storage - storage units providence RI

Providence and any other city where Life Storage conducts business ought to provide the greatest self-storage facilities. They challenge themselves to improve their services as a result of constantly asking their clients about their interactions with them. On their website, you may read testimonials from the previous four years from clients.

They’ve received feedback from over 100,000 clients who have completed questionnaires. Around 1,100 self-storage facilities operated by Life Storage are located in different states. If you reside in a town or city nearby to Providence, Rhode Island, they could have facilities even nearer to you. They’re willing to help if you need aid locating storage units¬† Providence RI.

For the Assets you’ll keep and how easily you’ll be able to retrieve them in the coming months, the features you select are crucial. Life Storage wants to make storage convenient for you and suitable for your valuable possessions. The extra effort they put into providing security measures helps keep your possessions secure while they are being stored. You’ll find entering your storage facility convenient, even if their security measures try to keep unauthorized people out.



Your greatest option for locating and booking inexpensive, practical storage online is SpareFoot. They provide the biggest storage market, which makes it easier to relocate and store your belongings. Whether you need standard self-storage or vehicle storage, their website allows you to evaluate the most storage alternatives available nationwide and choose the best option for your requirements.

You can view all of the possibilities on their website, where you can compare prices and features in one location, rather than having to visit many different websites to shop. Additionally, you may book and pay for your storage without ever leaving your home thanks to their easy online move-ins. Setting things up with a facility manager on move-in day saves you time and stress.

Being completely digital allows you to concentrate just on storing your possessions. SpareFoot is the go-to website for finding and renting storage for millions of Americans because it offers the most recent information on storage options and modern convenience.

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Compass Self Storage

Compass Self Storage - storage units providence RI

In order to meet all of your needs, Compass Self Storage offers a range of facilities and unit sizes. They provide storage options for both residential and commercial stuff. You can be confident that your moving and storage processes will go as smoothly as possible thanks to the useful amenities in their storage units Providence RI, such the availability of boxes and packing materials.

The last thing you want while transferring and packing your possessions is for the bottoms of your old boxes to come out or for your furniture to sustain damage. With their in-house packing and moving equipment, you can safeguard your possessions and get ready for the least stressful transfer imaginable.

Before moving into storage, let their friendly personnel assist you in making your choice of the items you need, such as furniture coverings, locks, and boxes. Now providing remote or contactless leasing is Compass Self Storage. They are assisting consumers over the phone to aid with the rental procedure in order to support their team members and those searching for storage.

Without requiring their renters to visit their rental office or deal directly with facility management, their remote leasing procedure enables them to rent to their tenants in a secure manner. In order to safely guide their tenants through the entire rental process while engaging in social distancing, they are utilizing technology and their phones.

Space Station Self Storage

Space Station Self Storage

There are many sizes of storage units Providence Ri available at Space Station Self Storage to meet every demand. They offer space for everything, whether you’re planning an address shift, company organization, or home organization. They provide various forms of car storage in addition to the personal, commercial, student, boat, and RV storage. Their unit costs rank among the lowest for storage units in Rhode Island and the surrounding area.

Security is a primary consideration while selecting a space station. Their cutting-edge, gated facilities offer 24/7 access and key gate admission to home and business owners. Their sophisticated surveillance systems, which include interior and outdoor security cameras, keep your stuff secure.

They provide climate-controlled storage units Providence RI that shield your belongings from both summer heat and winter storms. They provide a lot more than just the greatest storage units for the money. Space Station offers a wide selection of high-quality packing goods, move-in deals, and support for auto-pay plans. Let’s handle it together.

You can always rely on the comforts you deserve when you entrust your possessions to Space Station Self Storage. Space Station offers the convenient, cost-effective, and spotless storage units Providence Ri you require right now if you’re looking for a wide range of options and self-storage spaces.

Public Storage

Public Storage - storage units providence RI

No matter how limited your space may be, Public Storage doesn’t want you to give something up or go without it. You may put goods close in their storage units Providence Ri containers so that you can access them easily. Baby equipment like car seats and cribs, as well as actual babies themselves, take up room. Making room for your child doesn’t need you to give up any of your belongings. Place it in their storage space.

Public Storage can help you make some extra room if your closets are stuffed to the gills and your automobile won’t fit in the garage. Life is full of surprises, and sometimes you just need a little extra room, whether you’re downsizing, moving, or just making space. Public Storage can assist you each time you require additional space.

Couches may not always fit schedules. You may always keep your packed home things with Public Storage if your relocation plans are uncertain. Realtors advise sellers to clear their houses of clutter before the first open house because prospective buyers need to be able to see themselves living there.

Put some items in storage if you’re selling your home to make it seem its best. When subletting or renting via Airbnb, people demand furniture and a functional kitchen, but they definitely don’t want to live with your personal belongings. Store items with your guests if you don’t wish to share them. The more space you have to work with while opening up walls and demolishing cabinets, the better.

Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space

Extra Space Storage services Providence locals surrounding Rhode Island College, Wanskuck, Mt Hope, Woodville, Charles, and more from its location close to the junction of Veazie St and Woodward Rd. Near Christ Community Church, their building will be recognizable to the locals. Their Veazie St. storage facility provides the ideal storage units Providence RI for you, with units starting at 5×5 and going up to 20×20.

For your convenience, they also provide condos with amenities like drive-up access. Using a drive-up access unit will make loading and unloading simple. With this convenience, you can easily transport big objects in and out of your storage units Providence RI by pulling your car or moving truck up to it.

To assist safeguard their clients and offer a secure storage environment, their storage facility is accompanied by security systems including video monitoring and Computerised gate entry. Extra Space Storage is the cost-effective self-storage option you’re looking for in Providence. At this site, affordable storage spaces are available for as little as $38.

When you rent storage with them online, you can also benefit from fantastic move-in specials like the first month free and the first-month half-off at some sites. You can count on receiving the best service in the business when you rent from Extra Space Storage. The facility is always kept clean and safe by their helpful staff, who are also eager to assist you in any way they can. To book a storage unit in Providence, get in touch with them right away.

Prime Storage

Prime Storage - storage units providence RI

No matter if you reside or work in Elmwood. There’s a considerable probability that you might benefit from some extra storage space if you live in Reservoir, South Elmwood, or Lower South Providence. The organization is crucial, and Prime Storage on Narragansett Avenue is aware of this. Look no further than their facilities when you need to make some space in your offices, garages, or closets.

Nearby Interstate 95 and Highway 10 are only a few minutes away from their Narragansett Avenue location. The Mashapaug Commons shopping center and Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School are across the street from them. Are you enrolled at one of the many local colleges or universities?

Their close proximity to Johnson & Wales, Providence College, Roger Williams University, and other universities makes summer storage as simple as it gets. Choose Prime Storage units providence RI when your life necessitates space. It shouldn’t be difficult to locate affordable self-storage that is handy.

The storage amenities at Prime Storage are there to make your experience as simple as possible. Shop for boxes and other moving necessities at their Narragansett Avenue location to keep your relocation tidy. For valuables that require protection from high temperatures, choose climate-controlled storage facilities, or drive-up units for the utmost in loading and unloading simplicity.

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U-Haul Moving & Storage of East Providence is a top-notch self-storage facility that is conveniently situated at 740 N Broadway. This storage facility offers a wide range of solutions for clients’ storage needs and provides a clean, dry, and safe environment. It is free to reserve.

This facility provides a distinctive range of unit sizes to meet your demands. may want assistance selecting the appropriate size. For further information, see our Self-Storage Size Guide. To safeguard your belongings from temperature and humidity, this facility maintains temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees year-round, depending on the system.


We believe self-storage to be equally beneficial for companies. The fact that self-storage sector is expanding quickly at the moment. As it only serves to highlight how more and more people are beginning to recognize the superior services. If you’re moving back home for the summer, going abroad for a semester, or getting your degree and moving somewhere new, renting self-storage units in Providence RI has its advantages.

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