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10 Best Self Storage Units in Salt Lake City (Safe & Cheap)

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Moving out is something that we all have to go through at least once or twice in our lifetime. The moving industry is thriving because of how high the demand always is. One unskippable part of the whole process is storage. You can’t carry all of your household items with you after all. It is a good idea to take the help of a storage company for that. There are even more reasons for feeling the need for renting storage units in Salt Lake City. Doesn’t matter what the reason is, you need a good service if you are putting your money into it.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Salt Lake City


Cubesmart - storage units salt lake city

Self-storage units are the perfect solution for all space and storage problems. Regardless of the reason that you need their help, CubeSmart is more than eager and capable of providing it to you. The company has a reputation built of years and years of hard work which is enough for you to entrust them with your belongings and money. 

The company has been around since the 1970s. It makes this their 5th decade being active in the industry which tells a lot about the quality you can expect from them. 

You can opt for four kinds of storage at your nearest CubeSmart facility. First up, a regular indoor or outdoor self-storage unit. A unit like this is good enough for your average household needs. It’s ideal for someone who is moving out or renovating and needs a place to keep their stuff until everything is done.

They also have special types of units that are reinforced with climate control. Everything inside of these is away from the effects of different weather conditions and temperatures. This is what makes them suitable for storing cosmetics.

If your requirements are bigger than that, they have something for that as well. For businesses and companies, they offer commercial storage. These spaces are exponentially bigger than a regular storage unit. Lastly, you can also take their help if you have a vehicle that needs getting taken care of. The company has both parking and enclosed structures to keep cars etc. 

The process of booking stays the same for whatever type or size of storage you are looking for. From reservation to the first month’s rent, everything is simple and can be done online. CubeSmart has multiple facilities in Salt Lake City which make it easy for you to do it all in person as well.


CubeSmart uses modern-day security measures to protect all of its facilities and units. They also take responsibility for the well-being of your belongings. For further safety, the company also offers an insurance program. They can also provide you with moving help through their partnership with moving partners.

Downtown Self Storage

Downtown Self Storage

Here is a company that can take care of all your storage needs within Salt Lake City. The city’s own Downtown Self Storage has been providing storage solutions for over 40 years now. Downtown Self Storage was founded in 1981. Since then, it is the most reliable source of storage units and moving assistance in Salt Lake City. A family that grew up right here runs the company which makes it easier to trust them.

Downtown Self Storage is the best place to get a safe, clean, and spacious unit to store your goods. All of their units have climate control properties as well which makes it safe to store weather-sensitive items with them. You can easily reserve a unit from their website or at their facility. 


One of the best parts about going with Downtown Self Storage is their moving assistance with no extra charges. The company provides a free moving truck to carry all your possessions to their facility. There are not a lot of places where you can get something like that. 

For security purposes, the company locks your stuff behind doors with keypads that you can only open with a gate code. Their security cameras are always watching over the units as well. You can also take the help of trollies and carts available on their site to unload your goods.

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Towne Storage – State Street

Towne Storage - storage units salt lake city

Towne Storage is one of the most professional and reliable storage companies you can find in Salt Lake City. They have plenty of storage options available at hand for reasonable prices and simple monthly terms. 

To book a unit, you can take the help of their website which makes the whole procedure easy. From the initial reservation to the final confirmation and payments, it’s possible to do it all within the website itself. Going to their nearest facility is always an option as well. 


Towne Storage takes complete care of the security of everything they store. Their eyes are always on the action through a surveillance system that is active 24/7. While the company does not have a service that offers moving assistance, you can book a truck rental to move your stuff around.

Towne Storage has a referral program that can help you save a good amount of money. By inviting people over, you can get $40 in credit which can come in very handy. They offer special discounts for veterans and those who are serving in the military actively too.

Total Storage Solutions

Total Storage Solutions - storage units salt lake city

If you are looking for storage units in salt lake city that you can trust in terms of safety and reliability, Security Pro is one place to consider. They have units available in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate any level of storage needs. 

Check out their website to start your reservation process. It is as easy as it can get and is necessary to keep a unit saved for you.


One thing you should always prioritize in any storage company is the level of security they can promise. One of the many measures they take to reinforce that is a 24-hours active camera system. The units have doors with digital keypads that you can only open with gate codes. Only a client can get these gate codes.

The doors also have alarms that will go off if anyone tries something shady.  Total storage solutions also has a tenant protection program that ensures the safety of the goods a renter has stored at a facility.

Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space - storage units salt lake city

Here is one candidate that can satisfy all your needs and conditions for self-storage. Extra Space Storage makes excellent storage options available in Salt Lake City. Now you don’t have to travel for hours to get to a storage unit. Extra Space has more than 25 facilities in different regions of the city and you will definitely find one of them around where you live. 

There are 3 types of storage available at Extra Space other than a regular self-storage unit. They have business storage, vehicle storage, and climate control units. While the rest don’t need an explanation, a climate control unit might be an unfamiliar concept for some. These special structures are built to stay unaffected by heat, cold, and other natural conditions. 


Extra Space Storage offers the best possible safety and security for your precious possessions. First of all, there is a basic surveillance system that is watching over the units 24 hours a day. There is an on-site manager that makes sure nothing shady goes on. Even better, every single unit has an alarm system that goes off if anything odd is detected. You also need a gate code to unlock the doors which basically eliminates the risk of unwanted entry.

Granary Storage

Granary Storage

Granary is among the topmost professional storage companies operating in Salt Lake City. Regular household storage and vehicle storage are both available here. Granary Storage provides high-quality storage just minutes away from you. Go through their website to reserve a unit from over 10 different sizes available.  


You can expect professional and competent security here at Granary Storage. Their electronic gates and security cameras safeguard everything that is kept inside their storage units in salt lake city.

These gates only allow you beyond them if you have the gate code that the company hands out to its client. You can rent a unit on a month-to-month basis. Paying rent through the company’s website is an option and they accept all major credit cards.

Elite Storage

Elite Storage - storage units salt lake city

Just like it says in the name, we have next on our list one of the most elite storage providers in Salt Lake City. Elite Storage has a total of 410 storage units available in different sizes. The level of maintenance and security you get here is what makes the whole deal worth it.

Built inside of a concrete boundary, their property is safe from all outside invasions. They also have a computerized entry system that only allows authorized people to enter. What’s even better is that every single unit has a built-in alarm. The units are put through monthly pest control as well.

Uptown Security Storage

Uptown Security Storage

Be it for personal purposes or commercial, Uptown Security Storage should be on the list of your potential storage providers. Other than just goods, you can also store your vehicles at any of their facilities in Salt Lake City.


A lot of their facilities offer moving trucks for absolutely free. You will need a truck to move your goods to the unit, after all. Everywhere else you’d have to pay for it or contact a third-party moving company. 

The company has done a lot for the security levels of its facilities as well. From concrete walls to fencing, the risk of unwanted entry is non-existent.

Stor’em Self Storage

Stor'em Self Storage

What you need from a storage company is more than just a space and structure. Protection, affordability, customer support, etc. are some qualities that set a company apart from the rest. Stor’em does all of it exceptionally well. Units are available in a variety of sizes. You can use their size guide to get an idea of what you might need to fit all of your goods. 

Stor’em keeps moving with the flow of time and evolving. Just like the rest of the world, Stor’em has made everything smart as well. You can access your unit at their facility with just your smartphone. The same goes for the basics like reservations and payments.

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AAA Storage

AAA Storage - storage units salt lake city

The final spot on the list belongs to AAA Storage. They have multiple facilities around Salt Lake City. It’s better to check their website to find a location closest to your residence so that everything goes smoothly and conveniently. 

They rent out personal storage and vehicle parking where you can keep your car, boat, RV, van, etc. Whichever one it is, the company takes proper care of it all and keeps everything secured. Everything rests beyond secure gates that you can only open with an access code. The only person who can get this code is someone who has signed a deal with the company. 


As you can see, every single name featured on this list comprises the quality and reliability that should be in an ideal storage company. From affordability to convenience and security, they have it all in store. These companies have the trust of the people of Salt Lake City which they have earned through years of sheer hard work. 

If you ever feel the need to rent a storage unit, you now know where you need to go to. Be it your household furniture or your company’s assets that you need to store, they can take it all in. Compare their prices, amenities, and other factors to decide what works best for you. 

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