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10 Best Self Storage Units in San Antonio (2023)

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In San Antonio, Self-storage is not a problem. There are more than a hundred different locations and facilities that give the best storage options to people in San Antonio. Furthermore, they provide services for different needs. Self-Storage units San Antonio may be used by retailers, people refurbishing their houses, et cetera. Additionally, you can also deliver your items from a distant location to these facilities.

Hey will take complete care of their maintenance as well as security. This service is a boon for anyone who is relocating anywhere around San Antonio. However, with so many options to pick from, confusion can ensue. 

We have put together a list of the 10 Best Self-Storage Units in San Antonio. 


U-Haul - Storage Units San Antonio

U haul will always find a mention in self-storage facilities. Best, that is a perfect service for you, located in San Antonio as well. The location is at 5810 San Pedro Ave. There are a vast numbered of her features that you will have to keep in mind. Firstly, they provide safe store protection. This implies climate control, regular cleaning, and checking of your storage unit, et cetera.

Furthermore, they also provide package signing as well as receiving from far locations. All of their units are extremely clean, dry, and secure. Additionally, people consider them the best in terms of security. There is an onsite security team as well as 24/7 video surveillance.

The gate access is remote and only offered to people with specific codes. On-site you will also find forklift operators. Hence, you can easily load large shipments as well as pallets. The rates are very affordable and within everyone’s range. For instance, the medium unit costs only $150.

This unit is so large it can store the material of up to two- or three-bedroom homes. They also offer portable storage containers, which will cost only $70. Hence, you have the option to store it within your property. 

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Extra Space Storage 

Extra Space Storage - Storage Units San Antonio

Extra space storage has affordable units that will be perfect storage units in San Antonio for People. They have multiple locations across the region. Firstly, you will find them Downtown, on Tobin Hill, and at San Antonio International Airport. Secondly, you will find them on the North West side, Far West side, Leon Valley, and Live Oak. Moreover, they have facilities at Shavano Park, Hollywood Park, and several other locations.

Hence, no matter what religion of San Antonio you are in, you will find a perfect facility quite near you. You will get storage units in small, medium, and large sizes. These are usually defined by the dimensions mentioned further. For instance, 5 by 5 or 10 by 10 or 20 by 10.

The prices are a little high. The smaller one starts at 65 and the large one goes up to $222. However, this is because the units are climate controlled, very delicately maintained, and quite large. Moreover, other units have facilities that will cost less.

For instance, the location at Westchase has a smaller container only at $40. Also, you will be satisfied in terms of security. They run regular cheques, provide video surveillance, and update you on the state of your goods.


Cubesmart - Storage Units San Antonio

CubeSmart cell storage units in San Antonio also comes with several locations. For instance, N loop 1604, E, Vance Jackson Rd, Austin Highway, et cetera. CubeSmart has its own moving and loading facilities as well. For the comma, many store amenities make this facility even better. Firstly, you also get boat parking. Furthermore, you get month-to-month leases and handcarts, and dollies at free cost.

Surprisingly, they accept deliveries from far-off locations. Their security is also commendable. Since they will give you 24-hour video surveillance and a manual security team, your precious goods will always be safe. Perhaps come on, this is the only facility that will provide professional shedding.

This means you can dispose of your confidential paperwork through their confidential team. Naturally, you can pick between small, medium, and large facilities. Since online payments are accepted, you will not have to go to the office.

If you do go to the office, dare at various other places, you can have a look at it as well. For instance, you can go to Sprouts Farmers Market or the Alibaba international food market. Hence, cute smart makes it more like a little vacation trip.

Life Storage

Life Storage

There are as many as 26 different locations within San Antonio. Hence, life storage should be at the top of your list as well. Some of their prime locations include 1571 W Contour Dr. San Antonio, 46 maybe in San Pedro Ave, Broadway St, San Antonio, and many more. Furthermore, the prices are very affordable.

You will get a five-by-five small unit at only 60 per month with complete climate control. This is an offer you simply cannot resist. An average 10 by 10 medium storage unit will cost $150 a month. And a super large 10 by 20 climate control self-storage unit will only cost $330 a month. 

 If you check the link above, you will find facilities that have even cheaper offers. For instance, the location at Perrin Beitel Road will give you a small unit for only $48. On the other hand, you will get a 10 by 20 unit for only $161 a month.

Furthermore, you can book an appointment and visit the warehouse yourself. We recommend that you book in advance since the storage facility is so popular. All the necessary amenities will be available here. For instance, high security, high maintenance, moving, et cetera.

KO Storage 

KO storage - Storage Units San Antonio

This is a name most of us hear of when it comes to self-storage. Although this place is not strictly located within San Antonio. However, you can easily get their facilities from Pleasanton, TX. The reason why we have mentioned this place regardless is that their services are very expensive. Firstly, their prices are very low. Hence, If you have to pay a small amount in terms of moving, it will not cost you much at all.

Their small units start at nearly $40. Secondly, their medium units start at $78 and large units start at $94.00. Perhaps, this is the only service that gives you extra large storage at nearly $128. Factually, this service is so popular that often people book them in advance. This particular facility can be found at 1254 W. Oaklawn Rd.

Furthermore, their customer service is par excellence. They shall guide you as to the kind of storage you will need for delicate goods, goods that require high maintenance, and goods that can merely be stored in metal containers. Hence, you will not have to pay unnecessarily extra.

Security Self Storage 

Security Self Storage - Storage Units San Antonio

If you live in San Antonio, you will know security self-storage to be one of the best in the region. For people who are new, you can visit them at West Ave St Antonio. In the link above, you can find directions as well. If you wish to give them an inquiry, do e-mail them.

The team of security self-storage is very responsive and helpful. They will carefully listen to your needs and direct you to the perfect unit for your valued goods. Moreover, their process is steady and transparent, and they will not lie about the amount, the amenities, et cetera.  

Furthermore, there are other good things to look forward to. Firstly, you have 24 hours access all days of the week. Secondly, you have climate-controlled units and outdoor parking spaces for boats, vehicles, et cetera. The entry systems are computerized through high-security software.

That is high video surveillance, manual security cheques, and bright lighting to detect unwanted trespassers. The small unit starts at $80 and the large unit starts at $153. Other features include drive-up access, freeloading, and ground-level access. 

Store Space Self Storage 

Store Space Self Storage

Store Space Self-storage has its facility at 13 O 1 E-Commerce St, San Antonio. If you click the link above, you will find direct driving directions. Currently, the available storage units in San Antonio are- 5 by 5, 5 by 7, and many more sizes. The very first unit will cost only $19 a month. Furthermore, you get inside storage, upper-level access, and climate control. On our list, they’re the cheapest in terms of facilities and amenities.  

Factually, they are considered the best by the San Antonio people themselves. Furthermore, you get 50% off in the first three months, if you are a new customer. The booking can be done online as well. The largest unit can go as high as 10 by 30 in size.

There are various other sizes within this range. Consequently, that is a vast number of options to pick from. The access towers are between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM. For direct services at the office, you will have to report between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM. Moreover, these timings remain the same throughout the week.

Smart Shop Self Storage

Smart Shop Self Storage

Smart shop self-storage can be found at 8239 Broadway St in San Antonio. They have two available size units. Firstly, there is the small unit which is 5 by 5 in dimension. Secondly, there is the 10 by 20 large unit. The former costs $69 and the latter costs $171.

Furthermore, you get discount offers like one month free, or 50% off. The amenities are several in number. To mention a few, there is climate control, ground, and upper-level access, high-security checks, et cetera. Moreover, you get to pick between inside storage as well as outside storage.  

Notably, smart shop self-storage will also give you drive-up access. The units get booked very quickly. We recommend, that you make your reservation in advance. Also, there is medium storage that measures 5 by 10. The web rate currently is $104.00. Furthermore, their largest unit can go as high as 20 by 25 in size. The cost of this will be $422 a month. If you check the link above, you will find that there are other significant locations of the same facility.

Mission Road Mini Storage 

Mission Road Mini Storage

Mission Road mini storage says that its great customer service is the foundation of its reputation. Undoubtedly, This is no lie. They have the most responsive, the most getting, and the friendliest representatives. Since the work environment is so employee-friendly, people love working with this facility. Hence, they aim to provide you with the best information and best services.

This particular facility is at 3520 Mission Rd, San Antonio. The leasing office stays open between 8:30 AM at 5:30 PM every single day. Further, tenant access is between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM every day of the week. The small storage unit starts at 5 by 5 in size and costs $68.

However, the one with climate control goes up to $88. There are various other sizes in this range that may go as high as 10 by 30 in dimensions. The last one will cost you $290 per month. Although, let us bring to your notice that only two units offer climate control.

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Public Storage 

Public Storage

At last, we come to Public Storage units in San Antonio. Public Storage has several locations in this region. To mention a few, we have converse, Helotes, Universal City, LiveOak, et cetera. Public Storage is famous all across the USA. Hence, you can be sure of their trustworthy services and their transparent policies. Their small unit will measure 5 by 5 and cost you $43 a month.  

The medium unit will measure 10 by 10 and will cost you $96 a month. Lastly, their large unit will measure 10 by 15 and will cost you $122 a month. Moreover, almost all of these come with climate control. If you browse their big website carefully, you will find several other sizes as well.

Moreover, they have different types of storage options. For instance, self-storage, business storage, vehicle and RV storage, boat storage, et cetera. They also offer no contact delivery as well as drive-up access.  


Surprisingly, there are many places in Texas where various storage facilities are available. Moreover, there are some of the best in the nation. As you can see above, these include big names like U-Haul, extra space, CubeSmart, and more. Altogether, finding the perfect storage facility for you will not be a problem at all.

If you go by the list above, you will find the best options to pick from. Of course, You are free to browse on your own. In the end, we would just like to request that you leave a response below, in case you feel we left out something important. Happy browsing and happy storing! 

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