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10 Best Self Storage Units in San Francisco (2023)

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In the past few years, there has been a lot of migration in and out of San Francisco. Many new stores have come up, businesses have been established, and the city is constantly changing its cityscape. In case you too are caught up in this movement, then you might be looking for self-storage units San Francisco for the safe deposition of your commodities as you settle in or out of the city. 

Picking a storage facility can be harder than it seems. There are many things that you have to consider in a storage unit. For instance, the efficacy of the security system, cleanliness, quality maintenance, damage coverage, etc. In this list:

We have put together the best storage units in San Francisco.

Storage in San Francisco

Storage in San Francisco

Storage in San Francisco is one of the most efficient services we have mentioned on this list. The store has been operational since 1999 and comes with over 20 years of experience in the field. They offer self-storage units in about 8 different sizes-small, medium, and large.

The smallest size is 8×5 or the 40 square feet unit that costs $135. This comes with a roll-up door. The next is an 8×10, 80 square feet storage; again, with a roll-up door. Now we come to the medium size self-storage units that have 24-hour limited access. The first size is 8×15 or 120 square feet costs about $235 and comes with either swing doors or roll-up doors.

Next, you have the 8×15 or the 160 square feet storage box that will cost $295. Finally, you get the 8×22.50 or 180 sq. feet unit at $315. Among the large-sized units, you can choose between the 240 sq. feet, 320 sq. feet, or the 475 sq. feet units that cost $375, $455, and $475 respectively. 

Among self-storage units San Francisco, this company is among the rare few that also provide other services like online booking, delivery, electricity, refrigeration, etc.

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U-Haul is a very famous name when it comes to storage units in San Francisco. The storage center is located at 1525 Bryant St (Alameda and Bryant). U-Haul is a nationwide storage facility provider and is known for its premium, immaculate services.

They provide many extra features such as free online account management, 24-hour access, and booking, as well as 24-hour video monitoring. If you are looking for self-storage units San Francisco that are extremely safe, then U-Haul should be the first place on your list.

They even provide individually alarmed rooms and internal storage while also taking measures for humidity control, climate control, and low-cost insurance. You will find various unit sizes here, but you might have to check constantly for availability since the place gets a lot of bookings.

The small storage units average at 50 sq. feet and start at $99.95. Similarly, the medium storage units are between 51-150 sq. feet and start at $224.95/ month. The company shall also provide split-level storage in various sizes and varying prices.

Other storage units include- storage lockers, storage containers, and U-box containers for moving and storage. They also provide damage coverage under certain conditions.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

ExtraSpace is not only one of the highest-rated self-storage units San Francisco but is highly esteemed across the nation. There are a great number of storage options and sizes available at Extra Space. The smallest among these is the 4’x4′ unit at $44 which comes with enclosed storage, star access, and indoor storage.

Other sizes include the 8′ x 10′ storage unit at $197, and 8′ x 12′ unit at $191. Currently, the maximum available size is 10′ x 14′ which comes with first-floor access, indoor and enclosed storage, to be bought at $343.

They also offer high security including 24×7 video surveillance. Moreover, they accept payments through various means- MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, Cash, Checks, and more. 

There are many other features you can avail yourself of from this company. These include personalized access hours as per your schedule, on-site offices, and an efficient delivery system.

You will also be provided sturdy moving carts for extra-large items. You also get elevator access, a covered loading bay, and a very convenient and accessible freeway.

Their staff is not only well trained but also very friendly. If you need assistance, they will always be there to provide it to you. Moreover, they have various offers including ‘move-in’ specials that you can use to your benefits with their additional discount.

Soma Storage

Soma Storage

Soma Storage is another esteemed self-storage unit San Francisco. They are among the few services that also provide no-contact rentals as well as proper sanitization as per the COVID protocol. Soma storage are located at 1475 mission street; in case you wish to check them out. They have small storage options starting at $100.

Different sizes include the 3×4, 4×5, 5×6, 6×6, etc. You also get basement access, upper-level access, and added temperature control on demand. There are various medium sizes too- the first being 10 x 10 which costs $285. All the medium-sized storage units come with a security alarm installed.

Then there are the large units that begin with 10 x 18 storage units costing $451. There is also the extra-large storage unit that goes up to 14′ x 18′ for $508. 

Soma Storage also gives you a free carry-in service and a free move-in van rental. They offer high security, subterranean units, and temperature-controlled units as well. You can directly book units online if you are registered with the site.  The office remains open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and you can access the storage anytime between 7 am- 6:45 pm all through the week.

Public Storage

Public Storage - Storage Units San Francisco

Public Storage opened its first self-storage facility back in 1972. Today, they are among the largest storage providers in the world. They are spread all across the US and Europe, owning as much as 170 million net rentable sq feet of rental real estate.  Public Storage aims to provide the same quality that people associate with their name.

So far they have succeeded in providing the same and in 2021 itself they have named the best US rental company by Outlook. They are also on the Forbes 2022 list of America’s best large employers.

They have left their mark in the business world and can be trusted with any commodity you would like to store. There are different kinds of storage that the company provides. Other than self-storage, you also get to pick between business storage, car and RV storage, climate-controlled storage, as well as boat storage. 

The company also offers free reservations with zero obligation. You can cancel your reservation if your plans change anytime. The storage unit remains accessible between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. at all premium locations.

There are multiple unit sizes that you can choose from- probably the longest range we have seen so far. Moreover, if you would like to support a cause simply by supporting a business, then Public storage can do that for you too! They are a certified sustainable storage service with HVAC systems, solar power generation, and eco-friendly practices that cannot be found anywhere else.

Security Public Storage

Security Public Storage - Storage Units San Francisco

Security Public Storage is situated near Market St. and Franklin St., behind Zuni Café. One of our favorite domestic storage facilities mentioned here, Security Public Storage will fulfill all your needs with great professionalism and efficiency.

If you would like, their representatives can give you a personal tour of their storage options and help you pick out the perfect unit. They also provide high security for the stored property that includes both in-person and video surveillance.

Other than this, you will also be able to use their freight elevator and passenger elevator to conveniently access the entire facility. If you would like to use moving and packing services, then the company can arrange that for you as well.

Every storage unit comes with its alarm system and is surveyed 24×7 by the security team. Their safety record is impeccable with no history of any complaints regarding the same. The storage units are all highly maintained and properly looked after. Complete pest control and rodent control are practiced as well.

Every customer is given a unique access code through which they can access their storage unit- which adds another layer of security to the system. The company provides different storage facilities including motorcycle storage, storage for boats, RVs, cars, trucks, etc.

Self Storage 1

Self Storage 1 - Storage Units San Francisco

This store is perfect for people who are looking for pure self-storage systems. This storage service is located in a prime location in San Francisco and is among the most popular names mentioned here. They have extremely safe and clean storage units that can cater to most of your needs.

They will be able to provide storage for many items, including those that need proper temperature control. Even, they can even provide proper humidity checks in the storage units if you’d like. With all the storage units you also get a free move-in the truck facility from the company. 

In case you want to deliver packages, then you can courier the material after you have informed the company representative. In case the product undergoes any damage during the time of storage, then the company can reimburse you through low-cost insurance.

They also have an ample supply of safety material that is needed to secure goods. These include safety pads, cushioning material, tapes, locks, and more. They have an efficient surveillance system to keep a check on your precious commodities 24×7.


Boombox - Storage Units San Francisco

Boombox is another well-known storage facility in San Francisco. The company can directly pick up the commodity for you, keep it in storage, and deliver it over to the location you have assigned without third-party involvement. However, there is one hitch that you might need to consider.

They have a ‘Boombox’ truck that accommodates sizes 12 feet x 6 feet. Any item that is larger than this dimension will not be stored by the company. Hence, there are not a lot of storage sizes that you will get to pick from. However, this size is large enough to store a walk-in closet or half of a mid-sized bedroom. 

Thus, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern as far as self-storage goes. The company has a trained group of packers and transporters who will take care of each step of the process for you.

All your items are properly cataloged by the company within an efficient online system. If your content fills the entire van, you will be charged $135 per month. On the other hand, if the van is half full you only need to pay $95. As far as personal storage goes- these are some of the most affordable prices we have come across.

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Affordable Self Storage

Affordable - Storage Units San Francisco

Affordable self-storage stands by its name and provides some very cost-friendly options to people looking for storage units. Their small units start at $135, the medium units cost $235, and the large units begin at $295.

In case you wish to visit to inspect the place for yourself, then you can visit the office at 750 Avenue E San Francisco. As you can tell, the location is more or less central to the city, leading to easy access no matter where you’re located. 

The company is particularly famous in certain areas including Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, Yerba Buena Island, and more. In case you want to know how the transaction shall take place in respect to your location, then you can directly call their office. 

The company gives you highly convenient drive-up access with plentiful parking. Moreover, you can access your commodity any time of the day, throughout the week.


IStorage - Storage Units San Francisco

Located in the Ingleside Heights neighborhood- IStorage is easily accessible from Interstate 280. Many residents, students, and businesses recommend and applaud the services of iStorage- making them an important entry on our list.

They deal with varying storage needs and have a huge range of sizes to pick from. Their storage comes with efficient temperature and climate control settings to preserve the quality of your commodity.

 Also, you get 24×7 security and surveillance for your goods. The storage facility is very famous among students because of how affordable and diverse it is. They provide monthly leases and indoor storage to students at rates that are difficult to come by anywhere else.

Similarly, if you are a business or a small start-up and need help moving or establishing your office- then iStorage can give you large storage spaces with cargo elevators, loading docks, and low delivery charges.


Now that you are at the end, we recommend that you quickly glimpse through the article again to make a mental note of the services you wish to try out. Further, you should go ahead and research more about these facilities; although, we are pretty sure you will get nothing but positive reviews.  

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