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10 Best Safest Self-Storage Units in San Jose (2023)

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San Jose is very rich in terms of storage services. When you read the list below, you will be surprised at all the storage options you might not have considered before. From people in business to students, Greece units will serve almost every demographic. Add storage units San Jose, are particularly notable for its advanced features.

Put instance, almost all of them have climate control, drive-up, and access, and some even come with RV and boat storage. Some of these are very popular names. For instance, extra space, U-Haul, life storage, etc. Simultaneously, you get quite a good number of local storage options as well. These have been established for a long time and that equally trustworthy.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in San Jose


U-Haul - Storage Units San Jose

There are quite a several self-storage units around San Jose. U-Haul, as you know, is one of the best-known storage companies in the USA. If you click on the link above, you will find multiple locations. Firstly, it is located at 1027 the Alameda. Secondly, it is located near 893 Delmas Ave. Oddly, you will find a location at Lunas tires. As such, there are many more locations that you can pick as per your convenience.

Most of them will provide you with units that come with complete climate control. As you know, Uhaul also gives you moving and packing facilities. Their customer service has always been a remarkable feature. Hence, if you need assistance, do not hesitate to call them up.

However, you will find some services here that only provide moving facilities. Therefore, read carefully. If you’re looking exclusively for storage. For instance, at Curtner Ave you will be able to get U-box for storage. For the best self-storage units, San Jose, we recommend the facility at Brokaw Road. Some facilities will even give you trucks for sale.

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Extra Space Storage 

Extra Space Storage - Storage Units San Jose

Similarly, there are various options available under extra space as well. The one mentioned in the link is located at 720 N 10th St, San Jose. They will provide your storage units in San Jose in various sizes. For instance, The small unit will only be as big as five by three feet. Currently, the web rate is given us $46.

Secondly, there is another small unit for five by five and five by 10. That rates go up to $100. The medium units can measure 10 by 10, 10 by 15, etc. Add biggest medium-range storage measures 10 by 15 feet. Moreover, its rate is 236 dollars per month.

Additionally, you will also get climate control, indoor access, as well as elevator access. You can click on the link to get further help on the size and how much it will be able to contain. Lastly, there is the large unit, measuring 10 by 20 feet.  

This one will give you first-floor access. Moreover, this will be located indoors with additional security. However, we recommend that you do your booking in advance. This is because these units will get booked rather quickly since extra space is very popular.

On the other hand, there are various other locations you can consider. For instance, you could try the one at Oakland Rd. Moreover, you can be sure that you will get a large number of amenities. For instance, moving cards, covered loading Bay, elevators, accommodating trucks, drive buyers, different language representatives, etc.

Life Storage 

Life storage - Storage Units San Jose

Life storage also has various options within San Jose. The location out here is at 1855 Las Pluma Ave, San Jose. It has received as many as 4.3 stars out of five. Hence, you can trust them in terms of safety, quality, etc. That units come with climate control, indoor access, and even upper-level access.

You can get a unit that is 5 by 10 feet in size. This one will cost you about $82 a month. The second unit is 7 by 10 feet in size and will cost you $86 a month. Another unit will measure 5 by 15 feet in size and will cost you $105 a month. There are various other options as you will find out when you click on the link above. The largest storage facility is as big as 10 by 40 feet.  

You will get one month free on picking up this storage unit. However, you will have to make the booking for more than one month. This will cost you about $775. However, the benefits include drive-up access and easy ground-level access.

There are various other offers that you might want to consider. For instance, for certain units, you will get 50% off. On other units, you might get a second month free. The biggest benefit is that life storage has been one of the oldest running storage companies in the country. Hence, if you have any complaints, or quality issues, you will get a total refund.

North Milpitas Self Storage 

North Milpitas Self Storage

Now, we shall come to some important local self-storage services in San Jose. First, among these, is north Milpitas. When you click on the link above, you will directly be taken to their blogs on self-storage. We recommend that you go through these since they can answer many of your queries. Undoubtedly, this service believes in keeping its customers as well informed as possible.

There are various other options you will find on that dashboard. For instance, you will find various storage types, storage tips, size guides, etc. The helpline number is active 24/7. However, there can be exceptions now and then due to emergencies or any festivals.  

They provide quite a few types of storage facilities. Firstly, you get business storage. Secondly, you get military storage. Thirdly, you get personal storage and student storage. And lastly, you will get an RV as well as boat storage. The student storage option is particularly famous.

Since students require financially shrewd options, this service is very popular. You will pay simply have to navigate between three sizes. The small size starts at 5 by 5 feet. Further, the medium size will start at 10 by 10 feet. And the large size will end at 10 by 30 feet. Between these, there are quite a several things to pick from. Hence, you will get almost infinite options and customizations.

West Coast Self Storage 

West Coast Self Storage

West Coast Self storage San Jose is located at 421 Lincoln Ave. If you do a booking right now, you will get some massive discounts under summer storage. This service has been providing great storage options since 2013. Hence, you can see that they are very experienced, trained, and professional.

They offered a great range of storage units San Jose to pick from. Moreover, the test staff is friendly and experienced at the work they do. Resultantly, your moving, and storing happens without a hitch. You can book very small storage units for nothing more than a few file boxes.  

Furthermore, you can pick a very large storage unit to keep extra furniture, appliances, etc. Altogether, they will make your life much more manageable at affordable prices. There are some important features that we would like to list. Firstly, you will get the storage unit clean and customized as per your needs.

Pest control is taken complete care of as well. Furthermore, you get climate control as well as advanced loading and unloading options. You will also get quite a several options in terms of unit sizes. For instance, a 5 by 5 or a 5 by 10 mini storage. If not, you can pick larger ones, like 10 by 15 or even 10 by 20 feet.

Blossom Hill Self Storage 

Blossom Hill Self Storage - Storage Units San Jose

Blossom Hill Storage is a very friendly and homely self-storage service in San Jose. This was affected by their simple website as well as their simple user interface. As is clear by the name, it is located at Blossom Hill Rd. The office usually opens at 8:00 AM. In terms of features and amenities, there is quite a lot that they offer.

Firstly, all the units that are given here are alarmed by individual security units. Furthermore, you will get access codes that only you will have control over.  Secondly, you will get gate access all through the week. However, this will be open between 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

There is also a restaurant manager on the site. Hence, additional security is provided and managed. The ground floor units include drive-up as well as hallway units. Moreover, these hallway units are not more than 25 feet away from the driveway for better convenience.

Furthermore, you will get raised floors in these drive-up units. All units receive proper lighting. But the more, the driveways are made very wide. Hence, even on a crowded day, you will not encounter any trouble. Unlike their competitors, you do not need to put in a deposit.

Stor Quest 

Stor Quest - Storage Units San Jose

This self-storage facility is located at 2919 S King Road. The office opens at 9:00 AM while the access gates open at 6:00 AM. Moreover, they will also give you a separate section, from where you can buy moving supplies. Firstly, the small unit starts at $45.

Secondly, the medium unit starts at $125. Thirdly, the large unit starts at $195. And lastly, the extra-large unit starts at $279. The transaction with them should be fairly convenient. They provide various facilities that are notable. For instance, you get online billing, month-to-month rentals, as well as seven days of access.  

Hence, in terms of flexibility and freedom, they are limitless. Since they are located off Hwy 101, it means that there can be accessed from any region of San Jose. This will make your trips simple and quick. You can make an appointment and visit the facility yourself.

Furthermore, they are great in terms of security as well as maintenance. They have large type-up units and the gate access is completely electronic. Furthermore, you get 24-hour digital surveillance. If you want to know more, make sure to check out their amazing blogs as well.

Lincoln Ave Self Storage 

Lincoln Ave Self Storage

Lincoln Ave Self Storage is a state-of-the-art facility. It is located within the Willow Glen at the intersection of Paula St and Lincoln Ave. They provide some convenient solutions for all your storage needs. Furthermore, they can meet the needs of both business-related as well as residential problems. They provide services to regions that include Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, etc. If you wish to visit their location, simply call their office.  

They happen to be among the most used self-storage services around San Jose. Hence, we cannot say for sure which particular unit will be available to you. However, the good part is that there are quite a several options to pick out from. But the hitch is that you will have to make the booking much in advance.

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A-1 Self Storage 

A-1 Self Storage

This storage facility is located at 401 Santa Ana Ave. They have small, medium, large, and extra-large unit sizes available. The first one begins at $79. The medium unit starts at $149. Lastly, the large unit starts at $175. However, if you wish to buy the extra-large unit, then you will have to call them to check for availability. Furthermore, there are three different locations that you can check.

Firstly, you get a service at 1415 Oakland Rd. Secondly, there is also a service at 3260 Bascom Ave. And lastly, there is a self-storage facility located at 1701 Senter Road. The office remains open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can access it between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. However, the storage units themselves will be accessible throughout the week. The timings are between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Snell Mini Storage 

Snell Mini Storage - Storage Units San Jose

Finally, we have the Snell mini storage. As the name suggests, it will take care of all your minor storage needs. Snell Mini Storage is located at 3616 Hill Cap Ave. If you click the link above, you will get all their contact information. In any case, we recommend that you visit any of the sites that you pick from this list.  

As for the sizes, here are some of the most important ones that you can consider. Firstly, there is the small inside storage which measures 4 to 10 feet. Then, there is the five to 10 inside the storage unit. Lastly, there is the 8 into 10 outside storage option. Naturally, various other options are lying in this range. The prices are extremely affordable as well. The biggest storage unit will only cost $144 a month. 


This brings us to the end of our list. We are short that whether you are a resident, a military official, or a student, most of your queries about self-storage have been answered. You will find various listings on Google. However, if you swear by our list, you will have no trouble finding the perfect option. Hence, we recommend that you go through these and browse them carefully. 

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