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10 Best & Safest Self-Storage Units in Scarborough (2023)

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Having good storage space is important for everyone. There are times when you cannot store everything in your house and need additional space. A storage unit can help fix all of your storage needs. Moreover, many storage units can offer you spaces that meet your requirements. These units help you find the perfect balance between affordability and good features. However, there are many storage units in Scarborough to choose from.

So, we have listed down all of the best ones to help you make a perfect choice. Most importantly, these storage companies have all the features you could ask from a top-tier storage facility.

List of the 10 Best Self-Storage Units in Scarborough:

Storage Mart

Storage Mart - Storage units Scarborough

Storage Mart is one of the top companies in the storage business. The company started as a small business and has exceeded all expectations. The company expanded and improved its services throughout the many years they have been in business. Therefore, they are one of the most recognized names in the storage industry. You can rely on them to bring you the best services in the business. They have built a reputation that they are keen on protecting. You will love the quality of services and storage lockers that the company provides.

Moreover, the aim of the company has always been to provide clean and efficient storage lockers. They ensure you can rent their storage units in Scarborough with ease. They ensure all of their storage units are cleaned before you move in. you will always get access to a clean and hygienic storage unit. The company feels that it has to ensure its customers face no issues. 

Further, you will find them bringing the latest storage units to their lockers. They have some of the most advanced storage units in Scarborough. The company keeps updating various aspects of its business to provide the best experience. The company has over 250 stores in the world.

This shows the rate at which they have progressed. With every new store they open, they try to please the people of the area. The company believes itself to be a part of the localities where they are set up. Thus, they are heavily involved in promoting community development and investing money into their communities.

This company has found a balance between customer satisfaction and profitability. They manage to bring the best services to all the areas where they operate. You love their storage units in Scarborough due to the fantastic facilities that they provide.

U-Haul Storage

U-Haul - Storage units Scarborough

U-Haul is one of the most well-known companies in the storage business. They are also one of the oldest companies to enter the self-storage business. The company is one of the biggest reasons for the development of the self-storage business in America and Canada. Moreover, the company started as a family business that used to rent self-drive rental trucks.

The company rose to the top of the industry very quickly. Over the years, they have managed to bring the best services which propel them to the top of the industry. Moreover, they have brought changes that have made them one of the industry leaders.

The company has all the elements of a top business. They have expanded their business to include all essential services related to storage. The company has storage units all over America and Canada. They use these units to provide customers with the best storage experience. 

Further, the company has developed itself into a brand. Everyone trusts their name in the storage industry. This has brought them tons of new customers and expanded their customer base. The company provides some of the best storage units in Scarborough. On the other hand, they have several related services as well.

You can try a variety of their services. All of their services are aimed at making it easy to store goods for their customers. You can book their moving package as well. They send their team to pack your goods and transport them to your storage locker.

They do the entire process by themselves and it reduces the stress on you. Above all, this company is the perfect combination of good storage units and excellent services. You will find some of the best storage units in Scarborough with them.

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Public Storage Canada

Public storage canada - Storage units Scarborough

Public storage has made storing goods very easy. The company ranks among the best in the industry. They have been in the storage industry for many years. The company has evolved through the years to reach the top of the storage industry. Moreover, the company believes itself to be the pioneer of self-storage. The services they have provided since 1979, help their claim. They provide great value for money in their storage units in Scarborough.

The company always aims to simplify the entire process. You can easily find the best storage solutions when you partner with them. Throughout all these years, the company has always tried to go above and beyond for customers. The company always tries to bring the best deals forward. The years of experience help them perfect their business. 

You get access to great storage units for amazing prices. The company aims to stay at the top of its game for the years to come. They have an elaborate range of storage units Scarborough. You can choose any storage unit which you like. Further, the company assures that all of its storage units will be clean.

All units are cleaned before they are rented out to customers. Therefore, you can directly move into your storage unit without having to face any issues. The company also claims that they have a 5-star customer service team.

Their customers praise the quality of services that the company offers. Above all, this has made them one of the most trusted names in the business. You can rely on them to provide you with clean storage units Scarborough which fits your requirements.

SmartStop Self Storage

SmartStop Self Storage - Storage units Scarborough

SmartStop Self storage is one of the top companies in the US and Canada. The company has locations in many towns and cities across these two countries. You will find them having some of the most convenient locations among storage companies. The company aims to provide world-class services for cheap prices.

They have made some of the best storage units Scarborough available to the general public at reasonable rates. Moreover, they always try to bring the best services for their customers. This has eloped them to grow the business and reach new heights.

The company ranks among the best storage companies in Canada. They also have an amazing website where you can view and rent storage units Scarborough. These units have all the facilities which you would need to store your goods with ease. You will love the amenities which the company provides. 

Further, the company is a part of several social initiatives. A percentage of your rental fee goes towards numerous charities. The company always wants to make renting easier for their customers. Therefore, they enter into short-term contracts with their customers. This allows you to change or end your contract with ease and not be stuck with them for a long time if you do not like the services.

Additionally, you will get cutting-edge security. They take all the necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of your goods. Above all, they have some of the top-rated storage units Scarborough.

You can easily store all of your goods by choosing the correct size of storage. The company ensures all of its customers get the desired services and customer care from them. You will never have to doubt their commitment to the betterment of their customers.

XYZ Storage

XYZ Storage - Storage units Scarborough

XYZ Storage is a company that serves the people of Toronto and surrounding areas. Since the company only serves the region of Toronto, they have a good understanding of the needs of the people. Therefore, they have created storage units Scarborough that meet all your demands. They assist you in finding the best amenities for a cheap price.

Moreover, the company provides many gifts for customers when they rent storage units Scarborough. They give you a free truck rental to move your items to your storage unit without any extra costs. You also get a free moving kit from the company. This has boxes and other supplies needed to store your items properly.

Further, the company has amazing policies which are loved by its customers. You can cancel your contract without any cancellation fees. This ensures you can change your storage units Scarborough without any penalty. Subsequently, the company has a free reservation policy.

You just have to pay the rent and no additional fees. Most importantly, you get good prices and amazing units. The company provides great value for money and helps you to find the best units.

Storwell Self Storage

Storwell Self Storage

Storwell Self Storage is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1987. The company has easily accessible locations across the country. They have tons of units ranging from a few feet to thousands of feet. This allows you to choose the best storage units Scarborough. All of their locations have 24-hour access. You can access your unit at any time. Moreover, all of their storage locations have managers who help you around the property. They listen to the demands of their customers and improve their services. 

The staff is always on hand to help you store your goods. Further, they also have insurance for your goods. This enables you to keep your goods safe at all times. They have a great customer service team.

You can contact them to get your queries resolved. Above all, you can contact them through their website to get a quote for your storage units. They help you get the best experience in Scarborough. 

Access Storage

Access Storage

Access Storage is a great option for storage units Scarborough. The company provides safe storage locations to all its customers. This company succeeds in providing its customers with the best storage options. Moreover, they feature high-quality storage facilities in addition to convenient locations.

This allows the company to meet the varied requirements of its customers. Further, they have climate-controlled storage units as well. This aids in ensuring the constant safety of your items. These storage units maintain an ideal temperature in the unit at all times.

Therefore, none of the goods get affected. However, not everyone requires climate-controlled storage units. So, normal units are available at great prices as well. Most importantly, the company helps you find units that are conveniently located and have great facilities. You will never find them overcharging you for your goods. 

Dayton Self Storage

Dayton Self Storage

Dayton Self storage is a company based in Scarborough. They only serve the people of the city. Therefore, they can customize their units and packages to the needs of the city. They have excellent storage units in Scarborough. All of these units are in a gated facility with professional managers.

Their security systems ensure that you never have to worry about your items. Moreover, the company provides 24-hour access to your unit. You can access your unit at all times and this makes it easily accessible.

Above all, they have a storage guide as well. This helps you to find storage units that can hold all of your items. This helps you to get the best storage units in Scarborough for your money.

Migson Public Storage

Migson Public Storage Units

Migson Public Storage offers solutions for all of your storage needs. The company is a family-owned business and is operating for more than 40 years. They have vehicle storage in addition to personal storage.

This helps you to store your vehicles and free up space at home. Therefore, you can store your RV, pickups, and more. Moreover, the company has a partnership with rental trucks which help you to move your items to the storage unit for cheap.

Cubeit Storage


Cubeit is known for its storage containers but they have amazing self-storage units as well. These units have all the modern features needed for secure storage. The company never leaves you wanting more. Further, you will have a pleasant and seamless experience when storing items with them. Most importantly, you can rely on the company to deliver amazing results.

They have a good history of meeting the demands of the customers. You will enjoy the superb hospitality shown by the company. You get full access to your storage unit. The company will never place any limitations on you concerning your storage unit. 


These storage companies are some of the best in the country. They help you find the perfect options in the self-storage industry. Moreover, the companies provide you with tons of options and keep your goods safe. However, all of these facilities have their advantages. So, you should check out their features and find the ones that suit you the most.

You have tons of great choices to select from. Remember to check the website of these companies to find out the offers and discounts they have. This will help you save more money and get the best price for your storage units in Scarborough. 

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