10 Best Self-Storage Units in Sedalia Missouri (2022)

In order to maintain the economic growth of states such as Missouri, it is necessary that people have access to quality resources like renting a self-storage unit. From packing your belongings to storing them in safe and secure locations, you need a self-storage units in Sedalia Missouri.

There are many reasons why people are choosing this alternative to renting an apartment or going on Airbnb for the start of the semester. From students moving back home after school is out, to moving into new apartments, it is important that students know where they can find self storage units in Sedalia Missouri! Self Storage units Sedalia Missouri: 10 best Self-storage units.

You may have been told by your property management team to think about renting self-storage. This is great advice if you are going to be out of town for a while, need storage for something other than furniture, or are downsizing. But where can you find the best Self Storage units in Sedalia Missouri? The following ten locations offer clean and secure facilities that would be perfect for your needs-be it the short or long term.

Please note: You should inquire with the attendant of any given location as to whether they require an application fee, security deposit, and/or last month’s rent upfront before you take occupancy in order to avoid any surprises later on down the line concerning fees incurred.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self storage units in Sedalia Missouri: 

West 50 Self Storage

West 50 Self Storage - storage units Sedalia Missouri

West 50 Self Storage offers what it describes as a clean, affordable, and easily accessible storage solution in Sedalia, Mo. The company is also marketing its new outdoor storage units, which it says are ideal for storing items such as kayaks or canoes that need to stay dry.

It’s not difficult to see why the company’s website has proved so popular with  customers: not only are the prices low but West 50 Self Storage offers what it describes as a “clean and easily accessible storage solution.”

The store offers a number of dependable products, including:

-Climate Controlled units

-Clean & Well Lit Units

-Nighttime security systems

-Wide Driveways for easy access and loading/unloading

-24 Hour Customer Service Line. Contact them to find out more about these services today!

West 50 Self Storage offers an excellent variety of climate-controlled and clean Self Storage units Sedalia Missouri. The units are well lit with nighttime security systems, wide driveways for easy access and loading/unloading, and 24-hour customer service.

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Warrensburg Storage

Warrensburg Storage - storage units Sedalia Missouri

Warrensburg Storage offers economical and safe storage units in their climate-controlled, fireproof building. There are 24-hour security and self-storage units for rent at affordable rates that will fit any budget. Their store is centrally located off West Olive Street near Warrensburg Square in Sedalia and they offer office space for rent as well as a business center that features free Wi-Fi and faxing capabilities.

The store also offers a wide variety of Self Storage units Sedalia Missouri and Warrensburg, Missouri. You can rent a storage unit for as little as $25 a month. The store offers a locker rental service which includes a wide range of sizes, electricity, security cameras, and free Wi-Fi in all locations. With three locations to choose from, the Warrensburg Storage self storage in Sedalia Missouri is making it easy to find your perfect storage unit.

These storage units are exceptionally affordable and offer a budget-friendly rate across the board. So if you’re looking for storage units in the Warrensburg or Sedalia area, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for a large or small unit, they have something perfect for your needs.

Lock N Store Self Storage

Lock N Store Self Storage - storage units Sedalia Missouri

Lock N Store is a great place to store your belongings when you’re on the go. Do you need a Self Storage unit Sedalia Missouri but don’t know where to find one? Lock N Store Self Storage has quality units and security features so you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe.

And because they are always looking for ways to make things easier, their online payment system makes booking reservations painless and convenient.

The store offers a number of different unit sizes and styles, which include:

  • 5×5 (Small)
  • 6×10 (Middle-sized)
  • 8×15 (Large)
  • 9×10 (Medium-Large)
  • 14×14 (Extra-large)

They also have a variety of options if you are storing household items.  Some of these options are dorms, apartments, homes, and offices. Lock N Store Self Storage has partnered with the Bill’s Disposal Company to provide convenient and affordable junk removal services.

All you need to do is call ahead and schedule an appointment for your items to be removed for free! Contact Lock N Store today for more information about our services or more details on pricing and availability in your area.

Bast Storage

Bast Storage - storage units Sedalia Missouri

Bast Storage is a premier self-storage facility located in MO. They offer affordable long-term self storage and short-term storage options for whatever you need to store. The store offers storage priced below market, customer service is focused on customer satisfaction and making the move an easy one.

The storage facility is located in beautiful Sedalia Missouri near a major interstate highway and is also within proximity to many other businesses in town. Owners have more than 25 years of combined experience managing locations all across the state.

They made a business decision to take on new opportunities here in the Mid-Missouri area which has been strongly supporting them since they opened their doors a few short years ago.Their high-quality units are climate-controlled, well-lit, and clean as a whistle!

In their Southern location, you’ll be able to find a variety of items that you can use while also enjoying the peace and quiet of walking around the many parks nearby. Whether you’re looking for an office space or just some extra room around the house; they’re your answer!

Southwest Storage Facility

Southwest Storage Facility

Southwest Storage Facility is a store that offers the best quality of Self Storage units Sedalia Missouri. The store offers a spacious and secure climate-controlled facility with a variety of uncrowded units and flexible hours to meet one’s needs.

Their customers are always greeted with a professional approach by our trained, professional staff members. We believe in excellent customer service as well as providing high-quality products, so when you store your items here at the SouthWest Storage Facility, you know your belongings will be safe while they gather dust in their abundant, premium units.

They also offer free on-site estimates for all storage unit requests! They are the perfect choice for storage purposes no matter what size or shape of space you need. At Southwest Storage Facility they offer the best customer service and prices for your self storage needs.

They’re family-owned and operated, meaning that you’ll get to personally interact with people who care about their work, unlike the generic big-name facilities where you’ll be treated like a number or statistic instead.

Homestead Storage

Homestead Storage

If you’re looking for a storage unit in Sedalia, MO that’s as secure as it is inexpensive, look no further than Homestead Storage. This company is a premier self storage option for many reasons – from the unique amenities to the exceptionally competitive rates.

The business has been around since 1988 and boasts a clean facility with 24-hour video surveillance. This means there’s peace of mind when storing your stuff at this company – they’re dedicated to making your life easier while they care for your valuables with care and sensitivity.

The store offers a variety of perks. The most notable of these are secure climate control and secure parking spaces. These features not only provide you with top-notch security, but it also protects your belongings from being destroyed by the elements.

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Windsor Depot RV Boat & Storage

Windsor Depot RV Boat & Storage offers some of the best Self Storage units Sedalia Missouri and as such is popular among many locals. When looking for a place to store things, you are likely looking for somewhere that is secure, accessible, and affordable. Windsor Depot RV Boat & Storage can provide those services with their wide range of storage options available including garage spaces and boat storage.

This Self Storage unit Sedalia Missouri provides several storage solutions for its clientele, it can be a garage or a boat dock. For example, storage is available in the front of the property, this space is open and easy to use for storing cars. There are also numerous storage racks that can be used for storing boats.

An average storage unit at this location is $64 monthly but customers can choose if they want a monthly payment option. The most popular storage unit size at Windsor Depot RV Boat & Storage is the 10×20 size which has proven to be very popular with customers who are looking for space to store boats and RVs.

Somerset Mini – Storage

Somerset Mini – Storage offers a variety of self storage units ranging from small outdoor garages to large storage buildings with loading docks. In addition, they have a number of different unit sizes and accessible door sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

The key to success at Somerset Mini is repeat customers! Whether you’re storing furniture or looking for a place to store your boat, they are here for you! They know that what happens in the beginning often makes or breaks your experience with them later on so they have built hundreds of successful relationships and can tell their story without any hesitation.

The store offers different types of storage units for all types of needs. You can choose from a 10×10 unit to a 30×40 truck trailer unit, so no matter what your storage requirements are, we can help you. Their staff is here to help 24/7 and is available to assist with any questions you may have while selecting the best size and unit. If you’re looking for self-storage in Sedalia Missouri then check out Somerset Mini.

This convenience combined with their variety of services makes Somerset Mini – Storage one of the best options for your self storage needs. If you’re looking for affordable self storage near Sedalia Missouri, give them a call today!

Boonville General Rental Center

Boonville General Rental Center offers cheap Self Storage units in Sedalia Missouri to make life easier for people who are moving. Plus this property easily accommodates those who need commercial storage unit space. Self-storage units are mostly use by people who are relocating from one area of residence or to a new home in a new location but need their belongings stored before making the switch.

Most often they’re rented out by people who don’t want to have any extra furniture sitting around cluttering up their bedroom while they pack up all their stuff and move into a new apartment. The store offers 2 storage unit sizes: 5×5 for $25 a month and 10×10 for $40 a month.

If you are looking to rent Self Storage units Sedalia Missouri then you should visit Boonville General Rental Center! This store offers two sizes of units: 5×5 for $25 per month and 10×10 for $40 per month. Both sizes can be rented with a contract that lasts 1 year to 4 years (depending on how long you want your rental). If you’re only renting the unit temporarily, they also offer one-month rentals at a cost of $35.


Easy-Stor offers a variety of self storage units for the convenience of their customers. These units are at ground level and are climate control to protect valuables from temperature extremes. They offer large doors and roll-up windows, which provide quick access to items inside the unit.

The store also offers a variety of features in each unit, such as an elevator for moving items up and down, garbage disposal for easier cleanup, ground lights that illuminate rooms, and even electronic thermostats that allow you to set your preferences. Easy-Stor has many great features that make it easy to store your goods while getting them off your mind.

The staff is friendly and well trained. Their office is neat and their waiting room is clean and comfortable. The security system has 24-hour surveillance and access to the units requires the combination of a key fob and a PIN code. The facility provides 10′ ceilings for larger items, an elevator for moving larger items up or down, a patio for you to use, as well as many more features that make it easier to store your stuff.


In conclusion, these were the top 10 Self Storage units Sedalia Missouri. We hope that with this article we were able to help you find the perfect place for your belongings and materials.

If you’re still having trouble choosing a self storage unit, don’t hesitate to call these up and ask any additional questions that might be on your mind. It’s important not only to find a location close to where you live or work but also one that has the amenities that meet all of your needs.